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2013 年本科一年级英语二复习资料 句子复习 The little bird learned to fly by imitating its parents. The college has brought me into contact with western ideas. The news that her daughter was safe relaxed her and she stopped worrying. That was the first time the old lady told her suffering to other. What the press reported was not the way the event happened. Whether he goes or stays is of no consequence to me. I don’t know where the library is. Free movie tickets will be given to whoever comes first. Mr. Smith looked very depressed. Do you know what his trouble was? The only explanation for his behavior is that he is mad. It’s a good opportunity. You should make use of it. You could make yourself understood by means of gestures (手势) if you don’t speak the same language. Your plan won’t work. You’d better give it up. He wanted to try but his fear of failure always held him back. He was just crossing the street when he was hit by a car. They had drove for seven hours when they spotted a sign that said “Guests”. I paid for the piano and asked the store to deliver it to my address in the afternoon. The shops take a lot of trouble over their window displays at Christmas. He will have been studying English for six years by the time he takes his examination. The girl was able to give the police an accurate description of her attacker. I shall make up my own mind on the basis of the advice I’ve been given. Being a sailor involves long periods away from home. This detergent will remove all stains from your clothes. The airport was foggy, but our plane took off on time. He was very particular about the colors he used. It turned out that the old man he had helped was the father of his girlfriend. From the way he looked at me, I concluded that he did not like me. The committee reached a conclusion only after days of discussion. It is of importance that a child’s environment enables him to enlarge his living sphere according to his own abilities. The car will be going at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about ten o’clock tonight. 篇章复习 Passage one Trees are useful to man in three important ways: they provide him with wood and other products; they give him shade; and they help to prevent droughts and floods. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, man has not realized that the third of these services is the most important. In his eagerness to make money from trees, he has cut them down in large numbers, only to find that without them he has lost the best friends he had. And besides, he is usually too careless to plant and look after new trees. So the forests slowly disappear. This does not only mean that man will have fewer trees. The results are even more serious; for where there are trees, their roots break up soil---allowing the rain to sink in---and also bind the soil, thus preventing it from being washed away easily; but where there are no trees, the rain falls on hard ground and flows away, causing floods and carrying away the rich top-soil. When all the top-soil is gone, nothing remains but worthless desert. Two thousand years ago a rich and powerful county cut down its trees to build warships, with which to gain itself an empire. It set up the empire but, without its trees, its soil became poor and it grew weak. When the empire fell to pieces, the home country found itself faced with floods and starvation. 1. What is the most important service of trees to man according to the passage? 2. Why do forests in many parts of the world solely disappear? 3. Why did the country mentioned in the passage suffer from floods and starvation? 4. Why does land become desert after all trees are cut down? 5. What does the author tell us in this passage? Passage Two Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages. In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of

entertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one. With a TV set in the family people don’t have to pay for expensive seats at the theatre, the cinema, or the opera. All they have to so is to push a button or turn a knob, and they can see plays, films, operas and shows of every kind. Some people, however, think that this is where the danger lies. The television viewers need to do nothing. He does not even have to use his legs if he has a remote control. He makes no choice and exercises, no judgment. He is completely passive and has everything presented to him without any effort in his part. Television, it is often said, keeps one informed about current events and the latest developments in science and politics. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are brought right into one’s sitting room. It could be argued that the radio performs this service as well; but on television everything is much more living, much more real. Yet here again there is a danger. The television screen itself has a terrible, almost physical charm for us. We get so used to looking at the movements on it, so dependent on its pictures, that it begins to control our lives. People are often heard to say that their television sets have broken down and they have suddenly found that they have far more time to do things and then they have actually begin to talk to each other again. It makes one think, doesn’t it? There are many other arguments for and against television. We must realize that television itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses that it is put to that determine its value to society. 1. What is the major function of paragraph 1? 2. Television, as a source of entertainment, is . 3. Why are some people against TV? 4. One of the most obvious advantages of TV is that . 5. According to the passage, whether TV is good or not depends on . Passage Three Too often young people get themselves employed quite by accident, not knowing what lies in the way of opportunity for promotion, happiness and security. As a result, they are employed doing jibs that afford them little or no satisfaction. Our school leavers face so much competition that they seldom care what they do as long as they can earn a living. Some stay long at a job and learn to like it; others quite from one to another looking for something to their expectation. Very few go out into the world knowing exactly what they want and realizing their own abilities. The reason behind all this confusion is that there never has been a proper vocational guidance in our educational institution. Nearly all grope(摸索) in the dark and their chief concern when they look for a job is to ask what salary is like. They never bother to think whether they are suited for the job or, even more important, whether the job suits them, Having a job is more than merely providing yourself and your dependants with daily bread and some money for leisure and entertainment. It sets a pattern of life and, in many ways, determines social status in life, selection of friends, leisure and interest. In choosing a career you should first consider the type of work which will suit your interest. Nothing is more pathetic than taking on a job in which you have no interest, for it will not only discourage your desire to succeed in life but also ruin your talents and ultimately make you an emotional wreck(受到严重伤害的人) and a bitter person. 1. The reason why some people are unlikely to succeed in life is that they . 2. The difficulty in choosing a suitable job lies mainly in that . 3. Which of the following statements is most important according to the passage? 4. The best title for this passage would be . 5. The word “pathetic” in paragraph 2 most probably means . Passage Four As I was walking by the shops, I happened to see a display of flight bags, which reminded me of my briefcase. I realized that I was not carrying it now. Quickly I tried to remember where I might have left it. Knowing that I had not stopped anywhere since I left the airline ticket counter, I concluded I must have put it down there. I hurried back to get it, hut my briefcase was nowhere in sight. At first I was sure that somebody had just walked off with it, but then I realized there was a chance that whoever found it might have turned it in at the counter. I waited in line for my turn at the counter and then I described the briefcase and asked if by any chance it had been turned in. The agent shook his head Then I glanced over his shoulder at the conveyor belt that was moving baggage from the check-in counter down to the loading area and I shouted, ”There it is!” But just as the agent turned to look, the briefcase reached the end of the conveyor belt and vanished from view. 翻译复习 1、 他们勤奋地工作着,憧憬着美好的未来。 They work hard, looking forward to a bright future. 2、追求幸福是我们生来就有的权利,但是似乎没有人能确信它是什么。 The right to pursue happiness is issued to us all with our birth, but no one seems quite sure what it is. 3、 在英语学习的过程中,他克服了许多困难。

In the process of learning English, he overcame many difficulties. 4、显然只要稍有些头脑的人就不会完全相信街上飘扬的旗帜或电视上的广告。 Obviously no half-foolish person can be completely persuaded either by such flying banners in the streets or by such ads on the TV. 5、当你再回来学习的时候,你的头脑会恢复活力并且会学到更多。 When you return to your studies, your mind will be refreshed and you’ll learn more. 6、一个好名声,以及随之而来的责任,迫使我们这些孩子要比我们原来做的更好。 A good name, and the responsibility that came with it, forced us children to be better than we otherwise might be. 7、 我已经通过邮局订购了我最喜爱的英文小说。 I have been ordered my favorite English novels through the post office. 8、 他们认为有责任把他们的经验传给年轻的员工。 They think it their responsibility to pass the experience to the young people. 9、 你应该更好地利用时间。 You should make better use of time. 10、我知道自从我离开机场检票处并没有在任何地方停过,所以我相信我一定是把它放在那儿了。 Knowing that I had not stopped anywhere since I left the airline ticket counter, I concluded I must have put it down there.

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