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Unit 1, 7A
一、选择填空: 选择填空 ( ( )1.He goes to school by bus, but he walks ________ after school. A. to home A. swim; swimming ( B. home C. his home D. the home ( ( ( ( __________. D. I enjoy ( ( C. Yes, I do D. which )2.She likes _______. She is a good ________. B. swimming; swimmer C. swimmer; swimming D. to swim; swim )3. I like reading, I often go to _________. A. the classroom C. the teacher’s office ( ( ( A. Me ,too A. how B. the Reading Club D. the bus


A. 13 years A. is A. a , the )16. ____ you _____ A. Do, have A. to listen A. on A. has A. am 二、词形变化: B. are

B. 13 year C. have / /

C. 13 years old D. has C. a., a D. the,

D. 13 year old

)14. There___ five people in my family. )15. That’s____ football. I like playing_____ football very much. B. a, /. D. A and B a pen? B. Have, B. to listen to B. in B. have B. is C. be C. at C. Have do C. listening D. / C. with D. are D. having

)17. He enjoys_____ the radio. D. listening to )18. I often listen to the news____ the radio. )19. Do you know the teacher_____ glasses? )20. “A”____ the first letter of the English Alphabet.

)4. I like talking on the phone with my friends. B. You are right B. who C. where )5. Excuse me,____ do you say that in English?

)6. ---Did your parents go to climb the mountain last Sunday? ---- No, they _______ went to see a film. A. both B. all C. either Sure. C. look for C. finishes D. look like D. don’t finish D. every

1. I usually_______________(go) running for an hour 2.He_______________(not play) tennis on Sunday. 3. She ____________(like) reading a book after school. 4. Who teaches_____________(they) physics? 5. Kitty_______________(not wear) glasses in class. 6. She is a nurse. She _________________(take) care of sick people. 7. David____________(have) a dog. 8. Eddie doesn’t know how______________(look) after Hobo. 9. They always___________(go) out to have dinner. D. Good night 10. Emily_____________(be) a good student. She ____________(work) hard. 11. Many children_____________(love) fast food. 12. I __________(not work) in an office. 13. __________she ___________(have) long hair? 14. The cat____________(be) three weeks old 15. You __________(be) late for an hour.

( ( (

)7. Can I ___ your new watch? A. look at A. finish B. look after B. finishs

)8. Jack_____ doing his homework at eight. )9. ___ the boys enjoy____ the World Cup? A. Does, watching, does C. Do, watching, do Yes, they ______.

B. Do, watch. Do D. Does, watch, do

( ( ( (

)10. He says “_____” to his parents before he goes to bed. A. Good evening A. what A. be B. how B. do B. Good bye C. Going to bed ---- I put it in your desk. C. whose C. am D. where D. is )11.---Dad,____ is my MP3?

)12. I want to _____ a teacher when I grow up. )13. I’m____ next year.

16.___________(Daniel) father is a doctor. 17. I like all my_______________(lesson). 18. She______________(be) born in October. 19.We often have ____________(we) dinner at my___________(grandfather) home. 20. This____________(be) _____________(he) bag. ( ( ( A. is, for B. are, for C. are, to D. is, too )12. Sometimes I _______ books in the market near my school. A. come and sell A. is playing B. go to sell C. come and buy D. go and buy D. play a )13. The children _______ football. B. are playing C. play the B. What B. sings B. help C. How C. to sing )14. _____ are the boys doing? They are A. Who ( No, there’s another boy______ him. C. plays with C. a, one D. to play ( ( D. much, many ( ( ( B. play with A. is singing A. are wanting A. are watching A. is putting on A. have going up the tree. D. Where D. sing

Unit 2, 7A
一、选择填空: 选择填空: ( ( ( ( )1.Is Jim at home by himself? A. playing with A. a, a


)15. Listen! She _______ in the classroom. )16. Look! The twins _______ their mother to do the housework. C. are helping D. are looking D. don’t watching )17. They _________ TV in the evening. They do their homework instead. B. can’t watching C. don’t watch B. wear B. Is C. put on C. Are )18. Today Jim ________ white shirt and brown trousers. D. is wearing D. Do )19. _________ there any men in the boat? )20. _____ is really hard___ them _____Mount Qomolangma. A. This, to, to climb C. This, for, climbing B. It, for, toclimb D. It , to, climbing

)2. Mr. Li works eight hours____ day and I want to visit his factory_____ day. B. one, one D. one, a )3. How____ are the onions and how____ onions would he like? A. many, many B. much, much A. a half kilo, a half kilos C. half a kilo, a half kilo C. many, much )4. Mrs. Brown wants______ of tofu and one and_______ of chicken. B. half a kilo, a half kilos D. half a kilo, half a kilos C. down in C. is closing C. Do D. Does C. He, him, His D. He, him, He D. about, on D. is closes

( ( ( ( (

)5. The students are writing____ the new words____ the exercise books. A. with, in A. is closed A. What B. B. down, on B. close When )6. The shop in our school_______ late in the evening. )7. _____your father often do some cooking? )8. ______ is not ____ father.____ is the man over there. A. He, his, His A. looking at, see C. looking, seeing B. He, his, He )9. I’m ____ the blackboard, but I can’t_____ the words on it. B. seeing, look at D. seeing, seeing C. job, work D. a work, job

二、词形变换 1. I can do it well with even less_______________(money). 2. Her mother usually teaches her daughter _______(draw) 3. Joan often goes to that shop _______ (buy ) school things. 4.Yesterday I saw them enjoyed__________(they) in the park. 5. I spend about an hour _______(do) my homework. 6. --- Are your grandparents glad ________(see ) you? ---yes, of course. 7. He often goes to the playground and ______(watch) them play basketball there. 8. _______ the little boy _______(study) in a foreign language school? 9. One of the machines ________(help) workers _________(take) boxes to the truck. 10.The sign “THIS SIDE UP”______________(see) on a box.

( (

)10. He’s looking for______. I think he’ll like his______. A. job, job B. a job, work )11. The Australian people_____ friendly ____ us.

11. It’s time _______(have) breakfast. 12. What _________ you __________(do) this evening? 13. I want ________(play) with the dog. 14. They __________(not know) how to have fun. 15. Kate ________(not do ) her homework every evening. 16. Can you __________(see) a park? 17. _________(do ) he _________(like) swimming? 18. Kate ________(work) from 10 p.m. to 10 a. m. 19. Here are some pictures of different ________(place) in our school. 20. There _________(be) a pen and some pencils on the desk. ( ( ( ( lend me ________? C. some; any; any; any A. look like A. of --- Sorry, I don’t have ________, either. B. some; any; some; any D. any; some; any; some C. is likes C. to Never. B. How often does D. How often is Yes, ________. B. to sit, I’d like D. sit, I’d like B. Christmas B. will have B. bad C. well C. Easter C. is D. good --- _________. D. Very much D. Friday D. whose D. in; in C. Very well C. Thursday C. Why C. at; in D. Thanksgiving Day D. has D. is liking D. during A. some; some; any; any

)10. The boy ________ his father very much. B. looks like B. at )11. Where are you going ___________ the holiday? )12. _____ Amy late for school? A. How long is C. How many times does A. to sit, I’d love to

)13. Would you like______ beside the window, Simon? C. sit, I’d love to

Unit 3, 7A
一、选择填空 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


)14. ________ is a celebration of Jesus Christ (耶稣) coming to life (复活) A. Halloween )15. There _________ a class meeting this afternoon. A. will be )16.This music sounds______. Please turn off the radio. A. badly )17. --- What do you think of Halloween? A. Very fine B. Very good B. Tuesday B. Which B. on; on )18. Wednesday comes after ________. A. Monday )19. ________ do you like, the red one or the blue one? A. What )20. They live ________ Nanjing Road _________ Shanghai. A. on; in

)1.What is your favourite________? Halloween. A. date A. at A. in A. to play A. to A. look at A. is A. read B. festival B. on B. at B. play B. for B. think B. are B. reads C. time C. to C. on C. playing C. of C. see C. has C. is read D. day D. for D. / D. to playing D. at D. know D. have D. is reading ( ( ( ( ( ( )2. Don’t play a trick ________ him. )3. They had a party _______ the evening of October l. )4. My father is good at ________ tennis? )5. We are looking forward _______ a great day. )6. --- Where is your friend? --- I _______ he’s at home.

)7. There ________ a lot of juice in the bottle. )8. --- Where is Kate? --- She ________in her room.

二、词形变换 1. It’s good for everyone to take_____________ (exercise). 2. I have some __________(candy) in my hand. 3. This is not your desk. __________(you) is there.

)9. --- I want to buy ________ bananas, but I don’t have _______ money with me. Can you

4. The story is very ___________(fun) 5. On Sundays, my grandfather often goes _________(fish) with me by the river. 6. The summer __________(holiday) are coming. 7. I want to see the Chinese New Year ____________(celebrate) here. 8. I’m _________(dress) up as a ghost. 9. I like Mid-Autumn Day because I like __________(eat) mooncakes. 10. Thank you for ___________(help) me with my homework. 11. We all know the boy ________(call) Robinson. 12. Please make the plan before you start________________(write). 13. ____________(plan) ahead can help you do better. 14. What_________ you ___________(do) now? 15. I’ll finish my homework during the_____________(one) week of my holiday. 16. I don’t know how___________ (have ) fun. 17. Li Qiang is _____________(well) at sport in his school. 18. ___________Your father____________(work) in the factory? Yes, he does. 19. They _____________(not clean) their room often. 20. We all like him. He is polite and_____________(help). ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )7. Sports are good________ our health. A. to B. for C. of D. at )8. What do you often have_________ supper ? A. at B. for C. to D. with )9. Now many people like chatting______ their friends_____ the Internet. A. to , in B. to, on C. with, in D. with, on )10. At school Kitty is a _____ student. She is good at all her lessons. A. bad B. top C. tall D. healthy )11. Uncle_______ exercises. It’s not good for his health. A. sometimes B. seldom C. often D. always )12._______ do you swim? Twice a week. A. How long B. How many times C. What time D. How often )13._____ is (are) healthy food. A. Fish B. Ice-cream C. Cakes D Hamburgers. )14. It’s important _________. A. for us to learn English well B. to us to learn English well C. for us learning English well D of us to learn English well )15. There are no calories in _______. A. Coke B. milk C. vegetables D water )16. Would you like a glass of milk? _________. I’d like only a cup of tea. A. Yes, please B. Yes, thank you C. No, thanks D Please don’t give me milk. )17. You are first in the high jump. Congratulations. ___________. A. Don’t say so B. How can you say that C. Thanks a lot D That’s right )18. My dog walks to his bowl_____ a day. A. much time B. much times C. times D many times )19. ______ do you like playing basketball? Because it’s fun. A. How B. When C. What D Why )20. Your coffee smells good! It’s from Canada. Would you like________? B. some C. this D. little

Unit 4, 7A
一、选择填空: 选择填空 ( )1. How often do you exercise? ( ( ( ( (


A. For two hours B. By bus C. Never D. More than half an hour )2. ______ do you sleep every day? For about ten hours. A. How often B. How C. How long D. How soon )3. Do you like your diet? No, I don’t. ____ I don’t eat them any more. A. So B. And C. But D. Because )4. Good luck with your new diet. _________. A. No, thanks B. Thanks C. That’s all right D. That’s OK )5. We need_____ to work and study every day. A. a lot of energies B. a lot of energy C. many energies D. lot of energy )6. He studies English hard_______ he thinks English is very important. A. because B. so C. but D. and


( ( (

A. it 词形变换: 二、词形变换

1. Amy is a member of the_____________(swim) Club. 2. Look! Hobo is____________(dress) up as a ghost. 3. Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by______________(eat) mooncakes. 4. It’s fun to look at pictures when you finish_______________(paint) them. 5. There_____________(be) a lion dance at 1 p.m tomorrow afternoon. 6. __________(not forget) to turn off the nights before you leave here. 7. I have so many things_______________(do) at my school. 8. He would like___________________(have) some hot drinks. 9. We shouldn’t_________________(play) too much. 10. She_____________(not do) her homework on Saturday evening. 11.Now we need a lot of money_______________(go) to school. 12. Sandy has three__________________(knife). 13. Amy usually sleeps_______________(little) than five hours every night. 14. The soup tastes a little _______________(salt). 15. Before, Kitty was very fat, but now she is very_______________(fat). 16.How often ___________he___________(write) to his parents? 17. He enjoys ______________(fish) and skating. 18.Thank you very much for_____________ (give) me so much money. 19. Why did you change your diet? Because I want to be__________(health). 20. Are the mooncakes ____________(salt) or sweet? 21. Mr. Black is giving them some__________(advice) on how to learn English well. 22.There are many__________(mango) on these ____________(shelf). 23. The girl likes____________(tomato) very much. ( ( B. going to C. goes to D go D aren’t, or D. No, I don’t.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)4. Do you have_____ in your school? A. sport clubs A. Is , there A. to B. at B. sports club B. Are, there C. on C. sports clubs C. Do, have D for C. match, to D matching, to D. sport club )5. ______ you _______ a discount on the hairclips? D Have, there )6. I’ll buy a present ________ my mother. )7. My sister likes_______ her hair_______ her clothes. A. matching, with A. in A. find A. else B. on B. match, with C. for )8. There is a discount _____ last month’s coats. D. with C. look for D looking for D something other )9. I’m _________ a pair of shoes. B. finding )10. The bear is lovely, but I want__________. B. else something B. How C. something else C. How many D up D bought D on D. are, it D. any C. How D. Very much )11. _______ do the football cards cost? A. How much A. over A. buy A. in A. is, one A. a D. What )12. Don’t play___________ the street. B. in B. buys B. to B. is, pair B. an C. for C. buying C. for C. are, one C. the )13. I _________ some football cards yesterday. )14. They are waiting ________ their turn. )15. This pair of shoes_______ too big, can I try another____? )16. There is _________ “u” in the word “ruler”. )17. _____ bread is there in the box? A. How much B. How many )18. How many____ are there in the picture? A. child B. childs C. babys D. children )19. It’s time_______.

Unit 5, 7A
一、选择填空: ( ( ( )1. Ben’s aunt likes ________ parents. A. go to


( ( (

)2. There________ any water ______ milk here. A. isn’t, and B. aren’t, and C. isn’t, or )3. Let’s play computer games. A. That’s a good idea. ___________. C. Yes, I’m busy

B. No, I’m not.

A. going to bed ( A. is 二、词形变换 1. _______________(final), we won the football match. 2. My mother____________(need) me___________(buy) some food for her. 3. There is a new shopping mall__________(call) Sunshine Shopping Mall. 4. Let’s __________(write) an article. 5. Can you___________(help) him___________(carry) the things? 6. Look! Whose____________(walkman) are these? Perhaps they are the twin’s. 7. Is there an ____________(electric) shop in your town? 8. Amy wants to buy some presents for_____________(they). 9. Do you understand the _____________(mean) of the new words? 10. Do you like to have cold_____________(drink)? ( 11. It’s twelve o’clock now. the students___________(have) their lunch. They usually ____________(have) rice, meat and vegetables for their lunch. 12. Amy_________(watch) TV every day. She ______________(watch) TV now. 13. This jumper is ______________(suit) for the trip. 14. What are you_____________(look) for? 15. The stickers_____________(cost) 5 yuan. 16. My sister will___________(be) 14 years old. 17. I’d like______________(spend) 4 yuan on the present 18. They like_____________(listen) to music. 19. I have enough time___________(play) games. 20. How much___________(be) the CD? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B. are B. goes to bed C. am C. to go to bed D. be D. for go to bed ( ( )20. One of my friends______ an American. _________. I really feel warm when I wear it. A. Leather B. Silk C. Paper D. Cotton )2. He________ his homework last night. A. doesn’t do B. didn’t do C. doesn’t did D. didn’t did )3. Can you do some work_____ the fashion show? A. of B. for C. at D. on )4. I like the colour of the trousers. So I’d like_______. A. buying one B. to buy one C. buying a pair D. to buy a pair )5. On Children’s Day, students wear____ clothes and they are happy. A. light B. colourful C. modern D. heavy )6. Some students wore clothes_________. A. from different time B. from different times C. in the 1990s D. in the 1990 )7. ______ you at school yesterday afternoon? A. Do B. Did C. Were D. Are )8. The white trainers are nice. Can I ________? A. try it on B. try on it C. try them on D. try on them )9. ____ did you walk around the shopping mail? For a long time. A. How often B. When C. How long D. How much )10. Can I _____ a pen_____ you? A. borrow, to B. borrow, from C. lend, to D. lend, from )11. Last weekend, I ____ help my mother____ housework. A. didn’t, do B. don’t, to do C. don’t, do D. doesn’t, to do )12. He____ the coat and went for a walk. A. is wearing B. wore C. dress up in D. put on )13. The students talked about it for hours. _____ they did it. A. Next B. Finally C. Later D. First )14..My cousin loves___ computer games very much. But he doesn’t want ___it now. A. playing, to play B. play, to play C. to play, to play D. play, playing )15. Bill wants to buy the same football cards_____ his brother did. A. like B. as C. to D. so )16. Amy wore____ blue jeans at the show. A. a pair B. pair C. pairs D. a pair of )17. Would you like_____, Peter? A. something drink B. something to drink

Unit 6, 7A


一、选择填空: ( )1. Your scarf looks warm. What’s it made of?

