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江苏省海安高级中学高一英语期末复习练习(V) Unit2 Wish

江苏省海安高级中学高一英语期末复习练习(V) Unit2 Wish you were here (Module2)
一.单项选择: 1. —You were out when I dropped in at your house. —Oh, I _______ for a friend from England at the airport. A. was waiting B. had waited C. am waiting D. have waited 2. Mum is coming. What present ____ for your birthday? A. you expect she has got B. you expect has she got C. do you expect she has got D. do you expect has she got 3. You had better expect some suggestions from_________ you think can really help you. A. whom B. anyone C. no matter who D. whoever 4. Christmas is coming and the children ______ to see what Santa Claus will bring to them. A. can’t help B can’t wait C. can’t hope D. can’t expect 5. Have you got books for the train journey? It will take you 20 hours to Harbin. A. a good supply of; reach B. a great deal of; arrive in C. a good many of; reach D. a lot of; arrive 6. He claimed everything his wife prepared for him. So nothing . A. to have eaten, left B. to have eaten, was left C. have eaten, left D. having eaten, was left 7. Enough attention should be paid to ____________your pronunciation and intonation. A. improve B. improving C. being improved D. to improve 8. Are all Chinese textbooks _______ in your ________ house ? A. publishing; publishing B. published; published C. publishing; published D. published; publishing 9. All the leading newspapers _______ the trade talks between China and the United States . A. reported B. printed C. announced D. published 10. Johnson: What bad luck that we ___________the football match in the last 3 minutes. Thomas: Especially when we__________ so hard in the past year. A. had lost; trained B. were losing; had trained C. have lost; have trained D. lost; have been training 11. One day, they crossed the _______bridge behind the palace . A. old Chinese stone B. Chinese old stone C. Old stone Chinese D. Chinese stone old 12. The sign reads “_______fire, break the glass and push the red button ” A. In case of B. Instead of C. For fear of D. In search of 13. I don’t _____ you your job, but I do admire(钦佩)your wisdom . A. enjoy B. like C. wish D. envy 14. She is a teacher, _____ is clear from her manner. A. that B. what C. as D. who 15. Eat _________cake you like and leave the others for _________comes in late. A. any; who B. every; whoever C. whichever; whoever D. either; whoever 16. They have made greater progress than________ . A. they expected B. expected C. to be expected D. expecting 17. The most _______ place for tourist is the Great Wall, the symbol(象征)of China . A. common B. popular C. general D. usual 18. As I felt better, my doctor _________ me to take a holiday . A. suggested B. hoped C. considered D. advised 19. What he said just now _______ me of that famous singer . A. mentioned B. remembered C. reminded D. informed 20. When I saw the happy _______of children playing together there, I was full of joy and hope for the future of our country. A. view B. scene C. scenery D. sense 21. --- What do you think of the grammar book? --- Oh, it really is _______ useful book, which is worth reading ________ second time . A. a; a B. an ; the C. an; a d. the ; the 22. It is foolish of you to _____ such a good chance of getting a further education. A. give in B. give out C. give off D. give up 23. ---What should I do with this passage? --- ________ the main idea of each paragraph. A. Finding out B. Found out C. Find out D. To find out 24. Some of the passengers told the reporters about their _________ in the burning train . A. details B. trips C. events D. experiences 25. Their ink has _______, that is to say, they have _________- their ink . A. run out; run out B. run out of; run out of C. run out; run out of D. run out of; run out 26. .--- I’d like to find a job in the library. --- Good idea. In my opinion, _____ it doesn’t affect your studies.

