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高考英语一轮复习 Module2 Developing and Developed Countries课件 外研版必修32_图文

Module 2 Developing and Developed Countries


晨读时刻——话题:发展中国家和发达国家 亮点词句诵读 Ⅰ.单词回顾 1.underdeveloped 不发达的 2.index 指数 3.education 教育 4.income 收入 5.poverty 贫穷 6.hunger 饥饿 Ⅱ.短语填空 1.less developed 欠发达的 2.a shortage of 缺乏 3.make progress 取得进步 4.make efforts 努力 话题作文背诵 话题写作 请你根据所给出的关键词语, 用 100 个词左右简单描述一 下“发展中国家”。 关键词语 贫穷、不发达;经济学家称其 为发展中国家;非洲、亚洲和 南美洲;食物短缺、 能源匮乏、 GDP 低;教育与收入等指数 低;在减少贫穷与饥饿上我们 已取得了进步,但是我们还要 努力。

-3晨读时刻——话题:发展中国家和发达国家 亮点词句诵读 Ⅲ.完成句子 1.这些国家曾被称为不发达国家,但是 大多数经济学家现在喜欢称其为发展 中国家或欠发达国家。 Such nations were once called underdeveloped countries,but most economists now prefer the terms developing(develop)countries,or less(little)developed countries. 2.GDP 是一个国家一年内所产生的货 物和服务的总价值。 GDP is the total value of goods and services produced(produce)within a country in a year. 3.在减少贫穷与饥饿上我们已取得了 进步,但是我们还需要更大的努力。 We are making(make)some progress of reducing poverty(poor)and hunger;however,we need to make greater(great)efforts. 话题作文背诵 范文背诵 Developing Countries Developing countries are the nations in the world that are still poor or have not developed.Such nations were once called underdeveloped countries,but most economists now prefer the terms developing countries,or less developed countries.Many of the developing countries are in Africa,Asia,and South America.A typical developing nation has a shortage of food,few sources of power,and a low GDP.GDP is the total value of goods and services produced within a country in a year.In the country with low GDP,people have a low index of education and income.We are making some progress of reducing poverty and hunger;however,we need to make greater efforts.

-4重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

1.human n.(与动物等对比的)人 2.index n.指数 3.goal n.目标 4.expectancy n.(根据概率得出的)预期数额 5.household n.一家人;家庭 6.charity n.慈善团体 7.inhabitant n.居民 8.smart adj.漂亮的;整洁的;时髦的 9.vast adj.巨大的;庞大的;浩瀚的 10.income n.收入 11.measure vt.测定;测量 n.评估手段;尺寸 12.position n.位置;职位;立场 13.figure n.数字;人物;身影;体形 14.exchange n.&vt.交换 15.hunger n.饥饿→hungry adj.饥饿的;渴望的 16.poverty n.贫困→poor adj.贫穷的

-5重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

17.development n.发展→develop v.发展→developed adj.发达的 →developing adj.发展中的 18.educate vt.教育;培养;训练→education n.教育→educational adj.教育的 19.homeless adj.无家可归的→home n.家;产地 20.crowded adj.拥挤的→crowd n.人群 21.similarity n.类似;相似→similar adj.相似的→similarly adv.同样地,类似地 22.unfortunate adj.不幸的;遗憾的→unfortunately adv.不幸地→fortunate adj. 幸运的 23.location n.位置;所在地→locate vt.找出,把……设置在,使坐落于→located adj.位于 24.tourism n.旅游业→tourist n.游客→tour n.观光 v.观光;巡回演出 25.transport n.交通工具 v.运输→transportation n.运输 26.industrial adj.工业的→industry n.工业 27.polluted adj.受到污染的→pollute v.污染→pollution n.污染 28.entertainment n.娱乐→entertain vt.使快乐→entertaining adj.令人愉快的 →entertainer n.款待者,演艺人员

-6重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

With little or no income(收入),more than 10% of the people in this area now live below the poverty(贫困)line,going hungry(饥饿的)every day and sleeping in crowded(拥挤的)places.They are strongly hungry(渴望的)for a better life.In order to help them move out of poverty,we need to first of all take measures(措施)to develop(发展)education(教育)and industry(工业).Soon,it will promote the development(发展)of this area.

