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2019教育人教版高中英语 必修二 Unit4 《Wildlife protection Reading》共33张PPT数学_图文

Unit 4 Wildlife protection

What made the world around us so wonderful?

New words

Widlife n. 野生动植物 Protection n. 保护 Protect vt. 保护 Habitat n. 栖息地 Threaten v. 威胁,恐吓 Decrease v. 减少 Endangered adj. 濒危的 Die out 灭亡,逐渐消失 Reserve n. 保护区 Hunt v . 猎取,搜寻 In danger (of) 在危险中,垂危

The logo of WWF

Background Information
What does WWF stand for?
World Wildlife Fund

Is this the end of evolution(进化)

Wild plants and animals have to look after themselves.
What do they need?



Good environment

Good habitat

Why are these animals dying out?
too much hunting

Their habitat is

They cannot find

being threatened enough food

One habitat in China
Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province

Giant panda
Not enough food: loss of bamboo growing areas
Number before concern Nearly all disappeared Number after concern About 1,600 after more than 50 reserves set up to protect bamboo areas

Milu deer

Problem Disappeared from China
Number before concern


One habitat in China
Nanhaizi Milu Park, Beijing

Number after concern More than 2,500 after being brought back from UK

South China tiger

Problem Too much hunting in the 1950s

One habitat in China
Baishanzu National Natural Protection Zone, Zhejiang Province

Number before concern
Very few Number after concern
About 30-40 remain after being left in peace with no hunting

other endangered wildwife
朱鹮Crested Ibis 黑颈鹤Black-necked Crane

other endangered wildwife

褐马鸡Crossoptilon mantchuricum

扬子鳄Alligator sinensis

other endangered wildwife
川金丝猴Golden Snub- 白鳍豚YangtzeRiverDolphin nosed Monkey

How Daisy learned to help wildlife

A flying carpet
Daisy had always longed to help endangered species of

Fast reading :Fill in the table
Test your reading speed

First visit

Animal she met Places she went



Second visit elephant Zimbabwe

Third visit



Tebetan antelope

African elephant

Monkey in the


Millipede insect

? Read it again ,then fill in the form. _f_u_r is used to make sweater

Tibet People killed antelopes for w__o_ol

Atelopes become an_e_n_gd_a_n_g_e_r_ed__s_p_e_ci_es


_fa_r_m__e_r_s used to hunt elephants
without _m__e_r_c_y_
now farmers _li_k_e_ them

A _m__il_l_ip_e_d_e__ insect affects

mosquitoes Rain forest No _r_a_i_n_f_o_r_e_st_,no
_a_n_i_m_a_l_s_and no _d_r_u_g_s__

The wool beneath antelopes stomache is being used to make sweaters.

Careful Reading
Paragraph 1
1. How did the antelope feel in Tibet? The antelope felt sad.
2. Why are people hunting and killing the Tibetan antelopes? In order to get the wool which is used to make sweaters.

Main idea: Why we need wild life protection
Animal: Tibetan Antelope Situation: Being killed for the wool under its stomach Result: Becoming an endangered species.

Paragraph 2
Main idea: A good example of wildlife protection
Animal: elephants in Zimbabwe Situation: Farmers used to hunted us without mercy. Result: protection by farmers who make money from tourism

Paragraph 3&4
Main idea: What we can get from wildlife protection
Animal: a millipede from rainforest
Situation: produces a drug naturally which can protect us from mosquitoes Result: Daisy plans to tell WWF about the drug

Read the text again and choose the best answer. 1. Why did elephants use to be an endangered species in Zimbabwe? B A. Tourists hunted too many elephants. B. Farmers hunted them without mercy. C. The government encouraged farmers to hunt them. D. Their living environment was seriously polluted.

2. What can be inferred from the elephant’s words, “Have you come to take my photo”? D A. It thinks itself a beautiful animal. B. Elephants are friendly to human beings. C. Money from tourists went to the large tour companies. D. Now many more tourists come to take its photos rather than hunt it.

Group competion


Food shortage

Causes of Endangerment



Destroy of habitation(栖息地)

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