C. anything to drink D. some things to drink ( )18. The teachers are looking forward to_______. A. celebrate Teachers’ Day B. celebrating Teachers’ Day C. celebrate Teacher’s Day D. celebrating Teacher’s Day ( )19. Is he____ the red apple on the table? A. tall enough to reach B. tall enough reach C. high enough reach D. enough tall to reach ( )20. How do you____ that in English? A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk ( )21. Here are many books. Please_____ them. A. look B. write C. count D. taking ( )22. Is the woman____ yellow your teacher? A. in B. putting on C. wearing D. having ( )23. Run___ the kite like this. A. with B. in C. about D. at 二、词形变换: 1. Miss Green teaches__________(we) English. 2. How many____________(potato) do you want? Five. 3. Where are the_____________(twin) bags? Over there. 4. He didn’t know how ________(do) the show on the catwalk. 5. Who’s one of your favourite basketball____________(play)? 6. The scarf is___________(make) of wool. 7. Mr. Chen is our English _______________(teach). 8. Mr. Wang____________(help) me____________(learn) English. 9. ______________(smoke) is bad for our health. 10. My hobby is_______________(chat) with my friends on the Internet.. 11. “To be_____________(help)” means “to be glad to help others.” 12. The basketball match is very__________(excite). Everyone gets___________(excite). 13. We all have great__________(fun) at Millie’s party. She is a_________(fun) girl. 14. They are the _____________(work) ______________(wife). 15.Let’s stop______________ (talk) and listen to the teacher. 16.Look! there is a little girl___________(sing) under the tree. 17. Would you like_______________(have) a talk with me? 18. Why not_____________(ask) your friends to help me?

19. May I ___________(borrow) your bike? Certainly, here you are. 20. _________your father__________ (speak) English very well?Yes,he_______.

Unit 1, 7B


一、选择填空: ( )1. Mount Fuji is in_________. A. France B. the UK C. Japan D. the USA ( )2. Look! There’s an old man_____ on the road. Let’s move him away. A. is lying B. lies C. is lieing D. lying ( )3. This small town is beautiful, but it snows______ there in January. A. a lot B. a lot of C. lots of D. many ( )4. You have finished the work. ______ do you have to do today? A. What thing B. What others C. What D. What else ( )5. Don’t forget_________ when you get home. A. to call back him B. to call him back C. calling him back D. calling back him ( )6. The teacher asked us to listen to her________. A. carelessly B. carefully C. more careful D. careful ( )7. I live_________ my family________ a flat_______ a busy street. A. in, in, on B. in, with, on C. with, in, on D. with, with, on ( )8. I think Kunming is a good place________. A. going B. goes C. to go to D. go to ( )9. ______ knows the answer_______ the question. A. Who else, of B. Whose else, of C. Who else, to d/ Whose else, to ( )10. There are_______ days in a year. A. three hundreds and sixty-five B. three hundred and sixty five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundreds and sixty five ( )11. There will be a TV play this evening, ________? A. won’t there B. will there not C. isn’t there D. will there ( )12. Yanglin told us she would finish_______ the letter very soon. A. to write B. writing C. wrote D. write ( )13. Excuse me, are you from England? No, I’m________. A. France B. French C. English D. England ( )14. There’re some trees________ the building. A. at the back of B. in the front of C. in front of D. in the back of ( )15. They live_____ the _____ floor. A. on, nine B. in, ninth C. on, ninth D. on, nineth ( )16. She sits between_____. A. I and he B. me and him C. he and I D. him and me ( )17. Meimei would like_______ a new house.

( A. has B. to have C. having D. have )18. There’re_______ people in this city. A. seven thousands B. thousand of C. thousands of D. seven thousands of )19.There’re______ people in this city. A. seven thousands B. thousand of C. thousands of D. seven thousands of )20. Millie was born________ Nov. 25, 1987. A. in B. on C. at D. by )21. The girl is too young to ________ herself. A. look up B. look at C. look like D. look after )22. ____ the evening of August 13 th, the Olmpic Games were held in Althens. A. On B. At C. Of D. In )23. We were doing much better______ English_____ our teacher’s help. A. in, at B. at, in C. in, with D. with, with )24. We’ll have a ______ holiday. What about going to the West Lake? A. two days B. two day C. two-days D. two days’ )25. Do you know Tom bought a new car? I don’t know,__________. A. nor don’t I care B. nor do I care C. I don’t care neither D. I don’t care also 18. We _________________(go) on a trip if it ______________(not rain) next week. 19. ____________ (visit) the home for the elderly shows your ____________(kind) to the old. 20. We were surprised at the news of his _______________(die). 21. I climb a ladder_________________(get) into my room. 22. Where’s Jim? He _____________________(ski) in the snow. 23. I _______________(go) to the Summer Palace once a month when I was a boy. 24. It’s time for us__________________(have) dinner. 25. Mr. Wu___________(begin) to study English when he_________(be) 7 years old.

( ( ( ( ( ( (

Unit 2, 7B


二、词形变换: 1. Sandy doesn’t come from___________, but she can speak__________(Japan). 2. The books are those__________________(shop). 3. Simon can’t wait_________________(turn) on the TV. 4. I dream of ______________(become) a super star. 5. The dog______________(lie) there and watching TV now. 6. The ____________house is made of______________(wood). 7. I have two___________________(bookshelf) in my study. 8. All of the students are very______________(interest) in the game. 9. Usually, people watch TV in a______________(sit) room. 10. Which lesson shall we learn today? The_______________(twelve) lesson. 11. He often helps his mother_______(water) flowers in the garden. 12. I hope we can have a _________________(swim) pool in our school. 13. At the end of last lap, all the_____________(run) were neck and neck. 14. How many______________(photo) are there on the wall? 15. Old people enjoy________________(stay) in quiet places. 16. I hope it________________(not) rain) later. 17. She_________________(leave) for Hong Kong in 5 minutes.

一、选择填空: ( )1. I’m busy today. I have lots of things_________. A. do B. to do C. does D. doing ( )2. I have______ money in my pocket. A. any B. not C. none D. no ( )3. How many girls are there in the classroom?_________. A. Not any B. None C. No D. Anybody ( )4. I went to the park_______ yesterday. A. on a bicycle B. by the bicycle C. in a bicycle D. by bicycles ( )5.The bicycle________ me 300 yuan. A. spent B. took C. left D. cost ( )6. They didn’t leave______ 10 o’clock last night. A. when B. to C. until D. after ( )7. _______ of them______ in the city. A. No one, are B. None, is C. No, is D. No one, is ( )8.____ pieces of bread______ in the box. A. How many, is there B. How much, is there C. How many, are there D. How much, are there ( )9. He is still hungry, he wants to have______ milk. A. one more B. another one C. some more D. many more ( )10. We can’t wait_______ our teacher from the USA. A. see B. seeing C. to see D. for seeing ( )11. It took me two hours_____ to the hospital yesterday. A. walked B. walking C. walks D. to walk ( )12. The shop that is_______ to my home is often______ at 9:30 p.m. A. close, close B. closed, closed C. close, closed D. close, closes ( )13.______ is very difficult. A. Lesson fifth B. The lesson fifth C. Five lesson D. The fifth lesson

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )14. John, hurry up! You are______ over the phone. A. asked B. hoped C. answered D. wanted )15. The computer doesn’t work. I’m afraid you______ use it today. A. may B. can’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t )16. Happy birthday, Tom. ________. A. With pleasure B. Thanks a lot C. You too D. The same to you )17. Which would you like to drink, tea or coffee?______. I’d like to have some juice. A. None B. Neither C. Both D. All )18. It’s a good school________. A. to study B. to study in it C. to study in D. studying in )19. I like sleeping late_____ every Sunday morning. A. in B. on C. at D. / )20.Excuse me, could you tell me_____ get to No.1 Hospital, please. A. where is B. which is to C. how can I D. how to )21.Let’s go to the cinema,________? A. shall we B. will you C. are you D. do you )22.There is _______ food in the fridge. A. none B. no C. not D. no any )23. He was very surprised. He couldn’t open the car of________. A. his own’s B. he own C. he own’s D. his own )24. When shall we meet, this evening or this afternoon? I don’t mind.____ time is OK.. A. Both B. Every C. All D. Either )25. Of the three men, one is a worker, _______ two are masters. A. the others B. the other C. others D. other 13. There is always a lot of homework for me_______________(do) at weekends. 14. It often takes me 40 minutes______________(ride) back home.. 15. Nick with his family usually_______________(play) football in the school. 16. Lots of animals lost their______________(live) area because of the serious population. 17. People think he is one of the greatest_______________(invent) in the world. 18. ______________(slow), everything became a little bit easier. 19. All the players in the football team must be_____________(train) five time a week. 20. My idea is quite different from________________(she). 21. Do you know the girl__________________(play) the piano there? 22. While they_______________(discuss) how to solve the problem, another problem happened. 23. What a______________(please) trip they had to Hong Kong! 24. He left the classroom ,__________________(say) nothing. 25. What do you study for? ______________(study) for the people.

Unit 3, 7B
一、选择填空: ( ( )1.Please call me back if you_______ free tomorrow. A. are B. will be A. smoking, reads ( ( C. is D. is going to be


)2. My father has to stop _____ after_____ for such a long time. B. smoking, reading C. to smoke, reading D. smoked, to read )3. She isn’t_____ enough to pass the exam_______. A. lucky, lucky B. unlucky, luckily C. lucky, luckily D. lucky, unlucky )4. _____ the zoo, you should_____ the road. A. To get to, across B. To get to, cross C. Get to, cross D. Get to, across B. delicious something D. nice anything B. how I can get there D. where is the zoo C. round D. to

二、词形变换: 1. What about______________(go) camping with us? 2. Would you like_______________(eat) some bread for breakfast? 3. Jim is a_______________(wait) of a restaurant. 4. Please ask him______________(call) me this evening. 5. When summer comes, they like going______________(swim) in the river. 6. There are a lot of clothes______________(wash) in the house. 7. I’m________________(friend) to my students. 8. Why not________________(buy) some souvenirs here? 9. He lives on the________________(twenty) floor. 10. In her_______________(fifty), she wrote a lot of books. 11. I don’t think it’s a wonderful place_________________(play). 12. All the children looked________________(happy) at the fashion show.


)5. Would you like to eat__________? A. something delicious C. anything nice


)6. Excuse me, could you tell me________? A. how can I get there C. the way to there

( (

)7. The moon goes________ the earth. A. through B. over )8. When and where shall we meet? I’ll wait_____ you_____ the school gate_____8’clock.

A. for, at, at ( ( ( ( A. Is, going A. other A. stop to talk B. for, in , in B. Is to go B. the other C. at, at, at C. Are, going C. another D. any D. talking D. for, at, in D. Are, to go 1. The police______________(catch) the robber tomorrow, aren’t they? 2. There will be_______________(rain) tomorrow. 3. The rain_________________(stop) in a few hours. 4. The police think the thief is one of the _____________________(rob). 5. _________________(luck), she can’t finish all the homework on time. 6. Walk towards the market and take the first________________(turn) on your left. 7. I am sure we’ll be the________________(win) of the football match. 8. We look forward to_________________(visit) your school in Shanghai. 9. He is very__________________(surprise) to see the three men in the road station. 10. Walk___________________(cross) the road carefully. 11. I_____________________(call) you as soon as we get there. 12. Look, the boys_________________(swim) across the river. 13. It takes only ten minutes___________________(walk) from here to the station. 14. They invited three of _________________(we) to their English party. D. isn’t he 15. The computer is one of__________________(wonder) things of Modern Science in the world. 16. Next time, if I go there, I __________________(visit) him. 17. _____________(either) of the books is good. Would you like to try a ___________(three) one. 18. There is a zebra__________________(cross) at the traffic lights. 19. There________________(be) Thanksgiving Day at the end of this month. 20. We don’t know what___________________(happen) last night. to, in )9. _____ your sister afraid of_____ out alone at night? )10. The blue coat isn’t the right size. Would you please show me________? )11. When the class begins, all the students must_____ and listen to the teacher. B. stop talking C. keep talking )12. _____ me to read the_____ words. A. Follow, following C. Follow, follows ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B. Following, follows D. Following, follow

)13. Everyone wants______ know______. A. to ,what to do B. /, what to do it C. to, how to do D./, how to do it )14. There are lots of trees on _____ side of the road. A. both A. do I A. one A. in, in A. on B. all B. don’t I B. another B. to, to B. in C. C. each D. every )15. I don’t think he is right,_________? C. is he C. some C. in, to at D. any D. )16. When shall we meet again? Make it___ day you like, it’s all the same to me. )17.Shanghai is_______ the east of China and_____ the west of Japan. )18. Every student should go to school_____ the school uniform. D. with C. will be D. above D. is going to have )19. There_____ a basketball match in our school next Monday. A. will have A. over B. is going to B. on C. in )20. There is a bridge______ the river. )21. I had a really wonderful time in Beijing. A. It’s a pleasure C. Enjoy yourself B. Good, Thank you D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that. B. need to finish C. needn’t to finish D. need finishing

Unit 4, 7B


( (

)22. You_____ the homework now, you may hand it in tomorrow. A. don’t need to finish )23. _____ apples do you need and_____ cheese does your mother need? A. How much, how many C. How many, how much B. How many, how many D. How much, how much C. to shout D. were shouting


)24. It was late, suddenly we heard someone_____ for help. A. shouting B. shout


一、选择填空: ( )1.He left me without________ goodbye to me. A. say B. says C. saying D. to say ( )2. Don’t bark______ him, he is my best friend. A. for B. of C. to D. at ( )3. We couldn’t hear_____. A. something unusual B. nothing unusual C. anything unusual D. unusual anything ( )4. The story is about a real person_______ history. A. of B. with C. about D. in ( )5. _____ interesting film I saw yesterday. A. How B. What C. How an D. What an ( )6. Our teacher told us______ in the street. A. to play B. to not play C. not play D. not to play ( )7. Each of us in the room_____ a suit. A. have B. are going to have C. is D. has

( ( )8. _______ do you go to school? Once a month. A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How far )9. The girl stopped_____ but she_____ nothing. A. to listen, hear B. to listen, heard C. hearing, heard D. listening, heard )10. We hope you_______. A. can come B. to come C. coming D. came )11. I share a room_____ a friend of_____. A. with, I B. and, my C. with, mine D. to, me )12.He said the sun ______ round A. was B. are C. is D. were )13. Good luck_____ your English study. A. to B. at C. with D. of )14._______ excited the girls are! A. What B. What an C. How D. How an )15. Your book is interesting, but mine is ________ more interesting. A. so B. very C. far D. ever )16. June 1st is _____Day and September 10th is _____ Day. A. Children, Teacher B. Children’s, Teacher’s C. Children’s, Teachers’ D. Children, Teachers’ )17. _____ wonderful time the children had in Disney Land! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a )18. Anna, _____ Millie, ________ shopping on Sunday. A. likes, goes B. likes, go C. like, goes D. like, go )19. ________ the old newspapers away and______ us some new ones. A. Bring, take B. Bring, taking C. To carry, bring D. Take, bring )20. They turned around but could not see_________. A. usual something B. anything unusual C. anything usual D. unusual something )21. Did they_______ an English class this morning? Yes, they_______. A. have, had B. had, did C. had, had D. have, did )22. The room is dirty, you must keep it________. A.. to clean B. clean C. cleaning D. cleaned )23. The young men are crazy about______ pop songs. A. to sing B. singing C. sang D. sing )24. The heavy snow kept them_______ the village. A. from leaving B. leaving C. to leave D. leave 2. Chocolate is usually____________(child) favourite food. 3. Your trousers are cheaper than___________________(she). 4. We look forward to_________________(visit) the Great Wall. 5. Please answer the _________________(follow) questions. 6. He___________________(fall) off the bike and broke his left leg yesterday. 7. It took me an hour_____________________(read) the story. 8. Simon lives on the___________________(twelve) floor in the building. 9. It says tomorrow will be a ___________________(rain) day. 10. These books belong to the boys. They’re the__________________(boy) books. 11. “Be quick” I said to __________________(me). 12. The more exercise you take, the _____________(heath) you will be. 13. ____________(eat) more vegetables is good for your______________(health). 14. Do you know when____________________(have) a sports meeting? 15. There are many_________________(shoe) shops in Taizhou. 16. The life in a modern city is__________________(colour). 17.When he heard the news, he turned over and went on _____________(sleep). 18. The dog____________________(die) since two weeks ago. 19. Have you ever read the book________________(write) by LuXun? 20. How_________________(angry) he looked at his son! 21. Listen! Her voice________________(sound) like the singing of the birds. 22. They were afraid of___________________(fly). 23. Several days_____________________(late), he walked there again. 24. The___________________(weigh) of this elephant is 520______________(kilo). 25. Let’s take__________________(turn) to help the baby panda.

( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( (

( ( ( (

Unit 5, 7B


二、词形变换: 1.You should listen to your teacher______________(careful) in class.

一、选择填空: ( )1. She ate_____ the vegetables, it rained for a _______ day. A. whole, all B. all, all C. whole, whole D. all, whole ( )2. Can you ________ this story in English. A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk ( )3. I don’t like this coat, would you please show me ___________? A. other B. the other C. the others D. another ( )4. He’ll stay in Beijing for __________. A. sometime B. sometimes C. some time D. some times ( )5. --- Is the English book yours? --- No, it _________ Simon’s.

( ( ( ( ( A. can B. can be C. maybe D. might is )6.Work hard,____ you may catch up with your classmates soon. A. or B. but C. and D. yet )7. Lily will go to Japan __________. A. by air B. by a plane C. on planes D. on plane )8. It’s about 500 meters __________ her home. A. far B. away C. from D. far from )9. It made me _________ when I thought of my sick uncle. A. worry B. worrying C. be worried D. worried about )10. The Yellow River is one of the __________ in the world. A. longest river B. longest rivers C. much longer river D. much longer rivers )11. Tom is taller than _________ in his class. A. any other student B. any other students C. any student D. any students )12. Don’t smoke _________. It’s bad for your health. A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too )13. Her English is poor so she __________ her English. A. need help with B. need to help with C. need for help D. need helping )14. He likes to plant trees in April, __________ his father and mother. A. as well as B. as well C. as D. well )15. His grandpa lives ____ in the country but she doesn’t feel_______. A. alone; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; alone D. lonely; lonely )16. ________ he told me! A. What bad news B. How a bad news C. How bad news D. What a bad news )17. The pair of trousers __________ them 30 dollars. A. costs B. takes C. costed D. took )18. This is a new shirt. He ___________ yesterday. A. tried it on B. tried on it C. tried it up D. tried up it )19. --- How many people are there in the room? ---- ____________. A. A little B. Anyone C. Somebody D. None )20. You must keep your eyes __________ when you play this game. A. closed B. closing C. close D. closes )21. When did the plane ____________? A. get B. get to C. reach D. arrive )22. ______________ is ___________ who wants to see you. A. It; he B. That; he C. I t; I D. That; him )23. She planned everything _________ I did. A. well than B. good than C. better than D. better )24. __________ four years since he graduated from college.

A. There have been B. It has C. It is D. It was ( )25. The old man ___________ six years ago. A. has died B. was dead C. has been dead D. died 二、词形变换: 1. His grandma lives alone but she stays_________________(health). 2. After he heard the ____________ news, he was very_____________(surprise). 3. Be quick, there’s a little time_________________(leave). 4. There’s no time____________________(open) it. 5.Jim, _____________ (not open) the door. 6. Are these cars____________________(they)? 7. He will help me by ____________(give) me some money. 8. He____________(look) tired now and he___________(want)___________(go) home now. 9. He__________________(fall) off the ladder and hurt himself. 10. Many__________________(visit) will come here in a month. 11. He’s afraid of___________________(wait) for someone for such a long time. 12. What’s the__________________(different) between the two girls? 13. The doctor saved the old man’s___________________(live). 14. Look! Here ____________(come) the bus. 15. It’s__________________(possible) for me to skate on real ice. It’s too hard. 16. He tried his best to carry the boy to the ___________________(safe). 17. September 10th is an ___________(usual) day. It’s ___________(teacher) Day. 18. We are_______________(hold) a sports meeting next month. 19. Don’t forget__________________(bring) your homework here tomorrow. 20. I think the shirt is very comfortable_______________(wear). 21. Fujian is in the____________________(south) part of China. 22. Children, _________________(not be) late next time. 23. He often spends half of her money____________(buy) fashionable clothes. 24. Listen, I can hear someone_________________(call) for help. 25. Who first________________(think) of the idea? Daniel did.

( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Unit 6, 7B
一、选择填空: ( )1.They ________ buy a present for him. A. ought B. should to C. has to

D. ought to

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )2. The twins_______ the same, but their hobbies are different. A. looks B. look like C. are like D. look )3. This kind of dish looks_____ and sells_____. A. nice, well B. nice, good C. well, well D. good, well )4. Why not tell them _______? A. how to do B. what to do C. to do what D. what to do it )5. _____ pieces of bread______ there in the fridge? Only two. A. How much, is B. How many, is C. How many are D. How much, are )6. Don’t play football in the street. It’s dangerous. _____________. A. Yes, I will B. No, I won’t C. Thanks, I will D. No, I don’t )7. Help yourselves to some fish, boys!_________. A. Thanks a lot B. That’s all right C. No, we won’t D. Yes, please. )8. The quiet girl never talks in class, ________? A. is she B. isn’t she C. does she D. doesn’t she )9. You don’t_______ take it for a walk every morning. A. can B. have to C. may D. must )10. Please_____ the pets on the table. A. not to feed B. don’t feed C. not feed D. not feeding )11. Must they go to bed at 9:00 p.m? No, they_______. A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. don’t have to D. B and C )12. The baby girl______ 4.5 kg at birth so people call her Jiujin girl. A. weigh B. weight C. weighs D. weights )13. Miss Green______ home for supper now. A. needs go B. need goes C. need go D. need to go )14. It’s very important for us_________. A. to careful B. to careless C. careful D. to be careful )15. _____ the dog. It may bite you. A. Don’t frightening B. Don’t frighten C. To frighten D. Don’t frightened )16. She didn’t come to school______ the rain yesterday. A. because B. as C. since D. because of )17. I need to buy______ food for my goldfish. A. some more fish B. more some fishes C. another more fish D. more fishes )18. You _________ play with fire, Jill ? A. ought not to B. ought to not C. not ought to D. ought not )19. This book _______ Lucy’s . Look! Her name is on the book cover. A. must be B. may be C. can’t be D. mustn’t be )20. If you have a cat as pet. You should play with your pet for ____ every day . A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times )21. _________ the bird is singing! A. How beautiful B. How beautifully C. What beautiful D. What beautifully

( ( ( (

)22. He’s very ________. He often plays tricks __________ others. A. fun; to B. fun; on C. funny; with D. funny; on )23. Mum won’t let me play football _________ I finish my homework. A. or B. and C. for D. until )24. It’s not good for your eyes to read ________-the sun. A. under B. with C. below D. in )25. I saw some boys __________ football when I walked past the hall. A. playing B. play C. to play D. played

二、词形变换 1. Jim joined a ____________(music) club last week. 2. Peter is __________(fat) of the two boys. 3. He is fifty at ___________(little). 4. The man __________(call) himself Tom is waiting for you. 5. The clothes make him______________(look) colourful. 6. You ___________(leave) for America next week, aren’t you? 7. There are many __________(mouse) in that old house. 8. Who sings and dances ___________(good) in your class? 9. There’re a lot of ____________(goldfish) in the lake. 10. I want to teach my parrot ___________(speak). 11. Cats are friendly and you needn’t ____________(walk) them. 12. The cat in mirror is ___________(it). 13. Are you interested in ___________(keep) pets? 14. He ___________(return) the book to me in 3 days. 15. Would you like me ___________( play) this game with you ? 16. What an _________(usual) day! 17. The little girl doesn’t have to be made____________(learn). She always works hard. 18. You’d better _________( keep ) the windows ___________(open) . It’s hot inside the room. 19. You _________(not ought to keep) all the windows __________(close). 20. What a _________(love) cat you have! 21. Tell them _________(not make) big noise. 22. In some parts of the world, tea _____________(serve) with milk and sugar. 23. Some __________(woman) teachers are having a meeting now.

24. How _________(noise) they are talking! 25. He has some difficulty __________(eat) so much food. ( C. You can, please D. Thank you for the orange --- Me too . B. Nice to see you. D. Do you like playing piano? C. stop to talking D. stopped to talk )14. --- I like playing pingpong. ________ A. How are you ? C. What about you? ( ( ( A. stop talking

Unit 1, 8A
一、选择填空: (


)1. Kate usually _____ a white skirt. Look, she ____ a white skirt now, but she _____ a red skirt tomorrow morning. A. is wearing; wears; is gong to wear B. wears; is wearing; is gong to wear C. is going to wear; is wearing; wears D. wears; wears; wears

)15. How did you make him _________? B. to stop talking )16. Mr. Lin is one of ________ in our school. A. good teachers B. better teachers C. the best teachers D. the better teachers )17. Could you say _______ about it, please ? I’d like to know_________. A. nothing else; more C. anything other; more B. anything else; most D. something else; more C. of need D. on need

( ( ( ( ( (

)2. Jim ________ leave the classroom ________ he finishes his homework. A. won’t; until B. not; until )3. --- I’ve ___________ the story. C. will; until D. doesn’t; until --- Me, too , It ___________ funny.

A. heard; look B. heard of ; sounds C. listened; feels D. listened to ; is sounds )4. --- How many times ____you ____ to Beijing this year? A. have; been A. came B. had; been B. comes C. have; gone C. has come --- Three times. D. had; gone D. will come

( (

)18. Simon is willing to help others _________ with their English. A. for need B. in need )19. My little brother is generous____ his friends. He’d like them to share_______ toys. A. for; he B. to; him C. to ; his D. for; his

)5. Meimei has received several letters from her hometown since she_______ to the city. )6. When ________ the accident __________? A. was; happened B. has; happened C. did; happen )7. --- How long has Mr. Green lived _____ Lanzhou? --- He’s lived there_______1990 A. in; for B. in; since B. too; not C. at; by C. too; to D. at; of D. very; to D. was; happening (

)20. In the sports meeting, Amy ran __________. A. as fast as she can C. as fast as she could B. as soon as she could D. as sooner as she can

二、词形变换: 1. It __________(rain) outside. You’d better __________(not go ) out. 2. I __________(give) the book back to you soon. 3. He with his friends usually____________(play) football after school. 4. How ___________Miss Gao _____________(come) to school just now? 5. My sister came to see me and _____________(bring) me beautiful flowers. 6._____________(walk) your dog once a day is good for its heath. 7. You need ____________(wear) warm clothes in winter. D. to do --- No, I only like rice. D. haven’t --- For 2 years. D. How often 8. --- _________ you__________(like) a cup of tea? --- Yes, please. 9. “Stop _________(talk) ,class begins now,” The teacher says. 10. Don’t forget ___________(close) the window when you leave the room. 11. Mark Twain had a sense of ____________(humourous). 12. Don’t get these books __________(mix ) up. 13. How many ____________(photo) do you have?

( (

)8. It is __________ difficult for us __________ climb up the mountain. A. very; can’t )9. He__________ this dictionary for 5 years. He_____________ it in 1997. A. has bought; bought C. has kept; has bought B. bought; bought D. has had; bought


)10. --- Do you still write to your friends these days? --- No, but I used _____ that when I was at school. A. do B. did B. did B. when C. done C. have C. How soon B. With pleasure

( ( (

)11. --- You never have noodles, _________ you? A. do A. How long

)12. ---_________ has he taught English in this school? )13. --- Can I get you a cup of orange? --- __________. A. It’s very nice of you

14. If something ___________(worry) me, I’ll go to my best friends. 15. Every one _________(think) she is pretty. 16. He is a __________( truly) friend of ___________(me). 17. Bob would like _____________(travel) around the world. 18. What about ____________( swim) in the river? 19. Peter is _________(heavy ) of the six students. 20. You ought to practice ___________( speak) English___________(everyday). ( ( B. less sheep B. more C. fewer news D. fewer ( ( D. best ( ( ( ( ( ( D. fewer goldfish ( ( ( ( A. need A. cross B. have to B. across C. must D. should D. go C. the real ones D. little D. want D. For D. those real )12. Don’t________ the street when the light is red. C. go cross )13. The toy animals are as lovely as_______. A. the real those A. few B. the true ones C. a little C. wants C. To )14. I know____ of those people in the room, so I left. B. a few B. thinks B. With )15. Nobody in our class_____ to go to the cinema. A. think A. Say )16. ________ these words, he went out. )17. Why don’t you stay here for a few more minutes? _________, and my parents will be worried. A. It’s getting late A. all the way A. a B. an B. All right C. It’s OK. D. I hope so. D. in the way to )18. We will take the bus_____ the Palace Museum. B. on the way C. the B. So, such B. outside D. / C. Such, such D. Such, so C. all the way to )19. Are you _______ university student? )20.______ little sheep only can eat______ little grass. A. So, so A. out A. boring A. that A. less D. giving D. likes A. another 二、词形变换: 1. Would you please____________________(help) me with my English? 2. John’s brother is a senior in _________________(12) grade. 3. You must write down the words on the blackboard______________(correct). 4. The girls finished their work all by___________________(them).

Unit 2, 8A
一、选择填空: ( ( ( )1. Jim has ______ than Tom. A. more CD A. much


)2. He knows a little about maths and his brother knows even_______. C. less )3. Max, do you have_______? A. two more cakes B. two cakes more C. two another cakes D. more two cakes

( (

)4. This pen is_____ of the two pens. A. the better B. the best C. better )5. Shanghai is bigger than_____ in Jiangsu and bigger than_______ in China. A. any city, any city C. any other city, the other cities B. any city, any other city D. any other city, any city B. More careful, the less D. More careless, fewer D. the farthest

)21. Please don’t park your car_______ our house. C. in front D. in the front of D. bore )22. I tried to read the book, However, I was so_______. B. being bored B. it B. fewer B. other C. those C. few C. more C. bored D. ones D. much D. each )23. The cars in Japan are much cheaper than_____ in China. )24. Why is there____ traffic on the street today than before? )25. If you want a double room, you will have to pay____ 50 yuan.


)6. ______ you are, _____ mistakes you’ll make. A. The more careful, the fewer C. The more careless, the less

( ( ( (

)7. She decided to go abroad to have a __________study. A. far A. to give A. likely B. farther B. to help B. like C. further C. help C. liking )8. Do you mind________ me a hand? )9. My friend is______ to come to China from America. )10. ______ fantail goldfish________ bad for it. A. Feed, much are B. To feed, many is C. Feeding, many are D. To feed, much is


)11. Do we_______ do exercises everyday?

5. One of the __________________(visit) caught a cold yesterday. 6. We will go to the park if it _______________(not rain) tomorrow. 7. She is________________ in the ___________________(interest) story. 8. Lucy kept on _______________(ask) the teacher strange questions. 9. Whose pen is _______________(long), Jim’s, Peter’s or Sam’s? 10. The old man looked at his son__________________(angry). 11. Almost everyone likes__________________(taste) food. 12. They had a good time_________________(play) football. 13. Taking a plane is much ____________(fast) than_______________(take) a bus, but it’s___________________(expensive). 14. In ___________people talk to each other in ______________(British) English. 15. I visited the famous building. It ________________(call) Huang He Lou. I visited the famous building__________________(call) Huang He Lou. ( ( ( ( ( ( )10. Do you have a plan ______ this holiday? A. of B. for C. in D. / )11. Thanks____ the secret ____me. A. to keep, for C. keeping, with B. for keeping, to D. for keeping, for D. write up them

)12. I find some information on the Internet, can you______? A.write it down B. write down them C. write it up A. to B. in C. for D. on B. as soon as possibly D. as possible as you can )13. The winter holiday is coming, will you make a plan____ it? )14. If you want to come, please tell us_______. A. as soon as possible C. as soon as you could A. Yes, you can C. Yes, I’m afraid B. No, I can’t D. No, I’m afraid not C. needn’t to D. doesn’t need to D. agree, go

)15. Can you join in the dance tomorrow evening?

