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My body

Shanghai Pinghe School

Head, head, head, nod my head. Shoulder, shoulder, shoulders, shrug my shoulders. Hand, hand, hands, clap my hands. Foot, foot, foot, walk on foot.

This is my ___.

This is my ___ .

This is my ___ .

This is my ____ .

This is my ___ .

Hello, I am Lily / Dick
I I I I have a ____ . It is ____ . have 2 ____ . They are _____. like _____. can _____.

a dog

a pig

a cat

Let’s play games

What can you do with your mouth ? I can _______ .

What can you do with your hands ? I can _______ .

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一年级英语My body课件_图文.ppt
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Unit5 My Body 我的身体_图文.ppt
Unit5 My Body 我的身体 - 帮助幼儿更好的了解自己的身体。并学会用
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My body parts身体部位英语课件 - Body parts Big H
my body_图文.ppt
my body - My Body我的身体 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
My body ppt_图文.ppt
My body ppt - head finger leg This is my head [hed] . These are my hairs. I have brown...
Unit5 My Body_教案_图文.doc
Unit5 My Body_教案_四年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区。Unit 4 My body (第一课时) 教学设计一、教学目标 1.知识目标 (1) 能够听、 说、 读、 写表示...
This is my body 这是我的身体。.doc
Lesson 7 This Is My Body 一、教学目标: 1.知识与技能目标:能正确认读、听出、说出单词 head、arm、leg、hand、 foot,表述 This is my ___。 2.过程与...
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My body教案 1.doc
My body教案 1 - My body Target : 1、learn“a
My body 身体部位_图文.ppt
My body 身体部位_英语_小学教育_教育专区。对身体部位介绍的单词 Sharon Sharon You have a charming smile ! Unit 6. My face head mouth ear nose eyes ...
my body 教案.doc
my body 教案 - 牛津英语1A教案,单词部分教学设计... 标签: body| my body 教案_一年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区。牛津英语1A教案,单词部分教学设计 ...
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幼儿园:中班英语:My body.doc
幼儿园:中班英语:My body - 幼儿园,大班中班小班,幼儿园说课稿,备课教案学案导学案... 幼儿园:中班英语:My body_少儿英语_幼儿教育_教育专区。幼儿园,大班中班小...
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幼儿园:中班英语:My body.doc
幼儿园:中班英语:My body - 英语,全册上册下册,期中考试,期末考试,模
my body_图文.ppt
my body - unit 2 my body 第一课时课件... Unit 2 My Body The first class hour Unit 2 My Body ? Sing a song ?Let ‘ s learn ?Play games listen...

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