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2018-2019学年牛津版高中英语选修9课件:U2_Project (1)_图文

U2 Project Imperial tombs The Ming and Qing Imperial Tombs World cultural heritage Fast-reading Part A 1. Why are the Ming Tombs called Shisanling? Thirteen Ming emperors are buried here. 2. Apart from Shisanling, which is the most famous Ming Tomb? Xiaoling. 3. How many Qing emperors were buried in Hebei Province? Nine. Detailed reading Part 1 Why are the pyramids mentioned in the first paragraph? ? To show that the Tombs are extraordinary and world-famous. Part 2 The Ming Imperial Tombs What does the Ming Tombs mainly consist of? ? The Ming Tombs―Shisanling and Xiaoling; The Ming Imperial Tombs Changling--长陵 The Ming Imperial Tombs Dingling—定陵 The Ming Imperial Tombs Zhaoling—昭陵 The Ming Imperial Tombs Xiaoling—孝陵 The sacred way Read part two again and fill in the blanks 1. Most of the Ming Tombs are Shisanling, 50 kilometres Located in ____________________ north-west of Beijing __________ Changling , at the upper end of 3. __________ The Sacred Way the ______,is largest and best preserved. 4. The Ling’en Palace is known for its painted ceiling ____________ simple design and _____________. 5. Xiaoling is located in the suburbs of Nanjing _______ and contains the tomb of the ____ Ming emperor. first Part 3 the Qing Imperial Tombs What does the Qing Tombs mainly consist of? ? The Qing Tombs―Dongling and Xiling. 触新的教材相信不管是对于同学自己 而言还 是对于 家长朋 友们而 言,可 能都还 需要一 定的时 间去适 应,但 学习是 一刻也 不能松 懈的事 情,新 学期除 了适应 教材的 变化以 外,一 些试题 的变化 也必须 适应, 因此就 必须在 课下进 行一些 练习。 但是问 题就来 了,很 多家长 朋友都 表示孩 子现在 换了教 材,但 是自己 找到的 课外练 习题却 还是原 来的教 材版本 的,不 适应孩 子的教 材,不 知道该 怎么办 才好了 ,眼看 孩子马 上就要 结束第 一单元 的学习 了,可 是一直 没找大 适合的 资料, 没办法 进行课 后的巩 固练习 了。 zgl The Qing Imperial Tombs Xiling—西陵 The Qing Imperial Tombs: 1. The Qing Tombs are similar to the Ming Tombs in terms of ___________ architecture and the 125kilometres east 2. Dongling, located in zunhua, ______ of Beijing, buried there are_____________. choice of site. 3. Xiling sits about ________________ , in Hebei Province ,which is smaller than Dongling. Xiling contains the tombs of ____ four Qing emperors. Part 4 Preserving the tombs Why is getting historic sites recognized by th rest of the world important in preserving and repairing them? ? Because it stresses to everyone their extreme importance and value. It also help bring needed attention,assistance , and money for protecting them and leads to increased tourism. 和...相等/平等 1.be equal to 2.do sth as insurance for 做某事以确保.. 3.be home to ...的家 4.the roy

2018-2019学年牛津版高中英语选修9课件:U2_Project - U2
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