Unit 3, 8A
一、选择填空: ( ( ( ( ( (

( C. join, join in C. of, from D. for C. to see them D. get to D. to go to D. join in, join ( (

)16. He is not tired. He_____ have a rest. A. needs not A. agree to A. fun B. not need )17. Thank you for______ to let me______ on the trip. B. agreeing, going B. funny C. agreeing, go )18. I think this story book is ________ than that one. C. more funny D. funnier

)1. Shall we_______ the meeting? Sure. Let’s__________ them. A. join in, join in B. join, join A. of, of A. by A. to look A. reach B. from, from B. to C. with )2. The desk is made_______ wood and the wine is made______ rice. D. from, of )3. You will believe me if you go and see the pyramids_______ yourselves. )4. There are so many wonderful places for us _______ in Beijing. B. to look at them B. arrives )5. When John_________, please call to tell me. C. arrive at )6. You need _________ fit. A. exercise keeping C. to exercise keeping B. exercising to keep D. to exercise to keep C. to have D. in C. to past, pass D. need

二、词形变换: 1. Millie plans______________(visit) the Eiffel Tower with her parents next month. 2. I hope_________________(get) better grades in the next test. 3. Do you agree____________(meet) me at the school gate? 4. Sandy finished________________(read) the book yesterday. 5. David forgot______________(close) the door when he left the classroom. 6. I can’t draw at the _______________(begin) but I draw very well now. 7. Nobody likes___________________(bore) films. D. pass, pass 8. Send my ___________________(greet) to your parents. 9. When autumn comes, ______________(leaf) turn yellow. 10. We are preparing__________________(hold) a party.

( ( (

)7. Kitty is a pretty girl_______ blue eyes and long hair. A. has B. with )8. I often_______ the theatre at half ________ seven. A. pass, past A. doesn’t B. go pass, past B. isn’t )9. He needs to keep fit, ______he? C. needn’t

11. Would you mind__________________(give) your seat to the old man? 12. Didn’t you tell him______________(not forget)___________(lock) the door? 13. He always makes all of us _________________(anger). 14. Who will you have__________________(go) with us tomorrow? 15. I remember______________(buy) a book like this, but I can’t remember where I put it. 16. Thank you for_______________(let) us_______________(have) a rest. 17. It’s two_________________(hour) coach ride from here. 18. Everything got much_____________________(well). 19. Mr. Wu went to the city with Kitty and _______________(I ). 20. Please write an _________________(invite) letter to Sandy. 21. He passed the exam. How __________________(amaze) he is! 22. I want to go to some places of___________________(interest). 23. He showed his great______________________(interesting) in match. 24. He felt English____________________(bore) at first. 25. He felt___________________(bore) with English at first. ( ( ( B. more expensive book D. the expensive book C. /, for C. out, in D. /,/ ( D. on., Of out D. be made from D. once D. helped it of

( (

)7. The workers in this factory work_____ 10 hours a day. A. for up to B. up for to C. to up D. up to for )8. The number of wild animals ________now. A. is getting fewer and fewer C. are getting fewer and fewer B. is getting smaller and smaller D. are getting small and small C. grew into C. will be,/ D. made into D. will have, will D. goes, has

( ( ( ( ( (

)9. Our hometown_______ a big city from a small town. A. grew up A. is, will B. change into B. has, will )10. If he_____ free time tomorrow, he ____ go shopping. )11. Simon____ to see his grandpa if he_____ a holiday next month. A. is going, has B. will go, will have A. are, eat A. on, in A. many A. well A. has A. two pieces B. will be, eat B. on, to B. much B. sadly B. have B. an C. goes, will have )12. If you_______ hurry, you can_______ some food. C. are, has D. to, at D. little D. nicely D. be D. some D. will be, have )13. Every month, we go____ a school trip____ the museum or a theatre. C. for, to C. less C. nice C. hold C. any )14. Mary usually spends______ time watching TV than Jim does. )15. Let’s enjoy the song. It sounds _____. )16. There is going to______ a basketball match in the playground this afternoon. )17. Would you please give me______ advice? )18. This film is a_______ story about a ______ person, so we _____ like it. A. real, real, real B. real, true, really C. true, real, really D. real, really, true )19. When the train stopped, some people___ and some others _____. A. got off, got on it C. got it off , got it on B. got off, got it on D. got it off, got on it C. is D. for

Unit 4, 8A
一、选择填空: ( )1. This is____ in the shop. A. an expensive book C. the most expensive book ( ( ( ( ( A. for, for A. in, out A. made from A. at a time A. did on B. for, / B. in, out of



)2. I left home for England in 2002___ the first time. And I have been there___ three times. )3. Is he____ danger or______ danger? )4. Here is a desk_____ wood. B. be made of B. at once B. did it on C. made of ( )5. Pass me the books, two _____. C. at one time C. helped of )6. Who helped you clean the room? I ____ my own.

)20. My mother works_____ an English teacher. A. as B. of

二、词形变换: 1. The police ________________(catch) the robber tomorrow, aren’t they? 2. It_________________(be) cold tomorrow.

3. The rain___________________(stop) in a few hours. ( 4. The museum has a lot of ______________(amaze) things. 5.Most cases of _______________(blind) can be cured or prevent. 6. Mary was the _______________(five) to speak at the meeting. 7. We’ll never forget your _______________(kind) to us. 8. Jack is such a ________________(forget) man, for he always leaves this or that at the office. 9. Justin is very_________________(surprise) to see the three men in the police station. 10._______________(sad), over 28,000 civilians(平民) lost their lives during the three-year war in Iraq. 11. Which is________________(good) season of the year? 12. The ________________(long) of the river is 2,500 metres. ( 13. He always answers questions________________(correct) so the teachers are very angry. 14. John reads______________(many) books in our class during the reading week. 15. This film is very_______________(bore). I feel _______________(bore) with it. 16. We are all__________with the ____________(please) smell from the dining hall. 17. Of the three years, we have ________________(little) rain this year. 18. Which is ________________(heavy), the dog or the cat? 19.He is the __________________(tall) of the two boys. 20. I am a ____________(read) of yours, I read every article by you in the newspaper. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. in, in B. in, to C. to, in D. to, to C. enough fast D. on, on D. enough quickly )5. He is too old to run_____ to catch up with the young boy. A. fast enough A. on, at A. it B. fastly enough C. by, on C. its )6. You can call me _____ 13004567822 or e-mail me_____ Jim@hot mail. Com B. at, on B. that )7. I think_____ necessary for us to solve. D. that’s C. easily enough D. can’t B. looks good, sells good D. looks good, sells nice C. Watch C. each D. Don’t move D. move B. More and more, less and less D. Less and less, less and less C. keep talking D. talking C. How much D. How soon D. enough easily )8. This match problem is not_____ for us to solve. A. easy enough A. don’t B. enough easy C. mustn’t )9. Don’t forget to post this letter for me, please. No, I _______. B. won’t )10. This kind of bridge_____ and_____ in the shop. A. looks nice, sells well C. looks nicely, sells well A. Stop A. another B. Look out B. other

)11. _________! The traffic is moving fast! Thanks, I will. )12. If you want a ticket for a roung-trip, sir you’ll have to pay____$80. )13. _____ animals are danger and there will be_____ space for them. A. More and more, more and more C. Less and less, more and more A. stop to talk A. How far B. stop talking B. How long

)14. When the class begins, all the students must_____ and listen to the teacher. )15.____ is the nearest hospital? It’s 5 kilometres away. )16. Today the forests are getting fewer and fewer. We must_____ down too many trees. A. keep people cutting C. stop people cutting B. prevent people from cutting D. all the above D. with D. will be rain

Unit 5, 8A
一、选择填空: ( ( ( (


( ( (

)17. Every student should go to school_____ the school uniform. A. on B. in C. at )18. What does the radio say? It says it_______ tomorrow. A. going to rain A. will have B. is going to be rainy C. will rainy B. is going to C. will be )19. There_____ a football match in our school next week. D. is going to have __________. There’s another one in half an hour. D. It doesn’t matter )20. Oh, no, we’ve missed the 8 o’clock train! A. You’re right B. That’s all right

)1. The rich man ______ much food_____ the poor families during the hard time. A. provides, to A. ∵ A. a space B. provides, with C. ﹤ C. provided, with D. ﹥ D. provided, for )2. The correct symbol of “ therefore” is________. B. ∴ B. some spaces )3.I want to put the book on the shelf. Can you make____ for it? C. some more rooms D. some space )4. Japan is____ the east of China and _____ the east of Asia.

( (

C. It’s OK

)21. Look! Some girls are chatting_____ over there and the others_____ writing something carefully.

A. happy, are ( ( ( ( A. is covering A. other B. happily, is B. is covered C. happily, are C. are covered D. happy, is ( D. are covering ( A. will be A. smoking B. are C. is D. is going to be C. smoked D. from smoking )22. About two thirds of the village_____ by water. )23. Nobody likes the person who always thinks more of himself than_______. B. the other B. well, or C. others D. the others D. best, or C. the rarest animal D. the rarest animals )24. Which bird do you like_____, the crane, the seagull_____ the parrot? A. better, and A. a rare animal 二、词形变换: 1.This means there will be_____________ and_____________(little) space for wild animals. 2. Many people don’t understand the__________________(important) of English. 3. A lot of______________(tour) come to visit China. 4. We hope we can make people_______________(take) actions to protect wildlife. 5. Are they still in ____________________(dangerous)? 6. It is_________________(correct) to talk in class. 7. A long trip may be interesting but____________________(comfortable). 8. It’s____________________(common) to see pandas in other countries. 9. It’s ______________(possible) for him to be at home, because I saw him in the office just now. 10. We talked_____________(loud) until Mr. Wu told us________________(quiet). 11. I have many books,_____________________(include) Harry Porter. 12. They _______________(simple) can’t wait for the party. 13. Let’s go bird________________(watch). 14. What bird has___________________(long point) wings? 15. I like the ________________(colour) feathers of the parrot. 16. Zhalong is one of_______________(important) wetlands in the world. 17. There are many_________________(fish) in the wetlands. 18. The birds can _________________(easay) catch the fish for food. 19. It is an important__________________(live) area for wild animal. 20. Some people want to change the wetlands_______________(make) more space for farms. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( C. good, and )25. The red-crowned crane is one of_____ in the world. B. the rare animal ( ( )2. My father stopped_____ after he finished writing the report. B. to smoke )3. Excuse me, could you tell me________? A. how can I get there C. the way to there A. sad B. afraid B. how I can get there D. where is the post office C. frightened D. surprised

)4. We are ______ to see a 4-year-old girl playing the violin so wonderfully. )5. Would you like_______? A. something delicious C. anything nice A. across B. along B. delicious something D. delicious something C. above D. over C. for, invite, for D. for invite, for

)6. We flew _____ mountains and seas when we took a plane to the USA last month. )7. I am glad_____ you______ the party. A. to invite, for B. to invite, to )8. Everyone wants_______ know________. A. to, what to do B. /, what to do it C. to, how to do D. /, how to do it )9. There are a lot of trees on ________ side of the road. A. each A. do I B. even B. don’t I C. both D. all D. does he C. drive, in D. begins D. drive, on )10. I don’t think he is right, __________? C. is he )11. It is dangerous_______ a car_____ a snowy day. A. top drive, in A. over A. For A. forget B. to drive, on C. end C. As C. left )12. When does your school__________? B. finishes B. Since B. leave )13. Why are you in a hurry? _______ I am almost late for school. D. Because D. forgot C. an advice C. not make D. because D. a few advices D. to not make )14. I’m sorry I _____my homework at home. )15. Can you give me_______? A. some advice A. don’t make A. when B. many advices B. not to make C. with )16. Would you please_____ mistakes any more? )17. He is sleeping_____ all the windows open. B. while

Unit 6, 8A
一、选择填空: ( )1. You can call me if you_____ free tomorrow.



( ( ( ( )18.Don’t play_____ fire. It’s very dangerous. A. with B. / C. with a B. by the end B. Did C. Is D. with the C. at the end D. Was D. in end )19. Who made a speech_____ of the meeting? A. in the end A. Does )20. _____ anybody hurt? No, everyone was OK. )21. Is there_____ in today’s newspaper? A. something new C. anything important ( ( ( ( A. hurt, hit B. hit, hurt B. interesting something D. new anything C. hurt, hurt D. hit, hit 18. It’s important for you _____________(write) carefully and ______________(clear). 19. There will be________________(frost) tomorrow. 20. Simon advised us_________________(not run) down the stairs.

Unit 1, 8b


)22. The car_____ the tree, and he_____ his leg. )23. There were_____ victims in the war. A. five thousands B. thousands of C. six thousand of D. two thousands of )24. Mr. Wu_____ us to leave school early. A. had A. with B. let C. made D. asked D. to )25. We can’t pass the exam_____ the teacher’s help. B. under C. without

二、词形变换: 1. How____________(heavy) it is raining! 2. Millie is the best _________________(dance) in her school. 3. Let Millie________________(answer) the question. 4. Who will be the_______________(five) to sing at the party? 5. Who did you make________________(stand) outside yesterday? 6. I ______________(tell) her about it as soon as she______________(come) back. 7. Can you_____________(hear) her________________(sing)? 8. What about_________________(go) out for a walk? 9. ______________(not be) late any _____________(much). 10. Do you mind______________(close) the window for me? 11. _____________(read) is good for us. 12. Tom often warns us _______________(not forget) his birthday. 13. _________(be) your mother good at____________(dance) when she was young? 14. __________Lucy as well as Lily ___________(stay) at home every day after school? 15. We_______________(not have) any classes next Tuesday. 16. Don’t always keep_________________(make) the same mistakes. 17. My teacher always encourages me_________(speak) English as much as possible.

一、选择填空: ( )1. They______ in Beijing when they_____ married. A. live, get B. lived, have got C. lived, got D. have lived, got ( )2. Now, this small village_______ a big modern city. A. is turning into B. turns into C. has turned into D. turned into ( )3. After resting for a long time, Mr Green looks_____ than before he left the hospital. A. unhealthier B. healthier C. more healthily D. health ( )4. The doctor looked him over and said there was_____ with her. A. nothing wrong much B. much wrong nothing C. much nothing wrong D. nothing much wrong ( )5. Sorry, I haven’t finished the work_____. A. already B. before C. yet D. ever ( )6. My son_____ up yet because he _____ to bed very late last night. A. hasn’t got, has gone B. didn’t get, went C. doesn’t get, went D. hasn’t got, went ( )7. Look at that new model plane. It must_____ a lot of money. A. cost B. pay C. spend D. take ( )8. Thanks to the cleaners, the environment_____ in our city recently. A. improved B. improves C. has improved D. had improved ( )9. Since he started high school, he’s come to school by bike_____. A. on his own B. by his own C. in his own D. with his own ( )10. You’re_____ late, the meeting has been over. A. terribly B. nearly C. terrible D. near ( )11. The fans are very sorry to hear that famous actor_____ for half an hour. A. has left B. has been away C. has gone D. has gone away ( )12. I have bought a Chinese – English dictionary? When and where_____ you _____ it? A. have, bought B. did buy C. will, buy D. do , buy ( )13. What a nice T-shirt! How much did you_____ for it? It_____ me twenty yuan. A. pay, cost B. pay, paid C. cost, pay D. cost, cost ( )14. Where is Jack ?Sorry, I don’t know. Go and ask his brother. He _____ know. A. can B. may C. must D. need ( )15. When you do eye exercises, you must keep your eyes_______. A. close B. closed C. open D. closing ( )16. Don’t worry, these toys are______ than those. A. safer B. more safely C. safe D. more safety ( )17. I can’t buy this coat, because it is_____ expensive. A. much B. a few C. few D. a bit

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )18. This is the most interesting story I have_____ heard. A. never B. ever C. once D. always )19. Every morning, he listens to English news_____ the radio. A. from B. over C. in D. to )20. Did Tom study at No. 8 Middle School three years _____? A. before B. after C. ago D. then )21. Since the students_____ here, let’s have the meeting. A. all are B. all C. are all D. all not )22. What did the teacher_____ Mary to_____ at the meeting yesterday? A. tell, say B. ask, speak C. tell, speak D. told, say )23. Don’t_____ the cat, let’s_____ some computer games. A. play, play with B. play, play C. play with, play with D. play with, play )24. The twin sisters_____ under the tree, chatting happily. A. lied B. are lying C. lying D. lain )25. The film_____ for 5 minutes. A. has begun B. has on C. has been on D. began 19. Don’t worry. There is a little time _____________(leave). 20. Help_____________(you) to some pies, my children. 21. The boy is the____________(nine) to make the speech. 22. It is _______________(good) to teach a man to fish than to give him fish. 23. Please take another way. This road ____________________(mend). 24. I can’t draw as__________ (better) as Mary does. 25. Why not_______________(sand) an e-mail to her instead of_____________(write) a letter.