-7重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

1.up to 多达;取决于 2.make progress 取得进步 3.make efforts to do 努力做 4.collect/raise money for 为……筹集资金/募捐 5.with the development of 随着……的发展 6.take measures to do 采取措施 7.in particular 尤其是 8.encourage sb.to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 9.亲自;为自己 for oneself 10.甘愿/乐意做某事 be willing to do sth. 11.脱贫 move out of poverty 12.接近;靠近 be close to

-8重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

1.It is up to you to make a decision,and no one else can help you this time. 2.With the help of his classmates,he has made progress in his study. 3.He decided to collect money for the homeless children in his hometown. 4.With the development of the economy,most people are leading a happy life. 5.If you don’t believe my words,you may go and have a look for yourself. 6.He is willing to share his experiences with us in the jungle. 7.If you are going on being lazy,it is impossible to move out of poverty soon. 8.The company is close to bankruptcy(破产)because of poor management.

-9重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

1.From this agreement came the Human Development Report. 《人类发展报告》就出自这一项协议。 句型提炼:介词短语放于句首时,句子要用倒装结构。 2.The UK is in the thirteenth position,while China is in the middle of the list. 英国处于第十三的位置,而中国则在名单的中间。 句型提炼:该句中的 while 为并列连词,连接两个并列的分句,意为“然而;可 是”。 3.Although developed countries give some financial help,they need to give much more. 虽然发达国家提供了一些经济援助,但提供援助的数量应大大增加。 句型提炼:although 引导让步状语从句,主句前不可有连词。 4.It’s an agreement between towns or cities of similar size and age,and... 它是有着相似的面积和年代的城镇之间的一份协定,而且…… 句型提炼:该句使用了“of+抽象名词”结构,用来描述人或事物的性质、特征。

-10重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

5.This is because living with a foreign family for one or two weeks means that you have to speak their language,and as a result you improve fast. 这是因为跟一个外国家庭在一起生活一两个星期意味着你得讲他们的语 言,所以你就会进步得很快。 句型提炼:because 引导的从句作表语。This is because “这是因为……”

1.大树下坐着一个男孩在读书。 Under a big tree sat a boy reading a book. 2.他喜欢爵士乐,而我却喜欢轻音乐。 He likes jazz,while I am in favour of light music. 3.尽管他很累了,他还是继续工作。 Although he was very tired,he still went on working. 4.他在这家公司里具有举头轻重的作用。 He is of great importance in this company. 5.这是因为他缺乏社会经验。 This is because he is lacking in social experience.

-11重点单词 重点短语 典句背诵 语法填空

The Human Development Report measures every country by index 1.which examines a country’s achievements 2.in life expectancy,3.education(educate)and income.It shows that Norway is 4.leading(lead)the list,5.with African countries at the bottom.Besides,6.it describes eight Human Development Goals,the 7.most important of which are reducing 8.poverty(poor)and hunger,making sure of education for all children,fighting diseases,improving environment and encouraging help from rich countries. 9.The report shows that China has made some progress in increasing life expectancy and income;10.however/yet,we still need to make greater efforts.

-12核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

1.measure vt.测量;计量;评估 法



活用 1 指出下列各句中 measure 的词性及意思
(1)Did you measure the distance between those two development areas? vt.测 量 (2)This room measures ten metres across.vi.有……宽 (3)Mr Smith asked the tailor to make some new clothes to his own measure.n. 尺寸 (4)They call on people and the government to take measures to fight against pollution.(2013 天津)n.措施

-13核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

(1)measure 作不及物动词时,表示“测量起来有……长/宽”,不能用于被动 形 式,作定语和状语时,要用 现在分词 形式。 (2)make sth. to sb.’s measure 照某人的尺寸做某物 (3)take measures 采取措施

活用 2 完成句子
(1)西服应当按你的尺寸来做。 Suits should be made to your own measure. (2)那棵周长为 3 米的松树昨晚被大风刮倒了。 The pine tree measuring three metres around was blown down last night. (3)他们对醉酒驾驶采取了强硬的措施。 They took strong measures against drunk driving.

