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雅思口语基础段lesson 3课件

Example 1 (M=male, F=Female) M: All things considered, I think radio and TV are most suitable for our campaign. Do you agree? F: Yes. They are the most memorable and they reach the greatest number of people. M: Magazines are good, but I think you have to advertise for a longer time to reach enough people and often there are many advertisements that are very similar in the same magazine. F: Whilst newspapers are good, people don’t really read the advertisement in a newspaper unless they are looking for something specific. M: I guess the biggest advantage of radio and TV advertisement is that you can’t avoid them. If you don’t want to read an advertisement in a newspaper then you can just turn the page but on TV most people just sit and watch them. F: I think radio advertisements are often quite popular as well. I know I sometimes sing little song advertisements that I have heard on the radio. It’s a good way to achieve a strong brand and make people remember the name of your company. That’s especially important when there’s a lot of competition and many companies offering the same service as you. M: Good point. Many TV advertisements are very entertaining as well. I guess it’s definitely worth spending the extra money on radio and TV.

Example 2. 比较欧式足球和美式足球 European Football and American Football Although European football is the parent of American football, the two games show several major differences. European football, sometimes called association football or soccer, is played in 80 countries, making it the most widely played sport in the world. American football, on the other hand, is popular only in North America (the United States and Canada)。 Soccer is played by eleven players with a round ball. Football, also played by eleven players in somewhat different positions (位置) on the field, is played with an elongated (拉长的) round ball. Soccer has little body contact (接触) between players and therefore needs no special protective equipment. Football, in which players make the greatest use of body contact to stop a running ball-carrier and his teammates, needs special protective equipment. In soccer, the ball is advanced toward the goal by kicking it or by butting (顶) it with the head. In American football, on the other hand, the ball is passed from hand to hand or carried in the hands across the opponent's (对手) goal. These are just a few of the features which distinguish (区别) association and American football. Expressions on Comparison and Contrast.

…also/ too, In comparison with /Compared with…,/ by comparison e.g. By comparison with other European countries, car prices in the UK are very high. … is the same as… … is similar to…/Similarly, Both/ neither A is (not) as …as B Unlike… A has/is more … than B While A is more …, B is more … The difference between the two is that A is more … Like, likewise e.g. I don’t want him treating me like Jim treated me. The clams were delicious. Likewise, the eggplant was excellent. in the same way in the same manner equally, equally important

However/ nevertheless/nonetheless, On the contrary, In contrast, / by contrast, e.g. The birth rate for older women has declined, but, by contrast, births to teenage mothers have increased. …but …yet Contrasting with… Although/though/even though (if)/ in spite of / despite (the fact that) While/whereas e.g. Schools in the north tend to be better equipped, while those in the south are relatively poor. The old system was fairly complicated whereas the new system is really very simple. Conversely

e.g. American consumers prefer white eggs; conversely, British buyers like brown eggs. Instead e.g. Instead of being annoyed, he seemed quite pleased. on the other hand e.g. Nuclear power is relatively cheap. On the other hand, you could argue that it’s not safe. Otherwise Part 2 – A Family Describe a family (not your own family) You should say: who the members of the family are How you know them What each person in this family does and explain how you feel about this family. I’d like to talk about my neighbors. There are three of them in the family, which is fairly typical in a Chinese city. The father works as an accountant for a foreign company, but I don’t know the name of it. He dresses very smartly and clearly takes care of his appearance. It’s the same with the mother. She works part-time as a hairdresser. She works part-time because she likes to take their daughter to school and pick her up in the afternoon. The daughter is seven years old and, like most kids of that age, is really cute. She’s very polite and always addresses people correctly. She loves running around and is particularly fond of dogs. She just runs up to them and starts playing with them. It makes me feel a little nervous to see this, but the dogs love her. They’ve lived next door to us for the last three years and I hope they’ll stay for many more. Fairly 相当地 accountant 会计 smartly 精神地,潇洒地 hairdresser 发型师 or barber/ barber 还有理发店的意思 Appearance 外表 cute 可爱的/lovely be fond of 喜欢

Part 3 – Subtopic: 1. Compare modern parents with those of your grandparents’ generation 代,一代人 Most people will tell you that parents nowadays give their children much more freedom, but I disagree. The vast majority 绝大多数的 parents keep tight 紧紧的 control on what their children do, who they spend time with and, of course, where they go. In this sense, nothing much has changed. One thing that has changed is that parents nowadays give their children more money. My parents told me that they rarely 很少,难得 received money from their family members – and my

friends have told me the same thing – but now it is normal 正常的 for parents to give their kids money without even asking what it will be used for. 2. Compare the influences of parents and friends on young people. I think that parents have a greater influence when children are younger but when the children get older they spend more time at school and with their friends than with their parents, so the strength 强度 of the influences changes. I think that parents influence the basic character of their children, but that friends have a much greater influence on what the children like – in terms of fashion, sport, music and TV. Influence 既可作名词“影响力”也可作动词“影响” normal college 师范学校

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