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What do you think of online love affairs ?

What is cyber love?
Catching on the literal, cyber love is love through internet. According to the materialism, cyber love is an imagination, neither can we touch it or see it, it just a look at the plums to quench the thirst.



you think


cyber love?


psychological type that




They strongly oppose that:
? Cyber love is unreal、 blindness and unreliable. It just build up on imagination. ? Since we can mask up ourselves, we can’t see into each other deeply. ? Everybody can tell lies without being aware. In this way, they cover up their weakness and show us a perfect man. ? Someone with hidden intends can take advantage of cyber love to crime, and cause a great deal of irrecoverable lose.

? Character division. Since most people bury themselves into cyber love, their time communicating with their parents、 friends、 and any other people will diminish, as a result, they become unsocial. ? Teenagers will be poisoned. Once they are addicted to it, they use no time to study , what’s more, they even steal money to pay for their net expense.

another voice : ? There are true love in it. Some even get married. There lots of examples. ? Diffident person will exhibit themselves better. In daily life , they are shy, but through net, they can say what they really think . ? It’s a way to relax. we can complain everything because we don’t know each other. We needn’t be responsible for what we say.

? Cyber love can fulfill our blankness life. In the fast-developed society, we just work and work everyday, and cyber love will ease our stress. ? Cyber love is full of curiosities and excitement. It’s a way to take risks. ? It offers a easier way to find the one that share the common interests with us.

The Second Part

Is there any true love online? Yes No

Do you believe the love online?

A cyber love film

Name : Joe Fox He managed a big company selling books, which belonged to his father. His cyber name :NY152

Name: Kathleen Kelly She managed a children's bookstore ,which was taken over from her mother. Her cyber name: Shop Girl

This is a comedy and romantic film. Joe and Kelly met each other online. They always sent mail with each other.

After a long time communication, they became lovers from friends online.

They were crazy for waiting their mails. and always talked about heartfelt words.

This is a passage Kelly expressed her feel.

I can hear nothing ,not even a sound on the street of New York ,just the beat of my own heart. I have mail, from you

In real life but

They were strangers. Not only that ,they were even competitors on business.

And Kelly’s bookstore was going to be closed because of Joe’s company.


Kelly was sad so she asked Joe for a date

They were excited for meeting each other.

At last ,Joe was so sad to find the truth that he hadn’t gone to the date .

Kelly was so disappointed but she thought NY152 had his reason.

After hearing his father’s words
This is a dialogue between Joe and his father. Joe knew Kelly was the only woman in the world who filled his heart with joy.

So he tried his best to make friends with Kelly .

And then they knew each other and became good friends.

At last, Joe decided to tell the truth to Kelly by meeting Kelly as NY 152

Love online

From the film, we know there is true love online.

HowThey also had should we treat confusions online? love The Third their the love in Part in the film

A true story
A boy fell in love with a girl on the Internet, and gradually the girl was no longer love boy, but boy’s love still. To help his girlfriend change her mind, the boy decided to send her the world‘s most vibrant roses to impress girl’s heart. One day he bought 99 roses and wrists to put his own blood drops on roses to present to his girlfriend. To his disappointment, his girlfriend did not come. He also photographed it and sent it to her, but the girl still gave no response. He was desperate, and he encouraged to hara-kiri. As a result, he was seriously injured .In the end, he decided to forget this part of the affair, and said to the girl with three words: I’m sorry!

Two results
Sweet love Painful memories

When you are faced with online love affairs, what will you do? Accept it? Refuse it? Hesitate?

Establish a correct view of love(恋爱观) Learning to self analysis(自我分析) Turn to your friends for help(求助) Learning to let go (学会放手)

Lovers the world would

like to get married at
(愿天下有情人终成眷属!!!) 愿天下有情人终成眷属!!!)

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