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meeting your ancestors

Unit5 Meeting your


Warming up and Reading

Warming up
Look at the pictures and answer the questions What is it? What is it made of? What was it used for? What are the modern alternatives?

In pairs, try to identify these objects. Discuss what they may have been made of and explain their use. Can you think of the alternatives we would use today?

A musical instrument

A household object from Ancient Greece

A stone tool
A face of an Egyptian Pharaoh

A household object from Ancient Greece古 希腊的家用物品This is an oil lamp that was used to give light at night. It was possibly used for parties, housework or study. Olive oil was placed in the body of the lamp to make the light. There was a thread that went from inside the lamp, and when it was lit it provided light.


A musical instrument (乐器)
This is a musical instrument which was played when a person hit the bronze or brass bells. Different notes could be made by making the bells larger or smaller. People composed music to be played in a large house, temple or palace. brass(黄铜)
brass bells (铜钟)notes音符

A stone tool

玉石 This tool is made of jade stone which is hard and very beautiful. It had a sharp edge so it could be used to break other pieces of stone. The hole on the top of the tool shows where it was joined to a wooden handle, so it could be used like an axe today. 木柄,木制的把手

A face of an Egyptian Pharaoh
This is a mask which was placed over the pharaoh’s face after he died. Sometimes they were also buried with the dead pharaoh. They were made of gold and decorated in beautiful colours. It shows that the pharaoh expected his objects to have the best of material and workmanship.


When you have come to a conclusion, fill in the chart below.
Its name What it was made of Bronze clay pottery
Bronze Stone/jade

Its use
To Light the house provide music

Today’s alternative
Electric light Piano, violin ,guitar

1.Oil lamp 2.Chinese chimes 3.Stone axe 4.Pharaoh mask

saw, Scrape and Chain 链锯 cut up thing Steel axe
To cover the face none of the pharaoh after his death


Tell what you have known about Zhoukoudian Caves.

Look at the three pictures.Tell the 3 stages of the archaeologist’s part of the dialogue.

Stage 1

Life ______in the cave

Stage 2 What we can learn

a needle from_______ Stage 3 What we can learn
from_____ a necklace

Read the text again and get the main
idea of the dialogue and then write

down the three ways in which the life of
early people differs from modern ones.

Peking man lived in Zhoukoudian Caves of rocks Homes and trees, perhaps with skins to keep out the cold They used needle that was made Tools of bone, sharpened stone tools and scraper made by stones. Dress They wore clothes from animal skins and they also wore necklace made from seashells or animal teeth.

Do you think it is important for us to know about them? Why? Zhoukoudian Caves were formally inscribed (记入) on the “World Heritage List” in December 1987 at the eleventh session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee. The inscription

of the Peking Man Site on the World
Heritage List confirms the exceptional

and universal value of the cultural site,
which requires protection for the

benefit of all humanity. The site is
therefore not only of China, but also of

the world as a whole.

1) Go over the text.

2) Write a brief introduction to the
Zhoukoudian Caves.

3) Preview “the present perfect
continuous tense”.

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