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第一篇 Today is a perfect day that Can leave you with good memories you may someday share withyour friends.Here’s how; 1.____You can see or do something a million times,but you can only see or do it for the first time once.AS a result.first time experiences usually leave a deep mark in our minds for the rest of our lives.So try to experience something different and you’ll have more memories. Work on something that’s great to you.2.______________Life is short. Today is the day to take action, Smile and notice what’s right Everything that happens in life is neither good nor bad. 3. And no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should.Either you succeed or you learn something. Be true to yourself. The only shoes you can wear are your own. If you aren’t being yourself,you aren’t truly living.4. Make a new friend. People are interesting creatures(生物), and no two people are exacly alike. 5.__________ Find out what makes them different. They’ll likely open your eyes to wonderful ideas. And you never know,they just might change your life. Be present.Be here now.remember,right now is the only dear moment to you.Right now is life.Don’t miss it.

A.Learn a new skill. B.Try something new. C. It jnst depends on your opinion. D.So meet someone new today. E.And in fact.you’re only existing. F.Pay close attention to what you’re doing. G.Make yourself busy with something meaningful.

第二篇 1 People traveled in search of food and shelter or in order to flee from their enemies. Sometimes they were looking for gold or silver in order to become rich. On other occasions they were searching for rich farmland. This is not to say that no one ever traveled just for fun. Even in ancient times, some pleasure travel occurred. During a typical season, 700,000 tourists. would crowd into the ancient city of Rome, where animals performed and magicians entertained them. 2 3 International tourist arrivals alone reached as many as 546 million in 1994 and are forecast to rise to 937 million in 2010, according to the World Trade Organization. 4 Probably the most common reason for traveling is related to our physical well-being. Actually, traveling to sports events is one of the fastest growing types of travel. In our fast developing, modern society where stress has become part of people’s life, people can rest and relax by having a change of environment and activities. 5 No one seems to doubt that travel broadens the mind. In 18th century Europe, young men would go on a Grand Tour to various countries in order to complete their education. Today the desire to travel to different countries is encouraged by modem mass media. People who travel to other countries can at the same time learn more about their own country and culture. A. But why do people like traveling so much? B. Throughout history, most travel was not for pleasure. C. So they travel to a lake for a swim or to a park for a hike. D. The improvement in transportation has also encouraged people to travel. E. Wealthy Romans made trips to Greece to take part in the Olympic Games. F. The growth of tourism has become a modern phenomenon experienced by all countries in the world. G. Another important reason for traveling is to satisfy our curiosity about different places and cultures.

第三篇 Each New Year,we wish others happiness and success. 1 There are several —a smile, freedom, the willingness to share and the confidence that you will get what you need in life. 2 As you turn over the calendar, keep turning over your mind as well. Don't fill your future dates with past events. Just move on. You want to be free of such weaknesses as complaint, hatred, and anger. 3 Do not let the past affect your life in the present. If you cannot forgive the past, then your future will be dark. As long as you are useful to people, your merit (优点) will never be lost. "Any of your good actions will always come back to you. Today you have the whole world for a family. What you need to feel is that everybody is part of your own family. 4 , Open your eyes and see how much you have been given. 5 The more thankful you feel, the more you will be given. However, the more you complain, the more will be taken away from you. There is always happiness when you focus on what you have. With this calmness, abilities appear naturally. Success comes, beauty comes, and peace comes. A. Understand that negative feelings are because of the past. B. What are the effects of success? C. Welcome the New Year with a smile. D. Focus on what you have rather than what you don't have. E. What really is the sign of success? F. Never quit and keep on trying, and then you will make it. G. Take responsibility(责任)and then there is no suffering.

第四篇 What is your favourite colour? Do you like yellow, orange, red? _ 1 _ Do you prefer greys and blues? Then you are probably quiet, shy, and you would rather follow than lead. You tend to be pessimist. At least, this is what psychologists tell us, and they should know, because they have been seriously studying the meaning of colour preference, as well as the effect that colours have on human beings. _ 2 __. If you happen to love brown, you did so, as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly. _ _3 _. A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day. ___4 _. A black bridge over the Thames River, near London, used to be the scene of more suicides( 自 杀 ) than any other bridge in the area---until it was repainted green. The number of suicide attempts immediately fell sharply. Perhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in pink or baby blue. __5 _. It is an established fact that factory workers work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or grey. A. On the other hand, black is depressing. B. They tell us, among other facts, that we do not choose our favourite colour as we grow up C. The rooms are painted in different colours as you like. D. If you do, you must be an optimist, a leader, an active person who enjoys life, people and excitement. E. Light and bright colours make people not only happier but more active. F. Life is like a picture or a poem, full of different colours. G. Colours do influence our moods --- there is no doubt about it.

