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2013 年全国各地高考试题分类汇编
五、交际用语 试题汇编与整理 : 内蒙古锡林浩特市第六中学 李有
(说明: 课标 I 卷适用于河南、河北和山西省;全国统一考试卷适用于贵州、甘肃、青海、西藏、黑龙江、吉林、 宁夏、内蒙古、新疆、云南和海南省) 1.(福建卷)33. —Would you mind answering some questions on shopping habits? — ________. A. Yes, with great pleasure B. No, I am afraid I can't make it C. Yes, it is worth the time D. No, as long as it doesn't take long 2. (安徽卷)25. ----This is your order, a hamburger and an apple pie. _____ ? ----I’ll have it here. A. Anything else B. Is that OK C. For here or to go D. Something to drink 3. (安徽卷) 35.----How did your interview with the manager go? ----_______. He seemed interested in my experience, but he didn’t ask for references. A. Perfect! B. I’m not sure. C. That’s right. D. Couldn’t be better 4.(陕西卷)15 --I’m tired. I’m taking next week off. --_______ , honey. You do need a break. A. Not so sure B. Forget it C. Great idea D. No way 5.(陕西卷)23. –Shall we go for a drink at one o’clock this afternoon? -- ._______. Will two o’clock be OK? A. Sure, it’s up to you B. Sure, no problem C. Sorry, I can’t make it D. Sorry, I’m not available today 5. (全国课标 I 卷) 21. ----Why, this is nothing but common vegetable soup! ---- _______ A. Let me see B. so it is C. Don ‘t mention it D Neither do I 6. (江苏卷) 22. —The T-shirt I received is not the same as is shown online. —_____? But I promise you we’ll look into it right away. A. Who says B. How come C. What for D. Why worry 7. (江苏卷)35. —Thank you for the flowers. —_____. I thought they might cheer you up. A. That’s right B. All right C. I’m all right D. It’s all right 8. (江西卷)21. ---- Thanks a lot for your book. I found it very interesting. ---- _______. I’m glad you enjoyed it. A. All the best B. It is nothing C. No thanks D. Very well. 9. (山东卷)23. — How far can you run without stopping? — ________. I’ve never tried. A. Don’t mention it B. That’s all right C. I have no idea D. Go ahead 10. (山东卷)32. — This is a really lively party. There’s a great atmosphere, isn’t there? — ________ The hosts know how to host a party. A. Don't worry B. Yes, indeed C. No, there’s isn’t D. It all depends 11. (四川卷)1. --I feel so nervous about the National English Speech Competition tomorrow. --________. A. I really envy you B. Glad to hear that C. Sounds great D. Take it easy 12. (天津卷) 1.----I’m going to Venice next week. ---.Carnival will be held then. Have fun! A. You’re crazy B. You’re lucky C. You’d better not D. You never know 13. (天津卷) 4.----Mary’s been offered a job in a university, but she doesn’t want to take it. ---? It’s a very good chance. A. Guess what B. So what C. Who cares D. How why 14.(全国统一考试)1.--I'm sorry I made a mistake! -.Nobody is perfect. A.Take your time B.You're right C.Whatever you say D.Take it easy 15. (全国统一考试) 15.—Are you sure you won't come for a drink with us? — , if you insist . A.Not at all B.It depends C.All right then D.I don't care 16. (重庆卷) 22. ---- Would you like a glass of wine? ----I don't drink.

A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. I don't like it D. It's my favorite 17. (重庆卷) 35. ----- Forgotten something? I can keep an eye on your kids if you want to go end get it. -----Thank you all the same. A. It's very kind of you. B. Oh, how careless of me! C. I might u well go and get it. D. Well, I can do without it, 18. (辽宁卷) 21. ---What do you think of the house? ----_____________. It’s everything we’ve been looking for. A. Perfect! B. Good idea! C. Not bad. --- Sorry!________. D. so-so.

19. (辽宁卷) 35. ---I’m afraid you have the wrong number. A. See you later

B. I didn’t know that C. Hold on, please D. I hope I didn’t bother you


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