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2014~2015 学年江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二)英语试题 2015 年 5 月 注意:本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第二卷(非选择题)两部分。答案全部做在答题纸上。总分为 120 第一卷(选择题,共 85 分) 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 20 分) 做题时,先将答案标在试卷上。听力录音部分结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上的答案 转涂到答题纸上。 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项, 并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你有 l0 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。 每段对话仅读一遍。 1. How does the woman find her class? A. She thinks it suitable to her. B. She dislikes it. C. She has no feeling for it. 2. What is the probable relationship between the speakers? A. Waiter and customer. B. Husband and wife. C. Fellow workers. 3. What does the man ask the woman to do? A. Come back home. B. Go to visit him in London. C. Miss him more. 4. What do we know about the woman? A. She was absent from school for a week. B. She will offer the man her physics notes. C. Physics is one of her worst subjects. 5. What will the man do for the woman? A. Find her wallet. B. Record her report. C. Transfer her call. 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 l5 分) 听下面 5 段对话或独自。每段对话或独自后有几个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中 选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听每段对话或独自前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小 题 5 秒钟;听完后,各小题给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第 6 段材料,回答第 6 至 7 题。 6. What did the man do? A. He left the door open this morning. B. He went in and saw what was happening. C. He followed the woman’s advice. 7. What would the couple most probably do in the end? A. To ask Mr Robinson to come around. B. To go to the grocery store and call the police. C. To go into the house and see what was happening. 听第 7 段材料,回答第 8 至 10 题。 1 8. Where does this conversation probably take place? A. In a main hall. B. In an administration building. C. On school campus. 9. What are the two speakers talking about? A. How to reach a place. B. How to register for the course. C. How to read the map. 10. Which route do they take at last? A. Go up the steps and turn left. B. Go up the steps and turn right. C. Go straight and then turn right. 听第 8 段材料,回答第 11 至 13 题。 11. Which of the following is the man interested in? A. Walking along the coast. B. Watching whales. C. Visiting lovely little towns. 12. How long will the man stay in the bus for the whole trip? A. Two days. B. Four hours. 13. How will the man go for the trip? A. By coach. B. By minibus. 听第 9 段材料,回答第 14 至 16 题。 C. Eight hours. C. By train. 14. What do we know about the man? A. He wants to change for a new car brand. B. He will go on more long journeys in the future. C. He feels his old car’s engine size a bit small. 15. Which engine does the man want this time? A. A 1.6 litre one. B. A 2.0

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