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高三语法复习: 强调

1. 用助动词“do/ does/ did+动词原形”表强 用助动词“ did+动词原形 动词原形” 调
改错: 改错: He do work hard. does
助动词随人称的数、时态变化 助动词随人称的数、

e.g.: (1).--(1).--- Did you come yesterday? --- Yes, I did come. (2). He did finish his task this month.

2. 用very, just, the only, at all 等词表强调

e.g.: (1). This is the just book that I’m looking for. (2). Have you read any of the report at all?

3. in the world, on earth, ever等用于疑问词 ever等用于疑问词 后表强调

e.g.: (1). What on earth are you doing? (2). How in the world did she manage that? (3). When ever did you lost it?

4. 用感叹词表强调

感叹词:what, 感叹词:what, how 省略了主谓语 要注意语序!

e.g.: What a life! 这过的是什么日子啊! 这过的是什么日子啊!

5. 用倒装句表强调

e.g.: (1). On the table are some bowls. (2). Only in this way can you work out the problem. (3). Hardly had he left when it began to rain. No sooner… than…

6. so作“确实”表强 so作 确实” 调

e.g.: (1). --- You were invited to the party, weren’t you? weren’ --- So I was. I’d forgotten. I’ (2). --- He won the championship ten years ago. --- So he did.

7. 用强调句型表强调

强调句型: 强调句型:
It is/ was +被强调部分+that/ who +其他部分 被强调部分+ e.g.: (1). I saw him on the street last night on the street night.
It was I that/ who saw him on the street last night. It was him that/ who I saw on the street last night. It was on the street that I saw him last night. It was last night that I saw him on the street.

被强调部分为主语时,“被强调部分”用主格; 被强调部分为主语时, 被强调部分”用主格; 被强调部分为宾语时, 被强调部分”用宾格。 被强调部分为宾语时,“被强调部分”用宾格。

Pay attention!

(2). I didn’t recognize him until he took off his dark glasses.

It was not until he took his dark glasses that I recognized him. Not until did he take off his dark glasses that I recognized him. Not until he took off his dark glasses did I recognize him.


倒装句一般在主句倒装 Pay attention!

(3). 强调句型的一般疑问句。 强调句型的一般疑问句。
It was in 1939 that the Second World War broke out. Was it in 1939 that the Second World War broke out? It is Professor Wang who teaches your English. Is it Professor Wang who teaches your English?

(4). 强调句型的特殊疑问句。 强调句型的特殊疑问句。
Who was it that broke out the window? When was it that you called me? What is it that you want me to do? How was it that you succeed? Why is it that smoking isn’t allowed here? isn’

(5). 区分强调句和定语从句。 区分强调句和定语从句。
It was in the house that he was born. 强调句
定语从句 It was the house where he was born.

It was at midnight that he got sick. 强调句 It was midnight when he got sick. 定语从句
区分方法: 区分方法: 将句子中的“ where)…” 将句子中的“It was… that( when/ where)…” 结构去 掉: 强调句; 如若还能成完整的句子,则为强调句 如若还能成完整的句子,则为强调句; 如若不能成完整的句子,则为定语从句 定语从句。 如若不能成完整的句子,则为定语从句。

1.--Where was____ ____you picked up the wallet﹖ ____ ﹖ --Just near the school gate. A. it B. it that C. the place D. the place that 2. I must find out why____ many students made ____so ____ the same mistake. A. is it that B. was it which C. it is what D. it was that 3. How many years is it ___ your sister came to work here﹖ ﹖ A. after B. since C. before D. until 4. Is it in the factory__ __you visited last week__ __this __ __ kind of car is made﹖ ﹖ A./that B. where when / C. where that D./when /


5. It was because of bad weather______ ______the ______ football match had to be put off. A. so B. so that C. why D. that 6.It was his remarks_____ _____left me wondering about _____ his real purpose. A. which B. what C. where D. that 7. --- Was it in 1969________ the American astronaut succeeded________ landing on the moon﹖ ﹖ --- Quite right. A. when; on B. that; on C. when; in D. that; in 8.It was not until 1920____ ____regular radio broadcasts ____ began.?? ? A. while B. which C. that D. since

9.___ a fact that English is being accepted as an ___is ___ international language.? ? A. There B. This C. That D. It 10.___ ___was in 1979__ graduated from the __I ___ __ university. A. That; that B. It; that C .That; when D. It; when 11. It was for this reason______ ______her uncle ______ moved out of New York and settled down in a small village.? ? A. which B. why C. that D. how 12. It is the protection for the trees____ ____really ____ matters rather than how many trees are planted. A. what B. that C./ D. which /

13.--- Was that the new comer who walked by﹖ ﹖ --- _________ . A. It must be that B. It must have been C. He must be D. This must have been 14. Our classroom is very clean. Do you know who__ __ cleaned it﹖ ﹖ A. was it that B. it was that C. was it who D. he was

15. It was____ met Mr. Green in Shanghai. ____I ____ A. ten years since B. many years ago that C. five years until D. Two months when

Thank You


Read the two groups of sentences and compare them, trying to find the differences.

