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值得学习Statement of Academic Purpose

Statement of Academic Purpose

Three years ago, when returning to China after my graduate study in curatorial studies at Bard College, which exposed me to a fascinating world of contemporary art history and criticism, I determined to come back to the United States for my Ph.D. sometime soon. The decision has once again been confirmed after two more years working in China as a curator and critic. This is why I am now applying for Ph.D. studies in the prestigious Art History Department at the University of Chicago. My dedication to art burgeons in my childhood reverie of becoming an artist. Born into a traditional intellectual family, my inborn interest in painting was highly encouraged and well fostered. My grandfather taught me ink painting and calligraphy, opening the door of traditional art. At teenage I was enrolled in an art training program at the Beijing Children Activity Center, where I was trained in such Western art-making basics as drawing, sketching, gauche, and still-life. Meanwhile, I developed wide interests in history, philosophy, literature, and writing. I selected the Museum Studies Program in History Department at Nankai University based in Tianjing, hoping to build up my career in China’s art museum. Upon graduation in 1988, backed by my good performance, I obtained a position at China Art Gallery, the only nation-grade modern art museum in China, during which I conducted a three-year investigation of folk art nationwide. This unique experience equipped me with an exceptional dimension for reflecting art, especially, when I was witnessing the Chinese Avant-garde Movement reaching its dramatic heydays in late 1980s. As a result, the movement increasingly occupied my attention, therefore I involved in the Graduate Program at China Art Academy, the leading art institute in China, concentrating on modern Chinese art history, under the guidance of Prof. Shui Tianzhong, who was then the director of the institution. As soon as finishing the MA program in 1995, China Art Gallery offered me a position of curator, which was obviously seen by many as ideal in China’s art world. However, my attention was diverted to the booming of contemporary Chinese art on the global art stage. In order to expose myself to international art world and to acquire curatorial training in contemporary art, in 1996, I involved in the Curatorial Program at Bard College, New York. The two-year MA program threw me into the sea of world art. Frequent visit to famous galleries and museums in New York City and enthusiastic discussions on art with fellow students and faculty, which composed by American leading scholar, curator, and critic, I felt truly improved and sharpened, casting a sophisticated art perception. As part of my graduate fulfillment the two-man-show, entitled Where Heaven and Earth Meet: Xu Bing and Cai GuoQiang, was the outcome of yearlong close cooperation with the two leading Chinese artists. It tremendously impressed the community. Both my show and thesis were regarded as significant and important by the faculties. Hoping to apply what I had trained at Bard in China’s art world, I returned to China immediately after the commencement and accordingly, postponed my predetermined Ph.D. studies. But I see the profound intellectual rumination and scholarly refinement as crucial for an

批注 [U1]: 举例子佐证儿时兴趣被 encouraged 带格式的: 字体颜色: 红色 格式 的

批注 [U2]: 发展了额外的兴趣 带格式的: 突出显示 格式 的 批注 [U3]: 我很有兴趣,因此我还选 择了读研究生。 读研这一事实佐证了 我对 modern art 的兴趣

批注 [U4]: 兴趣又变了

批注 [U5]: 继续以留学经历佐证对当 代中国艺术的兴趣

批注 [U6]: 留学经历,期间的做为, 取得的成绩 批注 [U7]: 解释为何回国

outstanding cross-cultural experienced curator. To reach this, doing a Ph.D. is necessary. Thereafter I have been working widely in China, deeply involving in exhibitions, criticism, publishing, and museum operation, thus gaining personal experience and understanding to contemporary Chinese art and its context, the violent transitional China’s society.

批注 [U8]: 打下伏笔,顺带说明为何 现在要读博:cross cultural experience

Nearly twenty-year hard work and rich experience have gradually paid off. More than sixty articles, reviews, essays have appeared on leading Chinese art magazines, such as World Art, Jiansu Pictorial, Chinese Art, Duoyun, ArtCircle, as well as English art journal Art AsiaPacific and Asian Art News. Eight exhibitions I curated were staged in Beijing, Tokyo, New York, and Shenzhen. Six books and catalogues (3 co-authored) were published.
With the accelerating development of globalization Chinese art will play a more and more important role in on the world art stage. A great deal of talented artist, combines their Chinese characteristic with the appropriation of western art, are emerging. The exposure of young generation Chinese artist on world art venues will be a new challenge for international art establishment, calling on a new discourse to be deciphered. Under this situation those scholars who rooted in Chinese background and well-trained in Western contemporary art program will be promising. Since their work will smoothen art exchange and communication between China and Western nations. I wish I could be the one who can do the great job. In order to realize it my Ph.D. studies will be crucial. As I know the art history department at University of Chicago enjoy a good reputation for its strong Asian and modern art faculties, especially, from my view, Prof. Wu Hung, one of admirable scholars of mine, is doing a great job in terms of researching and promoting contemporary Chinese art in US. Prof. Martha Ward who taught me four years’ ago at Bard College impressed me a lot. In short, an everlasting career pursuer is well prepared for the new challenge. As a young scholar I have achieved unusual in China and made a notable debut in the US. I believe that the theoretical preparation and practical experience I possess can be a stable foundation for me to do the Ph.D. studies at University of Chicago, which will elevate me up the new height of my career, and therefore thoroughly dedicate myself to the sacred life-long commitment.

