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2016届高考英语 基础知识练习 真题模拟训练四

一、单项填空。从 A.B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处的最佳选项。 1. A wise boss must be aware that sometimes a little to work harder. A. liberty 2. Don’t be A. taken off B. equality B. taken out C. bonus C. taken away D. boom D. taken in by products promising to make you lose weight quickly . can motivate the employees

3. In a(n) _____ to help preserve history, the Greek government established a committee to undertake the professional restoration of the Acropolis. A. order 4. in his dormitory. A. On his arriving arriving at 5. It was very ________ of you to help me clean the house, or I will never finish it in such a short time. A. content B. merciful C. apparent D. considerate 6. The driver in plain clothes, was just over twenty. A. which A. can be shaped C. must have been shaped 8. There’s no doubt still unclear. A. what B. that C. how D. where 9. If someone really wants to give me a free plastic surgery, I would ______ it, because it is harmful to our body and health. A. object to B. devote to C. stick to D. contribute to a string of forceful D. turned out D. hired 10. To deal with the global financial crisis, China has measures over the past months. A. worked out A. to hire B. found out B. hiring C. made out C. in hiring 11. There is a growing tendency among employers____ part-time staff. 12. —Shall we hang out tomorrow morning? — ________ I’ll save the morning for my essay. A. Sorry, I can’t make it. C. Well, it all depends. presents.

B. purpose

C. aim

D. gesture

home,the boy told his parents about all the incidents which occurred B. On his arrival C. On arrival D. On his

was extremely calm and brave in face of danger, C. when D. what

B. who

7. The handles _____ so that children can grasp them firmly. B. should be shaped D. should have been shaped 2013 will bring more change when the world economy is

B. Yes, it’s a good idea. D. No, that’s impossible.

13. _______________You can’t imagine ______when they received these nice Christmas

A. how they were excited C. how excited were they A. Finding first in China. A. that A. starred A. surprising A that factory . A. prepare for B. object to it B. it B. starring B. Found

B. how excited they were D. they were how excited C. Find D. To find

14. ___ ________out more about university courses, write to this address. 15. From 1217 to 1880, there appeared 19 No.1 Scholars in Xiuning County, ___ ranks C. which C. played C. surprised D. in which D. playing D. being surprised D where a job in this D. employ I had left my notebook C. what; struck; that D. that;

16. He likes seeing the films______ Sun Li. 17. Though_________to see us, the professor gave us a warm welcome. B. was surprised B when 18. It is helpful to put children in a situation ________ they can see themselves. C which 19. Peter has been out of work for half a year , so he wants to C. apply for to me

20. It was in half the way A. what; occurred; that hit; that

home, so I had to fetch it. This is why I was so late. B. that; occurred; that

二、完形填空。阅读下面短文,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处的最佳选项。 It was a terrible day. Snow had been falling all day long making the trip I didn’t have a ___22 . I had to have my paper work handed in and then son. The snow continued to fall as we drove along for the 15-mile trip back home. I slowed the car and ___24 at my son in his heavy coat as he looked 26 25 out of the window with a blank expression. In the upon as a mentally disabled child. beautiful, kind and ever 29 28 on my own. 30 a sharp curve (弯). As we rounded it 31 jacket walking in the snow storm. 32 of the world he was looked 21 . 23 my I would rather have been in my warm home than drive along on such a cold day, but

___27 , over the years what I saw was a

soul. He had shown me more about love than I could have

I slowed the car even more as we

I saw a shivering (颤抖的), young woman in a

I pulled over and let her in. She was heading for her Mom’s house to visit her 33 . Yet, she still held out hope for a new job and tried to I took her as the 36 35 34

whom she hadn’t seen for months. She had experienced a lot of disappointments and a new life for her son and herself. as I was able to and dropped her off. She thanked me for 37 down the window and gave and I told her I wished I could have done more to help. Then as we were 38 to us as we pulled out on the road.

about to leave, my sweet son took off his coat, it to her. She put it on, smiled and

