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Unit 8 When is your birthday?单元测试题 I.单项选择(10 分) 1.—______are you? —I'm twelve. A.How A.old A.forty B.How old B.age B.the forty C.How much C.date C.the fortieth B.Lucy and Lily's D.Lucy's and Lily C.November D.December C.time D.birthday D.What D.birthday D.fortieth 2.Jim is ten.I'm ten, too.We are the same (相同的)______. 3.Today is my mother's ______ birthday. 4 .______father is a teacher. A.Lucy and Lily C.Lucy's and Lily's A.January B.February A.date —______May. A.When;In B.What;On C.Where;In D.When;On 8.The gir l is ______.Today is her ______ birthday . A.twentieth;twenty C.twentieth;twentieth —______.We have it every year. A.No, we don't C.Yes, we do —______. A.month;six C.months;Four II.完形填空(10 分) The Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year's Day.It usually __11__ in January or February. Everyone in _12_ likes the Spring Festival very much.When the Spring Festival comes, Li Lei usual ly __13_ his parents clean their house and do some _14_ and other housework. __15__ that day __16_ in China eats _17_, New Year's cake and some other _18_ food.Li Lei likes New Year's cake, bu t Wang Lin doesn't.The Chinese people __19_ the New Year's cake and jiaozi in their houses.__20_ happy they are! 11.A.come B.gets C.comes
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5.There are twentyeight or twentynine days in ______. 6.Christmas (圣诞节) is the ______ of Jesus Christ. B.day 22.—______is the school trip?

B.twenty;twenty D.twenty;twentieth

9.—Do you have an Art Festival at your school? B.Sorry, I don't know D.OK

10.—How many ______ are there in a year? B.months;Twelve D.months;the twelfth


12.A.America 13.A.asks 14.A.cleaning 15.A.On 16.A.everyone 17.A.eggs 18.A.nice 19.A.eat 20.A.Much III.阅读理解(30 分)

B.China B.tells B.fishing B.In B.someone B.meat B.old B.does B.Very

C.England C.takes C.reading C.Of C.no one C. jiaozi C.big C.buy C.What A

D.Australia D.helps D.shopping D.At D.everything D.mooncakes D.best D.sell D.How

Do you know Jin Mincan?He is a boy from South Korea(韩国) .He is eight years old and his birthday is August 31st.Boys and girls like to call him Cancan.Cancan likes eating.He likes red, too.At his home,you can see lots of red clothes. Cancan's family is not small.In his family there are five people. They are Cancan,his father, mother,brother and sister.Cancan's brothe r is Jin Mingzai.He's six years old.His birthday is May 1st.His sister is Jin Mingzhi.She's only four years old.Her birthday is January 21st.In So uth Korea, Can can has a good friend.Her name is Huang Enhui.Enhui and Cancan are great stars in South Korea. 21.What's Jin Mincan' s age? A.Four. A.May 1st. A.Green. B.Five. B.January 21st. B.Yellow. C.Seven. C.August 31st. C.Blue. D.Eight. 22.When is Jin Mincan's birthday? D.September 2nd. D.Red. 23.What color does Jin Mincan like?

24.We don't know______ age. A.Jin Mincan's B.Jin Mingzai's C.Jin Mingzhi's D.Huang Enhui's 25.Which of the following is TRUE? A.Huang Enhui is a great star. B.Jin Mingzhi and Huang Enhui are good friends. C.Huang Enhui is Jin Mincan's cousin. D.There are four people in Jin Mincan's family. B Vera is thirteen years old.She was born on July 27th.Mrs.Smith is her mother.Tod ay is Ve ra's birthday.There is a party for her.Lots of her friends come to her birthday party.A birthday cake is on the table.There are some bananas, oranges, strawberries and apples on the table, too.But Vera doesn't like them.What does she want?Can you guess?
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Just then Vera sees a red card in her mother's hand.It says:Happy birthday to you, dear Vera.There is a nice present for you.Open the box on your dresser, you can find it. Vera runs to her dresser and opens the box.Ah, a nice Tshirt!How glad she is! 26.When is Vera's birthday? A.November 27. B.September 27. C.July 27th. D.July 29th. 27.Where's Mrs.Smith's present? A.On the desk. B.In the box. 28.What does Vera want? A.Apples. 29.How old is Vera? A.13. A.apples B.14. B.strawberries C.15. C.oranges C October 1st game 5th birthday 9th game 13th birthday volleyball Vassia's basketball 2nd 6th school trip 10th 3rd 7th 11th 15th 19th English speech 23rd 27th 31st 4th 8th 12th 16th 20th 24th 28th D.16. D.ice creams 30.There aren't ______ on the table. B.Bananas. C.A Tshirt. D.A book. C.In the dresser. D.In the drawer.

Maria's 14th Maria's birthday party 22nd contest 26th 30th Rehana's birthday

17th speech contest 18 th 21st 25th 29th 31.When is Maria's birthday?

根据吉娜十月份的记事日历, 回答下列问题。 ______________________________________________________________________ 32.What does Gina have on the ninth of October? _______________________________________ _______________________________ 33.When does the school trip start? ______________________________________________________________________ 34.What do they have on the 22nd of October? ______________________________________________________________________ 35.Whose birthday is the 30th of October?
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______________________________________________________________________ IV.用所给单词的适当形式填空(5 分) 36.The baby is only ten ______(month) old. 37.Her birthday is May______(five) . 38.Do you have ______(China) Speech Contest every year? 39.Does your class go on school ______(trip)? 40.We have English ______(party) every month. V. 连词成句 1. May , today , is , first ____________________________________________. 2. born , on , I , was , fifteenth , August . ____________________________________________. 3. his , is , birthday , September , second ____________________________________________. 4. my , birthday , mother’s , when , is _____________________________________________? 5. old , are , how , your , parents . _____________________________________________? VI.书面表达(20 分) 假如你叫梅 (May), 根据下列表格写一篇不少于 50 词的短文。 称呼 生日 年龄 职业 May 十二月二十六 日 15 教师 教师 Father 三月二十三 日 Mother 六月十九日 Brother 七月十八日 18

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