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1、 the failure_________ was nothing serious, but he seemed to have lost confidence a. in itself b. by itself c. of itself d. to itself

2. the big earthquake is still on . in the mountain village a. much clothing c. a good many cloth 3. b.

_________is badly needed

lots of suits

d. a lot of cloths the earth’s surface is

it is known to all that________ of

covered by water a. three fourth c. third fourth b. three fourths d. thirds fourth

4. in the reading room, you should walk on_________ tiptoe so that you wouldn’t disturb________ other readers a. the; the b. the; / c. /;the d. /;/

5. all of this fruit_____________ from their garden a. has b. have c. is d. are

6. the store is still open during__________ a. repairing b. repair c, repairs d, repair

7. the advertisement claims that the new washing machine is fine in all_________ a. respects b. cases c. fields d. points

8. by the end of this term, we’ll have read__________ a. five more or less novels c, more or less five novels b. five novels more or less d. five more or less novel

9. the international train to Moscow was delayed because of ___absence of ___information about _______snow there a. /;/;the b. the;/;the c. the ;the; the d. the;the;/

10. everyone should do _____duty, shouldn’t___________? a. one’s ;his b, his;he c. their;they d. his;they

11. ________heard Father promise a special gift if I got straight A’s in all the exams a. myself b. I by myself c. me d, I myself

12. you shouldn’t skip breakfast, as it is___ most important meal________ a. a;of a day c. the;of the day b, the;in the day d. the;in a day

13. the villagers had plenty of_______ to put up with, like poor living conditions and unlaid roads a. annoyances b. troubles c. tasks d, anxieties

14. . -----what do they raise on their farm? ------___________ a. cattle b. cattles c. the cattles d. the cattle

15. one and a half oranges____ on the table stung by the files

a. are left

b, is left

c, was remained

d, remain

16. the police questioned on the few _________about the road accident a. passer-bys c. passer-by 17. all that glitters_____ not gold a. have b, has c, is d. are b. passers-bys d, passers-by

18. _________information cost him many chances of finding jobs a. lack of b, to lack c. lack d, lacking in

19. our neighbor has_________ ours a. as a big house as c, same big house as b, as big a house as d, a house same big as

20. would you please be _______do it for me, please? a. kind enough b, kind as to c, so kind to d, so kind as to

21. these goods are__________ for export, though a few of them may be sold on the home market. a. essentially b.completely c, necessarily d. remarkably

22. our journey was slow because the train stopped__________ at different villages a. improperly b. gradually c, continuously d, continually

23. he is one of the best shots in the country, who has beaten ______hands and ______heads than yours

a. cooler;steadier c. tidier,calmer 24. tom wanted to find a

b, steadier ;cooler d, tighter;sober job, so that he could be

independent________ his family a. on b, with c, of d, from

25. you should show the card to the guard when you come in.it entitled you ________certain rights. a. in b, on c, to d, at

26. my grandfather is ________ than a lot of young people A, alive b, liver c, more alive d, more living

27. he told a lie about his mistake and that made his fault__________ a. the worst b, all worse c, all the worse d, all the worst

28. the best room is already occupied so the manager of the hotel recommends us this room,which is_______room A, far the most satisfactory c, the almost satisfactory b, second the most satisfactory d, the next most satisfactory

29. in the cartoon,the little duck is ably tutored by a good-natured mouse who imparts some___ wisdom before he hibernates A, survival handful c, survival handy b, hamdful survival d. handy survival

30. the last ten minutes of this story are crammed with a series of short lived perils and it all ends well,but very young and _________children may have a few_____moments along the way A, sensitive;anxious c, sentimental;easy b, sensory;uneasy d, sensible;nervous

31. i wanted to say that if any of us might be required to give evidence,I should be only______to do anything that might help the family a. so pleased c, too pleased b, pleased so as d, pleased in order

32. the young man in charge urged________to take an active part in the movement A, all concerned c, all concerning b, concerned all d, concerning all

33. little tom was happy when the teacher patted him______on the shoulder and said something to praise him A, slightly b, gently c, strongly d, warmly

34. I have’t got the ________idea of what you mean,I beg your pardon? A, lightest b, weakest c, smallest d, faintest

35. it would be unjust for him to bear______the great expenses

involved A, frankly b, personally c, generally d, publicly

36. can you give me another hint without_________the answer A, giving off b, giving away c, giving up d, giving in

37. jack is good,kind,hard-working and intelligent._________.i can’t speak too highly of him A, as a result b, in a word c, by the way d, on the contrary

38. the class teacher joined________us ________singing the song A, in;in b, with; with c, in; with d, withl; in

39. listen!our monitor_______that the class meeting will be put off beacause Mr.Wang is ill A, said b, is saying c, has said d, says

40. if you ____stop smoking,you can only expect to have a bad cough A, won’t b, would not c, does not d, can not

41. mary __to see you,she _____for you downstairs at the moment A, has come;is waiting c, has come;waited b, is coming;is waiting d, came;was waiting

42. I’ve brought my tennis things along in case we ________time for a game tomorrow A,shall have b, have c, will have d, are going to have

43. the professor _________to the lab than he set out to do the

experiment A, has no sooner got c, will no sooner get b, no sooner got d, had no sooner got

44. good harvens!there you are!we_________anxious about you ,and we_________you back throughout the night A,.are;expect c, have been;were expecting b,were;had expected d, are;were expecting

45. ----I will come to attend your lecture at 10:00 tomorrow -----I’m sorry,by then my lecture will have ended and I _____my guests in my office a. is being met c, will be meeting b, will meet d, will have met

46. Michael__________here to see you and he ________a note on your desk A, has come;has left c, has come;left b, has been;has left d, has been;left

47. alice said to me that she____in her hometown for two more days a. had stayed b, had been staying 48. ----was jack there when you came? ----yes,but he ________home soon afterwards a. had gone b, has gone c, is going d, went c, would stay d, stayed

49. the students here_________all kinds of exercise in the last few weeks A, kept busy doing c, have kept busy doing b, keep on doing d, have been kept busy doing

50. ---may I speak to Mr.Smith tonight? ---I’m sorry,he _________to a conference long before then A, will have gone c, would have gone b. had gone d, has gone

51. jim as well as the other five children who________nothing to do________taken to the nearby park by his father A,have;is being c, has;are being b, have;has been d,has;has been

52. the woman writer has set a new record,that is,the sales of her new novel_______100 million A, have reached c, are reaching 53, as time goes by,he ______old A, will grow b, has grown c, is growing d, grew b, has reached d,had reached

1. a 2. a 3. d 4. c 5. c 6. c 7. a 8. c 9. b 10.d

11.d 12.c 13.a 14.a 15.b 16.d 17.c 21.a 22.d 23.b 24.c 25.c 26.c 27.c

18.a 19.b 20.d 28.d 29.d 30.a

31.c 32.a 33.b 34.d 35.b 36.b 37.b 38.d 39.b 40.a 41.a 42.b 43.d 44.b 45.c 46.d 47.c 48.d 49.d 50.a 51.b 52.a 53.c

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