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7星火英语四级美文听力第7篇An Irish Wedding

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An Irish Wedding
Have you ever been to an Irish wedding? I have just returned from one. It is a quarter to five in the morning; the sun has already climbed above the horizon; the birds are busy celebrating the new day and have eagerly been in search of food. But some of the guests have not yet left. They are still prolonging the night: dancing, singing, gossiping, and postponing the unfortunate necessity of undertaking a day’s work in the fields after a sleepless night. The evening party was to start at ten o’clock, but many of the guests arrived earlier. A few of the nearer male relatives were looking rather awkward in evening suits with smart bow ties, and the pleasant, unsophisticated countrywomen appeared a little self-conscious in their Sunday best. Two men squeezing accordions provided the music: the old Irish tunes that have been played at weddings for many years. Half the people in the room were dancing the square dances which have been enjoyed even longer. A score of men stood in the narrow dark hall leaning against the wall, drinking beer from bottles and speculating about crops, cattle and the current political situation. And whenever the dancing stopped, somebody would start singing one of the sentimental, treasured Irish songs: the exile longing for his home, the grief-stricken lover mourning his fate. Sometimes we all joined in the chorus, sadly and solemnly, before getting up to dance again. Irish weddings are almost certain to have been celebrated in this way for generations. I have been to wedding receptions where champagne has been served to the accompaniment of soft unnoticed orchestral music; I have listened to carefully prepared speeches and eyed a little enviously the model gowns of women far more elegant than I could ever hope to be. I have been impressed, and a little bored. I have just been sitting up all night in a small,uncomfortable Irish cottage and I have been enjoying every moment of it. unfortunate [,?n'f?:t??n?t]adj. 不幸的;令人遗憾的;不成功的 1. Unfortunate that I know the truth? 不幸的是我知道了真相? 2. I doubted this is my unfortunateyears. 我曾怀疑这是我不幸的一年。 necessity [ni'ses?ti, n?-]n. 需要;必然性;必需品 1. They have to do this test ofnecessity. 他们出于需要不得不做这项试验。 2. The best teacher one can have isnecessity. 我们能得到的最好教师是“需要”。 awkward ['?:kw?d]adj. 尴尬的;笨拙的;棘手的;不合适的 1. The awkward part fee, should you accept? 尴尬的分手费?到底该不该接受? 2. You dealt with an awkward situation very tactfully. 你很巧妙地处理了一个困难的局面。
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English Garden Morning Reading Materials

unsophisticated [,?ns?'fistikeitid]adj. 纯洁的;不懂世故的;不精细的;天真无邪的;质朴无华的 1. The people living in my hometown areunsophisticated and simple. 生活在我家乡的人们都不复杂,很简单。 2. Plain fare, simple attire,unsophisticated accommodations, hardy and active habits, such is the order of the day in the house and its inhabitants. 简单的伙食,朴素的衣服,不讲究的设备,勤劳艰苦的习惯,这就是那儿和那儿的人们现在的风气。 conscious ['k?n??s]adj. 意识到的;故意的;神志清醒的 1. You will begin to understand that you create your experiences, and you will learn to become conscious creators. 你们将开始了解,你们创造你们的经验,且你们将学会成为意识的创造者。 2. Fear directs your conscious energy into the realm of reality of that fear, and you then must deal at that level. 恐惧将你们的意识能量导向那种恐惧的现实王国,然后你们必须在那个层面解决问题。 sentimental [,senti'ment?l]adj. 感伤的;感情脆弱的 1. It has great sentimental value for me. 它对我有很重大的情感价值。 2. Perhaps I was a sensitive one for each of the women who are afraid, maybe I am a woman hopelessly sentimental. 也许我是一个敏感的让每个人都害怕的女人,也许我是一个多愁善感无可救药的女人。 exile ['eɡzail, 'eksail]n. 流放,充军;放逐,被放逐者;流犯 vt. 放逐,流放;使背井离乡 1. Disagreements exiled her from her family. 意见分歧使她离家出走了。 2. The court decreed his exile. 法院判决将他放逐。 longing ['l??i?, 'l?:?-]n. 渴望,热望;憧憬 adj. 渴望的,极想得到的 v. 渴望(long 的 ing 形式) 1. This longing is for the one who is felt in the dark, but not seen in the day. 这渴望是为那么一个人,他可以在黑暗里给感觉到,却不能在白天里给看见。 2. Who said this sentence, not only can remember, remember, is that a kind of light with longing. 是谁说过这句话,不记得了,唯一能记得的,是那一种对光明的期盼与渴望。 accompaniment [?'k?mp?nim?nt]n. 伴奏;伴随物 1. Hunger is the accompaniment of poverty. 饥饿是贫困的伴随物。 2. The pianist improvised anaccompaniment to the song. 那位钢琴家为那首歌即席伴奏。 Unnoticed adj. 被忽视的;不引人注意的;未被注意的 1. They exist only a short time and then slowly waste away just as unnoticed. 冰山仅存在短短的一段时间就慢慢地悄无声息地融化掉。 2. Those who dress in black are those who want to be unnoticed and need your help and understanding. 那些穿黑色衣服的人往往都是不想被人发现自己存在,需要帮助和了解的人…
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English Garden Morning Reading Materials

English Garden@Harbin University of Commerce, Copyright @ 2013. All rights reserved

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