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一、根据下面情景, 选择恰当的选项 ( )1.你想知道一个新同学的名字,你应这样问他(她) B. What’s your name? C. My name’s Alice Green

A. How are you? (

)2.当你把你爸爸介绍给你的老师时,你应说:[ A This is Miss Wu . B. Miss Wu ,this is my dad. C.He is my dad.

)3.当朋友过生日时,我们应道一声: B. Good afternoon. C. Happy birthday to you A. Who are you

A. How are you. (

) 4.有一天, 你在街上遇见一位很久没见面的同学, 你应该如何问候? C. Here you are.

B. How are you. (

)5.你第一次认识,感到十分高兴,你应该这样说: B. Nice to meet you. C. Good afternoon.

A. Me too. (

)6.当你想知道一个新朋友来自哪里时,你应该这样说: B. Who are you? C. Where are you from?

A. Where are you? (

)7.当你很惊讶地看到一只大鹅时, 应说: _______.

A. What a big goose! B. How beautiful! C. What a big fish! ( ) 8.当你把物品给别人时, 应说: ______.

A. It’s here. B. Here you are. C. Here it is. ( ) 9 当你正在找玩具汽车时, 应说: ______.

A. Where is my taxi? B. Where is my car? C. This is my car. ( ) 10. 当看到别人要摔跤时,应说:_________.

A. Watch TV. B. Watch out. C. Look at me. 二、选择正确答案写在括号里 ( )1、Mike :Where are you from ? Lucy ______________. B. How are you ? C. I’m from USA D. Nice to see you .

A. I’m a girl . (

) 2. Lucy :Do you like pears ? Mike :_____________. B. Yes ,I do . C . I’m hungry . D.Certainly .

A. Thank you . (

)3. Lily :How many kites can you see ? Lucy :________ B.Let’s fly it ! C. I can see five . D . Line up !

A.I have two .


) 4. Can I have ____ apple, please? B.a C. am D.are

A. an (

) 5. That’s _____ book. B. my C. I D.mine

A. me (

)6. _____she like grapes? B.Did C.Does D.Doing

A.Do (

)7.Where_____her sister come from? B.do C.are D.does

A.is (

)8.My mother_____like oranges. B.don’t C.didn’t D.isn’t

A.doesn’t (

)9.—Have some more bananas? B.tasted C.tastes

--Yes, it_____good. D.tasting

A.taste (

)10.How many_____can you see? B.girls C.boy D.student


三、根据问句找出合适的答语并将其序号填在前面的括号内 ( )1. Where are you from? ( ) 2. Who’s that man? A. The same to you! B. She’s my sister. C. Thank you! D. I’m from China. E. No, I don’t. F. He’s my friend. G.. Sixteen. H. A gift for you. I. Fine, thanks. J. Yes,you can 四、翻译句子

( )3. How many buses can you see? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 4. What’s in the box? ) 5. Do you like juice? ) 6. What about the girl? ) 7. Can I have a hot dog? ) 8. How are you? ) 9. This is for you! )10. Happy Children’s Day!

1.你的爸爸喜欢桃子吗? 2.请问我能吃一个鸡蛋吗? 3.我不喜欢吃草莓. 4.--Does Miss Zhang like kangaroo? --No, she doesn’t.

5.让我们吃一些雪梨吧! 五、阅读理解。判断对错,对的在括号里写 T,错的写 F Mr Black likes fish very much. He often buys some fish in the shop and takes them home for supper. His wife, Mrs Black often asks her friends to their home to have lunch and eat fish. One day, when Mr Black comes home in the evening, he cannot find his fish. And Mrs Black says their cat has eaten the fish. Mr Black is very angry. He takes the cat to the shop near their house to weigh the cat. He says, “You see, my fish is one kilo, and this cat is one kilo, too. My fish is here. Then where is my cat?” 1. Mr Black likes to eat cat very much. 2. Mrs Black often eats fish with her friend. 3. The cat is one kilo. 4. The cat ate the fish.( ) ) ( ( ( ) ) )

5.Mr. Black feels sad when he knows their cat has eaten the fish. (

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