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山科版 三年级上册U4 body L2 I have a face 课件2

Unit 4 Body Lesson 2 I have a face. head arm Free Talk This is my…. leg foot face nose mouth tail What ismy missing? This is head. ( 认真观察:缺少了那些部位?) What is missing? ( 认真观察:缺少了那些部位?) nose What is missing? ( 认真观察:缺少了那些部位?) mouth Listen and say Listen and say Listen and say Listen and say Let’s check ? Groupwork(小组活动) 1、 Read the dialogue (选择你喜欢的方式读对话) Tips:(齐读、男生女生分别读、一人一句、 分角色读...) Good: 全员参与 Very good : 发音标准、声音响亮 2、Role Play(角色扮演) 评价标准: Good: 全员参与 Better: 全员参与,语音语调准确 Best : 全员参与,语音语调准确,动作手势到位 Talent Show(口才表演秀) (介绍你自己的身体部位) nose mouth face I have a.... let’s sing. Head,shoulders,knees and toes. Knees and toes,knees and toes. Head,shoulders,knees and toes. Eyes,ears,mouth,nose. Summary What have you learned this class? (这节课你学会了什么?) I can read... I can say... We should accept ourselves. 我们应该接受自己。 We should love our parents. 我们应该热爱自己的父母。 1.Listen to today’s dialogue and try to imitate.(听录音15分钟并模仿对话) 2. Talk about your body to your family or your friends .(给你的家人 或朋友描述一下你的身体部位。)



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