In this world we will 40


many problems and challenges. Sometimes it seems

that our entire lives are a trip down a curvy and dangerous road. Yet the power of takes us straight back to a broad smooth highway. B. funny B. choice B. look after B. laughed B. peacefully B. development B. Therefore B. sensitive B. learned B. left B. heavy B. daughter B. puzzles B. suffer B. long B. coat B. rolled B. pointed B. overcome B. love C. risky C. reason C. seek for C. stared C. sadly C. eyes C. Meanwhile C. painful C. concluded C. approached C. comfortable C. mother C. tragedies C. save C. soon C. lift C. tore C. wrote C. create C. minds A People born in the winter are more likely to suffer mental health disorders, according to a recent study carried out by researchers at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Researchers raised baby mice from birth to weaning(断奶) in either “summer” light cycles of 16 hours of light and eight hours of dark or “winter” cycles of eight hours of light and 16 hours of dark. A third group experienced 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark a day, Then half the winter mice stayed in a winter cycle, while half switched to a summer schedule. The summer mice were similarly split. The mice raised in equal periods of light and dark were split into three groups, one of which stayed on the 12-hour schedule, one of which joined the winter group, and one of which joined the summer subset. After 28 days, it turns out the summer-born mice behaved the same whether they stayed on the summer cycle or switched to winter. But among the winter-born mice, those stayed in winter kept their previous schedule, while those that switched to summer stayed active for an extra hour and a half, which indicates that mice born and weaned in a winter light cycle showed dramatic disruptions in their biological

21. A. smooth 22. A. change 23. A. call on 24. A. glanced 25. A. excitedly 26. A. history 27. A. However 28. A. dirty 29. A. dreamed 30. A. expected 31. A. new 32. A. son 33. A. adventures 34. A. predict 35. A. far 36. A. money 37. A. burned 38. A. cried 39. A. face 40. A. nature

D. special D. chance D. pick up D. shouted D. fearfully D. systems D. Besides D. merciful D. ignored D. discovered D. light D. father D. battles D. build D. much D. gift D. shut D. waved D. bear D. wills

三、阅读理解。阅读下面短文,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处的最佳选项。

clocks. The finding is the first of its kind in mammals, and it could explain why people born in the winter are at higher risk for mental health disorders including bipolar depression, schizophrenia and seasonal affective disorder. “We know that the biological clock regulates mood in humans,” said study researcher McMahon. “If an imprinting mechanism(运行机制)similar to the one that we found in mice operates in humans, then it could not only have an effect on a number of behavioral disorders, but also have a more general effect on personality.” 41. How many groups of mice are there finally in all in the experiment? A. four B. five C. six D. seven 42. What's the main idea of the text? A. The biological clock regulates mood in humans. B. people born in the winter are at higher risk for physical health disorders. C. Being born in the winter has a negative effect on people's mental health. D. The length of light will influence the behavior of the mice. 43. The underlined word "split" can be replaced by A. divided B. torn C. hit ? (Line 2, Paragraph3) D. ended

44. Which group of mice has changed their behavior after the experiment? A. The group born in the winter and staying in the winter. B. The group born in the winter and switching to the summer. C. The group born in the summer and staying in the summer. D. The group born in the summer and switching to the winter. 45. Who is the appropriate reader of the passage? A. a job hunter C. a newly-married couple B February 4, 2012 saw the take-off of a new rising NBA star- Jeremy Lin. Among professional basketball players, Jeremy Lin’s background is not typical. He graduated from Harvard University, which sends few players to the NBA, and he is the only Chinese-American NBA player. But when you watch him on the court, there is no doubt that he belongs there. He moves with speed and grace that demonstrate years of faithful practice, which is fueled by a love for basketball. Lin’s enjoyment to basketball actually began in Taiwan. When Lin’s father moved to U.S., his interest in the sport only grew and he passed on this love of basketball to his son, introducing him to the game at the age of five. The young Lin spent much of his youth playing basketball for fun. In high school, Lin dreamed of playing in the NBA. When he applied for college, he was not offered a single sports scholarship. However, after his admission to Harvard ,he was offered a place on its college basketball team. During Lin’s time at Harvard, his basketball career began to speed up. He scored 1,482 points, making him one of the highest scorers in Ivy League history.

