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动词时态和语态习题 1. She _____ her pen in her room now. A. finds B. is finding C. looks for D. is looking for 2. What _____ you _____ tomorrow morning? A. are/going to do B. are/doing C. are/done D. have/done 3. It was not long before the water _____ cold. A. is feeling B. feels C. felt D. was feeling 4. I _____ as soon as you come back. A. went B. have gone C. am going D. shall go 5. The scientist _____ Canada and he will give us a talk when he _____ back. A. has gone to/comes B. has been to/will come C. has gone to/will come D. has been to/comes 6. It _____ Jane and Mary who helped me the other day. A. is B. was C. are D. were 7. I _____ to bed when the telephone rang. A. have been B. went C. am going D. was going 8. Jane _____ some washing this time yesterday. A. is doing B. had done C. was doing D. did 9. When I got to the school, the first class _____. A. had begun B. began C. is beginning D. has begun 10. Mother promised she _____ me an English-Chinese dictionary. A. is buying B. will buy C. would buy D. has bought 11. If it _____, we will go to visit the zoo. A. not rains B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. isn’t going to rain 12. Our English teacher _____ all the exercise books last Friday evening. A. has corrected B. will correct C. had corrected D. corrected 13. There _____ an English evening party next Saturday. A. is going to be B. will have C. is to have D. is going to have 14. It is getting late. It’s time we _____. A. go B. went C. are going D. must go 15. Don’t get that ink on the shirt, for it _____. A. doesn’t wash out B. won’t be washing out C. isn’t washing out D. won’t wash out 16. I haven’t seen her _____. A. two weeks ago B. since two weeks C. for two weeks D. before two weeks 17. My brother _____ the Youth League since 1990. A. joined B. has been in C. has joined D. had joined 18. He _____ English for ten years by the time he takes the examination. A. will have been studying B. would have been studying C. will study D. studied 19. The bus came after I _____ for about half an hour. A. had been waiting B. have been waiting C. have waited D. was waiting

20. I saw that he _____ at seven o’clock last night. A. still worked B. is still working C. was still working D. had been working 21. I didn’t go to see the film because I _____ it. A. saw B. have seen C. had seen D. am seeing 22. Who _____ to school earliest in your class every morning? A. comes B. come C. will come D. is coming 23. I’m sure I _____ her four years ago. A. have seen B. saw C. had seen D. will see 24. An unexpected heavy rain caused severe flooding, and the water _____ all the time. A. rose B. raised C. was rising D. was raising 25. _____ a noise just then? A. Have you heard B. Were you hearing C. Are you hearing D. Did you hear 26. Great changes _____ in the last twenty years in China. A. took place B. have taken place C. were taking place D. have been taken place 27. _____ that dress when he first saw you in the street? A. Are you wearing B. Did you wear C. Have you worn D. Were you wearing 28. She _____ when I go to see her. A. is always working B. was always working C. always worked D. has always worked 29. Our football team _____ every match so far this year, but we still have three more games to play. A. wins B. was winning C. had won D. has won 30. —Who is Clarke? —_____ him yet? I saw you shaking hands with him at the meeting. A. Haven’t you met B. Hadn’t you met C. Didn’t you meet D. Don’t you meet 31. I first met Lisa three years ago. She _____at a radio shop at that time. A. has worked B. was working C. had been working D. had worked 32. Lily _____ a book about China last month but I don’t know whether she has finished it. A. wrote B. had written C. is writing D. was writing 33. —Lucy is not coming tonight. —But she ___! A. had promised B. will promise C. promised D. promises 34. —Your phone number again? I _____ quite catch it. —It’s 89703388. A. don’t B. can’t C. couldn’t D. didn’t 35. — We _____ that you would fix the TV set this week. — I’m sorry. I __ to, but I’ve been too busy.

