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高中英语 Unit4 Learning efficiently Grammar课件 新人教版选修10_图文

The Subjunctive Mood 1. If I were Andy Lou, I would be in Hong Kong now. hypotheses 2. I wish I were a millionaire. wishes 3. We suggest that everyone should help the AIDS patients. suggestion When to use the Subjunctive Mood in English? 虚拟语气 The definition of the Subjunctive Mood 虚拟语气是一种特殊的动词形式 (verb structure),用来表示说话人所说 的话不是一个事实 (fact),而只是一种 假设(hypotheses)、愿望(wishes)、建议 (suggestion) 或怀疑(doubt)等等。 虚拟语气应该注意的几点: 1. 虚拟语气在条件句中 1) “表示不太可能出现的情况”, 条 件从句一般用过去时, 主句用 would do, should do 或 might /could do; 2) 表示“本可能发生却未发生的事 情”, 条件从句用过去完成时, 主句 用would have done, should have done, might / could have done. e.g. The old men would find it difficult to get a job if they left the farm. I should be surprised if it was less than five pounds. If I frightened those birds, they might fly off and I would never see them again. If I were you, I would accept the offer. If I were asked to define my mood, I’d say “bored”. If he had taken his doctor’s advice, he might not have died so soon. If he had realized that, he would have run away while there was still time. If she had not married, she could have become special in the filed. 2. 虚拟语气在条件句也可用来表示“将 来不太可能出现的情况”, 条件从句用 should do, were to do或一般过去时, 主 句用would do, should do, could /might do. e.g. If it should rain tomorrow, the sports meet would have to be put off. I could see the surface of the moon with my own eyes if I were to go to the moon some day. What would you do if he failed to come tomorrow? 注意: 含有 should 的条件句, 主句可以 用一般现 在时或一般将来时。 e.g. If there should be another flood, what shall we do? Ask her to leave a message if she should come. 3. 在正式英语文体中, if 从句中的第 一个动词如果是should, were 或 had, 可将此动词置于句首, 替代 if。 e.g. Were it all true, it would still not excuse their actions. Had the captain been more careful, his ship would not have sunk. Should any visitors come, I would say you are not here. 4. if only 和 suppose (supposing), 也可以 引导虚拟从句。 e.g. If only I had more time, I could go there to help them. Supposing it were fine tomorrow, would you go climbing the mountain with us? 5. If it were not / had not been for… 也 是常见的虚拟句型,意思是“要不 是……”。 e.g. If it had not been for your help, we would not have achieved so much in our work. If it were not for the wise decision, we could not be living a happy life. 6. 虚拟语气用于 I wish… 的宾语从句中: 表示现在时间, 动词用一般过去时和 过去进行时 (be动词用were /was)。 表示过去时间, 动词用过去完成时和 过去完成进行时。 表示将来时间, 动 词用 would/ could 等 + 动词原形。 e.g. I wish I knew how to operate this computer. I wish he weren’t so lazy. I do wi

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