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听力部分 11. A) The man should visit the museum B) She can’t stand the hot weather C) The beach resort is a good choice D) She enjoys staying in Washington 12. A) Her new responsibilities in the company B) What her job prospects are C) What the customers’ feedback is D) The director’s opinion of her work 13. A) Combine her training with dieting B) Repeat the training every three days C) Avoid excessive physical training D) Include weightlifting in the program 14. A) When she will return home B) Whether she can go by herself C) Whether she can travel by air D) When she will completely recover 15. A) The woman knows how to deal with the police B) The woman had been fined many times before

C) The woman had violated traffic regulations D) The woman is good at finding excuses 16. A) Switch off the refrigerator for a while B) Have someone repair the refrigerator C) Ask the man to fix the refrigerator D) Buy a refrigerator of better quality 17. A) He owns a piece of land in the downtown area B) He has got enough money to buy a house C) He can finally do what he has dreamed of D) He is moving into a bigger apartment 18. A) She is black and blue all over B) She has to go to see a doctor] C) She stayed away from work for a few days D) She got hurt in an accident yesterday Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard. 19. A) She was a bank manager B) She was a victim of the robbery C) She was a defense lawyer D) She was a witness to the crime 20. A) A tall man with dark hair and a moustache

B) A youth with a distinguishing mark on his face] C) A thirty-year-old guy wearing a light sweater D) A medium-sized young man carrying a gun 21. A) Identify the suspect from picture B) Go upstairs to sign some document C) Have her photo taken for their files D) Verify the record of what she had said Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard. 22. A) By reading a newspaper ad B) By seeing a commercial on TV C) By listening to the morning news D) By calling an employment service 23. A) She could improve her foreign language B) She could work close to her family C) She could travel overseas frequently D) She could use her previous experiences 24. A) Taking management courses B) Teaching English at a university C) Working as a secretary D) Studying for a degree in French

25. A) Prepare for an interview in a couple of days B) Read the advertisement again for more details C) Send in a written application as soon as possible D) Get to know the candidates on the short list Questions 26 to 29 are based on the passage you have just heard. 26. A) They cannot see the firefighters because of the smoke B) They do not realize the danger they are in C) They cannot hear the firefighters for the noise D) They mistake the firefighters for monsters 27. A) He travels all over the America to help put out fires B) He often teaches children what to do during a fire C) He teaches Spanish in a San Francisco community] D) He provides oxygen masks to children free of charge 28. A) He saved the life of his brother choking on food B) He rescued a student from a big fire C) He is very good at public speaking D) He gives informative talks to young children 29. A) Firefighters play an important role in America B) Kids should learn not to be afraid of monsters C) Carelessness can result in tragedies

D) Informative speeches can save lives Questions 30 to 32 are based on the passage you have just heard. 30. A) To satisfy the needs of their family B) To fully realize their potential C) To make money for early retirement D) To gain a sense of their personal worth 31. A) They may have to continue to work in old age B) They may regret the time they wasted C) They may have nobody to depend on in the future D) They may have fewer job opportunities 32. A) Making wise use of your time B) Enjoying yourself while you can C) Saving as much as you can D) Working hard and playing hard Questions 33 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

Writing keeps us in touch with other people. We write to communicate with relatives and friends. We write to 36________ our family histories so our children and grandchildren can learn and 37_________ their heritage. With computers and Internet connections in so many 38__________, colleges, and businesses, people are e-mailing friends and relatives all the time – or talking to them in writing in online 39_______ rooms. It is cheaper than calling long distance, and a lot more 40________ than

waiting until Sunday for the telephone 41_________ to drop. Students are e-mailing their professors to 42_________ and discuss their classroom assignments and to 43__________ them. They are e-mailing classmates to discuss and collaborate on homework. 44 ________________________________________________________. Despite the growing importance of computers, however, there will always be a place and need for the personal letter. 45____________________________________. No matter what the content of the message, its real point is, "I want you to know that I care about you." 46_____________________________________________________, but only in the success of human relationships.

选词填空 What determines the kind of person you are? What factors make you more or less bold, intelligent, or able to read a map? All of these are influenced by the interaction of your genes and the environment in which you were 47. The study of how genes and environment interact to influence 48 activity is known as behavioral genetics. Behavioral genetics has made important 49 to the biological revolution, providing information about the extent to which biology influences mind, brain and behavior. Any research that suggests that 50 to perform certain behaviors are based in biology is controversial. Who wants to be told that there are limitations to what you can 51 based on something that is beyond your control, such as your genes? It is easy to accept that genes control physical characteristics such as sex, race and eye color. But can genes also determine whether people will get divorced, how 52 they are, or what career they are likely to choose? A concern of psychological scientists is the 53 to which all of these characteristics are influenced by nature and nurture(养育), by genetic makeup and the environment. Increasingly, science 54 that genes lay the groundwork for many human traits. From this perspective, people are born 55 like undeveloped photographs: The image is already captured, but the way it 56 appears can vary based on the development process. However, the basic picture is there from the beginning.

A) abilities E) contributions I) extent M) raised

B) achieve F) displayed J) indicates N) smart

C) appeal G) essentially K) proceeds O) standard

D) complaints H) eventually L) psychological

完形填空 Over half the world's people now live in cities. The latest "Global Report on Human Settlements" says the historic change took place last year. The report ___67____ this week from U.N. Habitat, a United Nations agency. A century ago, ___68___ than 5% of all 67. A) came on B) came off

C) came over D) came out 68. A) more C) less B) other D) rather B) Through D) To B) barely D) almost

people lived in cities. ___69__ the middle of this

69. A) By C) Along








70. A) really C) ever

6,500,000,000 people. Already 3/4 of people in ___71___ countries live in cities. Now most urban population ___72___ is in the developing world.

71. A) flourishing B) developed C) thriving 72. A) extension C) raise D) fertile B) addition D) growth B) turn D) refer B) load D) weight

Urbanization can __73___ to social and

73. A) keep C) lead

economic progress, but also put __74___ on

74. A) pressure C) restraint

cities to provide housing and __75___. The new

75.A) surroundings B) communities C) concerns D) services B) into D) upon

report says almost 200,000 people move __76__ cities and towns each day. It says worsening

76. A) onto C) around

inequalities, __77__ by social divisions and

77. A) pulled C) drawn

B) driven D) pressed B) wealth D) category B) if D) whereas B) expand D) ex B) with D) by B) average D) frequent B) major D) B) future D) B) thus

differences in ___78___, could lead to violence

78. A) situation C) treasure

____79____ cities plan better. Another issue is urban sprawl. This is where cities ___80___ into rural areas,

79. A) when C) unless 80. A) extent C) extend

sometimes ___81__ a much faster rate than urban population growth. Sprawl is ___82___ in the United States. Americans move a lot. In a recent study, Art Hall at the University of Kansas found that people are moving away from the __83___ cities to smaller cities. He sees a _84__ toward "de-urbanization" across America. ____85___ urban economies still provide ____86____ that rural areas do not.

81. A) at C) on 82. A) common C) ordinary 83. A) C) 84. A) trend C) 85. A) but

C) therefore D) while 86. A) C) 翻译 87.___________________(为了确保他参加会议),I called him up in advance. 88. significant museum______________(据说建成于)about a hundred years ago. The 89.There would be no life on earth __________________ (没有地球独特的环境)。 90.______________________________(给游客印象最深的)was the friendliness and warmth of the local people. 91.They requested that ________________ (我借的书还回图书馆) by next Friday. B) qualities D) possibilities


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