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名词性从句复习要点 【考点 1】名词性从句中连接词的运用: 连接代词:what ,who,which,whose,whatever,whoever,whomever,whichever 连接副词:where / when / why / how / wherever / whenever,that,whether Everything depends on whether you have enough time. No one knows what our life will be like in the future. The reason why he was late was that he took the wrong bus. 【考点 2】that 的用法 ①主语从句、表语从句、同位语从句中用 that 但不能省略。如: That they are good at English is known to us all. The problem is that we don’t have enough money. They expressed the hope that they would come to visit China again.(同位语从句) The hope she expressed is that they would come to visit China again.(定语从句) ② 宾语从句中的连接词 that 有时可省有时又不可省,在以下几种情况中 that 不能省略: (A)当 that 从句和主句谓语动词之间有插入词语或者从句主语之间有插入语时,that 不可 省略; (B)当两个并列的宾语从句同时作宾语时,第二个 that 不能省; (C)当 that 作介词宾语时,that 不可省掉。如: He judged that, because he was a child, he did not understand wine Everyone knew what happened and that she was worried. The reason lies in that she works harder than the others do. ③that 从句作主语和宾语时,可以用 it 来替换成以下几种结构表达。 (A)It is clear/certain/likely/true/surprising that… (B)It is a pity/shame/good idea/no wonder that ... (C)It is said/reported/ suggested/ thought believed/known/ that … (D)It seems/happens that… 【考点 3】that 和 what 的区别。 that 引导名词性从句时,在主从句中不以当任何句子成分,也没有任何含义;而 what 引导 名词性从句时,在主从句中都要充当一定的句子成分,what 可以分解成定语从句中的先行 词 + 关系代词即常说的先行词 + that。如: He has finished what the teacher told him to do. =he has finished the things that the teacher told him told. what 引导名词性从句所表达的常见意义,下面对它所引导的名词性从句的特殊含义略作归 纳。 (1)表示"……的人",相当于"the person that..."。如: 1.He is not what he was a few years ago. 2.What has made Fred what he is now? (2)表示"……的地方",相当于"the place that..."。如: 1.This is what they call Salt Lake City. 2.What is now the North Sahara Desert was once a civilized world. (3)表示"……的数目",相当于"the amount / number "。 如: 1. Our income is now double what it was ten years ago. 2. The number of the students in our school has reached as many as 20,000, ten times what it was before liberation.

注意:what 的这种特殊含义可以根据句子的意思在翻译时灵活处理,不可千篇一律。再如: 1. Shenzhen is no longer what it was in the past. 2. The color of the flower is different from what it was in the morning. He drove the car at what was a dangerous speed. 【考点 4】whether 与 if 的用法区别。 ①whether 和 if 在宾语从句中可以互换,但是作介词宾语时连接词一般用 whether。如: It all depends on whether they will come back. ②后面直接跟 or not 时用 whether。如: I didn’t know whether or not he had arrived in Wuhan. ③主语从句表语从句中只能用 whether。如: Whether the meeting will be put off has not been decided yet. The question is whether they have so much money. ④whether 可以引导同位语从句,用以说明前面的名词的内容,if 不能。如: We ought to discuss carefully the question whether we can do it or not. ⑤whether 可引导一个让步状语从句表示“不管”“无论” 、 ,而 if 不能。如: Whether he comes or not, we will begin our party on time. 【考点 5】引导虚拟语气的部分动词 在动词:一坚持(insist) 、二命令(order,command) 、三建议(suggest,advise,propose) 、 四要求(demand,require,request,ask)后的宾语从句和这些动词的过去分词后的主语从 句, 以及这些动词的名词引出的表语从句和同位语从句中, 谓语部分常用 (should) 形式。 do I advised that he _____ to the hospital at once, but he insisted that he _____ quite well then. A. be sent; was feeling B. was sent; sent C. be sent; feel D. should be sent; should feel 【考点 6】名词性从句的语序、时态呼应 一般来说,名词性从句的语序只能是陈述句语序,宾语从句的时态应该与主句的谓语动 词的时态保持一致。 (1)宾语从句中主句和从句的时态保持一致,但如果从句中表示提示的是客观现象,虽然 主句是过去时态,从句仍用一般现在时。如: Hello,I didn’t know you were in London. How long have you been here? The teacher told us that light travels at a very high speed. (2)主语从句作主语相当于单数第三人称作主语,谓语动词用单数,如果由 and 连接两个 或两个以上的主语从句作主语时, 谓语动词用复数; 由两个或多个连接词引导一个主语从句, 谓语动词用单数。如: When the meeting will begin has not been decided yet. When and where the meeting will begin has not been decided. (3)名词性从句的词序 He asked me what was the matter with me. Whatever you say will interest us all. They are teachers and don’t realize ______ to start and run a company. A. what takes it B. what they take C. what takes them D. what it takes 【考点 7】wh-ever 与 no matter+ wh-