Unit 2, 8b


二、词形变换: 1. In the past, most of people here________________(ride) bikes to work. 2. Today, Tom________________(have) a lot of work to do. He________just__________(have) his breakfast and he____________(leave) for school. 3. You needn’t___________(worry) too much about your son. He________(be) well soon. 4. ________you__________(put) away my book? I can’t find it anywhere. 5. The Green family______________(live) here for ten years. They________(come)here in 1998. 6. Why not see the film with me? I_______________(see) the film. I___________(see) it last week with my sister. 7. What ________you__________(do) with those old books yesterday? I ____________(give) them to others. 8. I ____________(watch) TV while Mary_____________(read) newspaper between 8:00 to 10:00 yesterday evening. 9. My brother ____________(be) born in 1983. since then, he_____________(live) in this city. 10. The TV play______________(be) on for 2 hours. 11. Be quick! The plane_________________(take) off in a short time. 12. ______ it ________(rain) last night? Yes. It______________(rain) everyday so far this week. 13.Where’s Simon? He _____________(go) to the library already.He____________(go) out 5 minutes ago. 14. I _____________(not finish) ____________(read) the novel yet. 15. How many times __________you____________(visit) Nanjing? 16. Don’t make much noise, the baby__________________(sleep). 17. He is surprised_______________(hear) the_______________(surprise) news. 18. Mary is one of the best______________(woman teacher) in our school.

一、选择填空: ( )1. It was_____ weather that all of them went out for a walk. A. so fine B. so fine a C. such fine D. such a fine ( )2. Tom was sleeping_____ Mary was dancing to the music. A. since B. when C. as D. while ( )3. You must do your homework as_____ as you can. A. carefully B. careful C. more careful D. more carefully ( )4. He was so_____ with the result that he couldn’t help_______. A. pleased, to try B. pleasant, crying C. pleased, crying D. pleasure, crying ( )5. We_____ when the teacher came in. A. were talking B. are talking C. talk D. are talking about ( )6. When I was walking along the road, I saw a bird_____ over my head. A. flies B. flew C. to fly D. flying ( )7. When_____ you_____ your teeth, Billy? Just now. A. do, brush B. have, brushing C. did, brush D. was, brushing ( )8. I don’t know____ she will go tomorrow. ____ she goes, I’ll tell you. A. if, Whether B. whether, Whether C. if, That D. if, If ( )9. I don’t know if it___ tomorrow, if it ___, I will stay at home. A. will rain, rains B. rains, will rain C. will rain, will rain D. rain, rain ( )10. Has he ever been heard_____ about his trip to that small village? A. of talking B. talk C. to talk D. to say ( )11. He is always to crazy about_____ to spend time on study. A. listening music B. listen to music C. looking at books D. flying kites ( )12. What do you think of the film? __________. A. It’s wonderful B. Not at all C. Good idea D. With pleasure ( )13. Did they_____ the after-school activity yesterday? A. join B. take C. attend D. take part in ( )14. These stones will be used_____ a bridge. A. to building B. to be built C. to build D. building ( )15. Because of carelessness, he fell off the bike_____. A. while he rode B. while riding C. while he is riding D. while on his bike ( )16. The problems are difficult to solve. Please give me_____.

( ( ( ( ( A. some advices B. an advice C. advices D. some advice )17. These desks will be mended_____ 3 days. A. later B. after C. in D. since )18. He still kept on _______ when I came into his room. A. to write a letter B. sitting in a chair C. lying in bed D. dancing to the music )19. Must I hand in the composition now? ________. A. Yes, you need B. No, you mustn’t C. No, you needn’t D. Yes, you mustn’t )20.It is_____ difficult for us___ climb up the mountain. A. very, can’t B. too, not C. too, to D. very, to )21. Which sentence is true? A. The weather is warmer in Shanghai than in Beijing. B. It is warmer in shanghai than that in Beijing. C. The weather in Shanghai is warmer than that in Beijing D. The weather in Shanghai is warmer than in Beijing )22. I can’t say_____ I want to see you again. A. how long B. how soon C. how much D. how often )23. There is_____ in the classroom, we can see_______. A. enough light, clearly enough B. light enough, clearly enough C. enough light, enough clearly D. light enough, enough clearly )24. The classroom is so dirty. Would you please help me to_____ it clean? A. tidy B. let C. make D. keep )25. There are so many beautiful things in the shop. I can’t decide_____. A. which to choose one B. to choose which one C. which one to choose D. to choose one which 14. He can play the piano_________________(beautiful). 15. He is welcome, but I’m________________(welcome). I feel very sad. 16. The film is one of the best films for children. Kate, you’ll______________(sure)like it. 17. When I ______________(arrive) home, my sister_______________(eat) fruit. 18. What _______________(happen) in the next room at that moment? 19. Spring is the best time for you________________(visit) China. 20. I _______________(go) to Qingdao if I ______________(have) enough money and time. 21. She dances______________(beauty) among these girls. 22. My best friend_______________(join) the Army when he______________(be) 20 and he______________(be) in the Army for 3 years. 23. He said he______________(return) the book as soon as he_____________(finish) reading it. 24.The thief______________(see)______________(enter) the room just now. 25. Be quick, or you_______________(miss) the early bus.

( (

Unit 3, 8b


( (

二、词形变换: 1. These______________(perform) clothes are colourful. 2. The singer waved to these ___________(visit) while she_____________(dance) to the music. 3. Mary is a _____________(care) girl. She seldom makes mistakes. But her brother always makes mistakes, he is a _______________(care) boy. 4. We should be __________(help) to those ____________(help) people. 5. I was so tired that I felt the road to my home was_____________(end). 6. He is _______________(thank) to you for your help. 7. 8. As students, we should do more ______________(mean) things, or our life will be_______________(meaning). We all hope to live in a ____________(noise) environment. 9. _________ Tom__________( watch) TV at 10 the day before yesterday? 10. I am sure that Mum________________(know) what Dad______________(like). 11. The line of people______________(be) endless. 12. It seemed________________(be) hopeless to try______________(get) inside. 13. Don’t read in the sun. It’s _______________(harm) to your eyes.

一、选择填空: ( )1. In the modern world, computers are more and more widely__ in people’s life. A. use B. using C. used D. to use ( )2. _____ will you finish reading the book? In two days. A. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How far ( )3. Travelling by plane is _____ expensive. A. much more B. more much C. too much D. much too ( )4. John fell asleep_____ he was listening to the teacher in class. A. after B. before C. as soon as D. while ( )5. A lot of students have tried, but_____ have passed the test. A. a few B. a little C. little D. few ( )6. I hear we will have a _____ holiday in_____. A. two day’s, two days’ time B. two-day, two day’s time C. two-day, two days’ time D. two days, two-day time ( )7. We’ve never seen_____ exciting film before. A. such B. so an C. such an D. so ( )8. Look at the _____ girl! How_____ she is dancing! A. happy, happy B. happily, happily C. happy, happily D. happily, happy ( )9. _____ of them has arrived, so_____ has arrived on time. A. None, no one B. Nobody, none C. No one, nobody D. None, not any one ( )10. Would you please give me_____ on how to learn English well? A. an advice B. advices C. some advice D. an piece of advice ( )11. It’s impossible_____ such a little boy_____ the week. A. with, finish B. of, to finish C. of, finishing D. for, to finish

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )12. Nanjing is one of_____ capital_____ in China. A. older, city B. the older C. the oldest, cities D. oldest, cities )13. We should try our best to do_____ work with_____ people. A. more, less B. less, less C. fewer, fewer D. more, fewer )14.Did you go to Mary’s party? No, I ______. A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invited )15. There were_____ friends of his in the hall, so he left. A. a few B. few C. a little D. little )16. I’ll call you _____ I get there. A. as soon as B. while C. how long D. how soon )17. He has to finish the work, _____he? A. hasn’t B. doesn’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t )18. He was late for school, because he_____ the school bus. A. failed B. missed C. lost D. missing )19. We don’t like_____ he speaks. A. the way in that B. the way C. the way of D. way )20. He slept well_____ the door open. A. when B. while C. because D. with )21. In 2 years, he will be _____university student. A. a B. an C. the D./ )22. Do you feel like_____ a film together? A. to see B. see C. seeing D. to seeing )23. He _______ interested in drawing since he was a boy. A. has become B. is C. has been D. becomes )24. The foreigners_____ many places of interest since they _____ here. A. will see, get B. saw, got C. have seen, got D. have seen, get )25. When I was walking in the street, I met a friend of_____. A. my mother B. my mother’s C. mine mother’s D. mine mother 10. I will _____________(give) some money if I get full marks in exams. But I will spend it_________________(wise). 11. Who do you think_________________(get) the ticket already? 12.As soon as a call_______________(make) to me. I’ll be back at once. 13. Neither Sandy nor parents______________(be) interested in_____________(swim) now. 14. What do you think________________(make) a great inventor? 15. He is so lazy that I wonder if he__________________(be) successful. 16. The _______________(care) you watch, the ______________(many) mistakes you’ll find. 17. He looked_____________(sad) at the_____________(die) dog. How ____________(sad) he looks. 18. What a________________(please) journey he had to Germany. 19. He became______________ and _____________ (angry), without__________(say) a word, he just looked at the young man_____________(angry). 20. Harry Porter is one of _______________(popular)____________(child)_________(book) in the world. 21. Which of you four is_________________(good) at English? 22. During the meeting we will have a _______________(discuss) about the problem. 23. Our football team is much stronger than ________________(they). 24. When the teacher came into the classroom, he found the window______________(break). 25. Waste paper shouldn’t________________(throw) about.

Unit 4, 8b


二、词形变换: 1. I wonder if he______________(play) an important role in the play. Let’s wait and see. 2.A bridge ________________(put) up in one year. 3. Different kinds of CD-ROMs_____________(sell) in the shop and they__________(sell) well. 4. Nice________________(talk) to you. See you next time. 5. If you exercise every day, you’ll soon feel much_________________(health). 6. I hope that you are not feeling_________________(bore) about the documentary. 7. A young mother with her two twin sons_______________(play) on the playground now. 8. We were _______________(amaze) at the _______________(amaze) result. 9. We won’t go if it is_______________(rain) tomorrow.

一、选择填空: ( )1. After hearing the bad news, he seemed__________. A. sad B. to sad C. sadly D. be sad ( )2. He’s never visited France , ______he? A. isn’t B. is C. has D. hasn’t ( )3. Be_________, please. You should practice speaking_____. A. loud, loud B. loudly, loudly C. loud, loudly D. loudly, loud ( )4. He didn’t attend the activity _____ the heavy snow. A. because B. as C. since D. because of ( )5. I thought I _____ climb the top of the mountain. A. will be able to B. am able to C. would be able to D. could be able to ( )6. I was happy because I was chosen_____ of the charity show. A. be the host B. being the host C. to be the host D. was the host ( )7. Many kids find_____ interesting to play computer games. A. this B. that C. it D. it was ( )8. ______ a week do you go to the library? Twice a week. A. How far B. How long C. How often D. How many times ( )9. His bike_____ so he had to take a taxi.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. is broken B. was broken C. broke D. broken )10. Now mobile phones can take pictures_______ cameras. A. with B. of C. as D. like )11. Look, it’s going to rain. Really? ____. I don’t take an umbrella with me. A. Please don’t B. I think so C. Good idea D. I hope not )12. It was too noisy_____ we couldn’t hear_____ he said at the meeting. A. so, that B. so, what C. that, what D. for, that )13. John_____ Mary for 3 years. A. has married B. has got married to C. has been married to D. has been married with )14. I hope my parents_____ ask me about my studies. A. not B. not to C. won’t D. don’t )15. We don’t believe_____ little children can do_____ much work. A. so, so B. so such C. such, so D. such, such )16. _____ the story sound_____? A. Is, interesting B. Is, interested C. Does, interesting D. Does, interested )17. Our English teacher’s_____ is very sweet, do you think so? A. sound B. noise C. voice D. sing )18. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. _____________. A. Thank you B. Really, I don’t think so C. It doesn’t matter D. I never mind )19. TV and radio programmers_____ the other of the world with the help of satellites. A. can send to B. can send to C. can be sent on D. can be sent to )20. He was walking to school_____ he was hit by a bike this morning. A. while B. when C. as D. so )21. Do you hope all of us_____ the test? A. to pass B. passing C. will pass D. A, B and C )22. Who_____ out the wet raincoat? Li Lei did. A. hung B. hanged C. is hung D. was hung )23. It is such_____ that you must_____ on it. A. hard work, work hard B. a hard work, hard work C. hard working, work hard D. work hard, work hard )24. The TV is still on, please tell him_____. A. not to forget to turn it on B. not to forget to turn it off C. to not forget to turn on it D. not to forget to turn off it )25. Mr. Smith hopes his son_____ a good job_____ his when he finishes university. A. to have, likes B. to have, like C. will have, likes D. will have, like 4. Many farmlands became deserts because of__________(cut) down too many trees. 5. Spring Bud project is an_______________(organize) that helps poor young girls return to school. 6. These wonderful_______________ will give us a musical _________________(perform). 7. Mother told me___________________(not be) late for school. 8. He said that he_________________(come) back the next week. 9. I ________________(walk) on the road when I met a classmate of mine. 10. I heard Mother_______________(talk) with Father in the sitting room at ten last night. 11. We________________(set) up a stage for the show already. 12. Tea________________(drink) by people all over the world. 13. Look, the rain __________________(stop). Let’s go out. 14. They know how _________________(perform) eye_______________(operate). 15. He’s busy these days, he has no time_________________(play) with you. 16. I must leave. Someone_________________(wait) for me outside. 17. Don’t let the baby_______________(cry) for a long time. 18. I’m not used to ________________(go) out on rainy days. 19. ________________(know) comes from practice. 20. English________________(speak) all over the world. 21. When I ________________(arrive) at 7:00 yesterday, one of the students _______________(draw) something on the blackboard. 22. My computer_______________(not work) well for a week. It needs_____________(repair). 23. He stopped_______________(talk) to me because there was a call for him. 24. Look! A new road_________________(build) in the town. 25. I think the cameras________________(make) in Japan are expensive.

Unit 5, 8b




二、词形变换: 1. I wish I _______________(be) a host of the show. 2. We all hope the snow tomorrow______________(be) a success. 3. His job was_______________(provide) the performers with water.

一、选择填空: ( )1. Shall I tell him the news? No, you________. I’ve told him already. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. shan’t ( )2. Can I get you a cup of coffee?__________. A. With pleasure B. You can, please C. It’s very kind of you ( )3. He’s used to_____ a teacher. A. is B. was C. being D. be ( )4. Most cases of_____ can be cured or prevented A. blind B. blindness C. blinds D. blindnesses ( )5. Most young people like this_____ of popular songs. A. collection B. collect C. collector D. collecting ( )6. My mother_____ in a factory.

D. Thank you for the orange

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. used to working B. used to works C. used to work D. is used to work )7. Kate says she_____ her homework at home yesterday. A. leaves B. left C. has left D. had left )8. By_____ local doctors and nurses, we hope_____ more patients. A. train, help B. training, to help C. training, helping D. train, helping )9. The old should be treated with_____. A. kind B. kindness C. kindly D. kinder )10. People in poor areas were grateful_____ those who donated_____ their kindness. A. for, to B. to, out of C. to, to D. for, for )11. John_____ spend all his pocket money, but now he_____ saving some of it. A. was used to, used to B. used to, used to C. was used to, is used D. used to, is used to )12. These children should go to school_____ working to support their families. A. of B. instead C. for D. instead of )13. You did a great job. I’m proud of you.. _________, Dad. A. Not at all B. I’m really grateful C. That’s right D. Thanks a lot. )14. His latest book_____ last month. A. comes up B. comes out C. came up D. came out )15. He _____ to give his best_____ to you. A. wishes, wish B. hopes, wishes C. wish, wishes D. hope, wish )16. Is there_____ you would like to tell us? A. anything else interesting B. something interesting else C. anything interesting else D. else anything interesting )17. The doctors are_____ a dying old man in the hospital. A. operated on B. operating on C. operation D. operating for )18. Many people care about_____ but it’s not easy to keep_____. A. healthy, health B. health, health C. fitness, fit D. fit, fitness )19. Who joined the_____ race in the sports meeting? A. 100’s meter B. 100- meters C. 100 meter D. 100-meter )20. Could you tell me_____? A. what happened to him B. what did he happen C. what did he happen to D. what he happened )21. The supermarket_____ for 5 years. There are many people shopping in it every day. A. has opened B. has open C. has been open D. has been opened )22. Shanghai is larger than_____ in France. A. any other city B. any other cities C. any cities D. any city )23. The world_____ all the time. Things never stay the same. A. changes B. has changed C. is changing D. will change )24. I haven’t seen Lucy for2 days. Is she ill? _______. Her sister told me she was in hospital. A. I hope not B. I’m afraid so C. I don’t expect so D. I’m afraid not )25. _____ is enough time to do our work well.