A. unless B. as long as C. now that D. even if 27. Whenever you are away, you must _______ the door is _______. A. be sure; locking B. be sure ; locked C. make sure; locking D. make sure; locked 28. Do let your mother know the truth. She appears ________ everything. A. to tell B. to be told C. to be telling D. to have been told 29. The two brothers take _________ to look after their sick mother in hospital . A. time B. chance C. duty D. turns. 30. Don’t risk ________ the blouse in hot water, otherwise, the color will run . A. to wash B. washing c. for washing D. in washing 31. In the dark forests _______, some large enough to hold several English towns A. stand many lakes B. lie many lakes C. many lakes lie D. many lakes stand 32. ----______ for the glass! ---- It is OK. I am wearing shoes. A. Set out B. Walk out C. Look out D. Go out 33. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ____ his notes . A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on 34. I’d like to arrive 20 minutes early ___ ____ I can have time for a cup of tea. A. as soon as B. as a result C. in case D. so that 35. The women carrying babies, come in first, ___________? A. will you B. will they C. don’t they D. don’t you 二.完形填空: Cars are too expensive for many people around the world to own. Now only that, many cities are ___1___ full of traffic, and many country areas have __ 2 roads. So how do people 3 those distances that are too 4 to walk? They 5 public transportation. If you ride the subway 6 bus where you live, you can appreciate 7 of the benefits of public transportation. With many people 8 one bus or train there is less traffic and, more importantly, less 9 . Which of the types of mass transit described below are you familiar with? If a regular bus can __10 dozens of people, imagine what a bus twice the size can hold! In Great Britain, there are many buses that are 11 double-deckers. Buses in Haiti are often very crowded. It’s not _ 12 for passengers to actually sit on the ___13 . Buses are tenderly called “tap-taps”, because the riders on the roof 14 when they want to be dropped off. Many large cities around the world take advantage of the 15 beneath the streets and run underground trains. People in Paris, Mexico City, and Tokyo may use the subway system to get to school, to work, or to visit friends in other neighborhoods. 16 the Japanese and French have 17__ high-speed trains to link 18 cities. While electric trains in North America 19 130 kph, the French TGV (high-speed train) is the world’s 20 , averaging over 270 kph! 1. A. still B. yet C. already D. simply 2. A. smooth(平坦的) B. rough C. flat D. rocky 3. A. find B. fly C. observe D. travel 4. A. near B. far C. difficult D. easy 5. A. use B. make C. drive D. try 6. A. and B. also C. or D. as well as 7. A. none B. some C. any D. few 8. A. sharing B. crowding C. sparing D. sitting 9. A. smoke B. people C. buses D. pollution 10. A. include B. stand C. hold D. seat 11. A. known as B. popular with C. familiar with D. looked like 12. A. common B. usual C. true D. uncommon 13. A. rooftops B. windows C. floors D. doors 14. A. jump B. tap C. shout D. drop 15. A. building B. tunnel C. space D. channel 16. A. Both B. All C. All of D. Some of 17. A. increased B. operated C. discovered D. developed 18. A. famous B. important C. ordinary D. various 19. A. go B. average C. run D. fly 20. A. rapidest B. quickest C. fastest D. soonest 三.阅读理解: If there is time for discussion of questions at the end of a class, take the chance to ask for further explanation of anything that was not immediately clear. You are unlikely to be the only one who does not understand. Your questions will therefore help others and will encourage them to ask questions, and you should learn from all the teacher ’s replies. Questions not only help students to learn but also show interest in the subject, and this makes the teacher ’s work more rewarding. Furthermore, questions should help the teacher first to recognize things that students find difficult and then to give better lessons. More questions will come to mind during your further studies. Try to find the answers before the next class. This will help you to learn.

