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2019教育人教版高中英语 必修二 Unit1 《Cultural relice Warming up Reading》 课件 共39张PPT数学_图文

Period 1

1.a long history 2.the symbol(标志)
of China and its culture 3.used for protecting our country 4.A man who has never been there is not a true man.

The Great Wall China

1.Built during 2700-2500 BC . 2.used as the emperor's tomb 3.the symbol(标志) of Egypt and its culture
The Pyramid Egypt

1.One of the world’s most famous statues 2.located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3.began in 1921, and completed in 1931 4.look like a huge cross in the distance.

statue of Jesus Christ


Do they have something in common?
?famous ?a long history ?tell us stories about the past
?symbols of their countries and cultures

What is a cultural relic ?
A cultural relic is something that has survived for a long time, often a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed; it tells people about the past.

Are there any cultural relics in Zaoyang?

? Reasons for their importance
Reasons for their importance
Symbols of their countries A concrete explaination of their cultures Have a memorable significance Bring in money from tourism

Do cultural relics only refer to buildings?
Can you give some other examples?
Paintings, works of art, articles of daily use ect.

What is amber?


yellow- brown

?feel like feel as hard as stone

?Amber is the fossil(化石)form of resin(树脂) from trees.
? It takes millions of years to form.

琥珀是史前松树脂的化石。琥珀是由千万年 前植物所分泌出来的树脂,经过地壳变动而 深埋地下,逐渐演化而成的一种天然化石。 形成于4000万年至6000万年前,琥珀的主要 成分是碳、氢、氧以及少量的硫,硬度2-3, 比重1.05-1.10,熔点150C-180C,燃点 250C-375C。琥珀是很“涩”的物质,没有 两块琥珀是完全相同的。品种有金珀、虫珀、 香珀、灵珀、石珀、花珀、水珀、明珀、蜡 珀等,尤以含有完整昆虫或植物的琥珀为珍 贵。

What is an amber room?
A room made of amber

In search of the Amber Room
Judging from the title, what do you think happened to the Amber Room?
Read the passage quickly and match the following?

Match each part of the passage with its headline

Paragraph 1

More details were added to the Amber Room

Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5

The Amber Room and its design The rebuilding of the Amber Room The Amber Room was given as a gift The missing of the Amber Room

And trying to get the main idea about the text.
It tells us the strange history of
the_A__m_b__e_r __R_o_o__m__, a cultural relic
of two countries: G__e_r_m__a_n_y_ and _R__u_s_s_i_a_.

Read the passage quickly again and
find out characters , years ,and places in the passage. ( clues 线索)





3.Peter the Great

2.Frederick WilliamⅠ



1716 1770 1941 2003


Prussia Russia

Careful reading:

1.Frede rickⅠ
2.Frederick WilliamⅠ

1.What did these four people do to the Amber Room?

3.Peter the Great
4.Catherine Ⅱ

2.What happened in these four years (1716; 1770; 1941; 2003)?

The clue of the story


Peter the Great Czar

Frederick WilliamⅠ



Frederick WilliamⅠgave the
1716 Amber Room to Peter the Great__a_s_a__g_i_ft_.
Catherine Ⅱ_a_d_d_e_d more 1770 details to the Amber
1941 The Nazi German army _s_to_l_e_ the Amber Room.
2003 The r_e_b_u_il_d_in_g_of the Amber Room was completed.

Why do you think countries give presents to make friends with each other? Do they do like these now? What do they do instead?

Listening to the tape to get the detailed information 1. The Russians didn’t hide the Amber Room because ____C__. A. they were at war B. they couldn’t find a place C. the German soldiers arrived too
soon D. No train could take it away

The characteristics(特点) of the text

the type of writing

an explanation(说明文) ? a narration(叙事文) ? an argumentation(议论文 )?

the way of narrating

in the order of place? in the order of time ?

What’s the author’s attitude towards the Amber Room ?
approving, neutral or opposed ?
How do you know it ?

Retell the Amber Room
1. Time spent: A _te_a_m_ of artists spent _t_e_n years making it.
2. Material: 7,000 tons of _a_m__b_e_r were used for making it, with _g_o_l_d and _j_e_w_e_l_s .
3. Purpose: It was made _n_o_t to be a gift, _b_u_t for the Palace of Frederick I.

4. Results: It was _se_n_t_/_g_iv_e_n_ to Russian people after Frederick William I succeeded his father and b__ec_a_m__ethe king of Prussia; soon it became part of the Czar’s winter palace; it was one of the greatest w__o_n_d_e_r_s of the world; in 1941,

it was _s_to_l_e_n by the Nazis. Now a new Amber Room _h_a_s_b_e_e_n_b__u_il_t in Russia and it _lo_o_k_s_m__u_c_h__li_k_e_ the old one, f_o_l_lo_w__in_g_ the old photos.

Discuss the following question in groups of four.
Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as Yuan Ming Yuan? Give your reasons.

Step 4 Discussion

Is it worth rebuilding Yuan

Ming Yuan?



We can discuss from 1.Cost 2.Can it be faithfully reproduced? 3.Maybe it can bring in much because of the tourism. 4.Whether it can make people remember the shameful history.

I am for …because … I am against…because … I agree that …/I agree with your opinion I don’t agree with you, In my opinion, I think … My opinion is that … I think it is better to … I believe …


Please write a passage about your discussion.



1 enjoy the beauty again
2 increase the income of tourism
3 ……

1 a waste of money and time
2 let people forget the shameful history
3 ……

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