-14核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

2.figure n.数字;人物;人影;体形 vt.&vi.想;估计;计算 ①I was trying to figure out how to swim to the boys in a straight line.(2013 四川) 我努力地弄清如何以直线游向那些男孩子。 ②Have you figured out the expenses? 你把花销都算出来了吗? ③I figure on being in New York in January. 我估计一月份在纽约。

(1)figure out 计算出;领会到,理解 (2)figure on 料想;估计

-15核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

活用 指出下列各句中 figure 的意思
(1)Being a public figure today,however,is a lot more difficult than it used to be.(2013 北京)人物 (2)Dark figures emerged from the building,and disappeared into the night.人影 (3)Exercise and a sensible diet will help you get your figure back after having a baby.体形 (4)He went on to graduate from college and got a job,earning close to six figures.(2013 陕西)数字 (5)From the way he behaved,I figured that he was drunk.料想 完成句子 (6)她比我们料想的要年轻。 She was younger than any of us had figured on. (7)实际上,我们需要经常查看我们的行为来弄清我们到底是谁。 Actually,we often need to look to our behaviour to figure out who we are.(2014 重庆)

-16核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

up to 直到;到……为止(用于地点、数量、程度、时间等);从事于;忙于;取决 于;达到;胜任

活用 1 指出下列各句中 up to 的意思
(1)Four and a half hours of discussion took us up to midnight.(2013 课标全国 Ⅱ)直到 (2)It’s up to you to decide.取决于 (3)He’s not really up to seeing any visitors.胜任 (4)The job was hard,but she proved up to it.胜任 (5)Some studies have shown that households can achieve up to 15 percent energy savings using smart meters.(2014 湖南)达到

-17核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

(1)be up to 打算做/正在做(某种不好的事) (2)be up to sb. to do 应由某人做…… (3)be up to sth. 从事于……;胜任……

活用 2 完成句子
(1)我的德语达不到能翻译那封信的程度。 My German isn’t up to translating that letter. (2)你到底在搞什么鬼?还不快住手。 What in the world are you up to?Stop it at once. (3)——你接下来想干什么?篮球赛开始还有半小时呢。 —What do you want to do next?We have half an hour until the basketball game. ——由你决定。你想干什么我就干什么。 —It’s up to you.Whatever you want to do is fine with me.

-18核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

1.The UK is in the thirteenth position,while China is in the middle of the list. 英国处于第十三的位置,而中国则在名单的中间。

while 在该句中为并列连词,意为“然而;可是”,表示前后意义的转折和对比。 while 还可作从属连词,表示“当……的时候;尽管,虽然;只要”。

活用 1 指出下列各句中 while 的意思
(1)I was never very neat,while my roommate Kate was extremely organised.(2014 重庆)然而;可是 (2)While waiting for the opportunity to get promoted,Henry did his best to perform his duty.(2014 安徽)当……的时候

-19核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

(3)While there is no public car parking at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium,there are several public car parking lots available only a short walk away.(2014 北京) 虽然,尽管 完成句子 (4)你爱打网球,而我爱读书。 You like playing tennis,while I’d rather read/while I like reading. (5)尽管我们不能改变我们生来的体型,但我们也不能责怪使我们变胖的基 因。 While we can’t change the body type we are born with,we can ’t blame our genes for making us fat.(2014 重庆) (6)正如约翰· 列农曾言,生活就是当你忙于做其他计划的时候发生在你身上 的事。 As John Lennon once said,life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.(2014 湖南)

-20核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

while 还可作名词意为“一会儿,一段时间”。 (1)after a while 过了一会儿 (2)all the while 一直;始终 (3)in a short while 一会儿以后 (4)once in a while 偶尔;间或

活用 2 完成句子
(1)过了一会儿,我确信那些女孩都走了过去。 After a while,I was sure the girls had passed by.(2013 湖南) (2)男孩子们捡了些木柴,不一会儿火就着起来了。 The boys gathered some wood and in a short while a fire was burning. (3)假期间,他偶尔去看望一下初中老师。 He paid a visit to his junior high school teacher once in a while during holidays.

