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(考试时间:100 分钟 请注意:1、本试卷分第一部分选择题和第二部分非选择题。 2、考生答题前,必须将自己的姓名、考试证号、座位号用黑色或蓝色钢笔或圆珠笔填写在试卷和答题卡的相 应位置,再用 2B 铅笔将考试证号、科目填涂在答题卡上相应的小框内。 第一部分 选择题(60 分) 满分:100 分)

请注意:考生必须将所选答案的字母标号用 2B 铅笔填涂在答题卡上相应的题号内,答在试卷上无效。 一、听力(15 分) A. 听句子,选出与句子内容相关的图画。(听两遍,5 分) 1.





B. 听对话及 听第 1 段对话,回答 6—7 题。 6. What does Mr. Brown do? A. A doctor. A. At 6:00. B. A teacher. B. At 7:00. C. A driver. C. At 8:00. 7. What time does Mr. Brown get up in the morning? 听第 2 段对话,回答 8-9 题。 8. What are they going to do this evening? A. Go to the supermarket. 9. Where are they going to meet? A. Outside the cinema. B. In the park. B. Go to the party.

问题,选择正确答案。(听两遍,10 分)

C. Go to the office. C. At Betty’s house.

听第 3 段对话,回答 10—12 题。 10. Why does Sam like Kunming? A. Because the weather is hot and cloudy.

B. Because the weather is sunny and warm. C. Because the weather is cold and rainy. 11. Does Sam live near the hills? A. Yes, he does. A. Go climbing. B. No, he doesn’t. B. Listen to music. C. We don’t know. C. Watch TV. 12. What does Sam do when the weather is bad? 听第 4 段对话,回答 13—15 题。 13. What does the man want to do? A. To sell the flat. A. One. A. At about 2 pm. 二、选择题(20 分) 16. He often knocks our books off the desk when he ________ the desks. A. past A. longer A. worry 19.-________? C. What’s he? A. smiling A. Good idea A. most A. sadly A. All right A. How far A. that A. thousand A. keeps B. smile B. Not at all B. fewest B. sad B. Thanks B. How long B. those B. thousands B. lets C. one C. thousand of C. makes D. says B. all you, ourselves D. all you, us -________. A. What’s he like? B. walks B. shorter B. worry about C. passes C. long C. worries B. How’s he? D. What does he like? C. smiled C. Thanks C. least C. sadder C. That’s great C. How often D. ones D. thousands of D. smiles -________. D. That’s all right D. fewer D. more sadly -________. D. See you soon D. How soon D. walks pass D. short D. worried 17. I don’t think my hair is as long as yours, yours is ________. 18. When I ________ something, I always go to my best friend, May. -He’s friendly and helpful. B. To buy the flat. B. Two. B. At about 4 pm. C. To change the flat. C. Three. C. At about 6 pm. 14. How many bedrooms are there in the flat? 15. When will the man go to the flat?

20. Her ________ eyes make her look really pretty and kind. 21.-What about learning English by ourselves?

22. Amy scored the ________ points in this exam. She felt very unhappy. 23. Can you tell me what made him so _________ ? 24.-We are going to the top of the Eiffel Tower this afternoon. 25. ________ is the World Park? It is about two hours by coach. 26. The model pyramids looked just like the real ________ in Egypt. 27. There are over twenty ________ visitors visiting the park. 28. He never chats with others. He always ________ everything to himself. 29.-Did ________ have a good time? A. you all, ourselves C. you all, us -Yes. We really enjoyed ________.

30.—Please don’t say a bad word about anyone.

A. OK, I do A. spends, more

B. Sorry, I don’t

C. Sorry, I won’t B. costs, more

D. Yes, I won’t

31. A car ________ more than a motorbike, and a motorbike is ________ than a bike. C. spends, more expensive D. costs, more expensive

32. Our team played ________ at first, but we won the final in the end. A. well A. Australia B. badly B. America C. wonderfully C. France D. carefully D. Japan 33. Which foreign country should I visit to enjoy the beauty of the Opera House? 34.―Did you hear the news? Liu Mei is going to move to Canada. ―________. A. I’m sorry to hear that C. I don’t believe it A. What 36 B. What a B. Have a good time D. I’m not interested C. How 37 D. How a it, talking as much as one 39 38 . Sometimes you will get your words mixed

