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2012 年 12 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. “My job is killing me.”Who among us hasn't issued that complaint at least once? Now a new study suggests that your dramatic complaint may ____62____ some scientific truth. The 20-year study, by researchers at Tel Aviv University, _____63______ to examine the relationship between the workplace and a person's risk of death. Researchers _____64_____ 820 adults who had undergone a ______65____ physical exam at a health clinic in 1988, and then interviewed them _____66_____ detail about their workplace conditions—asking how nice their colleagues were, whether their boss was supportive and how much ______67_____ they had in their position. The participants_____68_____ in age from 25 to 65 at the start of the study and worked in a variety of ____69___, including finance, health care, manufacturing and insurance. The researchers _____70______ the participants through their medical records: by the study's conclusion in 2008, 53 people had died —and they were significantly more likely than those who survived to report having a ____71____ work environment. People who reported having little or no ____72____ support from their co-workers were 2.4 times more likely to die ____73____ the course of the study than those who said they had close, supportive _____74_____ with their workmates. Interestingly, the risk of death was _____75_____ only to people's perceptions of their co-workers, not their bosses . People who reported negative relationships with their supervisors were ____76____ likely to die than others. The study was observational, _____77____ it could not determine whether toxic workplace environments caused death, only that it was _____78____ with the risk. But the findings add to the evidence ______79_______ having a supportive social network decreases stress and helps _____80____ good health. On the other hand, being exposed _____81_____ chronic stress contributes to depression, ill health and death. 62. A) hold B) strike C) risk D)trace

63. A)fought )submittedC)soughtB D)resorted 64. A)allied B)arrayed C)volunteeredD)recruited 65. A)routine 66. A)beyond 67. A)autonomy 68. A)consisted B)nominal B)in C)by C)grave D)over D)drastic

B)automation C)audienceD)authenticity B)contained C)involvedD)ranged D)species D)trailed

69. A)facets B)fields C)districts

70. A)chased B)pursued C)tracked

71. A)cozy B)fabulous C)hostile 72. A)social 73. A)against

D)transparent D)domestic

B)academicC)physical B)across C)inside


74. A)pactsB)bonds C)unions 75. A)addedB)adapted C)tied 76. A)no more

D)webs D)led D)far less

B)far more C)no less D)so

77. A)unless B)while C)or

78. A)constructed B)correlated C)collaborated 79. A)howB)when C)that D)why D)foster


80. A)elevateB)inject C)propel 81. A)at B)to C)toward 查看参考答案 参考答案 62-66CBCAB 67-71ADBCD 72-76DDCAB 77-81ACBDA


2012 年 6 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Close Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A) , B),C)and D)on the right side of paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答. Music produces profound and lasting changes in the brain. Schools should add music classes, not cut them. Nearly 20 years ago, a small study advanced the 62 that listening to Mozart ’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major could boost mental functioning. It was not long 63 trademarked “Mozart effect” products began to appeal to anxious parents aiming to put toddlers (刚学步的孩子) 64 the fast track to prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale. Georgia’s governor even 65 giving every newborn there a classical CD or cassette. The 66 for Mozart therapy turned out to be weak, perhaps nonexistent, although the 67 study never claimed anything more than a temporary and limited effect. In recent years, 68 , scientists have examined the benefits of a concerted 69 to study and practice music, as 70 to playing a Mozart CD or a computer-based“brain fitness” game 71 in a while. Advanced monitoring 72 have enabled scientists to see what happens 73 your head when you listen to your mother and actually practice the violin for an hour every afternoon. And they have found that music 74 can produce

profound and lasting changes that 75 the general ability to learn. These results should 76 public officials that music classes are not a mere decoration, ripe for discarding in the budget crises that constantly 77 public schools. Studies have shown that 78 instrument training from an early age can help the brain to 79 sounds better, making it easier to stay focused when absorbing other subjects, from literature to mathematics. The musically adept ( 擅长 的)are better able to 80 on a biology lesson despite the noise in the classroom 81 , a few years later, to finish a call with a client when a colleague in the next office starts screaming a subordinate. They can attend to several things at once in the mental scratch pad called working memory, an essential skill in this era of multitasking. 62.A)notice B)note C)notion D)notification 63.A)that B)until C)since D)Before 64.A)up B)by C)on D)at 65.A)propelled B) proposed C) submitted D)subjected 66.A)witness B) evidence C) symptom D)context 67.A)subtle B) elementary C) sensitive D)original 68.A)however B)moreover C) then D)therefore 69.A)effort B)impulse C) object D)attention 70.A)opposed B)accustomed C) related D)devoted 71.A)quite B)once C) often D)much 72.A)organisms B)techniques C) mechanisms D)mechanics 73.A)upon B)amid C) among D)inside 74.A)subjects B)models C) causes D)lessons 75.A)enhance B)introduce C) accelerate D)elaborate 76.A)contend B) convey C) conceive D)convince 77.A)trouble B)transform C) distract D)disclose 78.A)urgent B)casual C) diligent D)solemn 79.A)proceed B)process C) prefer D)predict 80.A)count B)concentrate C) insist D)depend 81.A)but B)or C) for D)so 查看参考答案 参考答案 参考答案: 62.C)notion 63. D)before 64. C)on 65. B)proposed 66. B)evidence 67. D)original 68. A)however 69.A)effort