1. The writer of the passage advises us to________. A. ask for further explanation for everything we learn. B. ask questions at the end of a class C. help others by asking the teacher questions D. encourage the teacher to give better lessons 2. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. The teacher has to give good lessons because he finds it difficult to answer students’ questions. B. If a student often asks questions, it shows that he is interested in the subject. C. Questions will help the teacher to teacher better. D. Questions will help students to learn. 3. The underlined sentence “this makes the teacher ’s work more rewarding.” means “______”. A. the teacher will be given more pay for his work. B. this helps the teacher to work even harder C. the teacher will find his work more useful D. this makes it more difficult for the teacher to give his lessons 四.句型转换 1. They have built a swimming pool three times the size of ours . They have built a swimming pool three times _______ ________ _______ours . 2. We have to finish it as soon as possible so that we can start another. We have to finish it as soon as possible _______ _______ _______ start another. 3. You had better take an umbrella with you in case it rains You had better take an umbrella with you _____ _______ ______the rain 4. Whatever happens, we shouldn’t change our plans _______ ___________ __________happens , we shouldn’t change our plans . 5. The soldiers did as much as they could to help the people in the flooded area. The soldiers did as much as __________to help the people in the flooded area . 五.书面表达: 你是李明,18 岁,会拉小提琴,爱打排球,是个游泳好手。你曾在一所暑假培训班教游泳、培养女子排球队,还参加过几 次学校一日游活动,其中有一次带同学们到海边游泳。你想在暑假期间申请一份工作,在报纸上读到下面广告: Wanted:80 Holiday Camp Assistants for USA Summer Camps Age:18—25 male and female Must be able to do at least some of the following: *play a musical instrument *sing *play baseball/basketball/volleyball *swim Work is offered during the following periods:June 21—July 20;July 20—August 18;August 18—September 16;Experience preferred. Write,saying when you can work,and giving phone /e-mail numbers , to: Holiday Extra,PO Box 2720,Denver,Colorado,USA. 你喜欢这项工作,觉得很有意思。写信申请这份工作。随信附上你的电话:0564—4990218 及电子邮件地址:liming@ yeah.net。

江苏省海安高级中学高一英语期末复习练习(VI) Unit3 Amazing people (Module2)
一.单项选择: 1. Jane may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out ______ he phones. A. as long as B. in order that C. in case D. so that 2. ----Is this ball yours, Jane? ----No, it’s __________. A. somebody’s else B. anybody’s else C. anybody else’s D. somebody else’s 3. ----Are you satisfied(满意)with his answer? ----Not at all. It couldn’t have been _________. A. worse B. so bad C. better D. the worst 4. The man was very ill, but he at last _______. A. died B. stayed C. left D. survived 5. The teaching method(方法)_______ highly effective. A. proved B. was proved C. proved to D. has been proved 6. ----John was fired for being late again and again. ----He was so silly ________ not to realize it. A. as B. that C. and D. but 7. She looks forward every spring to ________ the flower-lined garden. A. walking B. walk in C. visit D. paying a visit to 8. In the past few years, My Heart Will Go On has been a popular song among young people, ______ are now often heard singing at parties. A. what B. which C. who D. that 9. _______ at the office, he found the papers were left at home. A. To arrive B. On arriving C. As arriving D. While arrived 10. We must _______ to do our work better with less money and fewer people.