1 I didn’t realize how much time I had wasted until I began to work 2.—Do you know Jim quarrel with his brother? —I don’t know, and I don’t, either. 3. You can be able to waste much time only by practicing a few hours every day. 4. The telephone rang as soon as he got into the room. 5.They didn’t only bring snacks and drinks,but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. 6. We can do it well only in this way. 7. If you had asked me , I would have given you his address. 8. They realized little that they had made an important discovery in science. 9 They talked so loudly that I couldn’t be absorbed in the work. 10. I have seen a better performance nowhere else. 11. They are coming .

1 Not until I began to work did I realize how much time I had wasted. 2.—Do you know Jim quarrel with his brother? —I don’t know, nor do I care. 3. Only by practicing a few hours every day will you be able to waste much time. 4. Hardly had he got into the room when the telephone rang. 5. Not only did they bring snacks and drinks,but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. 6. Only in this way can we do it well. 7. Had you asked me , I would have given you his address. 8. Little did they realize that they had made an important discovery in science. 9 So loudly did they talk that I couldn’t be absorbed in the work. 10. Nowhere else have I seen a better performance. 11. There come the girls.

一般说来,倒装分为部分倒装和完全倒装。 一般说来,倒装分为部分倒装和完全倒装。 部分倒装 完全倒装(即谓语完全放在主语前面) 一 完全倒装(即谓语完全放在主语前面) 1. 以 Here, There, Up, Down, In, Out, Off, Away等副词开头的句子表示强调。(注意:句 等副词开头的句子表示强调。 注意: 等副词开头的句子表示强调 子的主语必须是名词,如果是人称代词,也不 子的主语必须是名词, 如果是人称代词, 能使用倒装结构) 能使用倒装结构) 如: The children rushed out.

Out rushed the children
The rocket went up.

Up went the rocket.

2. 表示地点的介词短语作状语位于句首。(这时 表示地点的介词短语作状语位于句首。( 。(这时 的谓语动词为不及物动词,主语必须为名词) 的谓语动词为不及物动词,主语必须为名词) 如: Two tables and four chairs stood under the tree. Under the tree stood two tables and four chairs.

The speaker sat in the front of the lecture hall. In front of the lecture hall sat the speaker.

3. 强调表语,置于句首,或者保持句子平衡。结构 强调表语,置于句首,或者保持句子平衡。 表语+连系动词+主语“ 表语:形容词/ 为:表语+连系动词+主语“(表语:形容词/过去 分词/ 介词短语) 分词/ 介词短语) 如: The days when we had nothing to eat are gone. Gone are the days when we had nothing to eat.

1,000 students were present at the meeting. Present at the meeting were 1,000 students. students.

4. So/ neither / nor前面所说的情况也适合于后者 前面所说的情况也适合于后者 其倒装结构为“ 助动词/系 时,其倒装结构为“so/neither/nor+助动词 系 助动词 动词/ 主语” 表示肯定意义, 动词 情态动词 + 主语”( so表示肯定意义, 表示肯定意义 neither/nor表示否定意义)。 表示否定意义)。 表示否定意义 如:-----She has finished her homework. -----

So have I

.(我也一样) (我也一样)

-----She hasn’t been there.

Neither/ Nor have I. (我也没有去) ----我也没有去)

5.such置于句首时,将be放在主语 置于句首时, 置于句首时 放在主语 前面,全倒装.如 前面,全倒装 如: 如:Such ______(be) the facts; no one are can deny them.

was Such _____(be) Albert Einstein, a simple and great scientist.

二. 部分倒装(即助动词,情态动词等+主语 部分倒装(即助动词,情态动词等+ 主要动词) +主要动词) 1.never, hardly, scarcely, seldom, little, not until, no sooner …than, hardly… when 等表 示否定意义的副词放于句首。 示否定意义的副词放于句首。 I hardly knew what had happened. Hardly did I know what had happened. I didn’t know about it until he came back. didn’ Not until he came back did I know about it 2 用于疑问句中。 用于疑问句中。 如:Did you see the film yesterday?

3. 用于 省略的虚拟条件状语从句中。如省 用于if省略的虚拟条件状语从句中 省略的虚拟条件状语从句中。 应把were, had, should提到主语前 略if ,应把 应把 提到主语前 面。 如 : If you had come yesterday, you would have seen him. ==== Had you come yesterday, you would have seen him.
要是明天是周五的话我就可以回家去了。 要是明天是周五的话我就可以回家去了。

If it were/should be Friday tomorrow, I would go back home.

4.only和修饰的状语(从句)放于句首时, only和修饰的状语 从句)放于句首时, 和修饰的状语( 句子(主句)要用部分倒装。 句子(主句)要用部分倒装。如: I realized the importance of English only then. Only then did I realize the importance of English. He understood his parents’ intentions parents’ only when a child grows up. Only when a child grows up does he understand his parents’ intentions parents’ (但:Only WangLin knows this. 不用倒 装)

5. Not only…but also连接并列的句子, also连接并列的句子 连接并列的句子, 前倒后不倒。 前倒后不倒。 如: He doesn’t only know French, but doesn’ he also is expert at it. Not only does he know French, but also he is expert at it.