B. a student in the university D. an experienced dentist

When he graduated, no professional teams offered Lin a contract, but he was invited to play in the NBA Summer League. He played well and ended up eagerly signing a contract with the Golden State Warriors. At first, playing in professional games filled Lin with excitement. He treasured opportunities to meet players he had been watching on TV for years. But slowly, the excitement wore off and was replaced by anxiety. In a few very difficult months, he was cut by two teams before the New York Knicks picked him up. But he had the courage and determination to stick to his dream, so he put himself into hard training to get ready for his opportunity to come, Then his moment arrived on February4, 2012,on which his excellent performance made him famous overnight.Aftet that,he led the Knicks to their fifth straight victory. The Associated Press called Lin “the most surprising story in the NBA.” Knicks fans developed the nickname for him “linsanity”(林发疯).Time magazine released its 2012 list of the 100“Most Influential People in the World”, Jermy Lin included. 46. What might be the author’s purpose in writing the text? A. To make readers interested in great basketball players. B. To praise Jeremy Lin for his skills and determination. C. To list Lin’s wonderful performances in NBA team. D. To give a brief introduction to Lin’s road to an outstanding basketball player. 47. Which of the following is of little help in Lin’s success? A. His graduation from Harvard University C. His years of hardwork A. worked out B. rose up C. died away B. His father’s influence D. His devotion to basketball D. kept up

48. What does the underlined phrase “wore off” in Paragraph7 probably mean? 49. Which of the following is TRUE of Jeremy Lin? A. Lin learned to play basketball when he was eight. B. Lin is the most outstanding player in NBA. C. Lin’s career for professional games was a great success at first. D. Before Lin there was no Chinese-American NBA players. 50. Which is the right order for Lin’s life? a. He made an excellent performance on Feb,4. b. He was fired by the Golden State Warriors. c. He was invited to play in the NBA Summer League. d. He graduated from Harvard University. e. He became famous overnight. A. a,d,c,b,e B. d,c,b,a,e C China_is_going_green. In order to reduce air pollution and oil?shortages, automobile manufacturers have announced their plans to develop hybrid vehicles (混 合燃料汽车) for the Chinese market. Toyota's hybrid car Prius will be ready to drive in China this week. Let's have a look at the new car.

C. a,e,d,c,b

D. d,b,c,e,a

Any vehicle is a hybrid when it combines two or more sources of power. Hybrid cars run off a rechargeable battery and gasoline. Hybrid cars have special engines, which are smaller than traditional gasoline engines. They run at 99 percent of their power when the car is cruising (匀速行驶). A specially designed battery motor provides extra power for running up hills or when extra acceleration is needed. Step into a Prius, and turn on the engine. The first thing you notice is how much quieter it is than a traditional car. At this point, the car's gasoline engine is dormant (休眠). The electric motor will provide power until the car reaches about 24 km/h. If you stay at a low speed, you are effectively driving an electric car, with no gasoline being used, and no waste gas gives off. The onboard(车载的) computer makes the decision about when to use a gas engine, when to go electric, and when to use a combination of the two. If you go over 24 km/h, when you step on the gas pedal (油门), you are actually telling the computer how fast you want to go. The electronic motor recharges automatically using a set of batteries. When driving at high speed, the gasoline engine not only powers the car, but also charges the batteries. Any time you use the brake, the electric motor in the wheels will work like a generator and produce electricity to recharge the batteries. As a consequence, the car's batteries will last for around 200,000 miles. 51. The author writes this passage mainly to________. A. teach people how to drive a hybrid car B. introduce a new kind of “green” car C. show how to save their gasoline when driving a car D. announce plans to develop hybrid vehicles for China 52. The first sentence probably refers to ________. A. there will be more and more green land in China B. China is still young and lacking experience C. China's new cars are combinations of different green models D. China has started producing environmentally friendly cars 53. Which of the followings is NOT true? A. The hybrid cars reduce air pollution and oil?shortages. B. The car's gasoline engine doesn't work until it reaches about 24 km/h. C. This kind of car is completely controlled by an onboard computer. D.A specially designed battery motor provides extra power when needed. 54. What is the most important feature of hybrid cars? A. They are powered by both a rechargeable battery and gasoline. B. They are much quieter than traditional cars. C. They only use 99 percent of their power to run up hills. D. They have smaller engines than traditional gasoline ones. D BEIJING—Pharmacologist Tu Youyou has become the first scientist on the mainland

