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◆典型陷阱题分析◆ 1. “Do you know ______ English for ?帅哥??” “I?m afraid I don?t. I?m not interested in _______ English language.” A. the, the C. 不填, the B. the, 不填 D. 不填, 不填

【陷阱】容易误选 D,因为表示语言的名词前通常不用冠词。 【分析】最佳答案为 A。在英语中,表示语言的名词前通常不用冠词,但在某些特殊情 况下可用冠词。如: (1) 当语言名词表特指意义,其前可用定冠词。如: The English spoken in America and Canada is a little different from that spoken in England. 美国和加拿大讲的英语与英国讲的英语有点不同。 (2) 当语言名词表示某一语言中的对应词时,其前要用定冠词。如: What?s the English for this? 这个东西用英语怎么说? (3) 当在语言名词后加上 language 一词时,也要用冠词。如: There have been many changes in the history of the English language. 英语发展过程中有很 多变革。 2. I couldn?t remember the exact date of the storm, but I knew it was ______ Sunday because everybody was at ______ church. A. a, the C. 不填, a B. a, 不填 D. 不填, 不填

【陷阱】容易误选 D,因为星期名词前不加冠词;而 at church 表示在教堂里做礼拜, 其中也不用冠词。 【分析】最佳答案为 B。确实,在通常情况下星期名词前不用冠词,但在某些特殊情况 下还是可以用冠词的,如表示特指,其前可用定冠词;表示“某一个”或受描绘性定语修饰表 示“某种”这样的意义等,其前可用不定冠词。如: He came on the Sunday and went away on the Monday. 他星期日来,星期一就走了。 My birthday happened to be on a Saturday. 我的生日碰巧是星期六。

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3. Which person do you refer to, the one with ______ long hair or the one with _______ long beard? A. a, a C. a, 不填 B. 不填,不填 D. 不填,a

【陷阱】误选 A 或 B,认为 hair(头发)和 beard(胡须)性质和用法应该差不多,要么都可 数,要么都不可数,或者说要么都用不定冠词,要么都不用。 【分析】最佳答案选 D。hair 和 beard 在用法上并不完全相同:hair 可用作可数或不 可数名词,用作可数名词时,指一根一根的毛发或头发,如说 There?s a hair in my soup (我 的汤里有根头发);用作不可数名词(集合名词)时,则是整体地指一个人的头发。比较: He has gray hairs. 他有几根白发了。 He has gray hair. 他满头白发了。 而 beard 则通常只用作可数名词,且指的是一个人所有的胡须,而不是指一根胡须,它 的复数形式,通常是指多个人的胡须,而不是指多根胡须,如: He no longer wears a beard. 他不再留胡须。 Not all men grow beards. 并不是所有的男人都留胡须。 4. I once watched _______ one-act play, which was played by _______ 11-year-old boy. A. a, aw。w。w.k。s。5。u.c。o。mB. an, an C. a, anw。w。w.k。s。5。u.c。o。mD. an, a 【陷阱】几个干扰均有可能误选。 【分析】最佳答案填 C。第一空填 a,因为 one-act 的第一个音是辅音不是元音;第二 空填 an,是因为 11 的英文是 eleven 它的第一个音是元音不是辅音。类似以下各题的答案 是 C 不是其他:w。w。w.k。s。5。u.c。o。m (1) Before he was arrested, he had taken _______ one-month holiday, and stayed in the country with ________ 18-year-old girl, one of his students. A. a, a C. a, an B. an, an D. an, a

(2) We hired _______ one-eyed man to play in our film, and we gave him _______ 100-pound check for just one minute. A. a, an C. a, a B. an, a D. an, an 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 2

5. “Have you seen _____ pen? I left it here this morning.” “Is it _____ black one? I think I saw it somewhere.” A. a, the C. a, a B. the, the D. the, a

