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Unit8 训练3

Unit8. 当堂训练 3 ( )1. — What do you need, Mom? — I need ( ( ( ( ( ( ( potato and onion.

( ( (

A. a; a B. an; an C. an; a D. a; an ) 2. It’s time for CCTV News. Please ______ the TV set. A. turn off B. put on C. turn on D. open ) 3. After he gets up, he washes his face ______ and then he has his breakfast. A. next B. finally C. first D. at first ) 4. Let’s make a fruit salad. First ______ three bananas, please. A. pour B. peel C. turn on D. put ) 5. Give me ______. A. two breads B. two bread C. two slices of bread D. two slice of breads ) 6. It’s easy ______ a fruit salad. Let me help you. A. to make B. to do C. doing D. making ) 7. What do you have ______ dinner? A. at B. for C. to D. in ) 8. –Would you like ______ cake? –No, thanks. I’m full. A. the other B. other C. another D. some ) 9. He doesn’t like ______ for lunch. A. lettuce B. potatos C. tomatos D. meats )10. He filled the box A. with )11. — — $20. A. How many B. How much B. To put C. How long C. Putting D. How often D. Puts B. for are all those gifts, Tommy? books. C. of D. in

( (

)12. A. Put

your books in the bookcase, Jerry. the mountain. Are you ready? B. to climb C. climbing D. climbed

)13. — It’s time A. climb

— Sorry, I forgot to bring water.

翻译: 1.一个洋葱 2.你看到多少西红柿 3.你能再给我两杯水吗? 4.你需要多少蜂蜜? 5.我们需要多少香蕉?


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