6. Neither…nor连接并列的句子,前后都倒 连接并列的句子, 连接并列的句子 装。 我既不知道这个事我也不关心。 如:我既不知道这个事我也不关心。 Neither do I know it, nor do I care about it. 7. so … that, such … that 中的 或such 中的so或 及修饰的成分放于句首时前倒后不倒 前倒后不倒。 及修饰的成分放于句首时前倒后不倒。 如:He is so busy that he can not go on a holiday. So busy is he that he can not go on a holiday

8 用于表示祝愿的祈使句中。 用于表示祝愿的祈使句中。 如:May you succeed! May you be in good health! 9 . 句 首 为 频 度 状 语 often, always, once, many a time, now and again, every other day, every two hours等;方式状语 等 thus。 。 如:Many a time has he helped me with my computer.

形倒实不倒的情况: 三.形倒实不倒的情况: 形倒实不倒的情况
形式倒装只要把强调的内容提至句首,主 形式倒装只要把强调的内容提至句首, 谓并不倒装。 谓并不倒装。 1、感叹句 、 What an interesting talk they had! How interesting their talk was! 2 、The 比较级 … the 比较级 … 比较级… 比较级… The harder you work, the greater progress you will make.

3、whatever; however+adj/adv 引导状 、 语从句的句型 However difficult the problem may be, we must work it out this evening. 4、名词(无冠词)/形容词 副词 形容词/副词 、名词(无冠词) 形容词 副词+as引导 引导 的让步状语从句 Young boy as he is, he can ask such a question.

5. so表示强调,即强调前面所说的情况 so表示强调 表示强调, 的真实性时,其结构为“ 的真实性时,其结构为“so+ 主语 +助 情态动词” 动词 / 系动词 / 情态动词”,主语和前 一句的主语一致。 一句的主语一致。 如:--- She knows little English. --So she does .(的确如此) 的确如此)

1. ---I would never come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible. ---______. B Neither would I A. Nor am I B. C. Same with me D. So do I 2. ______snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. B A. Not only they brought B. Not only did they bring C. Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring

3. Little ______ abut his own safety, thought he was in great danger himself. A. does he care C. he cares B did he care B. D. he cared

4. Not until all the fish died in the river ______ how serious the pollution was. A A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realize D. didn’t the villagers realize ’

5. ______ got into the room ______ the telephone rang. B A. He hardly had; then B. Hardly had he; when C. He had not; than D. Not had he; when 6. Only when your identity has been checked _____. A. you are allowed in B. you will be allowed in C. will you allow in D. D will you be allowed in

7. So difficult ______ it to live in an Englishspeaking country that I determined to learn English well. A. I have felt C. I did feel B. have I felt D. D did I feel B. sang she D. she did sang

8. Not a singe song ______ at yesterday’s party. ’ A. she sang C. C did she sang

9. ---David has made great progress recently. ---______, and ______. A. So he has; so you have B so he has; so have you B. C. So has he; so have you D. so has he; so you have 10. Look! In front of the stadium ______. A stands a high tower A. B. does a high tower stand C. a high tower stands D. a high tower does stand

11. ______ when she heard the sound. A. A Out rushed the woman B. Out the woman rushed

C. Out did the woman rush D. Out the woman did rush 12. ______, I have never seen anyone who’s as capable ’ as John. A.As long as I have traveled B. Now that I have traveled so much C Much as I have traveled C. D. As I have traveled so much

13. What would have happened, _____ as far as the river bank? A. Bob had walked farther B. if Bob should walk farther C had Bob walked farther C. D. if Bob walked farther

14. ______, I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week. A. However the story is amusing B. No matter amusing the story is C However amusing the story is C. D. No matter how the story is amusing 15. _____ from Beijing to London! A. How long way it is C. How long way is it B. what a long way is it D D. What a long way it is

Situation: 上课铃响了,我们的班主任来了,在 她的手里有一个非常漂亮盒子。我们是 如此的好奇盒子里面装的是什么,因此 建议她马上打开我们看看。老师慢慢的 打开盒子,原来里面装的是一只白色的 鸽子。我们一看见那么可爱的动物都忍 不住跑到讲台上想用手摸它,可是出乎 意料之外的是我们刚一伸出手鸽子就从 窗户飞出去了。真是遗憾啊,但愿鸽子 能够找到更好的归宿吧!

Task: Read the Chinese passage and try to write an English passage, using as many sentences in version as possible(The number of the ( sentences should be limited to five) )

There went the bell and in came our headteacher, in whose hand was a nice box. So curious about what was in it that we advised her to open in and let us have a look. She opened it slowly and in it was a lovely white pigeon. Hardly had we seen the lovely creature when we couldn’t help running to the platform to touch it. But to our surprise, no sooner had we stretched our hands to it than out it flew away from the window. What a pity and may it find a better home.

Thank you for your attention !!!

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