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选修8 高中英语新课标unit5 meeting your ancestors warming up and reading

Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors
邢台一中 范芳芳

Terra-Cotta Warriors



Who do you think find these cultural relics?
? An archaeologist is someone who studies the buildings, graves, tools and other objects of people who lived in the past.

Peking Man
One of the most significant archaeological finds in 20th century

Reading A Visit To The Zhoukoudian Caves

Scan to write down the three topics of the dialogue. Topic 1: Life in the cave Topic 2: What can we learn from a needle Topic 3: What can we learn from a necklace Learning tips: Pay attention to the pictures

Para.1 introduction
1. Where did the students come from? They came from England. 2. Which place did they visit? Zhoukoudian caves, Beijing 3. Who acted as a tour guide? An archaeologist

Topic1:Life in the cave (beginning-line23) ? 1. Where did Peking men live? ? 2. How did they keep warm? ? 3. What wide animals were there?

? 1. Where did Peking Man live?
? They lived in caves higher up the hill.

? 2. How did they keep warm during the freezing winter?

? They used fireplaces in the cave. ? They might have hung animal skins at the cave mouth.

what else did they the centerfor? of use fire

? 3. What wide animals were there?
? There were tigers and bears. These were their most dangerous enemies.

Topic2: needle (line24-line36)
? Go through the dialogue on page 38
? Task1: Describe the needle for us It is at most three centimeters long and made of bone. There is a hole in it. ? Task2:How did they make clothes from animal skin? pay attention to the connective words, such as first, second,then, after,finally

Task2:How did they make clothes from animal skin?
It seems they used the ________________to cut up ______ animals and remove their skin. that Then
sharpened stone tools

____________were probably used to smaller scrapers _______ the fat and meat from the skin remove
they wouldrub an ample amount of salt ___ onto the skin to make it soft ___

After that

sew cut it and ___ the pieces together. ____task. Finally Quite a difficult andmessy

Topic3 :necklace
?What’s the necklace made of ? ?Some beads were made of animal _______ bones but some were made of ______. shells ?Why was the archaeologist sure that some beads were made of fish bones? As the botanical analyses have shown us, there used to be a large shallow lake.


animal bones

fish bones

?What was the student’s puzzle? How did those seashells get there since it was miles from the sea?
Reason 1: There was trade between early people __________________________________.

Reason 2: They traveled to the seaside on their __________________________________.


Summary: The Life of Peking Man

Peking Man
Place for living

cave,higher up the hill
Furniture Food Tools Clothing& decorations

a fireplace
meat, fish, fruits sharpened stones, scrapers, needles

clothes made of skins, necklace

1. How does the archaeologist know the life of Peking Man? What's his attitude to the students' interruption?
? 2. Did the students simply accept the information from the archaeologist?

? What qualities do the students have?
brave confident determined

British students
imaginative curious acute

What about the archaeologist?
The archaeologist is a good teacher. He encourages the students to make their own assumptions by using their own imagination. Proverbs Interest is the best teacher. Albert Einstein Curiosity is the first virtue of scholars. Marie Curie The power to question is the basis of all human progress. Indira Gandhi

The excavation of the skull of Peking Man



1.北京人生活在70万年--20万年前, 而北京猿人的化石(fossil)首次发现于1927年。 2.北京猿人能够制造和使用劳动工具, 3.能用天然火取暖、熟食和吓退野兽 。 4.生活艰苦,寿命比较短暂。 5.他们群居在洞穴中,以狩猎为生。

1.只能使用5个句子表达全部内容; 2.介绍必须包括所有要点。


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