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辨析 some time,sometime,some times,sometimes Time 做“时间”讲时,是不可数名词。做”倍数“次数”讲是可数名词。当它是可数名词时当然 有复数,否则,就没有。常见的 some time,sometime,some times,sometimes 的用法如下。 一 some time 一段时间。记住两点:some 和 time 两者之间保持了一定的距离,time 后面 不加 s。 这两位有一段时间没联系了。 The both haven't seen each other for time 后没加 s。 老师不知什么时候就会来提问我。 The teacher will question me 后加 s。 我爸爸去过伦敦几次了。My father has been to London 大象要比猴子重好多倍。 The elephant is 个单词。time 后有 s。 用 sometime some times some time . sometime 填空 1.The clock doesn't work will forget 3.it_____because he is very busy. 4.Would you come to the cinema with me, 5.We’ll take our holiday 6.I bought this 7.This mansion was built 8.Every man is a fool 9.I 10.We plan to stay in Hainan for 11. I will keep the computer for 12,。I am sure that we have met have letters from him. . , so you can use it. before. . in August. last summer. around 1980. , and none at all times. ? . heavier than the monkey. . 三 some times 几倍,几次。记住:some 和 times 两者各自独立,保持了一定距离。time . 二 sometime 过去或将来不确定的某个时间。 记住: some 和 time 两者共同构成一个单词,

四 sometimes 有时,偶尔。常常和一般现在时连用。记住:some 和 times 两者共同构成一

2.Maybe our English teacher will ask me to hand in the homework_____today,but I guess he

13.The newly bought microwave oven failed to work

(1)______ , I spent some time reading a ______ English lecturer's novel written ______ in 199 6. (2)Do you have ______ now? I want to talk to you. (3)The new manager was ______ very hot-tempered. (4)He is my ______ boss. (5)After the explosion it was ______ before the town resumed its everyday routines. (6)I met him ______ in the street last month。 (7)The play will be put on ______ next week. (8)Good student as he is,he ______ makes mistakes.



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