A. succeed B. manage C. suggest D. affect 11. John seems to be a nice person. ______, I don’t trust him. A. Even so B. Even though C. Therefore D. Though 12. ----It was careless of you to have left your key in the lock hole. ----My God! ________. A. So Was I B. So I did C. So you are D. So did you 13. He told me that Albert Einstein is the greatest man he ________. A. looks down upon B. looks back on C. looks up to D. looks forward to 14. He is not the only person that is _______ to learn all these subjects. A. suggested B. hoped C. required D. agreed 15. How can you prove that you are _________ the important task? A. suitable to B. qualified for C. fit with D. good about 16. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced ________ cars as the the year before. A. as twice many B. as many twice C. twice as many D. twice many as 17. His uncle, _________ his older sisters is going out for a journey, leaving him alone at home. Which of the following is wrong? A. as well as B. together with C. with D. and 18. The best swimmer was _______ from the team. A. picked up B. picked C. made D. choose 19. I think July 1st, 1997 will ________ in world history. A. go down B. go on C. go off D. go around 20. ----I am very sad that I have failed the maths examination. ----Don’t be ________! Worker harder, and you will make great progress. A. troubled B. discouraged C. beaten D. worrying 21. Jane was interested in medicine, but soon she _________ painting, which made her parents surprised. A. turned about B. switched to C. referred to D. reached to 22. ________ his timely help, I was able to solve the problem successfully. A. According to B. Because C. Due for D. Thanks to 23. These machines are ________ different types. I don’t know _______ choose. A. of, which to B. in, what to C. of, how to D. about, which to 24. ----How is Tom getting on? ----Very well. He has got a good _______in a bank. A. work B. position C. application D. place 25. What you said just now has _____ the matter we are discussing. Let’s come to the point. A. something to do about B. nothing to do about C. something to do with D. nothing to do with 26. By the time he left school, he _________ much about how to be a good secretary. A. has learned B. learned C. had learned D. was learning 27. His carelessness _______ a serious accident, causing three people to die. A. resulted in B. resulted from C. brought from D. brought in 28. ----What a troublesome child! He is always asking me lots of questions, which makes me tired out. ----Be patient(耐心点), OK? It is very good for a child to be __________ the outside world. A. worried about B. strange with C. curious about D. tired of 29. Let’s put off the picnic until next week, ________ the weather may be better. A. if B. when C. which D. while 30. He communicates ______ his parents _______ telephone. A. to, with B. with, on C. to, in D. with, by 31. They kept trying, and their effort(努力)finally _______. A. are paid off B. paid off C. are paid for D. paid for 32. Upon hearing the exciting news, we jumped with joy and set off to meet them ________. A. in time B. in no time C. on time D. at a time. 33. No hotel can ________ ours in service and price. A. compare with B. compare to C. be compared to D. be compared with 34. I know nothing about him ________ he is an American. A. except that B. except C. besides D. except for 35. Some people complain(抱怨)that it usually _______ too long to wait for the buses. A. costs B. spends C. takes D. spares 36. Mike has been making great efforts in practice in order to _____ his dream to win championship (冠军) in the coming Olympics. A. come about B. come true C. make D. live 37. He didn’t________ his idea clearly enough to make himself __________. A. say, understand B. express, understood C. talk, understanding D. speak, to understand 38. He _________ his task in time, but unluckily he failed to again. A. tried to finish B. managed to finish C. tried finishing D. managed finishing 39. ----Have you finished your report yet?