【陷阱】误选 A,生搬硬套冠词用法规则:第一次提到某人或某事物用不定冠词,第二 次再提到该人或该事物时用定冠词。 【分析】 最佳答案为 C。 第一空填 a, 比较好理解; 而第二空填 a 是因为此句中的 one 并 非指前面提到的 pen, 即这里的 one 与前面的 pen 并非同一事物, 这从后面一句的 I think I saw it somewhere 可以清楚地知道。请比较下面一题: “Have you seen _____ pen? I left it here this morning.” “Is it _____ black one? I found it in the corner.” A. a, the C. a, a B. the, the D. the, a

此题的最佳答案是 A 不是 C。请注意其后 I found it in the corner 这一信息,它表明说 明者是拿着笔在与对方说话。请再看一个类似的例子: “Have you seen _______ new bike? I put it here just now.” “Is it _______ white one? A boy has ridden it away.” A. a; a C. the; the B. a; the D. the; a

此题答案选 A,注意其后的 A boy has ridden it away 表明自行车已不在说话者身旁。 6. My friend Mary is _____ beautiful girl and _____ girl everyone likes to work with. A. a, a C. the, aw。w。w.k。s。5。u.c。o。mD. the, the 【陷阱】很容易误选 B,认为第一次提到 girl 用不定冠词,第二次提到就应该用定冠 词。w。w。w.k。s。5。u.c。o。m 【分析】最佳答案为 A。句中第二次提到 girl 时并不是特指的,此句实为一省略句, 补充完整为 My friend Mary is a beautiful girl and she is a girl everyone likes to work with. 请 再做以下试题(答案选 A): (1) Jim is _______ brave boy and _______ boy never fearing anything. A. a, a B. a, the 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 3 B. a, the

C. the, a D. the, the (2) It is really _______ useful dictionary and _______ dictionary every one of us needs. A. a, a C. the, a B. a, the D. the, the

◆精编陷阱题训练◆高.考.资.源.网 1. Since tasting the excitement of _____ big city life, she never wants to live in _____ country again. A. the, the C. the, 不填 B. 不填,不填 D. 不填,the

2. The operation is _____ success and the patient is now out of _____ danger. A. a, the C. 不填, the B. a, 不填 D. 不填,不填

3. As _____ writer, he was _____ complete failure. A. a, a C. 不填,不填 B. a, the D. a, 不填

4. How strange! These years my birthday always falls _____. A. on the Sunday C. on Sunday B. on a Sunday D. at a Sunday

5. This is _____ best kind of _____ pen you can get here. A. the, the C. the, 不填 B. the, a D. a, the

6. As is known to us all, _____ tiger is in _____ danger of becoming extinct. A. the, a C. a, 不填 B. the, 不填 D. 不填, the

7. He spent too much time talking on ______ phone while we were all busy at _____ work. A. the, 不填 C. 不填, 不填 B. a, 不填 D. the, the

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8. As _______ unemployment is very high at the moment, it?s very difficult for people to find _______ work. A. the, 不填 C. the, a B.不填,不填 D. an, the

9. Apartments in cities can be quite high. Renters are paying up to $1,000 per month for _______ bedroom apartment. A. one a B. the one C. one D. a one

10. The education of ______ young is always ______ hot and serious topic. A. 不填, 不填 C. 不填, the B. the, a D. the, 不填

11. I often have conversations with John over ______ telephone, while keep in touch with Tom by ______ letter. A. 不填;the C. the;不填 B. 不填;a D. the; a

12. —John has put forward _______ most challenging question for us to answer. —Yes, it really is. I have never heard _______ harder one. A. the; 不填 C. the; the B. 不填; the D. a; a

13. “What about ______ school?” “It is as good, as anybody can see, _____ school as No 1 Middle School Attached to Hunan Normal University.” A. a; the C. a; a B. the; a D. the; the

14. The market for ______ used computers is getting larger and larger as______ years go on. A. 不填, 不填 C. the, the B. the, 不填 D. 不填, the

15. “Charley Oakley, ______ NBA All-star, hasn?t missed ______ game in the past three years.” “I can hardly believe it.” A. an; the C. the; a B. a; the D. an; a