to win America's respected Lasker Award for her discovery of a new approach to malaria (疟疾) treatment. The 81?year?old was presented with the medical prize by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation on September 23, 2011 in New York. Tu, a scientist at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, was praised by the jury (评判委员会) for her “drug therapy (治疗) for malaria that has saved millions of lives across the globe, especially in the developing world ,” according to a statement on the foundation's website. In early 1969, Tu was appointed head of a government project that aimed to eradicate(消灭) malaria, and it was then that she began applying modern techniques with Chinese traditional medicine to find drug therapy for malaria. After detecting (检测) 380 extracts (提取物) made from 2,000 candidate recipes, Tu and her colleagues obtained a pure substance called “Qinghaosu”, which became known as artemisinin in 1972. An artemisinin?based drug combination is now the standard regimen (养生法) for malaria, and the World Health Organization lists artemisinin and related agents in its catalog of “Essential Medicines”, said a statement from the foundation. The Lasker Awards are given annually to people who have made major advances in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of human diseases since 1945. Lasker Awards are known as “America's Nobels” for their knack (熟练技术) of gaining future recognition by the Nobel committee. In the last two decades, 28 Lasker laureates (得奖者) have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize, and 80 since 1945. 55.Which of the following statements about Tu Youyou is FALSE? A. She is the first scientist on the mainland to win America's respected Lasker Award. B. She is a scientist at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing. C. She is the first scientist in the world to win America's respected Lasker Award. D. She began applying modern techniques with Chinese traditional medicine to find drug therapy for malaria in 1969. 56. Lasker Award is awarded by ________. A. New York Foundation C. Chinese Medical Sciences B. the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation D. Albert and Mary

57.What's the influence about Tu Youyou's “drug therapy for malaria”? A. It has surprised the people in the world. B. It has reduced malaria. C. It applied modern techniques with Chinese traditional medicine. D. It has saved millions of lives across the globe, especially in the developing world. 58. What's the main idea of the passage? A. Tu Youyou won Lasker Award for malarial drug discovery.

B. An American won Lasker Award for malarial drug discovery. C. Americans founded the Lasker Foundation. D. Tu Youyou discovered artemisinin. E Ask savvy investors(投资者) how they learned their first lessons about money, and they'll probably tell you lessons their parents taught them. The money values we learn as children stay with us the rest of our lives. If you are a parent, teaching your children the value of saving and investing will benefit them the rest of their lives. Here's what you can do: Help your child begin to save. Open savings accounts for your children, and teach them how the bank adds interest to their savings that makes their money grow. Encourage your children to save a little from every bit of money they receive, such as allowances, birthday gifts, etc. You may even want to set up a matching program, contributing fifty cents for each dollar your child saves. Teach your child about stocks( 股票 ). A child in elementary school can start learning about how businesses work. Once your child understands the basics, ask him or her to think about some of the businesses that might be good stock investments. Then use Morningstar Mutual Fund Guide(available at your library)to find a quality mutual fund that holds some of these companies, or a mutual fund that caters to children such as the Stein Roe Young Investor Fund. Many funds accept regular monthly investments as low as $50 a month, so these funds can be a good way to teach children about the stock market while saving for their college education. Encourage early IRA(个人退休金账户)saving. The new Roth IRA is a great way for children who are working in summers or after school to begin saving for their future. Imagine how much money you'd have today if you had saved $3,000 a year since you were a teenager! Let your kids handle their own money. We all learn by doing, so letting your kids manage a segment of their budget( 预 算 )will let them earn valuable financial lessons.They may make mistakes, but they will be small mistakes that may help them avoid larger mistakes as adults. 60. Which would be the best title for this passage? A. Why to Teach Your Children to Save B. How to Teach Your Children to Save C. Tips for Saving for Children D. Start Good Saving Habits Early 61. A matching program means ________. A. that you should set a good example to your children B. that you should provide enough money for children so that they can save some C. that you encourage your children to compete with each other in saving D. that you encourage your children by giving some extra money for them to save 62. According to the author, you should teach your children about investment when