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批注 [U10]: 描述这一领域在国内的 现状,说明自己的职业规划 批注 [U11]: 再次强调读博的必要性

批注 [U12]: 为何选 UC

批注 [U13]: 总结

Ignited by a film short circuit After the robot team, I determined to study robot vision Though my attention was diverted to traffic engineering, specifically study of traffic flow simulation and project of communication based train control system during graduate study, I am still affirmed to study robot vision. (postponed my predetermined study plan in robot vision) Postponed my predetermined study plan in robot vision

Last year, I learned something that few young people of early 20s would want to learn. This is, anguish is an integral part of life. On March 31, 1996, a day I shall never forget, my father passed away, having suffered a heavy heart attack. Until then, I had not given much thought to the concept of death, and never expected to lose someone so close to me so suddenly. The burden of life thus came to weigh don on me without any warning. My father's death marked the end of an era for me. Before that, my life was so smooth that I never seemed to have a care in the world. Having been brought up in a loving family, I distinguished myself in all of my grade school years, always the best of the class. In the highly competitive National University Entrance Examinations that are held annually nationwide, I scored as the second best in my hometown Tianjin, one of China's largest cities that sent over 20,000 youngsters to the exams together with me that year. With that, I gained acceptance into the Qinghua (otherwise known as Tsinghua) University, arguably China's best higher learning institution. I performed so well at the university that I won scholarships for three years in a row. I was also awarded with a number of other honors. Overnight, everything changed. With my mother's low salary,, the family could hardly sustain itself, not to speak of putting two people, my sister and myself, through the university. It therefore fell on me, the elder of the two children, to support the family. When the loss of my father finally sank in my first reaction was to shrink from my new obligations. But I quickly reclaimed my sense of responsibility and proceeded to create a new life for me and my family out of the shattered pieces of the life we had before. As few students in China can cover all his or her expenses with scholarships only, I began to work part-time. I have since served as a helper in the library, a waiter in a cafeteria, and an assistant in a number of research projects. Inevitably, these jobs have put a dent to my academic performance at the university. I have, however, gained more experiences an individual, which have helped me attain more maturity and a stronger sense of purpose, not only than I had before but also than most people of my age generally have. Through these experiences, I have not only solved my financial problems but also received an education that I could not have received in the classroom. By learning and making use of my strengths that I never knew existed, I have brought forth my true self to meet the worldly challenges. I first chose engineering for a career when I was in high school. My father, a chief engineer in an automobile engine plant for many years, was the main source of inspiration for this choice. He and long working hours that was

sometimes associated with his job. Having watched him work other hand, I often shared my father's pleasure an sense of accomplishment, as he led the plant in achieving technological innovations, averting emergencies or otherwise reaching a research goal. As trying as the field might be, I have found the profession intellectually engaging and emotionally satisfying. On the basis of such considerations, I decided, with the full support of my father, to follow my father in his footsteps and make myself an engineer as well. Last summer, I took part as a research assistant in a project that used ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) in Naphtha's RVP modeling. In this project, we created a naphtha raid vapor pressure model of process data from an HYSIM process simulation. The ANNs based on a feedforward architecture and a back-propagation technique alternately using negative and conjugate gradients was used in the model building. The accuracy of the model is within 1.185% of the target value. Thanks to my knowledge in this field, I was later on chosen to develop a CAI (computer aided instruction) software of the ANNs as part of my graduation project. The CAI of the three most frequently used ANNs (Forward Networks, Hopfield Networks, and Self-Organizing Networks) was thus created. I used a combination of different languages in designing the software, compiling the user interface part in Visual Basic and the training algorithm part in C++. I believe that the successful completion of the project demonstrates my proficiency and potential in both computer programming and theoretical analysis. The project re-enforced the special interest that I had long entertained in the area of ANNs. Another area of particular interest to me is robot control, for which I took a number of courses and read numerous journal articles. I am currently also planning to learn more about the applications of the LQG (Linear Quadratic Gaussian) controller. My ultimate goal is to obtain a teaching position at a university or research institution. For that, I intend to eventually earn a Ph. D. degree. The drive to succeed is now deeply ingrained in my character. Not content with just getting by, I want to get ahead. To pursue graduate studies, I have given up an opportunity to be admitted to the Ms Program in the Department of Automation of the Tsinghua University, a move that has given rise to quite some uncertainty to my future. But I have heard that, if a fog prevents the sailor of a small boat from seeing the buoy marking his course, he turns the boat quickly in small circles, knowing that the waves he makes will rock the buoy in his vicinity. He then stops to listen ad observe, and repeats the procedure, if necessary, until he hears the buoy clang. The making of these waves may engender some danger, but that is a small risk to take for finding where his course lies. A boat that stays in the harbor never encounters any danger, but it does not get anywhere either.

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