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Unit7 How much are these socks 一、单项选择(共 20 小题;共 20 分) 1. --- How much the pair of shoes? --- Twenty dollars is enough. A. is 2. --- How much --- 31 yuan. B. are the bottles of milk? C. was D. were A. are 3. the museum B. is B. Be; open B. for sale. But it won't be C. am from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.? D. be D. Is; opened D. at sale. A. Be; opened A. in 5. The beautiful house is C. Is; open a very high price. 4. They always sell their clothes C. on C. with; for A. on; for 6. --- How much --- Five dollars. B. for; on the hats? D. with; on A. is A. looks 8. --- How much --- Three dollars. B. are B. smells the socks? C. am C. tastes D. / nice. 7. Some young people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order a meal which D. feels A. is 9. --- Can I help you? --- Yes, please. I want B. are socks. C. do D. does A. a pair 10. --- Can I help you? --. B. two pairs C. two pair of D. two pairs of A. Thank you 11. --- Where --- B. Yes, please D. I don't want your help C. You're welcome your new pants? on the bed. A. is; It's 12. How much B. are; They are the CD and the book? C. is; They're C. do C. was D. are; It's D. does D. were A. is 13. No news B. are good news. A. is 14. We sell these apples B. are a good price. A. in 15. The clothes are B. at for twenty yuan each. C. of C. on sell C. be C. looks C. do drank two of coffee. D. on D. on sale D. am nice. A. sale 16. How much B. sell your shoes? A. is A. feels 18. How much B. are B. smells these car

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