he/she is ________. A. in the kindergarten C. in middle school 4. Fund? A. It is usually with high benefits. B. It accepts regular monthly investments. C. It accepts small investments as low as $50 a month. D. It caters to children who can afford small investments. 四、语法填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的 正确形式。 Nowadays, it is common that more and more high school students open their own micro blogs on the Internet. For one thing, it can provide a colorful platform to show their talent. For 63 , it is a useful way to release their pressure. And all these make it more and more popular with high school students. 64 many parents and teachers hold a different view. They think that managing one ’ s micro blog will take a lot of time and energy, 65 should be used to study. In my view, I am greatly in favor 66 this activity. Today the Internet is playing 67 important and essential role in our life. Therefore as high school students of the Information Age, we need to learn to make use of this 68 (value) tool to communicate and display ourselves. What’s more, opening and organizing micro blogs need various abilities such 69 writing, designing, being skillful at computer and so on. Only if we master those abilities can we make a successful micro blog. As a result, we improve ourselves while 70 (organize) our micro blogs. In fact, micro blog 71 (oneself) is of little harm. It is your attitude towards it 72 matters. We should take the advantages and avoid some bad effects. 五、书面表达 在学习生活和工作中,与人合作是非常重要的。请你根据下表中所提供的信息,写一篇 题为 “Cooperate with others”的英文演讲稿。 在忙碌的、现代化的社会中,要想有效 为何与人合作 地完成一项工作,我们必须学会与人合作。 可以节省时间和精力。 从合作者身上学到很多。 与喜欢的人合作 与谁合作 心情愉快,一起分享工作中的快乐和痛苦 比较困难,但只要更多地关注我们的工作, 而不是合作者本人,时间长了,也会发现 他是一个很好相处的人。 B.in primary school D.in college

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the Stein Roe Young Investor

与不喜欢的人合 作

怎样做一个好的合作者 注意:

请你发表自己的观点??(至少 2 点看法)


1.对所给要点,逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。 2.词数 150 左右。开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总数。 3.演讲稿中不得提及考生所在学校及本人姓名。 参考词汇:合作者 partner Good afternoon, everyone! The topic of my speech today is “Cooperate with others”. ____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your listening!

全真模拟四 1.C。考查名词意义辨析,句意是:一个聪明的老板必须知道有时一点恩惠能够激发员工更加 勤奋地工作。 A. liberty 意。 2.D。 考查动词短语辨析,句意是:不要被承诺能使你快速减肥的产品所骗。A 脱掉、起飞、 成功 ; B 拿出 ;C 拿走 ; D 吸收 欺骗 (常用于被动) ;根据语境只有选 D。 3.D。考查名词意义辨析 句意是:为了帮助保护历史,雅典政府成立了一个从事雅典卫城专 业修护的组委会。 in order to = in a gesture to aim to 所以选 D。 4.B。 考查介词短语辨析: on one’s arrival? = on arriving?= as soon as ? 表示 “一?? 就?? ” ;根据语境此处选 B。 5.D。考查形容词意义辨析。句子意思是:你能帮我打扫房间真是太体贴了,不然的话我是不 能在如此短的时间里完成的。 A 满意的,乐意的;B 同情的;C 明显的 ;D 体贴的,周 详的;所以选 D。 6.B。考查定语从句,句子意思是:你穿着便服的司机才刚二十出头,他在危险面前极其地冷 静和勇敢。 非限制性定语从句,关系代词做主语,先行词是 the driver. 所以选 B。 7.B。考查情态动词考点,句子意思是:把柄应该塑造成一定的形状以便小孩能抓牢。C、表示
- 10 -