A. We all need 二、词形变换:

B. All we need

C. We need all

D. What we need to

1. People all over the world are________________(grate) to World Vision. 2. My mother used to________________(spend) much money______________(buy) new clothes. 3. ________________(pollute) has been a very serious problem in the world. 4. When was the organization________________(set) up. 5. Martin was one of the famous_______________(lead) of the black people. 6. ORBIS is one of the______________(charity) in the world. 7. Many people in poor area don’t have enough money for_______________ (medicine) treatment. 8. Many people’s_______________(life) were changed by the war. 9. My grandfather died 2 years ago because of________________(ill). 10. We weren’t________________(luck) enough to get the gifts, so we felt sad. 11. I read an _______________(advertise) for the camera in the newspaper just now. 12. Doctors say__________________(prevent) is better than cure. 13. Thank you for________________(operate) on them. 14. Eddie hopes_________________(become) a businessman when he____________(grow) up. 15. It _____________(seem)_______________(rain) soon. 16. We should help each other, because everyone needs______________ (other) help. 17. We mustn’t hurt the________________(protect) animals. 18. What’s in your hand? The book_______________(buy) yesterday. 19. The students talked so______________(excite) that they forgot the time for class. 20. Last summer, they traveled to many places of______________(interesting) in n China. 21. He spend his spare time_____________(most) watching TV. 22. It’s_______________(polite) of young men to shout at the old. 23. ______________(harm) vegetables and fruit are welcome in the market. 24. Hw was one of the ________________(run) who won the race. 25. The boy did his homework so________________(care) that the teacher got angry.

( ( ( (

( ( ( ( (

Unit 6, 8b


一、选择填空: ( )1. During the charity walk, people have to walk_____ country parks and_____ hills and mountains. A. over, through B. through, on C. through, over D. in, on ( )2. People don’t like him because of_____. A. he did B. he did wrong C. what he did D. he is wrong ( )3. My father said he_____ the book several times already this year. A. had read B. has read C. will read D. is reading

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )4. When will the new library be_______? A. in use B. with use C. on use D. for use )5. When I was young, parents often_____ me to the zoo. A. carried B. let C. made D. took )6. Betty is my favourite friend, she and I _____ friends since we were young. A. made B. became C. have made D. have been )7. Simon, can you come here to help me? _____ I can’t follow you. A. Sure.. B. OK. C. Why? D. pardon? )8. The organization is_____ our club and it_____ last year. A. a pair of, set up B. part of, is set up C. a part of, was set up D. part of, was set up )9. My dog is one of ______ in the world. I’ll look after it forever A. the most clever animal B. the cleverest animal C. clever animals D. the cleverest animals )10. Although the room is small, it is comfortable_______. A. live in B. to live in C. to live D. live )11. A cup_____ drinking tea. A. used fro B. is used to C. is used for D. used to )12. Mother said cooking and cleaning_____ much time every day. A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay )13. People all over the world are thankful_____ the Red Cross. A. for B. with C. to D. by )14. What a useful dictionary! How long_____ you_____ it? A. will, have B. did, have C. have buy D. have had )15. Do you know________? A. how old is the baby B. how old the baby is C. what’s the baby’s name D. what the baby’s name )16. What would you like, coffee, milk or tea? ________, thanks. Just some water, please. A. Neither B. Both C. None D. All )17. Tom likes_____ you. A. making a friend with B. make a friend with C. make friends with D. making friends with )18. _______ do you study the hardest in your class for? A. Why B. How C. What D. Which )19. The Black have lived in the_____ hotel since they came here. A. five stars B. five-stars C. five-star D. five star’s )20. It’s wrong to_____ deaf people. A. look after B. look forward to C. look for D. look down on )21. Fresh air is important for our health. You’d better keep the windows_____ when you are_____. A. closed, sleeping B. open, sleep C. open, asleep D. opened, sleeping )22. I show great_____ in the chat show. I think it’s very_____. A. interest, interesting B. interest, interested C. interested, interesting D. interesting, interesting )23. It’s _____ noisy here_____ I can’t hear you clearly. A. very, because B. because, that C. such, that D. so, that

( (

)24. It’s kind of him to help blind people_____ the road. A. across B. crossing C. to cross D. to walk cross )25. You needn’t describe her, I _______ her several times. A. had met B. have met C. met D. meet

二、词形变换: 1. Now, more and more people have the chance to go abroad for_____________(far) study. 2. Please________________(donation) some of your pocket money to the children in poor areas. 3. It’s _______________(use) to regret(后悔) for what you’ve done. 4. Children, you should train ______________(you) before the competition. 5. This is an__________________(usual) story, do you want to listen to it? 6. Some_________________(visit) will come to visit our school tomorrow. 7. They did_______________(volunteer) work at children’s hospital last Sunday. 8. If you_______________(not work) hard, you____________(not pass) the exam. 9. Listen! The piece of music______________(sound) great. 10. If you answer the question_____________(correct), you can’t pass the exam _________________(success). 11. I wish everyone would pay attention to _________________(protect) the environment. 12. The ship for another country________________(produce) in Dalian last year. 13. Medicine must________________(keep) away from children. 14. The Great Wall is one of the most famous__________________(wonderful). 15. He ____________ can do it well. Believe _____________(he). 16. Where is your brother? He _________________(watch) TV in the next room. 17. Tom________________(fall) from his bike and hurt his leg_____________(bad). 18. The children________________(fly) kites happily when it began to rain heavily. 19. Dr. Green will give us a speech. You_____________________(learn) what you __________________________(never learn). 20. Do you need some people_______________(help) you ______________(finish) the plan? 21. Where ______________we ______________(meet)? Let’s meet outside the school gate. 22. We don’t know when__________________(have) the picnic. We will be very excited when ___________________(have) the picnic. 23. He got up late. So he didn’t have time________________(eat) anything. 24. He’d like________________(join) in the after-school activity. 25. How _________________(happy) he looked at his son.

Unit 1, 9A


一、选择填空: ( )1.Kitty is a _____ girl. She enjoys dancing and singing.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. living B. alive C. lively D. live )2. It’s generous_____ him to donate_____ money to UNICEF. A. of, so much B. for, so many C. of, so many D. fro, so much )3. I think Peter is imaginative enough to_____ new ideas. A. come out B. come up v. come up with D. come put of )4. Mr. Wu is patient enough to spend a lot of time_____. A. explain us things B. explaining us things C. explain things for D. explaining things to us )5. I’m thankful to you for_____ the new chairperson. A. recommend me as B. recommending me as C. recommend me for D. recommending me for )6. He found_____ impossible to finish so much work in an hour. A. it B. this C. that D. it’s )7. Not all the students sitting in the back row can see the blackboard______. A. enough clear B. clear enough C. clearly enough D. enough clearly )8. She is very modest. She never_____. A. shows up B. shows off C. shows around D. shows through )9. Mary can wait without getting angry. It means she is_____. A. patient B. impatient C. businesslike D. successful )10. My mother likes saving money and sharing things_____ others. A. for B. with C. in D. to )11. I really don’t know what to_____ about the match. A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk )12. Could you tell me how much it_____ to fly to Beijing? A. costs B. spends C. takes D. pays )13. If your son feels_____ to watch TV by then, he is all right. A. enough well B. well enough C. good enough D. enough good )14. Would you mind my sitting here? _____. It’s for my sister. A. Not at all B. Of course C. Certainly not D. You’d better not )15. Though you are weak in English, I advice you not_____. A. to give up it B. to give it up C. give up it D. give it up )16. What are you going to do this evening? I’m not sure. I_____ go to the cinema with my friends. A. may B. can C. must D. need )17. I’m sorry I’m late again because I ______ catch the early bus. A. don’t B. didn’t C. won’t D. shan’t )18. He has to go back home before 9 o’clock, _____? A. hasn’t he B. has he C. doesn’t he D. does he )19. It’s too difficult. Why_____ the teacher for help? A. not to ask B. not asking C. don’t ask D. not ask )20. His mother never goes to bed____ he is back from work. A. until B. as C. since D. why )21. _____ a little child gives us_____ great fun. A. Such, such a B. So, so a C. Such, such D. So, such )22. You_____ worry about her. She will be all right soon.

( ( ( (

( ( ( (

A. needn’t to B. don’t need C. don’t have to D. not need )23. You won’t do as he says, will you? ______. I don’t think he is right. A. No, I won’t B. Yes, I will C. No, I will D. Yes, I won’t )24. He hates to______ means” he always wants to be different from others.” A. be like anyone else B. like anyone else C. be like else anyone D. like else anyone )25. What_____ our star signs? The time of your_____! A. decides, birthday B. makes, year C. has, month D. takes, birthday )26. My father is_____. It’s difficult for him to change his mind even though his idea is not right sometimes. A. practical B. stubborn C. modest D. creative )27. He’s imaginative and likes_____ everything. A. dream B. dream about C. dreaming D. dreaming about )28. I believe we’ve met before. No, _____. I’ve never been here before. A. it isn’t the same B. it’s true C. I don’t think so D. I believe so )29. Make sure that your friend will come here on time. ________. A. Certainly, I will B. Don’t worry , Mum C. That’s OK D. Of course I can )30. I will need to get_____ and eat_____ if I’m feeling weak. A. lots of rest, healthy B. lots of rest, healthily C. a number of rest, healthily D. a lot of rest, healthy

二、词形变换: 1. Eddie shouldn’t worry about ______________(not have) supper. 2. David is worrying about his_____________(able) to do all the extra work. 3. Bill is_____________(active). I don’t think he is______________(suit) person to be our monitor. 4. It’s ______________(think) of you to bring me an umbrella. 5. We all think good _______________(lead) should be confident and imaginative. 6. It’s our_______________(please) to recommend you as the new chairperson. 7. My cousin is_______________(self). He never lends anything to others. 8. I hate_______________(be) like anyone else and try everything just_________(be) different. 9. I hope you______________(enjoy) yourself this weekend. 10. He would not mind_____________(do) extra work for the_____________ (student) Union. 11. He’s______________(modest) of the three. We all like him. 12. Don’t worry about the exam. You should have confidence in_________(you). 13. It’s silly of you_______________(not forgive) others for their faults. 14. Millie is never afraid of______________(make) a speech in assembly. 15. Bill Gates is one of ______________(success) persons in the world. 16. How______________(excite) I am to get full marks in the exam. 17. He says I will have a ____________(mix) of good luck and bad luck this term. 18. It’s ______________(fair)for our teacher not to give him a chance to speak in assembly. 19. Everyone should save pocket money and spent it_____________(wise). 20. We think he’ll be an excellent monitor because he has many good______________(person) qualities. 21. My friend is good at______________(plan) things.He’s very______________(busy). 22. As a girl. Her life dream was_________________(become) an actress.

23. They______________(learn) over 500 English words since they came here. 24. He can’t decide where________________(spend) his holiday. 25. Since we’re not young, we’d better____________(pay) more attention to our_______________(health). ( ( ( B. nobody C. no one D. everybody C. anything important D. important things ( ( ( ( D. does he go D. feeling tired and unable to relax ( ( ( )16. Usually before exams, the students_____ a few minutes to write down their names and numbers. A. are given A. was clever A. making B. were given C. give D. gave D. clever boy )17. The teacher finds him_____ and gives him some different homework to do every day. B. was a clever boy B. makes C. to make C. a clever boy D. make C. would, drink D. would, / D. everyone else )18. What colour do you think_____ you feel calm? )19. Which_____ you rather_____, tea or coffee? A. would, to drink B. would, like )20. It’s not polite to read_____ letter or diary. A. anyone else B. anyone else’s C. anyone’s else )21. Keep quiet! You _____ talk loudly in the library. A. mustn’t B. may not C. needn’t D. don’t have to C. don’t listen D. does he D. which C. Me, too D. Me, either D. wasn’t listening )22. Can you give me the right answer? Sorry, I _____. Would you say it again? A. hadn’t listened A. won’t he A. where A. I’d like to 二、词形变换: 1. Her______________(decide) to give up English made us very surprised. 2. The teacher told us time______________(wait) for no man. 3. Never go out in the_______________(hot) of the day without a hat. 4. Although he is thin, he is a man of great________________(strong). 5. We could see the_____________(happy) on his face after he heard the bad news. 6. If you don’t have enough____________(sleep), you will feel__________(sleep). 7. I coloured the card blue_______________(bring) you success. 8. You can describe the moods of people by_____________(look) at the colours they choose to wear. 9. A true friend can help you get out of____________(sad) when you’re unhappy. 10. I saw her grandfather______________(jog) in the playground just now. 11. He_______________(prefer) English to Chinese last term. 12. Do you have any________________(difficult) doing it?

Unit 2, 9A
一、选择填空: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


)1. Mr. Green felt lonely because____ of his friends came to see him. A. none )2. Why not read the morning paper today? Because there is_____ in it. A. important something B. nothing important A. on A. one B. in C. with D. at Make it _____ day you like. It’s all the same to me. D. all C. will he go )3. Wearing a green coat looks good_____ you. Thank you. )4. When shall we meet again? B. any

C. another B. did he go

)5. My father has been to Shanghai before. He thinks it’s a beautiful city. Really? When_____ there. A. has he gone A. feeling sad A. no B. none )6. Feeling stressed means_____. B. feeling happy C. feeling blue C. nothing D. no one C. to play, to study D. playing, study D. have on C. why to solve D. who to solve D. wisdom C. make, think C. to give D. like D. take, to D. than give )7. I want to buy a comic book but there is_____ left in the bookstore. )8. Not all the students would rather_____ computer games than_____. A. play, study B. playing, studying A. put on B. wear C. dress )9. Don’t worry about him. He’s old enough to_____ himself. )10. I really don’t know_____ the problem. A. what to solve B. how to solve A. power A. let, think A. to giving A. likes A. that B. energy C. joy )11. Green represents_____ and nature. When you feel tired, you can wear green. )12. These photos_____ me_____ the old days when I was young. B. remind, of B. than giving B. to like B. this )13. I prefer lending him some money_____ her some money. )14. You need someone_____ me to support you. C. liking C. one D. it )15. Wearing red makes_____ easier for you to take action.

