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牛津模块五 Unit 2 随堂测验 Reading
词语翻译 1. feel betrayed______________ 2. get good marks _______________ 3. feel ashamed ______________ 4. be determined to do sth _________________ 5. feel like doing sth ____________ 6. as a result of_______________ 7. keep on doing sth____________ 8. can’t help doing sth __________________ 9. feel jealous of ______________ 10. avoid doing sth ________________ 课课练 1. May the ________ between us _____ for ever! A. friend; lasts B. friendship; last C. friends; lasts D. friendship; lasts 2. _______ the proverb _______, false friends are worse than open enemies. A. While; says B. When; tells C. As; goes D. If; says 3. ________ do you think ________ win the football match? A. Who; will B. Whom; will C. Who; that will D. Whom; to 4. —How are you getting __________ your English? —Not bad! I got 92 in the last exam. A. along well with B. along well C. on well with D. on with 5. It was such a good film that I think it worth ________ a second time. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. being seen B. 选择 1. It’s two years ___________ we became friends. A. before B. until C. since D. when 2. — The party was really ________ last night. — How I regret that I didn’t go with you! A. funny B. fun C. a fun D. funs 3. You must have gone to bed very late last night, ________you? A. haven’t B. mustn’t C. didn’t D. weren’t 4. What made the boy who came from Australia ________ he was not welcome here? A. think B. thought C. thinking D. to think 5. I found a piece of paper on my desk, ________ “Stupid Sarah got a D!” A. said B. which saying C. say D. saying 6. I still don’t know why she stopped __________ me such a strange question? A. ask B. to ask C. asking D. from asking 7. ________ his hard working, he was admitted to Nanjing University. A. In spite of B. As a result of C. In place of D. Instead of 8. I can’t stand __________ at by others in public. A. being laughed B. to be laughed C. laughing D. to laugh 9. He says that if I ______ there, _______ . A. will go; so will he B. go; does he C. will go; he does D. go; so will he 10. You’d better apologize _____ your teacher ______ being late again. A. to; for B. for; to C. /; for D. to; for

1. It’s polite ______ you _______ so. A. of; to do B. for; to do C. of; saying D. for; saying 2. The young trees need ________ when it is dry. A. being watered B. to water C. watered D. to be watered 3. The day we were looking forward________ at last! A. to come B. to came C. to coming D. came 4. No one is used ________ at that way, I think. A. to being laughed B. to laugh C. to be laughed D. to laughing 5. Why _______ join us in the game! A. not to B. don’t C. not to D. not 6. Don’t forget ________the light when you left the room. A. to turn off B. turning off C. turn on D. turning on 7. I really can’t decide ________ friends with him, for he lies sometimes. A. if making B. whether to make C. if to make D. whether making 8. _______ you the truth, I feel like _______ to bed at the present. A. Telling; going B. To tell; going C. Telling; to go D. To tell; to go 9. Stop talking! Let’s get down ________ at once. A. to working B. to work C. working D. work 10. He spent every minute he has _______ his _______ English. A. improved; spoken B. to improve; speaking C. to improve; speaking D. improving; spoken 11. The boy enjoys ________ as an adult. A. to treat B. treating C. to be treated D. being treated 12. —What makes mum so upset? —__________ from school, I think. A. Tom is absent B. Tom’s being absent C. Tom being absent D. Tom absent 13. The best way to avoid ________mistakes is to practise ________(speak). A. to make; to speak B. making; speaking C. to make; speaking D. making; to speak 14. He _______ us to have a rest. A. suggested B. advised C. insisted D. hoped 15. Mum and I did all we could _______Dad ________. A. discourage; smoking B. to discourage; to smoke C. to discourage; from smoking D. discouraging; smoking

A. 翻译下列词语。 1.做调查______________________ 2. 专心做某事__________________ 3. 忙于做某事___________________ 4. 以…为基础__________________ 5. 毫不迟疑_____________________ 6. 另一方面____________________ 7. 不顾_________________________ 8. 到底________________________ 9. 对待…的态度_________________ 10. 某个话题___________________ B. 选择。 1. Though they are friends, ______ they have something different. A. but B. so C. and D. /

2. When I entered, I found my father ______ on the sofa and ______ in a magazine. A. sitting; absorbed B. sit; absorb C. sitting; absorbing D. sat; absorbed 3. If you don’t change your attitude _______ English, you can’t improve it. A. towards B. for C. with D. at 4. If you hesitate _______ everything, you’ll regret afterwards. A. to B. at C. D. on 5. When ________ this question, she keeps silent. A. asked B. asking C. to ask D. being asked 6. He is _______ to come to the party this evening. A. possible B. possibly C. likely D. probable

参考答案: 【Welcome to the unit】 B. 1-5 BCADC 【Reading】 A. 1. 觉得被背叛了 2. 取得高分 3. 感到害羞 4. 决心做某事 5. 觉得想要做某事 6. 作为…的结果 7. 坚持不断做某事 8. 禁不住做某事 9. 嫉妒…… 10. 避免做某事 B. 1-5 CBCAD 6-10 BBADA/D B. 1-5 ADBAD 6-10 ABBAD 11-15 DBBBC 【Project】 A. 1. conduct a survey 2. be absorbed in doing sth 3. be busy doing 4. base on 5. without hesitation 6. on the other hand 7. regardless of 8. in the earth 9. the attitude to/ towards… 10. a certain topic B. 1-6 DAABAC C. 略


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