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九年级英语首字母填空专项练习(100 分)
1. Mary, would you please tell me your new a ______so that I can write to you? 2.My teacher often e______ us to speak English. 3. The more dirty water the factory pours into the river, the w___ the environment nearby will be. 4. -Mum, if Hurry is not well enough to do the work. Let me do it i______. -You'd better have more rest . 5. Father got up late this morning and m ______the 6:00 train. 6. Mr. George u_____ to take a walk after supper when he was in the countryside. 7. Don't draw pictures on p________ walls. 8. They are collecting waste paper for r_____________ 9. The camera costs too much. I can't a______ it. 10. I think it i______ to finish the work in a week. 11. Computers are very useful in the m ______ world. 12. -Is India a d______ country? -Yes, I think so. 13. The lonely people often r _________ the pets as their family members. 14. The i________ population may be the greatest challenge of the world today. 15. I w ________ if everyone in your office can use the computer. 16. The beds and chairs in the house are rather c___________ . I like living here . 17 We should try our best to save ___________(濒于灭绝的) species. 18. I like this animal because it’s strong and i________________(聪明的). 19. There is no ___________(原因,理由) to believe that he’s dishonest. 20. It’s harmful for the villagers to eat or drink the p___________ food or water. 21.Elephants are strong, but they aren’t a__________ at all. They are usually very friendly. 22.I’m writing to say I’m a___________ building a new zoo in our town. 23.The o_______ of the expensive car can’t be a young man. 24.Tea was discovered in China many c_________ ago. 25.The biggest d________ in the world is the Sahara. 26.As a student, you must work hard to make your parents and teachers p_______ of you. 27.He is so kind that he always o_____ help to others. 28.The children always q________ over the little things. 29.Grade 9 is going to c_________ their graduation tomorrow. 30.I remember w_________ a prize in the English speech contest. 31.The writer told us the i__________ of making good decisions. 32.It is important to make a right d________ in danger. 33.His e_________ is weak. So he has to wear glasses. 34.Tom hurt badly and had to go to the c_______. 35. If you feel better than before, it shows that the medicine has a good e________. 36.Working hard can lead you to s________.

37.You must apologize(道歉) to her for your rude b___________. 38.He’s a complete s__________ to me, I don’t know him at all. 39.The panda is one of China’s most important national t__________. 40.The Wenchuan earthquake is a terrible natural d_________. 41.Books give us k____________ and make us happy. 42.Every year traffic accidents c__________ thousands of deaths. 43.B__________ is giant panda’s favorite food. 44.China is about 9600000 square kilometers in s________. 45.China is one of the oldest c_______________ in the world. 46.The car can run at a s_________ of 205 kilometers per hour. 47.The fog(雾) is too t_______, please drive more slowly. 48. Is there much money in the p________ you found? 49.We have different t_________. I like classical music, however, she likes pop music. 50.In China, tea is s_________ to the guests before dishes. 51. It’s our c_________ to greet people by giving them flowers. 52. You are supposed to w________ your mouth with your napkin. 53. The people are pretty r___________ about time in Colombia. 54.He g_________ his teacher by saying “Good morning.” 55.The temperature will fall b_______ zero. 56.They used the experience to help d___________ the game in our country. 57.About 5000 cars were p___________ in the factory last month. 58.Can you tell me the four great inventions in a_________ China? 59. It’s an e________ box., so we can put these books into it. 60.Most people have ten f________ on his hands. 61. They are r____________ money for the people in Qingdao. 62.You can learn it easily by yourselves and e__________ with your own ideas. 63.Taiwan lies in the s___________ of China. 64.-What does love mean? -I think it means to s_________ with others. 65.The parents are worried about the s___________ of their missing son. 66.My grandmother fainted suddenly. I called for an a__________ at once. 67.N___________ of my parents can speak English. 68.Everyone makes m__________ in his life. 69 When someone is in t______, you should try your best to help him. 70 Making paper is one of the greatest i__________ in China

71.The sun shine brightly in summer, so people have to wear s___________ when they go out. 72.Now with the help of I_________, people can download the music and pictures. 73.I'm afraid you've made a wrong d__________. 74.We should eat more vegetables and l_______ meat to keep healthy.

75.I'm l________ enough to have got all the lost money. 76. We enjoyed o______________ at the party last night. 77.Many teenagers would like to s___________ their photos or articles with others on the Internet. 78.Dragon Boat Festival is one of Chinese t____________ festivals. 79.Unless you get a driver's l_________, you can't drive a car. 80.He has made great p__________ in spoken English since last year. 81.Linda, could you please f________ me a cup of tea? 82.This was one of the worst n____________ disasters in the history of the United States. 83.There was a big fire in the office yesterday. L__________, all the people were saved. 84.Li Lei is an h________, he never tells lies. 85.The West Lake a____________ thousands of tourists to Hangzhou every day. 86.The camera was one of the greatest i__________ in the 19th century. 87.We hope you can enjoy yourself d________ your stay in China. 88.We should e____________ children to solve problems by themselves. 89.I don't think animals should live in the zoo. It's not a n________ environment for them. 90. What's your attitude t_________ being on time? 91.Small restaurant can s_________ many people every day because customers dont' stay very long. 92.Some advertisements tell the t________ and some don't. 93.The king cobra can grow up to 5 meters or more in l________. 94.The a________ or sleep we need is different from person to person. 95.Not getting enough sleep can have s________ effects on our brain's ability to work. 96. You should r_______ when someone offers you a cigar. 97.A hundred years is a c_________. 98.Oh, my god ,I didn't get t________ the final exam. 99.Birds have the natural a_________ to fly. 100. We must try to p_________ the water from being polluted.


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