自由;许可权;放肆,无礼;解放,释放 B. equality 平等

C. bonus 奖金,额外津贴;红利,额外股息;D. boom;繁荣;激增;只有 C 才符合题

with the purpose to = with the

过去的推测。D 表示过去本应该做而没做 而根据句意只能选 B。 8.B。考查连词,句子意思是:毫无疑问在世界经济仍然处于不明朗的时候,2013 年会引起更 大的变化。 doubt 用于否定或疑问句中,通常用 that 而用于肯定句中通常用 whether 或 if 所以选 B。 9.B。考查动词短语辨析,句子意思是:如果有人要给我一个免费的整形手术,我回拒绝,因 为它对我们的身体有害。A 反对;B 奉献,投入于; C 坚持 ;D 为.... 做贡献;所以选 A。 10.A。考查动词短语辨析,句子意思是:为了处理全球金融危机,在过去的几个月里中国已 经制定了一套强有力的措施。A 解答出,制定;B 查明;C 理解; D 结果是; 所以根据 句意选 A。 11.A。考查分词的用法,句子意思是:在老板中有一种雇佣兼职的趋势。动词不定式做定语, 后置。所以 选 A。 12.A。考查交际,句子意思是:明天我们去溜达溜达?不好意思,我要写论文。所以选 A 。 13.B。考查语序:句子意思是:你无法想象当他们收到这些精美的礼品时他们是多么的兴奋。 特别注意宾语从句一定要用陈述的语序。所以选 B。 14.D。考查非谓语的用法。句子意思是:为了了解更多关于大学课程的情况,请给这个地址 写信。表示目的只能用动词不定式。所以选 D。 15.C。考查定语从句,句子意思是:从 1217 到 1880 在 Xiuning 县出现了 19 个排名第一的学 者。这在中国名列第一。关于代词做主语,非限制性定语从句中只能用 which。所以选 C。 16.B。考查非谓语,句子意思是:他喜欢看 Sun Li.主演的电影。因为 films 与 star 是主动 关于,所以选 B。 17.C。考查省略,句子意思是:虽然看到我们很惊讶,教授还是热烈欢迎我们。 全句为 Though he was surprised to see us , the professor gave us a warm welcome. 因为主句与从句的主语一致,可以把主句的主语以及后面的 be 起省略。所以选 C. 18.D。考查定语从句:关于副词做状语所以用 where 或 in which 引导。所以选 D。 19.C。考查动词短语,句子意思是:Peter 已经失业半年了,因此他想在这家工厂申请一个工 作。 A 准备;B 反对;C 申请;D 雇佣 ;根据句子意思选 C。 20.B。考查强调句以及主语从句,句子意思是:就是在半路上我突然想到我把书拿在家里, 所以我不得不回去拿。第一空是强调句所以用 that,第二空是固定句型。It occurred to me that?所以选 B。 文章大意“作者驱车去接自己的小孩,由于天气极其寒冷,在路上遇上一位穿着单薄的女 性,作者主动搭载并送该女性一程,下车时小孩主动脱衣服送给该女性的经历,通过这件 事情的描述突出人们之间的关爱是多么温馨的一件事。 解析:21.C。因为天气一直在下雪所以出去有点冒险。故选 C。 22.B。虽然作者不想出去,但他没得选择,因为她要出去交文件并且还要接小孩,所以根据 上下文只能选 B。 23.D。A 表示拜访 B 表示寻找 C 表示寻求 D 接某人。 24.A。天一直下着雪,作者只好减速并同时瞥了一眼自己的小孩,所以选 A。 25.B。而小孩很平静地看着窗外,所以选 B。 26.C。从文章的描述可知小孩身体有问题,所以说在世人的眼里他被看作有精神残疾。所以
- 11 -

