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Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. A 湖南省长沙市一中 2011 届高三月考试卷(七) The giving of gifts has been practised in every civilization ever studied. It is 48. basic human phenomenon that has a place in every culture and religion. Gifts are given to mark occasions throughout 49. , such as birth, marriage and retirement. Sociologists view gifts as a marker of the social relationship 50. givers and recipients. When friends exchange gifts, for example, there is an unwritten expectation 51. the gifts will be of roughly the 52. value, showing that the friends have equality of status. However, in hierarchical (等级的) relationships it is a 53. story. If a(n) 54. and a boss were exchanging presents, the boss would be expected to give a larger present. In 55. for this generosity, the employee would be expected to both work hard and be respectful. Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. B 湖南省常德市 2010—2011 学年度上学期高三检测试卷 One windy spring day, I observed young people having fun using the wind to fly their kites. Multicolored kites of varying shapes and sizes filled the skies them incheck(在控制中). Instead of blowing away with the wind, restraining (限制的) string and 51 50 rose against it to achieve great heights. They shook and pulled, but the 52 !” They soared(翱翔) heavy tail kept them in check, facing upward and against the wind. As the kites 48 beautiful birds dancing. 49 the strong winds blew against the kites, a string kept

struggled and trembled against the string, they seemed to say, “Let me go! Let me go! I want to be it seemed to say. “Free to fly mass of weeds. 53 the wind.”

beautifully even as they fought the restriction of the string. Finally, one of the kites succeeded in breaking loose. “Free at last,” Yet freedom from restraint simply put it at the mercy of an unsympathetic breeze. It fell 54 to the ground and landed in a

Let us each rise to the great heights, recognizing that some of the restraints that we may be annoyed about are actually the steadying force 55 helps us rise and achieve.

Directions: complete the following the passage by using ONE word that best fits the context. C 衡阳市八中 2011 届高三月考试卷 It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children to be responsible 48 housework , but with one of following suggestions, you really can get your children to help at home. If you give your children the impression __49___they can never do anything quite right, they will regard themselves ___50 unfit or unable persons. Unless children believe they can succeed , they will never become totally independent. My daughter Carla’s fifth-grade teacher made every child in _51 class feel special. When students received 52 than a perfect test score ,she would point out wha t had mastered and declared firmly they could learn 53 they had missed. You can use the same technique when you evaluate your children’s work at home. Don’t always scold them. You should give lots of praise 54 . Talk about what they have done right, not about what they have done wrong. If your children complete a difficult task , promise them a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad. Learning is 55 process of trying and failing and trying and succeeding. If you teach your children not to fear the failure of making mistakes, they will learn faster and achieve success at last. Directions: Complete the following passage by using ONE word that best fits the context. D 衡阳市八中 2011 届高三第五次月考英语试题卷 The construction of Shanghai Disneyland project and the international tourist resort is 48. ______ to cost the municipal government more than 100 billion yuan ($15.1 billion), 49. ______ than the expense of last year's World Expo. According to the report, it will cost about 25 billion yuan to build the new theme park's core area, and 50. ______ 40 billion yuan to finish affiliated(附属的)facilities. Most of these expenses will be paid by the Shanghai government. The entire project will cover 51. _____ to 107.1 square kilometers, with 7 square kilometers taking up the core area, 13.6 square kilometers for affiliated facilities 52. ______ 86.5 square kilometers for control areas. The government is expected to spend more than 100 billion yuan on the project..