-21核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

while 与 but
while 意为“然而;可是”。 既表示 转折,又表示对比。 意为“但是;可是”。 表示转 折,没有对比的意味。 We are busy working,while they are playing. 我们忙着劳动,而他们在 玩。 He tried hard but did not succeed. 他努力了,但是没有成功。


-22核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

活用 3 单句改错
(1)Half the group was told to spend the money on themselves,when the other half was told to spend it on others.(2013 安徽) when→while (2)At school,some students are active but some are shy,yet they can be good friends with one another. but→while (3)They rushed to the hospital,while they were too late. while→but

-23核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

2.It’s an agreement between towns or cities of similar size and age,and... 它是有着相似的面积和年代的城镇之间的一份协定,而且…… 该句使用了“of+抽象名词”句式。“of+抽象名词”常用来描述人或事物的性 质、特征。

(1)能用于该结构的抽象名词有 benefit,importance,interest,use,value,quality,help 等。名词前还可有 great,much,some,little,no 等定语表示程度。“of+抽象名词”结构常相当于该 名词的形容词。即: interesting interest be of great use =be very useful help helpful (2)size,weight,height,depth,length,age,colour,shape,kind,type 等也可以用于该 结构。

-24核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

活用 翻译或完成句子
(1)The matter is of great importance./The matter is very important. 这件事非常重要。 (2)His father and his uncle are of the same height. 他父亲和他叔叔一样高。 (3)The coin is of high quality and worth collecting.(2013 福建) 这枚硬币质量很高,值得收藏。 (4)评论家们认为这个“长笔”装置用处不大。 Critics think the LongPen is of little use.(2014 天津) (5)乔治是一个勇气非凡的人。 George is a man of great courage.

-25核心单词 核心短语 句式分析

1 2

句型转换 (6)It’s a greatly important invention. →It’s an invention of great importance. (7)Your help is of great value to us. →Your help is very/greatly valuable to us.

-26Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ

1.The dinning hall is so crowded(crowd)that most of the students have to stand. 2.Pollution(pollute)from cars is the main cause of global warming. 3.A child’s emotional development(develop)is mainly influenced by parents. 4.We watched the map closely to think up a practical way of getting close to the island.(close) 5.The terrible flood destroyed thousands of houses and made many people homeless(home). 6.We need an effective strategy to fight poverty(poor). 7.All children in the state have a right to public education(educate). 8.The cost of food and clothing has come down in recent years.Similarly(similar),fuel prices have fallen quite considerably. 9.I would have been here an hour ago,but unfortunately(fortunate)I missed the train. 10.The business is located(locate)right in the centre of the town.

-27Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ

1.这个学生有强烈的求知欲。(be hungry for) The student is hungry for knowledge. 2.工人们正在努力改善他们的工作条件。(make efforts) The workers are making efforts to improve their working conditions. 3.政府计划采取措施帮助贫穷的人。(take measures) The government is going to take measures to help the poor. 4.我弄不明白怎样才能让这台洗衣机运转起来。(figure out) I can’t figured out how to get this washing machine started. 5.我们都感到吃惊的是他在那么短的时间内取得了如此大的进步。(make progress) We are all surprised that he made such great progress in such a short time.

-28Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ

1.体育运动对人们的健康很有价值。 Sports and games can be of great value to people’s health. 2.你去还是不去,由你决定。 It’s up to you whether you go or not. 3.只要你尽力了,就没有什么可后悔的了。 Only if you have made efforts,there is nothing to regret. 4.他的成功同努力密切相关。 His success is closely connected with his hard work. 5.朝这个方向走来了三位老师。 In this direction come three teachers.

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