选 C。 27.A。然而作者却有不同的意见。因为此处表示转折,因此正确答案是 A。 28.D。从下文可知,小孩很有同情心,A,表示“脏”B,表示“敏感的”C,表示“痛苦的” D,表示“同情的” , “怜悯的” ,所以选 D。 29.B。作者从小孩身上学到了很多东西,A,表示“梦想” B,表示“学习” C, 表示“得 出结论”D,表示“忽略” “不理睬”所以选 B。 30.C。当作者开车靠近一个拐弯处时,她甚至更加放慢了速度。A,表示“期望”B,表示“离 开”C,表示“靠近” D,表示“发现”因此可知选 C。 31.D。从下文可知这位女性冷的发抖,所以她应该穿的较少。A,表示“新的”B, 表示“重 的” C, 表示“舒适的”D, 表示“轻的”只有 D 符合题意,故选 D。 32.A。从下文 a new life for her son and herself. 可知这位女性是去看望她儿子,故选 A。 33.C。前面是 disappointments,和它并列的应该是 tragedies。所以选 C。 34.D。此句与前面有转折关系,虽然她们经历过很多艰辛,但她仍然想给自己的小孩构造一 个温馨美好的家园,A. predict 表示“预测”B. suffer 表示“遭受”C. save 表示“节 省”D. build 表示“建造”和“构造” ,所以选 D。 35.A。考查形容词。As far as 表示尽可能远,as long as 只要 as soon as 一?就 as much as 表示“多达..。只有 A 符合题意。故选 A。 36.C。考查名词意义辨析,句意是“她感谢我是因为我用车搭载了她一程。A. money 钱 B. coat 大衣 C. lift 电梯、举起或搭载 D. gift 礼物。 所以选 C。 37.B。因为作者和她儿子坐在车里,所以她儿子应该是摇下车窗。A. burned表示 “燃烧 “ B. rolled 表示“滚下”或“摇下??” C. tore 表示“撕裂” D. shut 表示“关上?” 所以选 B。 38.D。考查动词,句意:这位女性穿上小孩给的衣服微笑着向我们挥挥手走了。A. cried 表 示“哭” B. pointed 表示“指着“ C. wrote 表示”写“ D. waved 表示挥挥手” , 故 选 D。 39.A。通过小孩脱衣服给别人这个行为,作者深有感触,虽然在人生的道路上会面临诸多的 困难及挑战但人们之间的关爱会使人们回到平坦的大道上。A. face 表示“面对”B. overcome 表示“克服” C. create 表示“创造”D. bear 表示“忍受” 所以选 A。 40.B。本文主要讲述爱的力量。此句点明主题。所以选 B。 答案: 21 – 25 CBDAB 26 – 30 CADBC 31 – 35 DACDA 36 – 40 CBDAB 解析:41.细节题:通过这句话“Then half the winter mice stayed in a winter cycle, while half switched to a summer schedule. The summer mice were similarly split. The mice raised in equal periods of light and dark were split into three groups” 可知这些老鼠分成了 7 组。所以答案选 D。 42.主旨大意题:从文章第一句话 People born in the winter are more likely to suffer mental health disorders 可知“冬天出生的人对身体有影响”所以答案选 C。 43.单词推测:根据上下文 Then half the winter mice stayed in a winter cycle, while half switched to a summer schedule. The summer mice were similarly split. The mice raised in equal periods of light and dark were split into three groups,可知 split
- 12 -

是“分裂成”所以选 A。 44.细节题:从此句 But among the winter-born mice, those stayed in winter kept their previous schedule, while those that switched to summer stayed active for an extra hour and a half, which indicates that mice born and weaned in a winter light cycle showed dramatic disruptions in their biological clocks.可知 A 答案是正确的。 45.判断题:这篇文章主要是讲冬天出生对小孩的身体及心理有影响,所以它的阅读对象应该 是将要生小孩的人群。故选 C。 41-45 DCABC 46.揣测作者意图题:文章主要介绍了林书豪成功的历程。所以选 D。 47. 细节题:作者在文章中主要讲述了林书豪成为 NBA 球星的主要因素,父亲的影响、自己 的努力再加上对篮球的执着。所以 A 不是因素之一。故选 A。 48.生词猜测题:根据上下文 He treasured opportunities to meet players he had been watching on TV for years. But slowly, the excitement wore off and was replaced by anxiety.我们可以猜测此处 wore off 是表示消失的意思。所以选 C。 49.细节题:根据文章第二段第二句 he is the only Chinese-American NBA player.可知 D。 是正确答案。 50. 排序题:从文章的描述可知:毕业之后进了 NBA,接着又被 the Golden State Warriors. 开除。经过自己的努力终于在二月四号取得了成功,从此成名。所以选 B。 【短文大意】中国重视环保,正在研制出产一种新型环保车。 51.B。主旨大意题。通读全文可知,作者想要介绍一种新型环保的汽车。 52.D。句意理解题。通过阅读第一段可以知道,中国现在对环境问题非常重视,通过生产环 保型汽车改善环境。故选 D。 53.C。推理判断题。由第二、三、四段可得出答案。 54.A。细节理解题。通读全文,尤其是第二段的第一句“Any vehicle is a hybrid when it combines two or more sources of power.”可知。 【短文大意】这是一篇新闻报道。2011 年 9 月 23 日拉斯克临床医学奖授予 81 岁的中国 中医科学院终身研究员屠呦呦,以表彰她“发现了青蒿素——一种治疗疟疾的药物,在全 球特别是发展中国家挽救了数百万人的生命”。 56.C。细节理解题。可用排除法。从第一段看出 A 是正确的;从第三段的第一句看出 B 是正 确的;从第四段看出 D 是正确的。C 项不符合事实,故选 C。 57.B。细节理解题。从第二段的 The 81?year?old was presented with the medical prize by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation?得出答案。 58.D。细节理解题。从第三段的 her “drug therapy (治疗) for malaria that has saved millions of lives across the globe, especially in the developing world?”得出 答案。 59.A。主旨大意题。第一段点明主旨,且由下文的介绍可知选 A 项。 【短文大意】本文为信息材料类阅读理解。文章就父母如何从小培养孩子投资理财的理 念和习惯提出了建议。 59.D。主旨大意题。A 项只能概括前两段内容;B 项只能概括文章部分要点;C 项不合适,文 章是给家长的建议,而非给孩子的;D 项最佳。 60.D。细节理解题。根据第三段可知。
- 13 -