第五篇 Have you ever felt sick or had a headache during a test? Have you ever been so worried about something that you can't sleep at night? If so, then you know what stress is.__1__This worry in your mind can make your body feel bad. You may feel angry, frustrated, scared, or afraid--which can give you a stomachache or a headache. __2__Good or normal stress might happen when you're called to answer a question in class or when you have to give a speech. This kind of stress can help you to get things better done.__3__ But bad stress can happen if the stressful feelings keep going over a long time. You may not feel well if your parents are fighting, if a family member is sick, if you're having problems at school, or if you're going through anything else that makes you upset every day.__4__ The best way to keep stress away is to have a balanced life.__5__If you're only dealing with school stuff and have no time to play, you can get stressed. Make sure you keep your SELF in mind: Sleep, Exercise, Leisure( 休 闲 ),and Food. IF you take care of yourself and get enough sleep and food, and if you exercise and leave time for fun stuff, you'll probably be less stressed out! A. However, there are two different kinds of stress. B. Can you tell a kind of stress from another one? C. That means making good decisions about how to spend your time. D. That kind of stress isn't going to help you, and it can actually make you sick. E. Since bad stress is harmful for us, you'd better try to change it into good stress. F. Stress is what you feel when you are worried or uncomfortable about something. G. For example, you may do a better job on your test if the stress pushes you to prepare well before the test.

第六篇: Not all people like to work but everyone likes to play. All over the world men and women and boys and girls enjoy sports. ____1 They help to keep people healthy and feeling good. When they are playing games, people move a lot.This is good for their health.Having fun with their friends makes them happy. ____2 In small towns, crowds meet to watch the bicycle races or the soccer games. In the big cities, thousands of people buy tickets to see an ice-skating show or a baseball game. ___3 What are your favorite sports now? You probably play the games that people in your town or city play. ___4__ Then swimming is probably one of your sports. Boys and girls in Australia love to swim.There are wonderful beaches there and the weather is good for swimming. 5__ Then you would like to ski.There are many skiers in Austria where there are big mountains and cold winters.Does it rain often where you live? Then kite flying would not be one of your sports . It is one of the favorite sports of Thailand. A.How many sports do you like? B.What’s the weather like? C.Is the climate hot where you 1ive? D.Or do you live in a cold climate? E.Many people enjoy sports by watching others play. F.What games have you played? G.Sports help people to live happily.

第七篇 1 being angry doesn’t really solve much, but what people do when they feel angry is important. The goal is to calm down and try to solve what is bothering you. This is hard for some kids and adults too. Instead of calming down, some kids might keep getting more and more upset until they explode like a volcano! 2 Their anger might be so strong that they lose control of their temper. They may act in ways unacceptable and hurtful. People may say that someone has trouble controlling their temper. 3 . Some kids might get so angry that they scream at their parents, break something, or even worse, hit their brothers or sisters. 4 However, it’s not OK for a kid to do any of those things. Kids don’t want to act in this way, but sometimes angry feelings can be hard to manage. So what to do? Well, the good news is that kids don’t just have to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. 5 Imagine your temper as a puppy inside you that needs some training. The puppy is not bad ---it will probably turn out a great dog. It just needs to learn some rules because, right now, that puppy is causing some problems to you. A. You can train your temper B. You don’t want to cause trouble C. Kids should be allowed to express their feeling, even angry ones. D. Everybody gets angry sometimes. E. In fact, they usually mean that a kid behaves badly when feeling angry. F. Instead of thinking of the person you’re angry with, think of something else. G. Some kids get angry more often or more easily than some other kids.

第八篇: Dear Sir, I have to travel every day from So UK Road to the airport. Two buses travel along this route: No.49 and No.16. However, by the time No.16 reaches So UK Road, it is always full. 1 The timetable states that there are buses from So UK Road to the airport every ten minutes. 2 The instructions state that if there are empty seats on a bus, the bus must stop at every stop where people are waiting. 3 The instructions state that no bus may carry more than 40 seated passengers and 20 standing passengers. Yesterday, I was the first to get off the bus when it reached the airport. 4 There were 129 of them. Clearly printed on the back of every bus is a sign that says “Maximum speed: 50mph.” 5 Saturday morning a No. 49 bus traveled the distance in ten minutes, at an average speed of 60 mph. At times it must have done at least 80 or even 90 mph. It is obvious that our bus companies have neither respect for the instructions nor consideration for their passengers. Can nothing be done about this? Jerry A. I counted the other passengers as they got off. B. Is there anything we can do to change this? C. The problem is that we have to pay more for our trip. D. The distance from So UK Road to the airport is 10 miles. E. This leaves No.49 which sometimes has empty seats on it. F. If this is so, why do I have to wait half an hour for a bus nearly every day? G. Why is it that half-empty buses go straight past me when I am standing at the bus stop?

1. 答案:BGCED 2. 答案:7选5:71. B 3.71-75 ECAGD 72. E 73. F 74. A 75. G

4.答案:DBGAE 5.答案:51---55 FAGDC 6.答案:71-75 GEFCD

7.答案:71-75 DGECA 8.答案:EFGAD


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