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江西省兴国县第三中学2016届高三英语一轮复习 语法专练(四) 定语从句

1. The road conditions there turned out to be very good, us happy. 2. I’ ll give you th e address, 3. I went through a period I can be reached on Sundays. l i fe was hard had s im ple. made

4. — Do you have a ny thing more to say ? — Yes, there is on e point 5. It is reported that two schools, will open next ye ar . 6. After graduation she reached a point in her career to accept the cha ll enge of life. 7. The Bird ’ s Nest is such a fan tastic building great many touris ts . 8. We calle d at t he Bir d’ s Ne st the o ther day, Olympic Games wer e held. 9. The reason the SanLu milk com pany was closed down was that the 29th at tracts a she had we must insist on. ar e being built in Yushu,

the food quality co ntrol was overloo ke d. 10. The farm I worke d long ago was gone. appeared

11. In the end ,we r eached the top of th e mountain, a rare rainbow so on . 12. I love my hom et own 13. This is the rea son 14. The way 15. This is the f ar m I feel proud.

he prob lem is simpl e and e ffective.

he solved the prob lem is simple and effective. my father grows fruit. ma ny people

16. In o ur city there are sev eral bi g publ ic parks can go to enjoy t he beautiful scener y.

17. The growing speed of economy is influenced by a lot of factors, most of are beyond our contr ol . I

18. I was given fiv e books o n spoke n E nglish, the first really enjoyed. 19. The garden ne ede d a lot of improv eme nts, a large amount of m oney. 20. The only thin g impres sed m e was his sense o f humour.

meant spending


21. His son was admi tted to a key univer sity, dream. 22. The village and the people 23. The house, 24. Here is a picture,

was b eyond his

we visited were im pressive.

I bought last y ea r, needs to be re paired. , to tel l you the truth, will show you

the grand Opening C eremony of the 29 th Olympic Games. 25. This is the v er y job 26. I have nothing 27. London in 2012. 28. we all know, the 29th Ol ymp ic Games is a gre at success. we all ad mire. in the 29 th Olympi c Games, is fi t for me. isn ’ t clear to me now, and you can go on.

is know n to us all, the 30th Olympic Games were held in

29. Tom is such a k ind-hearted boy 30. She won the f irst gold medal

delighted the Chi ne se. 31. He failed the en trance examin ation, teachers. 32. He is so naug ht y a boy 33. I have the sa me overcoat 34. ann oyed his teacher. s he does. i s a surpr ise to his

is ofte n the case , the b oy made me annoyed. was reported. was e xpected. were m ade of small

35. He won the go ld medal, 36. She passed th e exam,

37. I bought a wat ch, the hands of diamonds.

38. The boy saved h is classmates in th e Wenchuan earthq ua ke, we admired a lot. 39. He bought a n ec klace, was intended for his wi fe.

40. — Is that the fa rm you often refe r to? — Right , just the one I used to work for year s. s howed her love for

41. I received a gift from my girlfriend, me. 42. next Sunday. 43. This is one of t he places of interes t me.

I expla ined on the phone , I will go with you to the park

are inter esting to


44. I admire the wa y

she treat s her son. wa s chosen on jo in in the

45. He is the only o ne of the boys competition in my c lass. 46. I visited the p rison 47. The fact, 48. The fact,

he es caped.

he lost the ga me surprised me. he referred to s urprised me. I would

49. When I a rrived, Bryan took me to s ee the house be staying. 50. That evening, up working very l at e. 51. The pri ze will go to the writer imagination.

I will tell y ou more about lat er, I ended

story shows the most

52. Ted came for th e weekend wea ring onl y some short s and a T -shirt, i s a stupi d thing to do in su ch weather. 53. As a c hild, Jac k studied in a vill age school, after his grandfa th er. 54. I refuse to acc ept the blame for s omething else ’ s fault. 55. I borrow the bo ok Sherlock Holme s from the librar y la st week, m y classma tes recommended t o me. 56. Many countrie s a re now setting up na tional park s and plants can be p rotected. 57. When deeply abs orbed in work, forget all about ea ting or sleeping. 58. Mary was muc h ki nder to J ack tha n sh e was to the others, of course, made a ll the others upset . 59. Children who are not active or gain weight quick ly . 60. An ecosystem co nsists of living an d nonliving things in a area interact wi t h one another. 61. Have you sent th ank -you notes to the relatives fro m received gifts? 62. Until now, we h ave raised 50,000 p ounds for the poor children, i s quite u nexpected.