16. In the market, vegetables are sold by _______ kilogram, I mean, by _______ weight. 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 5

A. the; 不填 C. the; the B.不填; 不填 D.不填;the

17. Many people agree that ______ knowledge of English is a must in _______ international trade today. A. the, an C. the, the B. a, 不填 D. 不填, the

18. The cakes are delicious. I?d like to have _______ third one as _______ second one I ate was too small. A. the, the C. the, a B. a, the D. a, a

19. ________ England of those years was _______ England in peace. A. 不填, 不填 C. The, 不填 B. The, an D. 不填, an

20. — Did you happen to see _______ black and _______ white cat? — Are they missing? I told you to take care of them. A. a; 不填 C. the; the B. the; 不填 D. a; the

◆答案与解析◆ 1. 选 D,big city life 表泛指,其前不用冠词;country 表示“农村”时,其前习惯上要用 定冠词。高.考.资.源.网 2. 选 B,success 在此指“成功的事”,为可数名词;out of danger(脱离危险)为习语, 其中不用冠词。 3. 选 A,其中的 failure 在此指“失败的人”,为可数名词。 4. 选 B,Sunday 前用不定冠词,表示“某一个”。 5. 选 C,kind of 后的名词通常不用冠词。 6. 选 B,当概括事物的种类时,用定冠词,不用不定冠词;另外 in danger of 是短语, 不用冠词。 7. 选 A。on the phone 和 at work 均为习语,其中一个带冠词,一个不带冠词。 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 6

8. 选 B。unemployment 和 work 均为不可数名词,表示一般意义时其前不用冠词。 9. 选 D。a one bedroom apartment 意为“一套只带一间卧室的套房”。 10. 选 B。the young 意为“年轻人”,定冠词用于某些形容词前表示一类人或事物;第二 空填不定冠词修饰名词 topic。 11. 选 A。over [on] the telephone 为习语,意为“通过电话”;若用 by telephone 则不用 冠词,类似地,by letter(通过信件)也不用冠词。 12. 选 D。第一空后的 most 不是构成最高级,而是表示“很”、“十分”,故其前用 a;第 二空也填 a,该句为 I have never heard a harder one than this one 的省略。 13. 选 B。第一空填 the,表特指;第二空填 a,表泛指,as good a school as No. Middle School Attached to Hunan Normal University 意为“与湖南师大附中一样好的一所中学”。 14. 选 A。used computers 与 years 均为复数名词表示泛指意思,其前不用冠词。 15. 选 D。NBA 中的 N 读音为 ]??[,即前面一个音为元音,故填 an 不填 a;第二空 填 a 表泛指,泛指任何一场比赛。 16. 选 A。 介词 by 表示“以…计”时, 若后接单数可数名词, 其前要用定冠词, 如: the by week 按周,按星期 / by the ton 按吨 / by the yard 按码 / by the meter 按米;若后接抽象名 词,则通常不用冠词,如:by volume 按体积 / by weight 按重量。 17. 选 B。knowledge 虽为不可数名词,但其前却可用不定冠词,表示某种程度的知识, 有类似 some 的意思;第二空不填冠词,是因为 trade 为不可数名词,表示泛指时不用冠词。 18. 选 B。序数词前通常用定冠词,表示特指(如第一空);有时也用不定冠词,表示 原有数量上的增加(如第一空)。高.考.资.源.网 19. 选 B。原则上说,专有名词前不用冠词,但在些特殊情况下也可用冠词。此题第一 空填定冠词,表特指,即指“那时的英国”;第二空填不定冠词,表示具有某种特征。 20. 选 C。Are they missing? 中的代词 they 是一个很重要的信息词,它表明上文中的 _______ black and _______ white cat 是两只猫而不是一只猫,所以 C。the black and white cat 可视为 the black cat and the white cat 之省略。若选 A,则表示“一只黑白相间的猫”。

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