61.B。细节理解题。根据第四段第二句“A child in elementary school can start learning about how businesses work.”可知。 62.A。细节理解题。根据第四段后半部分可知。 语法填空 【短文大意】本文讨论了在中学生当中流行的在网上开微博这一现象并对其做出了评论。 63.Another。考查固定短语搭配。 for one thing? for another?为固定结构,表示“一 方面??另一方面??” 。 64.But 。考生应能从上下行文逻辑,填入适当的并列连词。上文提到的是中学生在网上开 微博的好处,横线后面的句子提到了很多家长和老师对此持有不同的意见,前后为转折关系, 横线后面无逗号,故应该使用表示转折关系的并列连词 But。 65.Which。考生应能在理解语篇的基础上,准确理解句意并能正确判断句子结构和句式。 根据语法,此处需要一个引导词引导非限制性定语从句,指前面提到的 a lot of time and energy, 又能在后面的句子中作谓语动词 should be used 的主语,故应该使用表示事物的关 系 代词 which。 66.Of。考查固定短语搭配。in favor of 为固定搭配,表示“支持??”。 67.An。考查冠词应用。play a part / role in 为固定搭配,表示“在??中扮演角色” , 又因为 a 后面的 important 的第一个音素为元音,故其前的不定冠词应该用 an。 68.valuable 。考查考生名词和形容词之间的转化。 根据句意,此处需要形容词修饰 tool, 表示“有价值的” ,应该用 value 的形容词形式 valuable。 69.As。考查考生根据上下文,补全固定搭配。根据句意,列举了开放和管理微博需要的各 种能力,因此应填 as 构成 such as 的结构。 70.organizing。考查考生省略句中的非谓语动词形式。此处 while 后面省略了 organize 的 逻辑主语 we 以及 be 动词 are, 故完整的句子形式为 while we are organizing our micro blogs。 71.Itself。考查考生将人称代词转化成反身代词形式。根据句意,此处的反身代词指的是 micro blog,为 micro blog 的同位语,故应该用表示事物的第三人称反身代词 itself。 72.that。考查考生对特殊句式的判断能力。 此处为强调句,强调的是原句的主语 your attitude toward it,去掉 it is 和 that 之后句子成分仍然完整。

书面表达 Good afternoon, everyone! The topic of my speech today is “Cooperate with others”. In this busy, modern world, if we want to complete our work effectively and efficiently, we must all learn to cooperate with others. If we lose our partner, then we will fail. Cooperation can save us a lot of time and energy. Additionally, we can learn much from our partners by cooperating them. When we cooperate with someone we like, we will feel very happy. And we can share our pleasure and sadness with him. But it can be difficult to be cooperative with someone we dislike. In such a situation, we may focus on our work, instead of our partner. Perhaps in working together with him for a long time, we’ll learn that he is a man to get along well with. Even if this doesn’t happen, it’s still worth a try. How can we become a good partner? In my opinion, (we should try to listen to others’ opinions. If he makes mistakes, we also try to point them out. Thirdly, we mustn’t beat others to make them in unfavorable position) Thank you for your listening!

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