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A state of physical and mental health allows you to take part in exercise comfortably and enjoyably.so that it doesn’t hurt,so that you can look forward to it, love and feel good afterwards.If you are feeling down, exercise may help pick you up. Although researchers disagree on this issue,one review(评论性刊物) of past studies found that long-term exercis.especially when it includes long-lasting(持久的运动), strenuous training sessions(艰苦的训练课程),has about as much of an effect on depression(忧伤,沮丧) as psychotherapy(心理治疗).Working out helps you deal with stress in your job, relationships or any area of life, possibly because exercise is a form of stress itself and helps condition(状况,条件) your body to deal with it.When Australian researchers compared(比较) people who did 30 minutes of aerobic exercise(有氧运动) three times a week,,to those who practiced progressive relaxation techniques(技术),they found that the former(过去的) group responded(回报,有效果)better to acute(严重的) stress and had lower blood pressure.Even a little exercise can make you think less anxiously(忧虑的,不安的).Studies have shown that any amount of exercise,from a brisk(轻快的,繁忙的)10minute walk to an intense(剧烈的,强烈的) aerobics(有氧建身操) or weightlifting session seems to decrease feelings of anxiety.Working out regularly(有规律的) may make you smarter(整洁漂亮的,时髦的) now and lessen the possibility that you’ll lose brain function(功能,作用) as you age.According to a recent animal study at the University of Illinois, exercise can actually help the brain develop new cells.In several studies, regular weight training or aerobic exercise was shown to improve the quality and duration(持续的,持续时间) of sleep.Naturally, this can make you less fatigued(疲劳) and be able to function better during the day.Like meditation(沉思,思考,默想), hobbies or any other leisure(空闲,休闲)activity,exercise gives your mind a needed break from everyday thoughts, responsibilities and commitments(承诺,信奉,献身).Finally, there’s one more reason to keep exercising.When you work out regularly, your body simply functions better —you are better, healthier and less likely to suffer painful physical conditions.And that just plain(平原,完全的,十足的) feels good.

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