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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about my views on online games.As computer and Internet are increasing entering ordinary people, in addition to the development of scientific technology, more and more online games are available and popular among people, especially the youngsters.However, this phenomenon brings a lot of worries to many parents and teachers in that many students who have lower self-discipline are addicted to the games and indulge into these games too much, which affects their health and academic performance. There has been a dramatic increase in the average number hours that college students spend on the computer every week. According to a survey, in 1990s, students spend an average of only two hours a week, while the number increases to 20hours by the year of 2005. It’s investigated that most of them take full advantages of computers only to play online games. But what has caused such matter? In the first place, it’s the features of the computer games that attract their attention and satisfy their psychological need. Many college students claim that they can find the values of their lives in the suppositional world although such kind of value is suppositional. As they could be the leader in a game, they would have a sense of superiority and achievement. For instance, they could be admired by other players and they could even be pursued by handsome boys or pretty girls and then they might marry each other in the suppositional world.

Secondly, excellent environment of the campus creates many chances for them to be in touch with computer games. As we all know, in universities, if we want to idle way, there are plenty of chances for us to do so. While in the universities, the assistant teachers can’t supervise the students for most of the time. Lacking of concerning, more and more college students might fail to spend the transition frequently so that they would feel empty and idle away their time day by day. Indifference creates a need for them to occupy their spare time by playing computer games. Once they see others enjoying the games thoroughly , it’s likely that they couldn’t resist the temptation. Many college students want to avoid the realities and severe competition by involving themselves in the game world which may be the best way for them. Thirdly, most game players are idealists and they want to realize what can ’t be realized in real world in order to satisfy their psychological need. Especially,thegameplayers are very good at daydreaming. Last but not the least, education for all-around development haven’t been applied to most of the universities. Many universities are still paying more attention on IQ education rather than moral education. It is true that academic studies are important, however, one ’ s comprehensive abilities are also indispensable in their long-term development. From my point of view, I think playing games is not a bad choice of indoor relaxation for those who have high self-discipline. But for those who have no enough self-controlled ability, it is not wise to try to play these games.

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