35. ________ great time we have talking to each other! 三、完形填空(10 分) way of learning English is by up( 混淆 ) and people will not understand you. But if you the mistakes you made(犯). Don’t be 40 if people seem to be laughing at your 45 makes mistakes.” B. Better B. thinking B. could B. learn B. happily B. mistakes B. more better B. say B. Students C. Best C. using C. possible C. lose C. happy C. sentence C. much better C. see C. Foreigners A One day a farmer went out for a walk with his daughter. The farmer put on a pair of wrong shoes- one with a thick sole( 鞋底 ) and the other with a thin one. So as he began to walk, he felt very uncomfortable. When he was just out of the house, he turned to his daughter and said, “Why should one of my legs be longer than the other today?” The daughter looked at his father’s legs carefully as he was walking, and then laughed, “Oh, no, Daddy, your legs are all right. You have put on the wrong shoes.” The farmer was very happy to hear that and said to himself, “What a clever daughter I have got!” Then he asked his daughter to go back and get the other pair of shoes for him. The farmer had only two pairs of shoes. When the daughter ran back to the house, she found that the other pair was also a pair of wrong shoes. She had to return to his father with nothing in her hands and said out of breath, “It’s no use changing them, Daddy! The shoes at home were not a pair, either!” 46. When the farmer went out for a walk with his daughter, he put on a pair of ______ shoes. D. The best D. listening D. able D. finish D. unhappy D. speaking D. the best D. afraid D. Everyone 41 . It is 43 42 for people to be laughing at your mistakes than to be angry 44 of making because they don’t understand what you are saying. mistakes. 36. A. Good 37. A. saying 38. A. can 39. A. keep 40. A. unhappily 41. A. words 42. A. good 43. A. The useful 44. A. think 45. A. All children 四、阅读理解(15 分) rule( 规则 ) for learning English is, “Don’t be your sense of humour, you can always have a good laugh at

B. The most important C. The most interesting D. The most popular

A. wrong

B. comfortable

C. old

D. new

47. A pair of wrong shoes means ________. A. the shoes are not the farmer’s B. the shoes are too small C. one of the shoes has a thick sole, the other has a thin one, they are not a pair D. the shoes are too big 48. When the farmer began to walk, he felt very uncomfortable because ________. A. one of his legs was longer than the other one B. he was ill that day C. he wore a pair of wrong shoes D. the shoes were too small 49. The farmer thought his daughter was a clever girl because ________. A. she could make shoes B. she could find out that her father wore a pair of wrong shoes C. she could find out a pair of right shoes D. she found that her father’s legs were sick 50. The father asked his daughter to go and get the other pair of shoes for him and the daughter ________. A. brought back a pair of wrong shoes B. brought back of a pair of right shoes C. didn’t bring any shoes; she knew the other pair at home was not a pair, either D. couldn’t find anything at home B Mr Baker worked in a big factory. He was busy all the time and had little time to rest. One summer, he decided to go to the sea to spend his holidays. One afternoon, it was very hot. Mr Baker came into a restaurant, sat at a table and wanted to drink. Just then, an old man came up to him and said, “How do you do, sir?” “How do you do?” Mr Baker asked the old man to sit next to him. “Have you been here before?” “No, I haven’t.” “You look lonely, don’t you?” said the old man. “Let’s have a bet, shall we?” It interested Mr Baker, “But what shall we bet on?” “I can bite my left eyeball,” said the old man, “I can bet you five dollars.” Mr Baker didn’t believe and passed $5 on the table. The old man took out his glass eyeball, put it into his mouth and bite it. Mr Baker had to give his money. “It doesn’t matter young man,” the old man said. “I’ll give you a chance to win the money back. I can also bite my right eye. I’ll bet you $10.” “I’m sure he’s able to see. And I must win his money,” he thought. So he took out ten dollars from his wallet. But he was very surprised, the old man took out his false( 假的 ) teeth and bit his right eye with it. Then he put the money into his pocket and went away quickly. 51. Mr Baker went to the sea ________. A. to swim B. to have a rest C. to drink something D. to make a bet

52. The old man said hello to Mr Baker because ________. A. they were good friends C. he wanted to drink with him B. he wanted to ask for some food D. he wanted to win money