is name d

wa s someone


he often w as, he would


di et is high in fat will


63. Nowadays peop le are more concern ed about the enviro nm ent they live. 64. In our class th ere are 46 studen ts , 65. The school sh op , closed for the ho li days. 66. After graduat i on from college, I took some t ime o f f to go gravelling, turned out to be a wise decision. my daughter can read customers are half wear gl asses. main ly students, is

67. I am looking fo rward to the day this took and kno w my feelings for h er .

68. Happiness and s uccess often come t o those at recognizing th ei r own strengths. 69. Care of the s ou l is a gradual pr oc ess small details of li fe should be cons id ered. 70. Julie was goo d at German, French a nd Russian, all o f she spike fluentl y. 71. He may with t he competition, in into the national t eam.





case he is likely to get

72. I didn’ t bec om e a serious climb er until a fifth gr ad e, I went up to re scue a kite that was stuck in the branches of a tree. 73. The children, a ll of were worn out. 74. The museum will o pen in the spring w it h an exhibition and a viewing platform visitor s can w atc h the big glasshous es being bui lt. more infor mation is available with had playe d the wh ole day long,

75. We live in an a ge great ease than e ve r before.

76. Ellen was a p ai nter of birds and n ature, some reason, had wi thdrawn from all hu man society.


fo r

77. English is a language shared by se veral diverse cultu res , each of uses it somewhat differently. 78. A bank is the p lace they le nd you an um brella in fair

weather and ask f or it back when it be gins to rain. 79. The settlemen t is home to nearly 1 ,000 people, many o f left th eir villag e homes for a bet te r life in the cit y. 80. The book has helped me greatly in my daily commun ication,

especially at wor k

a good impression is a must.

81. The president of t he World Bank sa ys he has a passion f o r China, he reme mbers star ting as early as hi s childhood. 82. After the flo od ing, people were su ffering in that a re a, urgentl y needed c lean water, med icin e and shelter to su rvive. 83. Between the t wo parts of the con ce rt is an interval , the aud ience can buy ice -cream. 84. The newly bui lt café , the walls of are painted ligh t

green, is really a peaceful place fo r us, specially aft er hard work. 85. English is a language shared by se veral diverse cultu res, each of uses it different ly. 86. We have launc he d another man-mad e satellite, announced in toda y ’ s newspaper. 87. I wish to tha nk Professor Smith, w ithout would never have go t this far. 88. The days are go ne to make a living. 89. — Can you beli ev e I had to pay 30 d ollars for a hair cu t? — You s hould try the barber ’ s I go. I t ’ s only 15. we se t at physica l streng th was all y ou neede d help I is

90. We ’ ll reach th e sales targets i n a month the beginning of th e year. 91. John invited ab out 40 people to hi s wedding, most o f are family member s. 92. Sales directo r is a position just as important a s sales skills. 93. In China, the n umber of cities i s increasing development is re co gnized across the w orl d.

communi cation a bi lity is

94. Students shou ld involve themselv es in community act iv ities th ey can gain ex perience for grow th . 95. The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eves of those lives w ere affect ed. 96. The air quali ty in the city, has improved over t he past two month s. 97. She has a gif t for creating an a tm osphere for her s tu dents

is shown in the re port,

al lows them to c ommunicate freely w ith each other. 98. Stephen Hawking believes that earth is unlikely to be only planet life ha s develop e d gradually. 99. P lease send u s all the informati on candidate for the p osition. 100. is often the cas e with childre n, Amy w as better by t he you ha ve about th e

time the doctor a rr ived. 101. It is the th ir d time that she h as won the race, has surprised us al l. 102. I walked up to the top of the h il l with my friends , we enjoyed a splen did view of the l ak e. 103. The old temp le repair. 104. A company seek opportunitie s abroad. 105. There is no si mple answer, is o ften the case in science. was complete ly cut profits fro m home markets are declinin g may roof was damaged in storm is now unde r

106. Finally he r ea ched a lonely isl an d off from the outs id e world. 107. Maria has wr it ten two novels, b ot h of into television s er ies.