B. haven’t listened C. do I C. what

)23. I don’t think he’ll come to visit our school,_____? B. will he B. when )24. What is Daniel doing? He’s either playing football or swimming, but I don’t know_____. )25. I’ve never been to Beijing. What about you? _____. I think it must be very beautiful. B. I hope I’m able to

13. David has all the_______________(quality) a good monitor should have. 14. When I see the sun, I have the feeling of______________(warm). 15. The woman is______________(content) with what her son has done. 16. We all hope to live in a________________(peace) world. 17. Nobody except David and Millie______________(be) in the classroom this time yesterday. 18. She changes people’s moods____________(use) colours. 19. If you feel_____________(stress), try to be______________(relax). 20. Is there anybody in the _______________(fit) room? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( C. quarrel with your friends D. blame your parents )15. Students should pay no attention to people who_____ them. A. laughs at B. laugh at C. laugh over D. laughs over )16. Thanks for listening to my problem and_____. ________. A. give me your advice B. giving me your advice C. give me your advice D. giving me your advices )17. I’m sorry I’m late again because I _____ catch the early bus. A. won’t B. didn’t C. don’t D. haven’t )18. He feels very lonely because he has_____ close friends. A. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little )19. Can I get you a cup of tea? _________. A. With pleasure B. It’s nice of you C. Thank you for the tea D. You can, please )20. Do you think that Mr Smith is a _______ person? A. happily B. quickly C. slowly D. friendly )21.The meeting will be held in half an hour, but they haven’t got everything ready____. A. ever B. already C. yet D. still )22. He doesn’t know_____ to hand in the homework. I think he may do it tomorrow. A. where B. what C. which D. when )23. He has got something to_____ at the meeting A. tell B. talk C. speak D. say )24. I like the pictures which_____ on show. A. is B. being C. was D. are )25. Let’s go to play football,_____? A. shall we B. shall you C. will we D. will you

Unit 3, 9A


一、选择填空: ( )1.Taking more exercise and eating less food_____ good for your health. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )2. ______ your parents strict_____ you and_____ your study? A. Is, with, in B. Are, in, with C. Is, in, with D. Are, with, in ( )3. Don’t forget_____ your girlfriend here next time. A. to bring B. bringing C. to take D. taking ( )4. Would you please_____ in the library? A. not to talk loudly B. don’t talk loudly C. not talk loudly D. not talking loudly ( )5. The boy is very lazy. Before the exams he would rather watch TV than____for his tests. A. revise B. to revise C. revising D. to revising ( )6. We don’t think it’s good to stay_____ late to play computer games. A. on B. out C. from D. out of ( )7. It’s so_____ in the classroom that he can’t focus on his homework. A. noise B. noisy C. noisier D. noisily ( )8. Would you like some coffee? Yes, and please get me some milk, too. I prefer coffee_____ milk. A. with B. of C. to D. than ( )9. You shouldn’t_____ too much. It’s bad for your health to_______. A. worry, worried B. worried, worry C. worry, worry about D. worry, be worried ( )10. Would you mind lending me your bike?_________. A. Certainly not, here you are B. Yes, OK C. Yes, My bike is broken D. Yes, here you are. ( )11. Why don’t you like the talk? It’s_____ one that I have ever listened to. A. the most interesting B. the least interesting C. more interesting D. such an interesting ( )12. What are you going to do this afternoon? I’m not sure. I _____ go shopping with my mother. A. may B. can C. must D. need ( )13. I haven’t heard from him_____ last year. A. by B. since C. / D. in ( )14. If you are feeling stressed, you should_____. A. shout at your friends B. share your problems with friends

二、词形变换: 1. If you work hard, you’ll______________(success) in the exams. 2. Thank you very much for giving us some______________(value) advice. 3. On of my_____________(hobby) is to collect stamps. 4. You must give up_____________(play) computer games, or you’ll fail in the exam. 5. He often________________(quarrel) with his wife about housework. 6. When you have problems, you’d better write a letter to your best friend about how________________(deal) with these problems. 7. I read about one of his_____________(article) on______________(teen) problems in the newspaper. 8. From his words, we draw the ____________(conclude) that he was lying to us. 9. It’s ___________(polite) to laugh at the disabled persons. 10. Why not _________(send) an e-mail to her instead of ___________(reply) to her letter? 11. We think it ___________(necessary) to give students tests every day. If so, the students will be very tired. 12. He’s business-like. He’s good at ___________( plan) things ahead. 13. Our English teacher uses different_______________(act) to keep us ______________(interest) in class.

14.I really don’t know which __________(do) first. I feel __________(stress) from time to time. 15.I hope I can have my parents’____________(support). 16.Are you crazy about __________( play) football? 17.Keeping your ____________(worry) to yourself can make them worse. 18. She’s making a few birthday ___________(wish) , but we don’t know what she’s wishing for. 19. ______________(hand) in your homework on time, or your teacher will be angry with you. 20. It’s my____________(please) to give you some useful ___________(suggest). 21. Don’t make any _________(noise) any more. It’s much too __________(noise) here. 22.______________(much) you eat, the ____________(health) you’ll be, because ___________(eat) too much will make you ___________(health). 23. It’s not _________(wise) to spend hours________(play) football after school or _________(stay) out late. 24.She is not very ___________(sport), she can’t run fast and hates swimming. 25.The problem of stress gets ___________(bad) when people don’t share their problems. ) 12. I like watching ____ because I can learn a lot about nature, history and real-life events from them. A. comedies B. cartoons C. documentaries D. game shows ( ) 13. The boys played so ________ that they lost the basketball match. A. careful B. carefully C. careless D. carelessly ( ) 14. — You haven’t lost your library book, have you? — I hope _________. A. not to have B. to have not C. so D. not ( ) 15. What ___________ it is to go hiking in __________ weather! A. a great fun; such fine B. great fun; such a fine C. great fun; such fine D. a great fun; such a fine ( ) 16. — Why not come and join us in the game? — ________. But I must finish my homework first. A. I hope not B. I’m very tired C. I think so D. I’d like to ( ) 17. This ___________ documentary takes a close look at the life of the Asian tiger. A. two-hour B. two hours C. two-hours D. two hour’s ( )18. The programme _______ different sports, such as basketball, swimming and badminton. A. is covered B. covers C. covering D. is covered with ( ) 19. Would you please ____________ my pet while I’m away? A. to look after B. look after C. to take care of D. taking care of ( ) 20. I didn’t go to see the film yesterday, because I __________ it three times. A. had seen B. have seen C. saw D. will see ( ) 21. Kitty works so _________ that she ___________ spends time playing. A. hard; hardly B. hard; hard C. harder; hardly D. hardly; hardly ( ) 22. ___________ it snows, ____________ the children feel. A. More heavily; the happier B. More heavily; happier C. The more heavily; happier D. The more heavily; the happier ( ) 23. — Where is your father? — I’m not sure. He __________ in the office. A. must be B. maybe C. may be D. perhaps ( ) 24. You can call that man _____________ 6665258 ___________more information. A. on; about B. at; for C. on; for D. at; to ( ) 25. — Who is more active, Suzy or Paul? — _________. A. Yes, they are B. Suzy is C. Paul does D. No, they aren’t 二、词形变换: 1. I like reading this kind of _________ ( week ) magazine. 2. The film is full of _____________ ( horror ) and __________( mystery ). 3. The businessman ___________ ( murder ) at home yesterday evening. 4. The Yangtze River is one of __________( long ) rivers in the world. 5. Most people think it’s far __________________ ( comfortable ) to travel by air than by train. 6. They didn’t leave school until the rain __________ ( stop ) that day. 7. ____________ ( luck ) , there was nothing wrong with him after the car accident. 8. His train ride is really short, but his memory of the ___________


Unit 4, 9A


一、选择填空: ( ) 1. Liu Xiang runs ________ fast. Nobody else can catch up with him. A. too far B. far too C. very far D. very too ( ) 2.In this exam, he spent ________ time and made ___________ mistakes in our class. A. less; fewer B. the least: the fewest C. much; many D. more; less ( ) 3.We didn’t believe it _________ we saw it with our own eyes. A. until B. after C. when D. while ( ) 4. Miss Gao teaches us so well that her lessons __________. A. aren’t easily forgotten B. are easily forgotten C. are easy forgotten D. aren’t easy forgotten ( ) 5. Remember this, children. ____________careful you are, __________ mistakes you’ll make. A. The more; the less B. The less; the fewer C. The less; the more D. The more; the more ( ) 6. As I ___________ the plan, he thought of a surprising ending. A. was working out B. work out C. was working on D. work on ( ) 7. Victor threw the remote control onto the table and it __________Nancy’s foot. A. fall into B. fell into C. fall onto D. fell onto ( ) 8. Daniel seldom watches Friendship, _______? A. does he B. doesn’t he C. does she D. doesn’t she ( ) 9. The story of Unusual Weekend goes __________ than people expected. A. slowly B. slow C. more slowly D. more slower ( ) 10.He was lying on the grass and looking at the beautiful sky ___________ he had a strange dream. A. while B. when C. because D since ( ) 11. _____________ the end of the program, you won’t find out the answer. A. Till B. Until C. In D. By

( please ) trip will last long.

9. There are few ____________( nature ) habitats for animals on Earth. 10. It’s said that sports meeting ___________( hold ) next week. 11. Do you feel ___________( bore ) with the _______________( bore ) book? 12. Do you know Charlie Chaplin is one of the most popular ___________( comedy ) actors in the world? 13.I think the time ____________( spend ) in watching TV every day is too long for you. 14. His parents always ____________( agree ) with each other and quarrel about little things. 15. I looked at him until he ____________ ( appear ) in the distance. 16. Could you tell me where the 28th Olympic Games ___________( hold )? 17. This year’s Beijing Music Awards ____________ ( cover ) live tonight. 18. It’s raining even ____________ ( heavy ) . I really don’t know what to do. 19. —Kate, didn’t you hear the loud knock at the door? — Sorry, I _____________( chat ) with my e-friend. 20. While we ____________ ( clean ) the classroom, the teacher came in. 21. I’m not in the habit of ____________( let ) strangers into my home. 22. If you get _____________( scare ) easily, do not watch Murder in a Country House. 23. Whenever he thinks of his pet’s ____________( die ) ,he feels very sad. 24. If you aren’t interested in sports programmes, you’ll find it ________________( disturb ). 25. He’s going abroad for _____________( far ) study. Do you agree with him? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. has happened; came B. is happening; come C. had happened; came D. happened; had come ) 9. How long ___________ you ____________the fine weather _______? A. did; think; will last B. do; think; will last C. do; think; last D. are; thinking; will last ) 10. — Did you see him when you were in Shenyang? — No, when I got to Shenyang, he __________ Hangzhou. A. had been to B. has been to C. has gone to D. had gone to ) 11. — What did Jim think of the match? — He said he ____ never _____such an exciting match before. A. has; seen B. had; seen C. hasn’t; seen D. hadn’t; seen ) 12. Look at the sign! It says “ No smoking”! You _____________ smoke here. It’s dangerous. A. shouldn’t B. ought not to C. don’t have to D. mustn’t ) 13. He made his final _____________ last winter and ____________ from then on. A. appear; disappeared B. appearance; disappeared C. disappearance; appeared D. appearance; appeared ) 14. It was in this supermarket_____ I bought the computer. A. that B. where C. which D. who ) 15. ________I take the library book with me? No, you mustn’t. You ___________ read it only here. A. Must; can B. May; can C. Need; must D. Must; must ) 16. Could you tell me ____________? A. what’s the matter with you B. what was the matter with you C. what the matter with you is D. what the matter with you was ) 17. The documentary about nature ____________ for ten minutes when we got there. A. began B. had begun C. has began D. had been on ) 18. Bob’s wife thought Bob____ the wallet, so she brought it over to him. A. will need won’t need C. would need D. wouldn’t need ) 19. There is ___________ sheep eating grass at the foot of the hill. A. little B. a few C a little D. few ) 20. What do you think __________ protect our environment? A. should we do B we should do C. should we do to D. we should do to ) 21. We ___________ six units by the end of last week. A. had learned B. learned C. have learned D. was learning ) 22. The scientists made ___________ possible to breathe under the water for a long time. A. that B. that’s C. it D. it’s ) 23. She won an Oscar for Best Actress and ____________ Oscar nominations. A. more four B. four more C. four others D. four another ) 24. __________ her acting years, she brought people many interesting characters. A. Though B. Throughout C. Since D. Past ) 25. The World of Dinosaurs is an amazing film which bring dinosaurs ___________ on screen. A. live B. lively C. alive D. living 1. How ___________ ( luck ) you are to get such a good job! 2. You can’t be a film star. You should be ______________( real ) from now on.

Unit 5, 9A


一、选择填空: ( ) 1. — I can’t decide which film to watch? — __________ you read the film review? A. Why don’t B What about C. Perhaps D Why not ( ) 2. You’d better not play computer games, __________? A. hadn’t you B. had you C. wouldn’t you D. would you ( ) 3. The price of the book is ____________so I would rather not buy it. A. low B. high C. cheap D. expensive ( ) 4. People remember Audrey __________ a great actress and a great humanitarian. A. both B. for C. to D. as ( ) 5. ___________ the age of 12, Thomas Edison started writing his own newspaper. A. On B. By C. At D. In ( ) 6. Mr.Green __________ be in the office. I saw him in the supermarket a moment ago. A. mustn’t B shouldn’t C. can’t D. needn’t ( ) 7. He devoted all his lifetime ___________ children. A. educate B. education C. to educating D. educating ( ) 8. Do you know what __________ before you __________?


3. I believe Gong Li’s ______________ ( act ) skills will become even _________ ( good ) in the future. 4. ____________ ( act ) films with __________ ( fight ) have a bad ____________ ( affect ) on people, especially teenagers. 5. We like romantic films because they usually have happy____________( end ). 6. You have to keep ___________ ( quiet ) while you __________ ( watch ) the film. 7.___________ ( improve ) your English, you ought to watch more___________( west ) films. 8. I saw an action film __________ ( star ) Jackie Chan yesterday. It was really good. 9. Daniel arrived out of _________ ( breathe ) because he had gone wrong. 10. I like dancing and my dream is __________ ( become ) a ballet dancer. 11. By the time I got home, my mother _________ ( get ) supper ready. 12. Audrey’s ____________( achieve ) went beyond the film industry. 13. He gave up the chance __________ ( study ) abroad to look after his wife. 14. Water sports, especially surfing _________( attract ) large numbers of ________ ( visit ) every year. 15. I think she is ____________ ( attract ) actress of all. 16. He often reminds me ___________ ( pay ) attention to ___________ ( listen ) carefully. 17.When the doctor arrived, the patient ____________ ( die ) for five minutes. 18. She put all her effort into ballet ____________ ( train ) before she entered the film industry. 19.Tigers are in danger because of the ____________( lose ) of __________ ( live ) areas. 20.The meat has gone _____________( bad ) . It smells __________( terrible ). 21. Most of African countries are ___________ ( need ) .We should do our best to help them. 22.He would rather ____________( study ) instead of___________( daydream) 23.Thanks to science, the world ____________( it ) is becoming a much smaller place. 24.At the age of 63, Audrey passed away ___________ ( peace ) in her sleep. 25. The girl is well known for her ___________( beautiful). ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. Look; Watch; go B. Watch; Look; come C. See; Watch; go D. Look; See; come ) 6. It’s _________ that his father is a kidnapper. A. highly possible B. possibly C. probably D. high possible ) 7. They played carelessly. _________, they lost the game. A. As a result of B. At the end C. As a result D. To the end ) 8.Though he had a criminal record, you shouldn’t _________ him. A. look down on B. look for C. look up on D. look after ) 9. How terrible the accident was! The man was hit _______and ________. A. by car; bled dead B. by a car; bled to death C. by car; bled to death D. by a car; bled dead ) 10. — Shall we go swimming after school? — ________. I have a lot of homework to do. A. I agree with you B.I think so C. I’m afraid I can’t D. All right ) 11.If someone is wanted by the police, it means he___________. A. did something good B. helped other people C. did something wrong D. earned a lot of money ) 12. It’s noisy in the cinema. I can’t _________. A. hear something B. listen something C. listen to anything D. hear anything ) 13. It’s rainy today. Mother tells me __________ an umbrella with me. A. to bring B. take C. bring D. to take ) 14. He spoke so quickly that I didn’t _________ what he said. A. listen B. miss C. catch D. receive ) 15. — Which of these two skirts will you take? — I will take ________. They look nearly the same, and I just need one. A. both B. all C. none D. either ) 16. — Ann, can you come to my birthday party tonight? — ________. I’ll come on time. A. Yes, please B. Sure, I’d love to C. Sorry, I can’t D. No, hanks ) 17. — Dad, do I need to bring a raincoat with me? —I’m afraid you_________ A. will have to B. needn’t C. can D. need ) 18. Daniel is sure ________ out the secret. You can be sure ________ that. A. about finding; about B. that he’ll find; for C. of finding; of D. to find; of ) 19. I didn’t know which book was better, so I took them _________. A. both B. all C. each D. none ) 20. Lucy is really __________ and _________ than Lily. A. funny; much outgoing B. funnier; most outgoing C. funny; much outgoing D. funnier; more outgoing ) 21. Millie is an __________ girl. She often________ jokes. A. interesting; speaks B. interested; tells C. interested; speaks D. interesting; tells ) 22. He went to the Guan’s house__________ the morning of 28th December, but __________ the evening he was at his sister’s wedding. A. in; in B. on; in C. in; on D. in; at ) 23. A policeman told him that a shop ___________. A. had robbed B. had stolen C. had been robbed D. had been stolen ) 24. I _________ that the victim was arrested before. A. heard B. heard of C. listened D. listened to

Unit 6, 9A

( (

一、选择填空: ( ) 1. It’s polite _________ you to ________”Thank you” when you get help from others. A. of; speak B. of; say C. for; speak D. for; say ( ) 2. The computers made in China are much cheaper than ________ made in America. A. that B. ones C. those D. one ( ) 3.The old people must be looked after well and ____ politely. A. speak to B. spoken C. spoke to D. spoken to ( ) 4. — Why not go to see the fashion show with me? — Because I _________ it. A. saw , B. will see C. see D. have seen ( ) 5. __________, the suspect is talking to someone. _______ him and I’ll _________to call the police.

