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Ⅰ.单项填空(建议用时 8′) 1.It looks ________ you are ill. You should go to see the doctor. A.as B.as though C.which D.whether 2.The year of 2016 is the beginning of China’s 13th FiveYear Plan,________ ecological civilization is an important part. A.of which B.in which C.for which D.on which 3.________ she is out of a job,Lucy has been considering going back to school,but she hasn’t decided. A.Even if B.Though C.If D.Now that 4.Not until recently ________ the development of touristsrelated activities in the rural areas. A.they had encouraged B.had they encouraged C.did they encourage D.they encouraged 5.He ________ to lose his temper if you don’t obey the rule. A.tends B.intends C.pretends D.bends 6.—What’s the matter with Jason? He looks a bit ________. —Didn’t you know? When returning from his holiday last night,he found his house broken into. A.curious B.upset C.pleased D.excited 7.—What a ________ scene on the stage! —Yeah,we girls were really ________. A.frightened;frightened B.frightening;frightened C.frightening;frightening D.frightened;frightening 8.—Thank God! This school term is coming to an end! —Yeah,after all that hard work,we all ________ a holiday. A.preserve B.observe C.reserve D.deserve 9.He insisted what he did ________ right and the man who had spoken ill of him ________. A.was;be punished B.be;was punished C.was;was punished D.be;be punished 10.When I took his temperature,I found it was two degrees above ________. A.average B.ordinary C.common D.normal 11.—Did Peter fix the computer himself? —He ________,because he doesn’t know much about computers. A.has it fixed B.had fixed it C.had it fixed D.fixed it 12.We thought that,________ we were in the area,we’d stop by and see the places of interest. A.until B.since C.unless D.though 13.Bach died in 1750,but it was not until the early 19th century ________ his musical gift was fully recognized. A.while B.though C.that D.after 14.Drought continues to annoy many parts of China,with tens of thousands ________ water shortages and millions of others ________. A.suffering;affecting B.suffering;affected C.suffered;affected D.to suffer;affecting 15.—Why didn’t you invite John to your birthday party? —Well,you know he’s ________. A.an early bird B.a wet blanket C.a lucky dog D.a tough nut Ⅱ.阅读理解(建议用时 8′) “There’s no point in talking with you: You don’t understand me.You don’t even know me.” A teen spits these words at a parent, who is hurt and annoyed.How can her own child say these things? She’s worked hard getting to know him,learning to read his feelings from his voice and gestures.How can her own child now say to her,“You don’t know who I really am?” Nothing shakes a parent’s confidence as much as the starting of a child’s adolescence.The communication that has flowed easily through word,glance and touch becomes a minefield (雷区). Recent discoveries that the human brain undergoes specific and dramatic development during adolescence offer new “explanations” of teen behavior,particularly of the impulsiveness (冲动) of teenagers.During this development,there may be too many synapses (神经元突触) for the brain to work efficiently;the mental capacities of decisionmaking,judgment and control are not mature until the age of twentyfour. An older explanation is that anger hormones account for the apparently unreasonable moodiness (情绪化) of teens.Though hormones do play a role in human feelings,the real task of adolescence,and the real cause of the unrest,is the uncertainty of teenagers about who they are,alongside their eagerness to establish a sense of identity. This involves selfquestioning,selfdiscovery and selfdevelopment across a range of issues,including sex,faith,intellect and relationships.A sense of who we are is not a mere luxury;without it we feel worthless.A teen often looks upon his or her friends as models:“I don’t know who I am,but I know who he is,I’ll be like him,” is the underlying thought.Parents also become such mirrors: Teens want that mirror to reflect back to them the vividness and clarity they themselves do not feel. Arguments with parents can often be understood in this context.While those common teenagerparent quarrels,which explode every few days, are often over small things such as homework, housework, and respect; a teenager’s real focus is on a parent’s recognition of his maturity and capability and human value.“No,you can’t go out tonight,” implies that a parent doesn’t trust


him to make decisions.And,in a teen’s eyes,that’s not only unfair,but shame.“Have you got your keys?” or “Do you have enough money for the bus?” are questions that can be easily accepted if asked by a concerned friend,but awaken a teen’s own doubts if asked by a parent.Feeling the need to distinguish himself from the kid who can’t remember to take his lunch,his keys or his money,he blames the parent for reminding him of the childself still living within him.What my research shows is that quarreling with your teen doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad relationship.The quality of teenagerparent relationship has several measures. 16.According to the text,teenagers ________. A.can fully understand their parents’ feelings B.need guidance in every aspect of their life C.may experience a huge mental change D.know themselves better than their parents do 17.What do we learn from the text? A.Parents hate talking to their children because they can’t understand them. B.The brains of teenagers work more efficiently because of the synapses. C.Hormones are the real causes of unrest and moodiness in teens. D.What teens really care about is being recognized by their parents. 18.What is implied in the last paragraph? A.Quarrels between children and parents often involve serious issues. B. A parent should not ask a child about money. C.A child wants respect,especially from his or her parents. D.Quarrels are a sign of a bad relationship.

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