have been mad e

108. The old town h as narrow streets a nd small houses built close to ea ch other. 109. That ’ s the ne w machine seen. 110. It was the m id dle of the night and told me to wa tc h the football ga me . 111. Among the ma ny dangers probably the grea te st of all is fog. 112. He wrote a l et ter the accident. 113. By 16:30, paintings had bee n sold. sailors have to


parts ar e too sm all to be

my fath er woke me up


he explained what had happened in

was almost closi ng time, nearly al l the

114. She showed t he visitors around th e museum, the con st ruction had tak en more th an three years.

115. The girl a rran ged to have pia no le ssons at the tr aini ng centre with her sister 116. The exact ye ar China was 2008. 117. Mo Yan was a wa rded the Nobel Pr iz e for Literature in 2012, made one of the C hinese people ’ s lo ng-held dream s come true. 118. A lot of lan gu age learning, has bee n discove red, she wou ld stay fo r an hour. Angela and he r fam ily spent t ogether i n

is happening in th e first year of lif e , so parents shoul d talk much to their children du ri ng that period. 119. Whatever is le ft ove r may be put into the refriger at or, it will keep of t wo or three weeks. 120. Zhengzhou wa s attacked by such a terrible sandstor m few residents had e ver experienced b ef ore. 121. Take an active part in sports or other activities yo u enjoy, you can meet vari ous kinds of peop le . 122. A wireless smart pillbox can remind patients to take their daily vitamins, we all find hard to bel ieve.

123. — How about y ou r job hunting? — No luck. Now , I’ ve reached to st age what I do. 124. Being a doct or is one of the fe w professions make a mistake, i t can mean somebody ’ s life. 125. It is so int er esting a story makes ev eryone ha ppy. if yo u I do n ’ t car e

126. The Burj Dubai Skyscraper will reach a height of 700 metres, is said do be the highest building a round the w orld. 127. Do you remem be r a certain occas io n trouble and at th at moment I gave yo u a hand? 128. A good adver ti sement often uses w ords positive meanings . 129. Last Sunday I climbed to the to p of the hill near my home, I could see half of the city. 130. I was born i n Hainan, a place name will crea te a people attac h you were in

picture of beauti fu l beach and clear w ater in our mind. 131. The police a rr ived, the sit uation bec ame calmer.

132. Was it in th e garden

we used to work i n

the famous actors a nd actresses had a picnic? 133. He has two s on s, neither of lives w ith him.

134. What is know n to us all is that t he old worker, fo r life was hard in th e past, still wor ks hard in his seve nt ies. 135. We went camp in g last Saturday. Un fortunately, the da y, began brightly, e nd ed with a violent s torm. 136. — I can ’ t find Mr.Smith. Where di d you meet him this morning? — It was in the ho tel he stay ed.

137. His younger si ster may already be in high school n ow , in case this pic ture b ook is too ch ildish for her. 138. In our schoo l there are 200 com pu ters, replacing. 139. Nissan ’ s pl an ts in Zhengzhou a nd Guangzhou, operate in cooper at ion with Dongfeng M otor Corp, remain ed closed. 140. This is a ki nd of traditional c la ssroom teaching students are taug ht a lot about gram ma r rules. 141. Soon childre n in the camp had m an y new friends, they shared food, s tories and projec ts . 142. The Great Wa ll is the place like to visit whe n they come to Beij in g. 143. The small mo un tain village month lies in wha t is now part of Hu be i. 144. The classroo m is crowded with c hi ldren eyesight, all of are int erested in painting. tr uly have poo r we spent our holid ay last almost all tou rist s would 60% nee d

145. Everyone has a unique character , and a place suits him or her. 146. Just now I got an e-mail from m y girlfriend,

indicated that sh e was going to teac h in Tibet. 147. The result w as far beyond what we had expected, brought great joy t o every one of us . 148. They went on w ell at first but ev entually everythi ng they had worried ab out happened. 149. It is really t o find a nice pla ce in this city we ca n

have a picnic. 150. We live in a b eautiful village, kind-hearted and ho nest. 151. Jack will al wa ys remember those d ays China with his br ot her, he s tayed in th e people are

has a gre at eff ect on his life.

