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end of may 吉他谱

End Of May

菲池水 按原曲扒编


Em B7 Am Em/G 302000 B7/B 201202


Em 6432 B7 5432 Em/G 6432 B7/B 6432

(6432代表六 四 三 二 和弦,从上往下 分解和弦弹法)

前奏:Em Em Em 0(停顿) Em Em Em 0 (停顿)

Em B7 Em B7

Close your eyes and roll a dice

Em B7 Em B7

Under the board there's a compromise

Em B7 Em B7 If after all we only live twice

Em B7 Em B7(第2段唱时,后两小节加花 3~2 <1弦>0<2弦> 3品打勾2品 7~6 3 ) Which life is the runroad to paradise

Em (2 3品贝斯六弦) Am

Don't say a word

(3 2贝斯六弦) Em/G(2 0) B7/B B7

Here comes the break of the day

Em Am Em B7 Em B7 Em B7 *//*

In while clouds of sand raised by the wind of the end of May

Close your eyes and make a bet

Faced to the glare of the sunset

This is about as far as we get

You haven't seen me disguised yet

Don't say a word

Here comes the break of the day

In while clouds of sand raised by the wind of the end of May

Close your eyes and make a wish

Under the stone there's a stone-fish

Hold your breath, then roll the dice

It might be the runroad to paradise

End Of May吉他谱.txt
End Of May吉他谱 - End Of May 菲池水 按原曲扒编 CA
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