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Ice breaking

Group 6 Lemon Leona Jessin Lacey

Five contemporary university campus culture of depravity

1、To kiss like an open affair

2、To make-up exam like an habit

3、To be in love like an lightening

4.To spend money like white-collars do

5、To truant like an common thing

Kissing is brought into open may be a part of freedom, perhaps by the impact of the Western passion, now college students kissing, hugging and even rubbing each other do not need to consider the occasion, as long as they do them passionately. They don’t feel embarrassed, but it seems that we are peeping the privacy of them. I think we needn’t be sorry, anyway, people are willing to perform in public. 上一幅 主界面 下一幅

“Not to learn to aim, life can be meaningful "This is a new declaration of contemporary college students. To expand enrollment must recruit a large number of students who really do not have the ability of learning and even have a contempt for learning, However, they don’t take examination made-up as a shameful thing. For make-up exam, perhaps a lot of people do possess the professional levels!



Love has be a part of university life, just as fashionable. Some people say that love is a mutual comfort boring and depletion of university life; Some people say that they just play with others; others say that this is ready for stepping into the social life. Generally speaking ,they don’t need to last for ever, don’t require a lot of run-in and understanding .They are toward the topic, then quickly tired, eventually speed separation.


Talking about spend money like white-collars do , once has envied by countless people, but that is because people have a high income supports. College students now have even more formidable .They have high-end mobile phones, invite friends to eat more lavish and wear fashion and brand clothes and so on. We are more and more difficult to imagine why students’ consumption can be so high, whether their parents open banks, we don’t know.


The more the universities expand enrollment, the more the classrooms filled with students. It is a normal phenomenon in the university that one to two hundred people have been listening to a teacher lecture, if the teachers named in the words one by one, and so the name of the class is the end point. Moreover, students have to love, to shopping, to travel, or to make money, then truancy becomes a common phenomenon is hardly surprising. Students are busy, how can there be time to attend classes.

In a word, although “five culture” may not be in every student ,and not every school has such a landscape, we should pay more attention to and think about them. As the saying is ‘Correct mistakes if you have made any and
guard against them if you have not’


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