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一、单选题(共 50 道试题,共 100 分。 )V 1. He thought that ___C______. A. the effort doing the job was not worth B. the effort was not worth in doing the job C. it was not worth the effort doing the job D. it was not worth the effort by doing the job 满分:2 分 2. They found a pile of gold at the entrance. There was____B______ more inside the cave. A. yet B. still C. many D. lot of 满分:2 分 3. Since the cinema was B__ , I had to go home to watch TV. A. packed B. crowded C. filled with D. full of 满分:2 分 4. Only when the plan failed____A______ his mistakes. A. did he realize B. does he realize C. he realized D. he realizes 满分:2 分 5. The problem of housing_____C_____ lead to the problem of social instability. A. itself B. must C. did D. never 满分:2 分 6. Whenever she asks__B_help , he is always ready to help. A. with B. for C. in D. to 满分:2 分 7. —What day is today? —__B_____. A. Today is March 25th B. Today is Saturday C. Today is fine D. Today is cold 满分:2 分 8. Such problems ____D______ as soon as possible.

A. have solved B. have been solving C. have to solve D. have to be solved 满分:2 分 9. The sun is____C_______ , far away from the earth. A. much B. very C. far D. so 满分:2 分 10. Your shirt needs___C_______ . You'd better have it done today. A. iron B. to iron C. ironing D. being ironed 满分:2 分 11. If you have made a decision, please stick ___A___ what you want. A. to B. up C. of D. for 满分:2 分 12. “No, no”, he whispered, __C__ talking to himself. A. while B. even if C. as if D. when 满分:2 分 13. Please don't ___ Bobby when he _A you. A. turn down, turns to B. turn away from, turns into C. turn off, turns up D. turn out, turns over 满分:2 分 14. In such dry weather, the flowers will have to be watered if they___B_______. A. have survived B. are to survive C. would survived D. will survive 满分:2 分 15. Our neighbors will _C_ our house when we are away. A. pay attention B. look at

C. look after D. care 满分:2 分 16. — You should have given them some suggestions. — ____D_______ , but who would listen to me? A. So should I B. So I should C. So did I D. So I did 满分:2 分 17. The number of teachers in this school___C___ unknown. A. are B. is being C. is D. are being 满分:2 分 18. We look _D__ to receiving a prompt reply to our letter. A. round B. through C. after D. forward 满分:2 分 19. Intelligent students can always B_ good solutions to problems. A. carry out B. come up with C. look into D. catch up with 满分:2 分 20. One_____A______if one breaks the law. A. will be punished B. will punish C. is being punished D. has been punished 满分:2 分 21. —What can I do for you, madam? —____A___. A. I want a kilo of apples B. You can go your own way C. Thanks D. Excuse me. I'm busy 满分:2 分 22. We all know knowledge begins _D_ practice. A. at B. from C. in

D. with 满分:2 分 23. —I was worried about chemistry, but Mr. Brown gave me an A! —__B_____. A. Don't worry about it B. Congratulations! That's a difficult course C. Mr. Brown is very good D. Good luck to you 满分:2 分 24. —Do you mind my smoking here? —___B_____. A. No, thanks. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes. I'd rather not. D. Good idea. 满分:2 分 25. —Do you think I could borrow your dictionary? —___C____. A. Yes, you may borrow B. Yes, go on C. Yes, help yourself D. It doesn't matter 满分:2 分 26. He was ____D___ the Nobel prize for his new discovery. A. offered B. informed C. rewarded D. awarded 满分:2 分 27. ____B______ in this light, the matter is not as serious as people generally suppose. A. To see B. Seen C. Seeing D. Being seen 满分:2 分 28. I found _D_ to answer all the questions within the time given. A. no possibility B. there was impossibility C. impossible D. it impossible 满分:2 分 29. It was __A__fun to play on the beach that it attracted countless children. A. such great B. so great C. such a great D. so great a 满分:2 分

30. He and his family had to __B__ on 50$ a week. A. pay B. spend C. live D. exist 满分:2 分 31. He ____________the Communist Party____D_____2002. A. has joined, in B. has joined, since C. joined, on D. joined, in 满分:2 分 32. The road builders' claim for a 10 percent pay rise has been under__A_ by the government. A. consideration B. inquiry C. regard D. application 满分:2 分 33. —Do you mind telling me where you're from? —____D____. A. Certainly. I'm from London B. Sure. I was born in London C. Not really, you can do it D. Certainly not. I'm from London 满分:2 分 34. Without the __D___ of TV, children might spend more time reading and writing. A. watching B. concentration C. show D. distraction 满分:2 分 35. You aren't using this typewriter, ___A_______ ? A. are you B. do you C. will you D. have you 满分:2 分 36. _____D_____ the matter with the teacher, we had a better understanding about it. A. To discuss B. Discussed C. Being discussed D. Having discussed 满分:2 分 37. You should make __A___ your house or flat is secure. A. sure

B. certain C. understanding D. knowledge 满分:2 分 38. —Could you be so kind as to turn down that rock “n” roll? I am preparing for tomorrow's exam. —___C___ A. It's none of your business. B. What are you doing? C. Sure. Sorry to disturb you. D. No, I don't think so. 满分:2 分 39. —It's cold in here. Do you mind if I close the door? —__C____. A. With pleasure B. Yes, please C. Of course not D. Thank you 满分:2 分 40. _______C___ , I found all the seats were taken. A. To enter the classroom B. Entered the classroom C. Entering the classroom D. To be entered the classroom 满分:2 分 41. It ____A_____ whether he will go on with his study at the university. A. hasn't been decided B. isn't decided C. hasn't decided D. doesn't decide 满分:2 分 42. _B_to the Chinese Culture Club.You can learn Beijing opera here. A. Coming B. Welcome C. Well come D. Will come 满分:2 分 43. The song _____A_____by children. A. is often sung B. was often sung C. sings D. has often sung 满分:2 分 44. I went to the post office,only__B_ it was closed. A. finding B. to find

C. to be finding D. found 满分:2 分 45. Will you lend him a magazine ___C_______? A. to be read B. for reading C. to read D. he read 满分:2 分 46. —Would you please give him the paper the moment he __A___? —No problem. A. arrives B. will arrive C. arrived D. is arriving 满分:2 分 47. The little girl prefers singing_B_. A. to dance B. to dancing C. than to dance D. than dancing 满分:2 分 48. I remember____________him____________the bike needed___C______. A. hearing ... saying ... to repair B. to hear ... say ... to repair C. hearing ... say ... repairing D. to hear ... saying ... to be repaired 满分:2 分 49. I didn't see the minister,_____B_____ did I see the secretary. A. so B. nor C. either D. none 满分:2 分 50. _C__the teacher____at this college last year? Yes, he did. A. Did, taught B. Does, teach C. Did, teach D. Is, teaching 满分:2 分


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