( (

( ) 25. Anyone _________ information should ________ the police on 5551212. A. with; contact B. with; contact with C. has; call D. have; call 1. My necklace is not the only thing that is ___________( miss ). 2. A witness saw a man ____________ ( run ) quickly out of the Sunshine Shopping Mall just now. 3. The police _____________( have ) three suspects now. One is a _________ ( cook ) , the other two are ___________( salesman ) . 4. He was charged with ____________ ( break ) into several computer systems. 5. Was the man ___________( real ) at his sister’s wedding that day? 6. The little girl was last seen ____________ ( leave ) home at about 7:00 p.m. 7. Today is an ___________ ( usual ) day, because he won a great prize. 8. When she went to feed Polly, it ____________( disappear ). 9. This ______________ ( rob ) happened at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday. 10. I think ______________( complain ) too often isn’t a good thing. 11. We knew who the _____________( murder ) was after the police solved the case. 12.The old man was the first man __________ ( call ) the police after the accident. 13. So far, two witnesses _____________( prove ) that Mr Li was not at the scene of the crime at that time. 14. Does the first suspect have a ____________ ( crime) record? 15.If I were a ____________( million ) , I would help the ____________ ( need ) children in poor countries. 16.The young man isn’t a ____________ ( rob ) , I’m sure he’s not __________( guilt ). 17. No one except Millie and David ____________ ( have ) been to China before. 18. They saw the suspect ____________( stand ) in the doorway of the shop. 19.This street may be very dangerous, _____________( especial ) at night. 20.Detective Lu said that he ____________( put ) up a drawing of the suspect the next day. 21.We’ll want to know if the victim has any ____________( enemy ). 22. On _____________ ( child ) Day , children_______________ ( dress ) in beautiful clothes. 23.The ____________( die ) of the dog made the family very sad. 24.Be careful! There may be some ____________ ( thief ) on the bus. 25. I think it’s ______________( high ) possible that he is guilty. Unit 5, 7A 一、选择填空: BCACC, DABDC, ABDCB, AADCA 二、词形变换: 1. Finally 2. needs, to buy 6. walkmans 7. electrical

二、词形变换: 1. go 2. doesn’t play 6. takes 11. love 16. Danel’s Unit 2, 7A 一、选择填空:ACDBC, ADAAB, CDBBA, CCDCB 二、词形变换: 1. money 6. to seee 16. see Unit 3, 7A 一、选择填空: BBCCA, BADBB, DCACA, BBBBA 二、词形变换: 1. exercise 6. holidays 11. called 16. to have Unit 4, 7A 一、选择填空: CCABB, ABBDB, BDAAD, CCDDB 二、词形变换: 1. Swimming 11. to go 2. dressing 3. eating 8. to have 13. less 4. painting 9. play 5. will be 6. Don’t forget 7. to do 12. knives 16. does, write 10. doesn’t do 15. thin 19. healthy 20. salty 2. candies 12. to write 17. best 3. Yours 4. funny 5. fishing 10. helping 15. first 20. helpful 14. are doing 7. celebrations 8. dressing 13. planning 9. eating 2. drawing 7. watches 17. Does like 3. to buy 4. themselves 5. doing 8. Does, study 18. works 9. help take 10. is seen 19. places 20. is 7. has 3. likes 4. them 9. go 13. Does, have 128. was 5. doesn’t wear 10. is, works 14. is 15. are 19. our, grandparents’ 20. is, his 8. to look


12. don’t work 17. lessons

11. to have 12. are, going to do 13. to play 14. don’t know 15. doesn’t do

18. Does work 19. don’t clean

14. salty 18. giving

17. fishing

Unit 1, 7A 一、选择填空: BBBAA, AACCD, DACBB, ADACB

3. called 8. them

4. write 9. meaning

5. help, carry 10. drinks

11. are having, have 16. be 17. to spend 12. watches, is watching 18. to listen 13. suitable 14. looking 1 5. cost 20. is Unit 4, 7B Unit 6, 7A 一、选择填空: DBBBB, BCCCC, ADBAB, DBBAA 二、词形变换: 1. us 6. made 16.singing Unit 1, 7B 一、选择填空: CDADB, BCCCC, ABBCC, DBCDB, DACDB 二、词形变换: 1. Japan, Japanese 6. wooden, wood 11. water 16. won’t rain 20. death Unit 2, 7B 一、选择填空: BDBAD, CBCCC, DCDDB, BBCDD, ABDDB 二、词形变换: 1. going 2. to eat 7. friendly 13. to do 18. Slowly 23. pleasant Unit 3, 7B 一、选择填空: ABCBA, BCAAC, BAACC, DCBCA, DACA 二、词形变换: 1. are going to catch 6. turning 11. will call 7. winner 2. rain 3. will stop 13. to walk 4. robbers 14. us 5. Unluckily 15. the most wonderful

16. will visit

17. Neither, third

18. crossing

19. will be

20 happened

19. to play

一、选择填空: CDCDD, DDABA, CCCCC, CBCDB, DBBA 二、词形变换: 1. carefully 2. children’s 3. twins’ 4. to do 5. players 10. chatting 6. fell 7. to read 8. helps, learn 18. ask 9. Smoking 3. hers 4. visiting 9. rainy 5. following 15. shoe 20. angrily 8. known 10. boys’ 14. to have

2. potatoes 7. teacher

11. myself 12. healthier 13. Eating, health 21. sounds 22. flying Unit 5, 7B 23. later

11. helpful 12. exciting, excited 17. to have

13. fun, funny 14. workers’, wives 15. talking 19. borrow 20. Does, speak, does

16. colourful 17. sleeping 18. has been dead 19. written

24. weight, kilos 25. turns

一、选择填空: DCDCB, CACAB, ABAAB, AAADA 二、词形变换: 5. is lying 10. twelfth 1. healthy 2.surprising, surprised 6. theirs 7. giving 11. waiting 16. safety 3. left 4. to open 5. don’t open 15. impossible 25. thought

2. shoppers’

3. to turn

4. becoming 9. sitting

7. bookshelves 8. interested 13. runners

8. looks, wants, to go 9. fell 10. visitors 18. going to hold 19. to bring 20. to wear 24. calling

12. swimming 17. will leave 21. to get

14. photos 23. went

15. staying 19. Visiting, kindness 25. had begun, was

12. difference 13. life 14. comes 17. unusual, Teachers’

18. will go, doesn’t rain

22. is skiing

24. to have

21. southern 22. don’t be 23. buying Unit 6, 7B

一、选择填空: DDABC, BACBB, DCCDB, DAAAB, BDDDA 二、词形变换: 1. musical 6. are leaving 11. walk 2. the fatter 7. mice 12. itself 3. least 8. best 13. keeping 4. calling 9. goldfish 5. look 10. to speak 20. lovely

3. waiter 9. twentieth 15. plays

4. to call

5. swimming

6. to wash

8. buy 14. to ride

10. fifties 11. to play 12. happy 16. living 17. inventors 22. were discussing 21. playing

14. will return 15. to play 19. ought not to keep, closed 24. noisily 25. eating

19. trained 24. saying

20. hers

16. unusual 17. to learn

18. keep, open 23. women

25. To study

21. not to make 22. is served Unit 1, 8A

一、选择填空: BABAA, CBCDD, AAACA, CDBCC 二、词形变换: 1. is raining, not go 2. will give 6. Walking 11. humor 7. to wear 12. mixed 3. plays 4. did, come 5. brought

8. visiting

9. surprised

10. across

8. Would like 13. photos

9. talking 10. to close 14. worries 15. thinks

12. are swimming

16. true, mine 17. to travel 18. swimming Unit 2, 8A 一、选择填空: DCAAB, ACDAD, BACAC, BACAD, BCCAA 二、词形变换: 1. help 11. tasting 2. the twelfth 12. playing 3. correctly 4. themselves 8. asking 5. visitors 6. doesn’t rain 7. interested, interesting 9. the longest 10. angrily Unit 1, 8B 一、选择填空: CCBDC, DACAA, BBABB, ADBBC, CADBC 二、词形变换: Unit 3, 8A 一、选择填空: DCADB, DBAAB, DACAD, DCD 二、词形变换: 1. to visit 6. beginning 11. giving 21. amazed Unit 4, 8A 一、选择填空: CBBCA, BABCB, AABCC, DDCAA 二、词形变换: 1. are catching 6. fifth 11. the best Unit 5, 8A 一、选择填空: DBDCA, AAABA, BABBA, BBBCD, CBCDD 二、词形变换: 1. less, less 6. incorrect 2. importance 7. uncomfortable 17. fishes 3. tourists 4. take 5. danger 9. impossible 10. loudly, to be quiet 15. colourful 20. to make 19. living 8. uncommon 18. easily Unit 3, 8B 一、选择填空: CBDDD, CCCAC, DCDBB, ABBBD, ACCCB 二、词形变换: 1. will play 2. will be put 6. bored 11. has got 7. is playing 12. is made 3. are sold, sell 8. amazed, amazing 13. are, swimming 17. sadly, dying, sad 4. talking 9. rainy 14. makes 18. pleasant 5. healthier 10. be given, wisely 15. will be 2. is going to be/ will be 8. forgetful 12. length 13. incorrectly 18. heavier 3. will stop 4. amazing 10. sadly 15. boring, bored 19. the taller 20. reader 5. blindness 7. kindness 9. surprised 2. to get 3. to meet 4. reading 13. angry 19. me 5. to close 14. go 15. buying 25. bored 7. boring 8. greetings 12. not to forget, to lock 22. interest 17. hours’ 18. better 23. interest 9. leaves 10. to hold 20. invitation Unit 2, 8B 一、选择填空: CDACA, DCDAC, DADCB, DCDCC, CCACC 二、词形变换: 1. performers’ 5. endless 13. harmful 2. visitors, was dancing 3. careful, careless 11. is 4. helpful, helpless 6. thankful 7. meaningful, meaningless 8. noiseless 10. knows, likes 15. unwelcome 20. will go, have 12. to be, to get 17. arrived, was eating 16. surely 1.rode 2. has, have, had, has left 11. will take 19. left 3. worry, will be 4. have put 5. have lived, came 8.was watching, was reading 16. is sleeping 25. send, writing 9. was, has lived 17. to hear, surprising 13. has gone, went 6. have seen, saw 7. did, do, gave 10. has been 14. haven’t finished, reading 18. women teachers 22. better 19. the heaviest 20. speaking, every day 一、选择填空: BBBDA, DBAAC, BCDCA, CCACD, CBBDC 二、词形变换: 1. heavily 11. Reading 16. making 2. dancer 3. answer 4. fifth 8. going 5. stand 9. Don’t be, more 14. Does, stay 10. closing 15. Won’t have 6. will tell, comes 7. hear, singing

12. not to forget 17. to speak

13. Was, dancing

18. to write, clearly 19. frosty

20. not to run

13. faster, taking, more expensive 14. Britain, British

15. is called, called

12. Did, rain, has rained 15. have visited 24. well 20. yourselves 21. ninth

23. is being mended

16. letting, have

24. boring

9. Was, watching, was discussing 14. beautifully 19. to visit 18. was happening

14. the most

21. the most beautifully 24. was seen, to enter 25. will miss

16. pleased, pleasant 17. the least

22. joined, was, has been

23. would return, finished

11. including 12. simply 16. the most important Unit 6, 8A

13. watching 14. long-pointed

16. more carefully, more

19. angrier, angrier, saying, angrily

20. the most popular, children’s, books

21. the best Unit 4, 8B 一、选择填空: ACCDC, CCDBD, DBCCC, CCCDB, CAABD 二、词形变换: 1. would be 10. talking 15. to play 23. talking Unit 5, 8B 一、选择填空: CCCBA, CBBBB, DDDDB, ABCDA, CDCBB 二、词形变换: 1. grateful 2. spend, buying 3. Pollution 9. illness 13. operating 4. set 5. leaders 6. charities 7. medical 11. advertisement 15. seems, to rain 20. interest Unit 6, 8B 一、选择填空: CCAAD, DDDDB, CBCDB, CDCCD, CADCB 二、词形变换: 1. further 2. donate 7. voluntary 16. is watching 20. to keep, finish 24. to join Unit 1, 9A 一、选择填空: CACDB, ACBAB, AABDB, ABCDA, CCAAA, BDCAB 二、词形变换: 1. not having 2. ability 3. inactive, the most suitable 4. thoughtful

22. discussion

23. theirs

24. broken

25. be thrown

5. leaders 14. making 19. wisely

6. pleasure

7. selfish

8. to be, to be 12. yourself

9. will enjoy 13. not to forgive

10. doing, students’

11. the most modest

15. the most successful 16. excited 20. personal 24. to spend 25. pay, health

17. mixture 18. unfair

21. planning, businesslike 22. to become

23. have learned 3. to provide 12. is drunk 17. cry 4. cutting 5. organization Unit 2, 9A 14. to perform, operations 8. would come 9. was talking 13. has stopped 18. going 25. made 19. Knowledge 20. is spoken

2. will be 11. have set 16. is waiting

6. performers, performance 7. not to be

一、选择填空: ABABB, DBACB, BBADD, ACBCB, ADBDD 二、词形变换: 1. decision 6. sleep, sleepy 11. preferred 16. peaceful Unit 3, 9A 一、选择填空: BDACA, BBADA, BABBB, BBABD, CDDDA 二、词形变换: 1. succeed 6. to deal 2. valuable 3. hobbies 4. playing 5. quarrels 9. impolite 18. wishes 13. activities, interested 17. worries 2. waits 3. heart 4. strength 13. qualities 5. unhappiness 10. jogging 15. contented 20. fitting 14. warmth 7. to bring 12. difficulty 17. was 8. looking 9. sadness

21. arrived, was drawing

22. hasn’t worked, repairing/ to be repaired

24. is being built

18. using

19. stressed, relaxed

8. lives

10. lucky 14. to become, grows 19. excited 18. bought

12. prevention 16. others’

17. protected

7. articles, teenagers’/ teenage 11. unnecessary 15. support

8. conclusion

21. mostly

22. impolite 23. Harmless 24. runners 25. carelessly

10. send, replying 14. to do, stressed 19. Hand 24. sporty

12. planning 16. playing

20. pleasure, suggestions 25. worse

21. noise, noisy

22. The more, more unhealthy, eating, unhealthy 23. wise, playing, stay 6. visitors Unit 4, 9A 一、选择填空: BBAAC, CDACB, BCDCC, DABBA, ADACB 二、词形变换: 1. weekly 6. stopped 16. was held 21. letting Unit 5, 9A 2. horror, mysteries 7. Luckily 12. comedy 3. was murdered 9. natural 13. spent 4. the longest 5. more comfortable 8. pleasant 10. will be held 15. disappeared 19. was chatting 20. were cleaning 25. further

3. useless

4. yourselves

5. unusual

8. don’t work, won’t pass

9. sounds 10. incorrectly, successfully 14. wonder 15. himself, him 23. to eat 19. will learn, have never learned

11. protecting 12. was produced 13. be kept 17. fell, badly 18. were flying 21. shall, meet 25. happily

22. to have, having

11. bored, boring

14. disagree

17. will be covered 22. scared

18. more heavily 24. disturbing

23. death

一、选择填空: ABBDC, CCCBD, BDBAB, ADCCD, ACBBC 二、词形变换: 1. lucky 11. had got 21. needy Unit 6, 9A 一、选择填空: ACDDA, ACABC, CDDCD, BADAD, DBCAA 二、词形变换: 1. missing 6. leaving 2. running 7. unusual 17. has 3. have, cook, salesmen 8. had disappeared 13. have proved 18. standing 4. breaking 5. really 9. robbery 19. especially 10. to complain 20. would put 2. more realistic 12. achievements 3. acting, better 13. to study 23. itself 4. Action, fights effect 5. endings 8. starring 9. breath 10. to become 20. bad, terrible 14. attract, visitors 15. the most attractive 24. peacefully 25. beauty 6. quiet, are watching 16. to pay, listening 7. To improve, western 17. had been dead

18. training 19. loss, living

22. study, daydreaming

11. murderer 12. to call 16. robber, guilty 21. enemies

14. criminal 15. millionaire, needy 24. thieves 25. highly

22. Children’s, are dressed 23. death


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