53. After the old man knew _______, he began to make a bet with the young man. A. Mr Baker was there for the first time B. Mr Baker wanted to win the five dollars back C. Mr Baker knew he had false teeth D. Mr Baker wasn’t clever enough 54. As ________, he bet the old man ten dollars. A. Mr Baker didn’t think him blind(瞎的) in both eyes B. Mr Baker wanted to win the five dollars back C. Mr Baker knew he had false teeth D. Mr Baker wanted to help him in another way 55. The old man was blind in ________. A. both eyes B. neither eye C. the right eye D. the left eye C Almost every day, we discuss the topic of health, especially for kids. But what is health? “Health” means eating well, getting enough exercise, and having a healthy weight. Let’s read the following rules. They can help you stay healthy. 1. Eat a variety of foods, especially fruit and vegetables. We all know that eating fruit and vegetables can help us stay healthy, but many of us only eat our favorite foods. Remember that we can only get the nutrition( 营 养 ) we need by eating different kinds of food, especially fruit and vegetables. 2. Drink water and milk most often. Everyone knows that water is important. Besides that, kids need plenty of calcium( 钙 ) to grow strong bones, and milk has a lot of it. Every day, you should drink at least three cups of milk(1300 milligrams of calcium), when you are 9 years old or older. You should also try to have less sugary drinks, like soda and coca. They include a lot of sugar. Sugar just includes calories, not important nutrition. 3. Listen to your body. When you are eating, notice how your body feels. When your stomach feels comfortably full, stop eating. Eating too much makes you feel uncomfortable. If you do it too often, it can make you unhealthy and fat. 4. Limit( 限制 ) screen time. What’s screen time? It’s the amount of time you spend watching TV, movies, and playing computer games. The more time you spend on these sitting-down activities, the less time you spend playing sports, like basketball, and doing other activities like bike riding and swimming. Try to spend no more than 2 hours a day on screen time. 56. In this passage, “health” includes all of the following EXCEPT(除了) ________. A. eating well C. having a healthy weight A. lots of B. all kinds of B. doing more exercise D. wearing comfortably C. the rest of D. a lot of

57. The underlined phrase “a variety of” means ________. 58. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Eating more fruit and vegetables is difficult for some people. B. We should eat and drink something with less sugar. C. When we are full, we should stop eating, however(不管怎样) delicious the food is. D. We should spend the same time on both sitting-down activities and on sports. 59. As kids, we should drink at least ________ to grow strong bones. A. four cups of milk B. three cups of milk

C. two cups of milk 60. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. How to eat healthily. C. Advice for staying healthy.

D. one cup of milk B. Eating and playing are both important. D. Health is very important. 第二部分 非选择题(40分)

请注意:考生必须将答案直接做到试卷上 五、用所给词的适当形式填空(10 分) 1. How _____________(interest) it was to see models of so many places of interest from all over the world! 2. Walk around the big lake and you _____________(feel) the beauty of the old park in the Summer Palace. 3. I want to sit at the front of the bus _____________(watch) the sunset. 4. Thank you for _____________(agree) to let me go on the trip today. 5. She looks much _____________(slim) because of doing exercise. 6.-How many _____________(stomach) does an ant have? -I’ve no idea. 7. The 8-year-old boy hid _____________(he) behind the door when playing hide-and-seek. 8. There is a lot of _____________(traffic) on the city roads, so please be a little earlier. 9. May is my online friend. She is one of my _____________(close) friends. 10. Liu Xiang won first in the National Sports Meetings for _____________(three) time. 六、翻译句子(10 分) 1. 他因为视力差戴着厚厚的眼镜。(2’) He wears thick glasses ____________________________________________________. 2. 爸爸每天开车送我上学,因为比坐公共汽车花的时间少。(2’) My father _______________ every day, because it ___________________ than taking the bus. 3. 她脸上总是带着微笑并且看起来很爱好体育。(2’) She always ____________________________________ and looks very _______________. 4. 你可以坐出租车绕北京城转转,它虽然贵但速度快。(2’) You can _______________________ the centre of Beijing. It will be ____________________. 5. 当大巴停下来的时候我们都迅速下车了。(2’) We ________________________ the coach quickly when it ________________________. 七、缺词填空(10 分) Eleven-year-old Antonin Careme could not believe that his father ordered a lot of delicious food. It was an unexpected( 意料不 到的 ) dinner b__________ the Careme family was poor. When he was eating thankfully, his father t__________ him in a sad voice that this would be a farewell meal. His father could not support all his children any m__________, s___________ Antonin would have to leave home to make money h__________. After the meal, Antonin walked a__________ the streets and felt sad. He knocked on the door of a restaurant and the o__________ happened to( 碰巧 ) need an waiter. In the restaurant, young Antonin g__________ his first lesson in cooking. He was hardworking and his employer(雇主) d_________ to teach him all the skills(技能) and secrets of French cooking. When he was fifteen years old, Antonin trained under the famous cook, Baily. One of Baily’s customers was pleased with Antonin’s style of cooking, he asked him to be his personal c________, working at his home. Antonin later went on to work for a diplomat, a banker and even the king. 八、书面表达(10 分) 假如学校将举行英语才艺展示晚会,需要挑选节目主持人,要求参选人用英文介绍自己的情况。请你根据所给提 示写一篇自我介绍的短文,参加主持人的竞选。

