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高中英语 Unit4《Earthquakes》reading课件 新人教版必修1


How many Nature Disasters do you know?

seismic sea wave / tsunami

volcanic eruption







Natural disasters
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? volcano sandstorm drought flood fire hurricane tsunami earthquake

1) Do you know what would happen before an earthquake? 2) What can we do to keep ourselves safe from an earthquake?

Bright lights flash in the sky

Animals are too nervous, such as cows, dogs, horses, and snakes, etc.

Predictions of an earthquake:
1) Bright lights flash in the sky; 2) The water in the well rise and fall; 3) The well walls have deep cracks with smelly gas; 4) Animals are too nervous, such as cows, pigs, horses, and snakes, etc; 5) Mice run out to look for places to hide; 6) Fish jump out of the ponds.

Tangshan, Hebei

July 28th, 1976

Wenchuan Earthquake Can you describe how terrible the earthquake was?

The city lay in ruins. 破败不堪

The buildings fell down. 倒塌

Roads might crack.

Many people were killed or injured. 受伤的

A great number of people lost their homes. 许多,大量

青海省玉树县2010年4月14日发 生两次地震,最高震级7.1级


Imagine your home begins to shake

and you must leave it right away. You
have time to take only one thing. What will you take?

personal washing things torch food and sweets


You will take:


mobile phone

a bottle of water

Do a fast reading of the passage. Join the correct parts of the sentences.
1 The chickens didn’t eat because C they were nervous.

2 The people didn’t worry because

E they didn’t know what the strange events meant.

3 Such a great number of people died because 4 Water was needed because 5 The people did not lose hope because

B the quake happened while they were sleeping. D dams and wells were useless. A the army came to help them.

Second reading: Structure of the text Part Before the earthquake (Paragraph _______) 1 Events _____________ were Strange things happening both in the countryside and in the city of Tangshan but no one noticed them. _____________ destroyed During the The earthquake ________ earthquake the city andshocked the _______ (Paragraph people. 2-3 _______)

Part After the earthquake (Paragraph _______) 4

Events Soldiers were sent to dig to bury out those trapped and _______ the dead; shelters _______ were built for fresh water the homeless and ___________ was taken to the city.

Third reading:


1 2 3



Things What happened water in the well rose and fell deep cracks, smelly gas well walls chickens and pigs too nervous to eat mice fish sky
sound water pipes ran out of, looking for places to hide jumped out bright lights sound of planes heard even no planes cracked and burst

Para. 2-3

1/3 ? ______ of the nation felt the earthquake. ? A huge crack that wasthekilometres long and 8 These numbers show __ destructive 30 _____ metres wide cut across houses.students effects of earthquake directly to ?In ___ terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 15 can help student gain more which 2/3 ? ____ of the people died or were injured during information about the earthquake. the earthquake. ? The number of people who were killed or 400,000 injured reached more than ________. ?All of the city’s hospitals, _____ of its factories 75% and buildings and _____ of its homes were gone. 90%

Data (数据)

:After the earthquake How the army helped the people in Tangshan? ☆ The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury those who were trapped. ☆ Miners were rescued from the coal mines. ☆ Shelters were built for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. ☆ Fresh water was taken to the city.

Post-reading: Retell the story
____________ happened in Tangshan. For a Strange things few days, water in the wells _____________. rose and fell From the ______ of wells __________ come smelly gas cracks out. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became nervous ________. At 3:00 am, everything began to ______. It seemed that the world was shake at an end One-third felt _________. _________ of the nation ____ it. ___________ A huge crack cut across the city. The city lay _______. in ruins

Two-thirds of the people _____ or died ___________. Then later that afternoon, were injured another big quake ______ Tangshan. shook People began to wonder ___________________________. But all how long the disaster would last hope ___________. _______ came to help was not lost Soldiers those ________. Slowly, the city began to survivors _____________. breathe again


What should we do to protect ourselves if an earthquake happened?


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