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高一BOOK1 UNIT 4 reading and writing教学设计

2016-2017 学年度第一学期汕头市达濠华侨中学高中部英语科市级公开课教案
Name Teaching topic Teaching Aims 黄晓为 Subject 英语 Time 2016 年 10 月 25 日 Class 高一 19 Module 1 Unit 4 Earthquake Using Language Reading and writing I. Language and ability goal 1. To make Ss master the new expressions about gratitude 2. To make Ss realize the structure of a thank-you letter. II. Skill goals 1. To train Ss’ reading skills of understanding the meaning of some specific sentences as well as finding the detailed information 2. To practice Ss’ summarizing skills based on the reading exercises 3. To develop Ss’ speaking ability and learn to express their own opinions 4. To improve Ss’ writing ability based on all the language input III. Emotion, attitude and value goals 1. To encourage Ss to be active in class and learn to cooperate with each other in group study 2. To improve Ss’ ability to solve problems and to express their own opinions 3. To strengthen Ss’ awareness of being grateful to others in life 1. Improve Ss’ learning English abilities, including reading, speaking and writing 2. Strengthen Ss’ abilities to use the language to express their gratitude 3. Lead the Ss to write a thank-you letter by using the expressions learned in the class 1. How to help Ss to master reading, speaking and writing skills 2. How to guide Ss to write a thank-you letter Blackboard, PPT and computer Teaching Steps Lead-in Activities I. Zhang Sha phones Li Hua and ask him to check the Email. II. Have Ss to read the Email. III. Thinking: Why did Zhang Sha write to Li Hua? Reading I. Reading comprehension Task 1: Listening while reading Have Ss listen to the speech given by Li Hua. Task 2: Fast reading When did the earthquake happen? Was it a serious one? How do you know? Task 3: Detailed reading Why did Li Hua say “All hope was not lost”? What did the soldiers do to help the Tangshan people?
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Teaching key points Teaching difficult points Teaching aids Teaching procedures

Aims 1. Stimulate Ss’ interest and catch their attention; 2. Encourage Ss to read English aloud 3. Practice Ss’ ability of fast reading. 1. Lead Ss to understand how serious the Tangshan earthquake was. 2. Have Ss understand who helped Tangshan people a lot.

Who do you think made the largest contributions to the city of Tangshan? Task 4: Detailed reading How did Li Hua express his gratitude in the speech? ? ______________ are strong enough to express our ________________________________. ? I do wish to _________________________ the people who have made great efforts to this earthquake rescue and city rebuilding.. ? ____ your love and help ____ made us stronger to come out from the sadness and overcome all the difficulties. ? Thank you ___ your coming/ listening/ consideration. II. Study and presentation Task 1: Study the thank-you letters in groups in two aspects: structure and expressions. Task 2: Have Ss to do the presentation about the result. What can you learn from the letters? Structure: ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Expression ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ III. Practice Fill in the blanks Dear Mr. Li, I’ m writing to ________________(表达我对你的感 激之情 ). I am now a freshman of Wuhan University, which I have dreamed about. Mr. Li, _________________ ( 我 可 以 清 楚 地 记 得 )the days when you taught me English. _________ ( 由 于 ) your love and help my English have been improved greatly. However, ___________________ ( 曾 经 一 度 ) the pressure of examinations, too much homework and the high expectations made me depressed. _______________ _____________(没有你的鼓励和帮助), I wouldn’t have a chance to go to university. I wish more and more of your students could achieve their dreams. __________________(再次表示真挚感谢)! Yours, Li Hua
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3. Motivate Ss to express gratitude to the soldiers and the workers and learn the expression from the text 4. Practice Ss’ ability of find and study the target expressions with clear purpose

5. Encourage Ss to learn from reading and study in group work. Practice Ss’ ability of summarizing. .

6. Assess the learning outcomes



Questions Who do you want to thank most in your life? Why?

II. Invite some students to share their opinions

1. Encourage Ss to be active in class 2. Improve Ss’ ability to express their own opinions; 1. Arouse Ss’ interest in finishing the writing task 2.Improve Ss’ writing by admiring others’ work 3. Help Ss to appreciate what a good writing is. Guide Ss to reflect on the class today.


I. Before writing Make a choice of the task II. While writing III. After writing Present some students’ writings Emphasize the expressions and the structure IV. Share the possible versions


I. What have we learned today? ? Expressions about thanks ? Structure about a thank-you letter ? Reading helps us with writing. II. Share the affection goals today. ? Courage to express oneself, especially one’s gratitude.

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