A. had expected; had intended B. are expecting; had intended C. expect; intend D. expected; intend 36. He will stop showing off, if no notice _____ of him. A. is taken B. will be taken C. takes D. has taken 37. — It is said that another new car factory _____ now. — Yeah. It _____ one and a half years. A. is building; takes B. is being built; will take C. is built; will take D. is being built; takes 38. The traffic in our city is already good and it _____ even better. A. gets B. got C. has got D. is getting 39. — I will come to attend your lecture at 10:00 tomorrow. — I’m sorry, by then my lecture will have ended and I _____ my guests in my office. A. is being met B. will meet C. will be meeting D. will have met 40. — Alice came back home the day before yesterday. — Really ? Where _____? A. has she been B. had she beenC. has she gone D. had she gone 41. John and I _____ friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we ____each other a couple of times before that. A. had been; have met B. have been; have met C. had been; had met D. have been; had met 42. I’ve won a holiday for two to Florida. I _____ my mum. A. take B. am taking C. have taken D. will have taken 43.—You haven’t said a word about my new coat, Brenda. Do you like it? —I’ m sorryI __anything about it sooner.Icertainly think it’s pretty on you. A. wasn’t saying B. don’t say C. won’t say D. didn’t say 44. —Where do you think _____ he _____ the computer? — Sorry. I have no idea. A. has ; bought B./ ; bought C. did ; buy D. had ; bought 45. I didn’t like Aunt Lucy, who ___without warning and bringing us presents. A. always turned up B. has always turned up C. was always turning up D. was always turned up 46. The plane __ at 7:00 p.m., so I have to be at the airport by 6:40 at the latest. A. has left B. is to leave C. will have left D. leaves 47. The train ____ at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about nine o’clock tonight. A. went B. is going C. goes D. will be going 48. — Can you give me the right answer? — Sorry, I _____.Would you repeat that question? A. hadn’t listened B. haven’t listened C. don’t listen D. wasn’t listening 49. — Was the driving pleasant when you went to Mexico last summer? — No, it____for four days when we arrived, so the roads were very muddy. A. was raining B. had been raining C. would be raining D. rained 50. — Remember the first time we met, Jim?

— Of course I do. You ____ in the library. A. were reading B. had read C. have read D. read 51. I want to buy that kind of cloth because I ____ the cloth ____ well. A. have told; washes B. have been told; washes C. was told; washed D. have been told; is washed 52. — What were you up to when your parents came in? — I ____ for a while and ____ some reading. A. was playing; was going to do B. played; did C. had played; was going to do D. had played; did 53. — Sorry, I forget to post the letter for you. — Never mind, _____ it myself tonight. A. I’m going to post B. I’ve decided to post C. I’ll post D. I’d rather post 54. I should very much like to have gone to that party of theirs, but _____. A. I’m not invited B. I was not invited C. I have not been invited D. I had not been invited 55. — Are you a visitor here? — That’s right. I ____round the world and now my dream of coming to China ____ true. A. have traveled;has come B. was traveling had been come C. am traveling;has come D. have traveled;has been come 56. Jim talked for about half an hour yesterday. Never ____him talk so much. A. I heard B. did I hear C. I had heard D. had I heard 57. — Look at the black clouds. It ____ soon. — Sure. If only we ____ out. A. is raining; didn’t come B. is to rain; won’t start C. will rain; haven’t started D. is going to rain; hadn’t come 58. He _____ articles for our wall-newspaper these three years, and he _____ abo ut forty articles. A. has been writing; has written B. has been writing; wrote C. is writing; has been writing D. has written; has written 59. She _____ to the office than she got down to writing the report. A. has no sooner go B. had hardly got C. no sooner got D. had no sooner got 60.When he was alive, the old scientist used to say that knowledge ____ frompract ice and he gained his experience by doing a lot of practicalwork. A. was coming B. had come C. comes D. would come 动词时态和语态参考答案 1---5 DACDA 6---10 BDCAC 11---15 BDABD 16---20 CBAAC 21---25 CABCD 26---30 BDADA 31---35 BDCDA 36---40 ABDCB 41---45 DBDBC 46---50 DDDBA 51---55 BCCBC 56---60 DDADC

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