----No. I’ll finish it ________ ten minutes. A. in another B. after other C. in more D. after less 二.完形填空: Several days ago, I net a stranger in the street who stopped and asked me directions. I__ 1___ to show him the way to the destination but to my __ 2 , he coldly refused my offer. I asked him why. Finally he told me that he was 3 I would ask him for money if I 4 him in this way. Money! I 5 deep into thought. Is it money that comes between us? Money has no 6 ; it cannot be 7 to be good or bad. The problem 8 what attitude we have towards it. At present, we have a more 9 material life than before, but we’re becoming more and more 10 . Why? In my opinion, the 11 is the change in people’s personal 12 . They wrongly believe that 13 money should be their only aim in life, so they 14 all sorts of ways they can to 15 this aim. They are afraid of being 16 and fooled. If everyone acts like this, what will our 17 be like? Needless to say, money is becoming more and more important in our society, 18 it shouldn’t be the “be-all and end-all” of life. If a person only concentrates on 19 , he will be lonely and void(空虚的), and even go astray(误入迷途). It is up to us to make our lives happy, not money. We should try our best to help others 20 and freely. If everyone does so, our society will be better and better. 1. A. advised B. offered C. asked D. wished 2. A. joy B. fear C. excitement D. surprised 3. A. anxious B. glad C. sorry D. afraid 4. A. stopped B. told C. asked D. helped 5. A. fell B. felt C. kept D. caught 6. A. problem B. price C. life D. use 7. A. joined B. judged C. connected D. seemed 8. A. takes in B. depends on C. results in D. smoothes away 9. A. powerful B. beautiful C. plentiful D. healthy 10. A. cold-hearted B. warm-hearted C. good-looking D. humorous 11. A. key B. money C. man D. creature 12. A. worth B. habits C. fame D. values 13. A. taking B. costing C. spending D. making 14. A. think up B. pick up C. give off D. break out 15. A. realize B. recognize C. take D. shoot 16. A. found B. discovered C. cheated D. followed 17. A. life B. society C. belief D. money 18. A. or B. but C. if D. since 19. A. life B. nature C. society D. money 20. A. separately B. obviously C. mainly D. whole-heartedly 三.阅读理解: The idea of a national park differs from nation to nation. In Australia, the United States and Japan the land in national parks is government-owned and the management of these parks is decided by government policy(政策). Activities such as housing or industry within the parks are prevented. In Britain, national parks are quite different. Parks such as the Lake District, Dart Moor and Exmore include towns and villages where large numbers of people live. Much of the land in these national parks is privately-owned, but there are strict controls on its use, and on the appearance of the landscape and buildings, some of which (including the whole villages) are heritage items. This style of national park is well suited to the scenic areas of Britain where houses, farms and fields are part of the beauty and combine with natural scenery to produce an overall attractiveness. In Africa and Southern Asia, large national parks have been set up to preserve animals in particular. The land within these national parks is owned by the government, but there are many private developments, such as hotels and shops, for the visitors who come to see the animals. 1. The passage mainly discusses______. A. the history of national parks B. the purpose of national parks C. what national parks are like D. national parks in different nations 2. National parks in America_______. A. are owned by some private companies B. are developed by some service companies C. are run by the government D. are controlled by some local Indians 3. What does the underlined word “privately-owned” (in paragraph 2) probably mean? A. Owned by one particular person or group. B. Owned by the government. C. Owned secretly. D. Owned publicly. 四.句型转换: 1. As soon as he entered the tomb, his pet bird was eaten by a snake. __________ ___________the tomb, his pet bird was eaten by a snake. 2. I’m sure you are connected(有关联)with the accident. I’m sure you _________ __________ _________ ________with the accident. 3. I am interested in not only painting but also writing.

I am interested in writing _______ _________ _________ painting. 4. I’m writing a report now, and I will surely finish it on Friday. ________ Friday, I will have finished writing my report. 5. They spent a great deal of money building the ship. They spent a __________ ___________ of money building the ship. 6. The whole world will respect him as a great scientist. The whole world will ___________ _______ _______ him as a great scientist. 7. Your suggestions are very important. Your suggestions are _________ great importance. 8. If you want to get in touch with him, you can dial 88816688. If you want to _________________ him, you can dial 88816688.

单项选择:1-10 ACDBA BBDA D 11-20 AADCC BBDCB 21-30 ADCDC BDDDB 31-35 BCBAA 完形填空:1-10 CBDBA CBADC 11-20 ADABC ADDBC 阅读理解:1-3 BAC 句型转换:as large as, so as to, in case of, No matter what, possible 书面表达: Dear Sir or Madam , I have read your advertisement for Holiday Camp Assistants and would like to apply for a job during the period of July 20 to August 18. I am 18 years old. I can play the violin and I like playing volleyball. I am a good swimmer. I used to work in a summer training programme, teaching the kids swimming and training the school girls' volleyball team.I went on some one-day school trips. During one of which I took a group of students to the seaside where they learned to swim. I enjoy this kind of work. It's great fun. You can contact me at the following number or address. Phone:0564-4990218 Email:liming@yeah.net I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

单项选择:1-10 CDADA ADBBB 11-20 ABCCB CDBBB 21-30 BDABD CACBD 31-40 BBDAC DBAA 完形填空:1-10 BDDDA ACBCA 11-20 ADDAA CBBDD 阅读理解:1-3 DCA 句型转换:Upon entering, have something to do with, as well as, By, large amount, look up to, of, contact

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