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Teaching plan for Unit 4 Period 2 Reading “ A Night the Earth Didn’t Sleep” Teaching aims: 1) Learn about Reading :” A Night the Earth Didn’t Sleep” 2) Develop the reading skills. 3)learn to protect nature. Key points: Develop the reading skills. Teaching aids: 1) computer 2) blackboard 3) tape-recorder Teaching Approach Teaching Steps: Step1. Greeting Greet the students as usual. Step 2. lead-in Talk about the causes of the earthquake. Step 3 Pre-reading “It is always caim before a storm.’ Talk about “ What may happen before an earthquake?” Students discuss it in the group of 4; Then try to find out as many phonenomen as possible. Step 4. Reading. 1) Talk about the title of the text. methods: Task-based Approach; Student-centered

2) Read the passage, and try to divide the passage into 3 parts. The first part: Before the earthquake, strange things happened. The second part: During the earthquake, the city was destroyed. The third part: After the ear4thquake, people saw hope. 3) Read the text again, and try to anwer the T or F questions in the test-book. 4) Try to filling thr cloze texr according to the text. Step 5 Discussion 1) Talk about the writing style of the passage . 2) Do the exercised in “Comprehending”. Step 6 Homework. 1) Find out the usage of the key words in the text. 2) Find out the “Attributive Clause” from the text.

高一英语上学期Unit 4教案1.doc
高一英语上学期Unit 4教案1高一英语上学期Unit 4教案1隐藏>&g
高一英语必修1 unit4教案.doc
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高一英语上学期Unit 4教案4 - Teaching Plan for Uni
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人教版高一英语必修1 unit4 Earthquake全单元教案.doc
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高一英语上学期Unit 4教案2高一英语上学期Unit 4教案2隐藏>&g
高中英语优秀教案:Unit4 Earthquakes period 1优秀教案....pdf
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高二英语上册Unit 4教案1.doc
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