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Cultural relics
By:Li Zeyuan Dec,2010
2015-2-24 cultural relics 1

Unit 1

Do you know what a cultural relic is?
A cultural relic is something that can represent cultures, which has survived for a long time to tell the history, and it is very rare and valuable. Cultural relics can be craftworks, buildings, books, paintings music, and so on.

Boys and girls
Let’s travel together

? Name: The Great Wall ? Place: Beijing ? Time: Since 475BC ? Importance: the symbol of China and its culture.

Name: the Forbidden City Place: Beijing Time: 1406 (the Ming Dynasty) The imperial palace/ Importance: the largest museum of cultural relics in China

Name: The Great Pyramid of Khufu Place: Egypt Time: around the year 2560 BC Importance: the only surviving of the Seven Ancient Wonders

Now, welcome back to our class
1.Do you know what they are? ?Cultural relics文化遗产 2.Do cultural relics only refer to buildings?

3.Can you give some other examples?
?The Mona Lisa 蒙娜丽莎的微笑

?The Statue of Liberty 自由女神像

4.What should you do to protect cultural relics?

Ⅰ.Warming up
Do you know what a cultural relic is ? ? Does a cultural relics always have to be rare and valuable? ? Look at the pictures and discuss whether they are cultural relics or not.
2015-2-24 cultural relics 8

Do you know these?


cultural relics



Ming Dynasty vase
China ? china

This vase is a kind of china which was made in China.
2015-2-24 cultural relics 10

Taj Mahal
tomb ? India ? 1631~1653 ? romance
2015-2-24 cultural relics 11

ivory dragon boat


The Dragon Boat Festival
2015-2-24 cultural relics 12

Mogao Caves
( 千莫 佛高 洞窟 )


cultural relics


Have you ever seen a piece of amber?

watch the video !
What do you know about it?
2015-2-24 cultural relics 14

What is amber?

?color ?feel like

yellow- brown feel as hard as stone

?Amber is the fossil(化石)form of resin(树脂) from trees. ? It takes millions of years to form.


cultural relics


Can you imagine a house made of amber ?

In Search of

the Amber Room

In Search of the Amber Room
When you see this title, what do you want to know? What is the Amber Room? ? Why was it called the Amber Room? ? What was it made for? ? What happened to it? ? Why to search for it?

Read the passage quickly and find out characters , years ,and places in the passage. ( clues 线索)(3 m.)




Now let’s answer three of them
1.Why was it called the Amber Room? Because almost seven thousand tons of amber were used to make it. 2.What was it made for? It was made for the palace of Frederick I. 3.Why to search for it? Because it was one of the great wonders of the world and now it is missing.

Read the following sentences and discuss to number them.
2 Fredrick William Ⅰ gave the Amber Room to Peter the ____ Great as a gift. 3 ____The Czar gave Fredrick William Ⅰ55 best soldiers. 1 ____The Amber Room was made for Fredrick Ⅰ. 6 ____The Russians removed art objects from the Amber Room. 5 ____More details were added to the room’s design. 7 ____The Amber Room was taken apart(拆除)and moved away. 8 ____A New Amber Room was built. 4 ____Catherine Ⅱmoved the Amber Room to the palace outside St Petersburg.




2.Frederick WilliamⅠ
Given as a gift

3.Peter the Great

Paragraph 1: The Amber Room and its________ design Paragraph 2-3: ___________ the history of the Amber Room Paragraph 4: _____________ the missing of the Amber Room Paragraph 5: _______________of the rebuilding the Amber Room

Listen to the tape and follow it to read the text.

Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as the Amber Room or Yuan Ming

Yuan in Beijing? Give your reasons.

Languages points

remain (1) vi. 留下, 遗留 I went to the city, but my brother remained at home. (2) link-verb. 后接n. /adj. /介词短语/表位 置的adv. My friend became a boss, but I remained a teacher. The death of the old man remained unknown. The problem remains to be discussed.

It remains to be seen (=We do not know yet) whether we’ve made the right decision. He bought a new book with the remaining ________ (剩下的) 40 yuan. =He bought a new book with the 40 yuan ___. left (剩下的)

1. … could never have imagined that…
绝不可能想到…… ※ could never have done决不可能做过某事 could not have done 不可能做过某事 都表示对过去发生的事情的可能性的否定推测 He couldn’t have gone abroad , as I saw him just now. ※ could have done “可能做过某事”, “本来可 以做到,但实际并没有做到” He could have passed the exam. 我们本来可以把钱借给他,但他没有告诉我们他 需要钱。 We could have lent him the money but he didn’t tell us he needed the money .

2. Later, Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to a place…
have sb /sth do 使----做-- (主谓关系,一次性动作)
have sb/sth doing 使---一直做(一直处于某种状态) have sth to do have 译为“有” 即“有某事要做” Who did you have paint the wall yesterday? Jack had the candle burning throughout the whole night. Her mother has much housework to do today.

练习: I had my watch repaired ________(repair) in the street yesterday.

She had her housedamaged ________(damage) in the storm.

burning The two men had their lights _________(burn)
all night long.
The soldiers had the boy______ stand (stand) with his back to his father. I’m sorry I can’t help you because I have a lot of letters______________ (answer) . to answer


1.Suppose you are the guide of the Amber Room! 2.You are going to introduce the Amber Room to us. 3.What are you going to introduce?

1.Remember the useful words and

2.Try to retell the story about the

Amber Room.
3.Prepare for the next period.


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