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四级写作 网恋 internet love

网恋 internet love
With the widespread of the Internet, there have appeared many online romances. The lovers meet over the Internet, date on the net and finally fall in love with each other. People’s opinions on it vary greatly. Some people think online love is very romantic and exciting. It is an amazing thing that the Internet brings together two strange persons far away from each other. Moreover, they think that online romance, compared with realistic love, attaches more emphasis on the appeal to each other in spirit and involves less material conditions. However, many others think differently. In their eyes, the Internet is a virtual world, on which there impossibly exist real, enduring love since it is very difficult to tell the real from the fake by the Internet. Besides, they argue that pursuing online romance is sometimes very dangerous because there are many cheaters on the net. As far as I am concerned, it is an easy and fast way for people to make new people by the Internet. However, people should have more protection and safety consciousness when making friends by the Internet. Don’t give out rashly your personal information to strangers on the net. And keep it in your mind that you should have more realistic knowledge of each other before starting a romance.

随着互联网的广泛,已经出现了很多网上的恋情。恋人的在互联网上,日期在网络上,并最 终爱上对方。人民的意见相差很大。 有些人认为网恋很浪漫和令人兴奋的。 这是一个了不起的事情, 互联网带来了两个奇怪的人 远离彼此。此外,他们认为,网上的恋情,爱与现实相比,更注重附加呼吁彼此在精神上和 物质条件涉及较少。然而,许多人有不同的想法。在他们眼里,互联网是一个虚拟世界,其 上有不可能存在真正的,持久的爱,因为它是非常困难的,告诉大家真实的假由互联网。此 外,他们认为,追求网上浪漫有时是很危险的,因为有很多骗子在网络上。 至于我而言,这是一个方便,快捷的方式为人民做出新的人通过互联网。然而,人们应该有 更多的保护和安全意识,上网结交朋友时。不要贸然给您的个人信息在网络上的陌生人。并 保持它在你的心中,在开始一段恋情之前,你应该有更真实的了解对方。


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