152. When in a st ra nge place, I can ’ t figure out the dir ection we a re travel ling. 153. I am gratefu l to Tom, without drowned. 154. He gave me t wo books, seemed to be in teresting. help I wo uld have been

155. Luckily, we ’ d brought a road map with us, without we could have los t our way. 156. This is a fi lm that could make a boy like me, never been to New Y ork, fall in love w ith the place. 157. is general ly th e case, those who ca re for t he weakest has

members of societ y are respected. 158. During the 20 12 London Olympic Games many people served a s volunteers, most of were youn g coll ege students.

159. Bill Gates h as created a wonder fu l “ window ” people can surf t he Internet freely. 160. Improper gra mm ar will put stude nt s in a situation it will be difficul t for them to under stand the ideas the author tries to convey. 161. — What heated d iscussion you ’ ve h ad! — Sure. I reac he d the point 162. Internet cri me is a subject for a long while. 163. Occasions ar e quite rare a firm is un able to fulfill I must in sist o n. that worl d migh t argue

an order, or at le a st cannot do so wi t hin the usual acce p ted period of time. 164. — Where did y ou start your own b us iness? — It is in Zho ng guancun located. 165. Today I am as grateful as ever befor e to my grandma and my parents,


h i-tech




I might n ever h ave possibly beco me a writer. everyo ne is encouraged t o

166. Are we livin g in an age have their ideas on blogs?

167. The English so ng calls up the h ap py days together in our y ou th.

we spen t

168. As to eve ry n ew employee, th ere is a 15 -day-tra inin g, after an examinat ion is given to test wh ether he is qualifi ed for the position. 169. You can ’ t ima gine how much we respect Professor Joh nson now, we used t o laug h at so much. 170. He ’ ll never f orget his stay in t he park cellphone which h ad gone missing day s before. 171. is often the ca se, Mike was late again and made up an he found hi s

excuse to fool th e boss. 172. Little Jim i s going to spend hi s holiday in Paris, lives his uncle. 173. For various re asons, days are g on e women could b e

referred to as th e weaker people wit ho ut causing troubl e. 174. Mark Zuckerb er g is the founder of the site Faceboo k, you can have a lo ok at each other ’ s p ictures. 175. Have you fou nd the right place in the map now went camping with y our schoolmates l as t time? 176. There are ca se s speech has star ted late in a ch ild who you

eventually turns ou t to be of high I Q. 177. The stock ma rk et fell sharply, brought a bout a panic.

178. The terrible earthquake br ought about destruc tion i n Japan, effect th e peop le are still suff er ing from. 179. wildlife. 180. My father is a fishing lover, weekends. 181. This is the on ly TV play series 182. attracted me. ofte n goes fis hing on is often the ca se, Tom is devoted t o doing research on

can be seen from his face, my father is quite satisfied

with my final sco re s.

183. At present, I am out of work, 184. China will b ui ld a space statio n, study th e secret o f space more exac tl y. living

makes me anxiou s. scie ntists will

185. Almost all t he energy comes from the su n.

th ings




186. China is suc h a beautiful count ry large number of t ou rists every year. 187. It was in th e beautiful park we first met ou r new Chinese tea ch er. 188. Such is the ca se

a ttracts


was located by6 the sea

I may los e cont rol of myself.

189. The cer emony wa s attended b y thousa nds of film stars, o n ly a small number of went ther e in h ope of getting aw ar ded. shape is uniqu ely designed, is

190. The new CCTV T ower, frequently visite d by travelers. 191. The reason up in the traffic . 192. The way admirable. 193. I will never f orget the day at the Shanghai W or ld Expo. 194. — Did you rem em ber the days Obama

he m issed the t rain was that he was held


t he



f air


I vis ited th e exibits

we worked on th e farm? we spen t

— Certainly. E sp ecially the hard ti mes together. I have a dog, 195 196

ears ar e long. I often walk it in th e park,

the a ir is fre sh and he avy with t he smell of beaut if ul I am f ond of wa lking my dog is tha t

flowers. The reas on 197

is does good to i ts health. However, t here was a time 1 98 I hated walking t he dog. At one time , we lived in an ol d house 199 was located o n the river bank. T here was an atmos ph ere 200 made me u pset. The dog barked lo ud ly at night, 201 made me unable to fa ll asleep. And there fore I got angry wit h it. But now things have c hanged a lot. We l ive in a c omfortable hous e wit h a big yar d, 202 the do g has m ore freedom to enjoy itself. It has a sha rp I feel pr oud. 2 04 is often th e

sense of smell, o f 203

case, the dog is lo yal to me.


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