"Affiliated facilities, 53. ______ a commercial hotel, are set to be finished before the park opens in 2015," said Xu Lin, who heads the Pudong New Area district. Major construction work will begin in May, and affiliated facilities are scheduled to be done 54. ______ June 2014. In addition, apart from government investments, overseas capital and some domestic companies are eyeing deals for the park's affiliated projects as well. A Japanese company, 55. _______ is in charge of Tokyo Disneyland's operations, is contacting the Walt Disney Co in the US, trying to obtain an operation deal for the park. Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. E 雅礼中学 2011 届高三月考试卷(六) Olympic building projects are at risk because skilled Polish workers are going back home and there are not enough skilled British workers to replace __48__ . A quick training plan is being put in place to teach British people basic construction __49__ specifically for Olympic projects. As the Polish builders are beginning to go back home, migrant workers from other parts of Eastern Europe are taking their places; __50__, they don’ seem to be as well trained or have the same work ethics as the Polish t workers. The Olympic Delivery Authority, the London Development Agency (LDA) and other partner organizations are going to spend £20 million —23 per cent of 51 training budget for London 2012 —in increasing the skills of the British workforce to __52__ the construction needs of the Olympics. They are also training electricians. A total of 1,500 workers nationwide will become fully skilled electricians __53__ attending the program. These workers will then work on building the Olympic Village. Iain MacDonald, head of a training program, told TheTimes, "All the way along we have been holding the view 54 we can’t rely on migrant labour. We have to put in plans for the long term. We can’t rely on migrant labour all the time. Britain has become too dependent on the migrant labour force. It is better to develop the skills of the 55 population." Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. F 湖南省北师大株洲附校 2011 届高三上学期 12 月月考 Aaron LeMieux loves to hike and often listens to the radio at the same time. While on a 1,500-mile hike 48. _______ the Appalachian Trail, Aaron started thinking about energy. Could the energy his body was creating be used to charge an electronic device? In 2006 Aaron quit his job 49. ________ turned the basement of his home into a laboratory. He then put all his time 50. ______ developing the Power PEG. PEG means personal energy generator(发电机). 51. ________ uses the energy you create while moving to charge a hand-held device. Just put your Power PEG in your bag, 52. ________ fasten it to your leg or bicycle. Then plug your MP3 player, cell phone or digital camera into your Power PEG’s USA port. LeMieux’s company, Tremont Electric, claims 53. ________ Power PEG can charge most hand-held electronic devices to 80 percent in one hour. Since it costs US$149, the Power PEG won’t appeal to everyone with its price so 54. ______. But for those 55. ______ spend a lot of time with electronic devices powered by batteries, it might come in handy.

Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. G 湖南省慈利一中 2011 届高三上学期期末考试 There was a tradition in Europe that 48 a dove 鸽) ( flew around a house where someone was dying, then his soul would be at peace.And there are legends which say that Satan (撒旦)can turn himself into any bird except for a dove.But it was Pablo Picasso who made the dove a modern symbol of peace when 49 used it on a poster for the World Peace Congress in

1949. The rainbow is 50 ancient and universal symbol, often representing the connection between human beings and their 51 brought messages from the gods on Mount 52 the gods and the earth.In 53 Bible a

gods.In Greek mythology it was associated with Iris, the goddess

Olympus.In Scandinavian mythology(神话) the rainbow was a bridge rainbow showed Noah that

the Biblical flood was finally over, and that God had forgiven his people.In the Chinese tradition, the rainbow is often taken as a common symbol for marriage. Nowadays the rainbow is 54 used by many popular movements for peace and the environment, representing the 55 promising sunshine after the rain.

possibility of a better world in the future

Directions: Complete the following passage by using ONE word that best fits thecontext. H 湖南省湖南师大附中 2011 届高三第六次月考 Michael Jackson was born in August 1958, So was I. Michael Jackson grew up in the suburbs of the Midwest. So 48_______ I. When Michael Jackson was six,he became a superstar, and was perhaps the world's most-beloved child. When I was six,my mother died. I never had a mother,but he never had a childhood. And 49._______you never get to have something, you become obsessed by it.There is no doubt that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest talents in the world.When he sang songs at the age of eight he could make you feel that he was 50_______experienced adult squeezing your heart with his words. When he moved he had the elegance of Fred Astaire and packed the punch of Muhammed Ali. 51_______music had an extra layer of inexplicable magic 52. _______ not only made you want to dance 53. _______actually made yon be anything you want to he. Because that is 54. _______ heroes do.He performed in soccer stadium around the world, and sold hundreds of millions of records and dined 55. _______ prime minister and presidents. Girls and boys fell in love with him. and everyone wanted to dance like him. He seemed other-worldly but he was a human being. A B C 48.a 49. life 50. between 51. that 52. same 48. like 53. with 48.for 49. As/When/While 54. down 49. that 53. different 54. employee / worker 52. free 52. less 53. what 51. up 55. which 52.meet/satisfy 53. By 54.that 55. 54. instead 55. a 55. return

50. they 51. the 55. that/ which 50. as 51. her

D48. likely / about 52. and E48.them local/native

49. higher 53. including 0.However

50. another 54. by 51.the /their

49.skills 5


48: along

49: and

50: into

51: It

52: or

53: the

54: high

55: that/who

G48.if 49.he 50.another 51.who 52.between 53.the 54.often/widely 55.And










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