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Unit 1
1) During the novel, there is a shift in 【perspective】from an adult’s view of events to a child’s view. 2) An examination of two fossils 【reveals】that a primitive human species had arrived in Asia from Africa about 2 million years ago. 3) European Airlines 【guarantees】top-quality service for its customers. 4) As a 【consequence】of being in hospital , Shelly decided that she wanted to become a nurse. 5) He started out in the personnel department ; later he was 【transferred】to the sales department. 6) Several hundred more employees will have to be【laid off】if the company does not give any new orders soon. 7) Since they moved to this community they have lived in【harmony】 with their neighbors. 8) The visiting scholar spoke English with such a perfect accent that it was hard to【identify】 his origin. 9) Once the drug is approved for sale, doctors will be able to【prescribe】 it for ulcers. 10)He became a millionaire overnight. Many people 【envied】 him for his good luck. 11) Egypt, Israel, and the representatives of the Palestinian people will 【participate】 in negotiations on the resolution of the Palestinian problem. 12) They argued against the notion that man should 【dominate】nature rather than live in harmony with it.

Unit 2
1. Peter says he’s seen Titanic at least 20 times but I think he’s 【exaggerating】. 2. The Russian experts 【postponed】 dumping Mir in the Pacific Ocean until March 23.2001. 3. The increasing globalization of the electronic marketplace offers opportunities for businesses and consumers in terms of both 【access】 and choice. 4. Amazingly , our soccer team won the victory in the 【crucial】 final game. 5. The idea of cloning 【extinct】 life forms still belongs to science fiction. 6. With one year ’s observation the biologists have found how dolphins socialize , breed, 【nurture】 their young and how they communicate. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. It’s a bit 【optimistic】 to think that we can do the journey within five hours. I would take you if I could but I don’t have a car at my 【disposal】 this week. They are worried that the students might interpret the new regulation as a【restriction】 of their rights. There is 【abundant】 evidence that cars have a harmful effect on the environment. Her patience with the children 【diminished】as the hours went by. Slavery is closely 【associated】with racial prejudice , the belief that one race is superior to another.

Unit 3
1. The company tried to make【flexible】work arrangements so that it would make the best of all its employees. 2. The company【exploited】its workers with long hours and low pay. 3. The European Union, the biggest US trade【partner】, prepared a protest to the World Trade Organization (WTO). 4. If you turn the stereo up to【maximum】 volume, the neighbors will complain. 5. It's exhausting【commuting】 from Brighton to London every day. 6. Professor Smith's general comments may help students to【appreciate】 the theories in the textbook. 7. He will【accommodate】me with the use of his house while he is abroad. 8. Some scientists think average global temperatures have risen due to the greenhouse effect. Others are 【skeptical】of global warming. 9. I had a【breakdown】in the middle of the trip. 10. It's a long-term investment, so you might expect to【incur】light losses in the early years. 11. The development of computers and other【sophisticated】 machines has made industry much more efficient. 12. She inherited a【substantial】fortune from her grandmother.

Unit 4
1. The trade of opium, a highly profitable product for British merchants and eventually a(n) 【illegal】import into China, led to the Opium Wars.

2. When they【ran out】of food, the soldiers set about hunting for more. 3. Some people are complaining that car insurance【premiums】have increased too much this year. 4. It's an old tradition in China for a man to carry his wife over the【threshold】 when they first enter their new home after getting married. 5. The charity agency will recruit volunteers to build【affordable】housing for the poor. 6. More【immigrants】were admitted to the United States for permanent residence in recent years. 7. The aircraft carries 461 people【excluding】the crew and cabin staff. 8. 【Credis】earned at junior colleges could be transferred to another institution where students could complete their final years of college. 9. In the article Wilmut discussed【potential】 medical uses for cloning, and ethical issues surrounding cloning technology. 10. The General Assembly has exclusive authority to set the UN【budget】, paid for by all members according to an agreed quota. 11. They had to wait ten minutes for the drug to【take effect】 before they stitched up the cuts. 12. I can't【figure out】 why he quit his well-paid job to undertake such tedious work.

1. The landscape of the American West was【dramatically】altered during the 20th century as a result of the widespread construction of dams along major rivers. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Because of the swift, 【enormous】growth of the urban areas many farmers left their villages in quest of work. The doctor prescribed walking as【therapy】 for my weak knee. Some think that cloned human beings will be【deprived】of freedom or dignity or personal identity. The way they treat their children【disgusts】all the neighbors. Amid warm【applause】the honored guests mounted the rostrum. The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a report on drug abuse and【addiction】. This research has attracted wide media coverage and has【featured】 on BBC television's Tomorrow World. I agree with him to some【extent】but there are still some areas of sharp disagreement between us. The fireman【collapsed】from taking in too much smoke. 【Brought up】in the south of China, she wouldn't enjoy living in such a cold climate. We must not take it for granted that the board of the directors will【approve】of the investment plan.

1. Inflation is likely to【accelerate】this year, adding further upward pressure on interest rates. 2. The famous film star felt they had【abused】her trust by talking about her to the press. 3. There has been an angry reaction to the government's【proposal】to reduce unemployment benefits. 4. As a teacher you have to【adjust】your methods to suit the needs of slower children. 5. The improvement in the job market in the past few years has been【remarkable】. 6. My grandfather has a【profound】mistrust of anything new and foreign. 7. We have it on【reliable】evidence that there are plans to build a road here. 8. Who could have【predicted】that within ten years he'd be in charge of the whole country ? 9. The widespread use of Spanish in some American cities has 【generated】a public debate over language use in the country. 10. I rang Jill and【reminded】her that the conference had been cancelled. 11. Finding a cure for this disease is one of the greatest【challenges】faced by scientists. 12. The teacher【alerted】the students to the danger of swimming in the river.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The 【motivation】for the decision is the desire to improve our service to our customers. Teachers will not【tolerate】cheating on exams} just as parents will not let their children lie and get away with it. A【survey】of the Chinese diet has revealed that a growing number of children in cities are overweight. The research has 【confirmed】that tobacco smoke presents a hazard to health. He is still one of the world's most popular tennis players, but his game is in【decline】.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

It wasn't as if a fifty-year-old woman 【posed】any threat to a twenty five-year-old We have to 【allow for】the possibility that we might not finish on schedule. We'll show you a film of the【highlights】of the competition, as there isn't time for the whole thing. The doctors have 【attributed】the cause of the illness to an unknown virus. Tomorrow is the【deadline】for the students to hand in their term paper. Their investment turned out to be a failure and the manager was accused of 【neglecting】his duties. The proposals deserve support as they give【priority】 to the needs of children.


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