whoever,whichever,whatever,whenever,wherever 和 however 在引导名词性从句时不可 与 no matter who / which / what/ when/ where / how 替换,因为后者只能引导让步主语从句。 Whoever breaks the rule, he must be punished, Whoever breaks the rule must be punished. —— Have a nice trip! —— Thanks. I’ll telephone you from _____ I get to by tomorrow evening. A. wherever B. every place C. whenever D. no matter where 【考点 8】正确区别限制性定语从句与非限制性定语从句的结构;理解关系代词和关系副词 在定语从句中的作用; 特别注意指代整个主句内容的关系代词 which 引导的非限制性定语从 句。 I shall never forget the day _____ Shenzhou V was launched, _____ has a great effect on my life. A. when; which B. that; which C. which; that D. when; that 【考点 9】区别 that 引导的定语从句与 that 引导的同位语从句。that 引导同位语从句时,that 是纯连词,在从句中不充当任何成分;that 引导定语从句时,that 是关系代词,在从句中充 当主语或宾语等。 The news that they had won the game arrived soon. The news that you told me yesterday is true. 【考点 10】定语从句中谓语动词须与先行词在人称与数上保持一致。 He is the only one of the students who ________ a winner of scholarship in three years. A. is B. are C. have been D. has been 【考点 11】名词性从句中有插入成分时 此时应注意两点:一是从句仍然不倒装,而在插入成分上倒装;二是要注意主语的主格和宾 格的选择。例如: 1. _________ you have seen both fighters,_________ will win? A. Since; do you think who B. As; who you think C. When; whoever D. Since; who do you think 2. The companies are working together to create ______ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century. A. which B. that C. what D. who 【考点 12】否定转移 将 think, believe, suppose, expect, imagine 等动词后面宾语从句的否定词转移到主句中,即主 句的谓语动词用否定式,而从句的谓语动词用肯定式。例如: I don't think he can treat you as his lover,_________? They don' t believe this important should be put off so late,_________? 实战练习 1. Please remind me ______ he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off. A. where B. when C. how D. what 2. Engines are to machines ______ hearts are to animals. A. as B. that C. what D. which 3. I just wonder ______ that makes him so excited. A. why it does B. what he does C. how it is D. what it is

4. One advantage of playing the guitar is ______ it can give you a great deal of pleasure. A. how B. why C. that D. when 5. He spoke proudly of his part in the game, without mentioning ______ his teammates had done. A. what B. which C. why D. while 6. —— It’s thirty years since we last met. —— But I still remember the story, believe it or not,______we got lost on a rainy night. A. which B. that C. what D. when 7. Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Have you got any idea the party is to be held? A. what B. which C. that D. where 8. is known to us all is that the 2008 Olympic Games will take place in Beijing. A. It B. What C. As D. Which 9. The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at ______ I thought was a dangerous speed. A. as B. which C. what D. that 10. Along with the letter was his promise ______ he would visit me this coming Christmas. A. which B. that C. what D. whether 11. The advice ______ I should take some medicine sounds good. A. which B. that C. / D. what 12. Why not try your luck downtown, Bob? That’s ______ the best jobs are. A. where B. what C. when D. why 13. ——All the building materials have been washed away. ——So I have heard. But there was no sign ______ a heavy rain was on the way last night. A. when B. that C. which D. if 14. It has been proved ______ eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illnesses in later life. (2008 上海) A. if B. because C. when D. that 15. Chances are high ______ China and Russia will make an agreement to build an oil pipeline. A. when B. where C. that D. which 16. He was lucky enough to sell his car for exactly ______. A. where he had paid for it B. what he had paid for it C. what he was paid for it D. which he had paid for it 17. ______ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. A. Who B. The one C. Anyone D. Whoever 18. The infrastructure of a country is _______ makes everything run smoothly. A. how B. which C. that D. what 19. Maria has to baby-sit. That’s______ she can't come with us. A. why B. how C. when D. what 20. What the doctors really doubt is ______ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A. when B. how C. whether D. why 21. A modern university has been set up in _____ used to be a deserted land. A which B. that C. what D. where 22. Some children want to challenge themselves by learning a language different from ______ their parents speak at home.

A. what B. that C. which D. one 23. As his best friend, I can make accurate guesses about ______ he will do or think. A. what B. which C. whom D. that 24. Have you seen Henry lately? My boss wants to know ______. A. how he is getting along B. how is he getting along C. what he is getting along D. what is he getting along 25. After 15 years, she changed a lot and looked quite different from ______ she used to be. A. that B. whom C. what D. who 26. I hate ______ when people talk with their mouths full. A. it B. that C. this D. them 27. The reason why she couldn’t come to the meeting was ______ she had not been invited. A. because B. which C. that D. why 28. ______ really surprised me most was the suggestion that he ______. A. What; had made B. That; should make C. What; should make D. That; had made 29. ——Does it matter much ______ the sales manager won’t attend the meeting tomorrow? ——I’ve no idea. A. if B. what C. when D. that 30. You are saying that the fight against cyber crimes like “Yanzhao Men” requires great effort, and this is ______ I quite agree. A. how B. what C. where D. why 31. ______ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. A. It B. This C. What D. As 32. The companies are working together to create ______ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century. A. which B. that C. what D. who 33. It is none of your business other people think about you. Believe yourself. A. how B. what C. which D. when 34. Could I speak to______ is in charge of International Sales, please? A. anyone B. someone C. whoever D. no matter who 35. We sell handmade gifts. _______ gift you order from us is unique for the special person. A. What B. Which C. whichever D. That

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