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高中英语作文 年轻女性整容应该不应该?

Some young girls say beauty contests are good things because the contests stress the youth of young girls and show people what beautiful things are. But I say beauty contests are bad things to young girls. To begin with, the main stream of beauty in nowadays society is inner beauty not the outside one. If people chase more for the latter one, the standard of what true beauty is will be mixed up and people will admire appearance more, not knowing how to be an inner “beautiful” person. Take a truly-happened news for example. It was said that a good-looking girl and her mother were hanging out along the street, a street cleaner carelessly stained the girl’s clothes and was asked to compensate for the girl’s expensive clothes. But the fee was far too much for a worker on a low income. So after the cleaner asked, almost begged them for forgiveness, she only was returned back indifference and anger even had to kneel down. In this piece of news, the girl even her mother is more beautiful than the cleaner in appearance, and they are richer, wearing pretty and expensive clothes. However, they don’t realize what beauty is and overlook such significant factors as tolerance, kindness and love to others which are from inner beauty. Furthermore, as appearance is decided by nature, girls who don’t own charming beauty are actually not their faults. The setting of beauty contests remind those girls of their outside defects that will destroy their confidence of life and be self-abased. In addition, if who are born with pretty face can earn more chance to jobs even success, just because their outside advantage in appearance, it maybe unfair to girls with less good-looking faces which will create disharmony and disunity. Finally, if beauty contests become popular, more and more girls will concentrate on how to make themselves beautiful and attractive not trying to improve other significant aspects of themselves, as a result, they may miss many precious things in life. To get more superiority in the contests, some girls will turn to plastic surgery which damage their health even suffer the risk of disfigurement. I believe that a girl with only outside beauty is not charming at all. Only with both outside and inside can girls be confident and beautiful from the bottom of hearts. So such beauty contests only fixing on appearance are not actually good things for young girls. In the world, they still have anything else to chase for, to fulfill themselves and add beauty and charms not only for surface but for hearts

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