提法:1.名字叫李华,14 岁,初二(8)班学生; 2.性格友善,乐于助人,长大后相当一个有名的主持人; 3.英语说得好,擅长唱英语歌曲,喜欢画画、打篮球,了解很多历史知识; 4.去年当过英语晚会的节目主持人。 要求:1.语句通顺,意思连贯,语法正确,书写规范; 2.所有提示需全部用上,但不要逐字翻译,可做适当发挥; 4.文中不得出现真实的人名、校名或地名; 4.词数 70 左右,短文的开头与结尾已给出。 参考词汇:the host of the English evening(英语晚会的节目主持人) My name is Li Hua. _____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ I believe I can do it well if I am the host of the English Talent Show.

泰兴市 济川实验初中初二英语期中试题听力材料 2009.11 A. 听句子,选出与句子内容相关的图画。 1. Computers are becoming more and more popular in modern life. 2. The young boy likes running when he is free. 3. Jenny plays the violin very well. 4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 5. Tony is a good boy. He always puts the rubbish into the rubbish bin. B. 听对话及问题,选择正确答案。 听第 1 段对话,回答 6—7 题。 W: You drive a school bus, Mr. Brown? M: That’s right. I take the children to school. W: Do you get up early in the morning M: Oh, yes. I have to get up at 6 o’clock. W: And when does school begin? M: It begins at 8 o’clock. We always arrive on time. 听第 2 段对话,回答 8-9 题。 W: Hello, Betty Black. M: Betty. This is Tom. What about going to the party this evening? W: Great.

M: Would you like me to pick you up at the office after work? W: Thanks. But I want to go home and take a shower first. M: OK. I will drive over to your house at about 7 o’clock. W: That’s fine. See you then. Bye. M: By. 听第 3 段对话,回答 10—12 题。 W: Hi, Sam. You live in Kunming for months. Do you like Kunming? M: Yes, I do. It’s a lovely place. W: Is it? What do you like most about the city? M: Well, I love the weather. I like warm sunny days. W: Do you often have sunny days in Kunming? M: Yes, it’s sunny most of the time. Of course, sometimes it’s rainy. W: What do you usually do on sunny days? M: I usually go climbing. I live near the hills. W: Then what do you do when the weather is bad? M: I usually watch TV at home. W: Thank you, Sam 听第 4 段对话,回答 13—15 题。 W: Hello, This is Lisa Morgan speaking. M: Hello, I’d like to know something about the flat. W: OK. What would you like to know? M: Well, first, can you tell me where it is? Is it close to the shops? W: Well, the flat is in the centre of the city. M: And how much does it cost? W: I see, is it big? M: I think so. There are two bedrooms and a very large living room. Would you like to see it? W: Hmm, can you come this afternoon? About six? It’s Number 2, Street 49. M: Yes, that’s fine. I’ll see you then. Good bye.

参 考 答 案

一、BBCAC 二、CABAA 三、DCAAD 四、ACCBC 五、1. interesting 8. traffic

CABCB ABBCA BCBDD BDAAD 2. will feel 9. closest


DBDBC 3. to watch 10. the third 4. agreeing 5. slimmer 6. stomachs 7. himself

六、1. because of poor eyesight 2. drives me to school,takes less time 3. wears a smile on her face,sporty 4. take a taxi around,expensive but fast

5. got off,stopped 七、because,told,more,so,himself,along,owner,got,decided,cook

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