70. A)opposed 71. B)once 72. B)techniques 73. D)inside 74. D)lessons 75.A)enhance 76. D)convince 77. A)trouble 78. C)diligent 79. B)process 80. B)concentrate 81. B)or

2011 年 12 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 If you know where to find a good plastic-free shampoo, can you tell Jeanne Haegele? Last September, the 28-year-old Chicago resident __62__ to cut plastics out of her life. The marketing coordinator was concerned about __63__ the chemicals coming out of some common types of plastic might be doing to her body. She was also worried about the damage all the plastic __64__ was doing to the environment. So she __65__ on her bike and rode to the nearest grocery store to see what she could find that didn't __66__ plastic. "I went in and __67__ bought anything," Haegele says. She did __68__ some canned food and a carton (纸盒) of milk – to discover later that both containers were __70__ with plastic resin (树脂). "Plastic," she says, "just seemed like it was in everything." She's right. Back in the 1960s, plastic was well __71__ its way to becoming a staple of American life. The U.S. produced 28 million tons of plastic waste in 2005 – 27 million tons of which __72__ in landfills (垃圾填埋场). Our food and water come __73__ in plastic. It's used in our phones and our computers, the cars we drive and the planes we ride in. But the __74__ adaptable substance has its dark side. Environmentalists feel worried about the petroleum needed to make it. Parents worry about the possibility of __75__ chemicals making their way from 76plastic into children's bloodstreams. Which means Haegele isn't the only person trying to cut plastic out of her life – she isn't __77__ the only one blogging about this kind of __78__. Butthose who've tried know it's __79__ from easy to go plastic-free. "These things seem to be so common __80__ it is practically impossible to avoid coming into __81__ with them," says Frederick vom Saal, a biologist at the University of Missouri.

62. A) resolved B) recovered C) removed D) retreated 63. A) when B) what C) who D) why 64. A) essence B) unit C) crust D) rubbish 65. A) hinged B) hopped C) stretched D) dipped 66. A) include B) induce C) compose D) consist 67. A) slightly B) nearly C) roughly D) barely 68. A) pursue B) prescribe C) preserve D) purchase 69. A) rather B) ever C) merely D) only 70. A) probed B) coupled C) lined D) combined 71. A) by B) over C) on D) under 72. A) ended up B) pulled up C) put up D) set up 73. A) trapped B) adapted C) wrapped D) adopted 74. A) interactively B) remotely C) infinitely D) resolutely 75. A) sensible B) toxic C) attractive D) absurd 76. A) household B) family C) internal D) civil 77. A) hardly B) largely C) even D) still 78. A) endeavor B) recreation C) accomplishment D) diligence 79. A) well B) little C) far D) much 80. A) while B) which C) but D) that 81. A) fashion B) approach C) contact D) agreement 查看参考答案 参考答案 62:resolved 63:what 64:essence 65:hopped 66:include 67:barely 68:purchase 69:merely 70:combined 71:on 72:ended up 73:wrapped 74:infinitely 75:toxic 76:household 77:even 78:endeavor 79:far 80:that 81:contact

2011 年 6 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 Organised volunteering and work experience has long been a vital companion to university degree courses. Usually it is left to __62__ to deduce the potential from a list of extracurricular adventures on a graduate's resume, __63__ now the University of Bristol has launched an award to formalise the achievements of students who __64__

time to activities outside their courses. Bristol PLuS aims to boost students in an increasingly __65__ job market by helping them acquire work and life skills alongside __66__ qualifications. "Our students are a pretty active bunch, but we found that they didn't __67__ appreciate the value of what they did __68__ the lecture hall," says Jeff Goodman, director of careers and employability at the university. "Employers are much more __69__ than they used to be. They used to look for __70__ and saw it as part of their job to extract the value of an applicant's skills. Now they want students to be able to explain why those skills are __71__ to the job." Students who sign __72__ for the award will be expected to complete 50 hours of work experience or __73__ work, attend four workshops on employ-ability skills, take part in an intensive skills-related activity __74__, crucially, write a summary of the skills they have gained. __75__ efforts will gain an Outstanding Achievement Award. Those who __76__ best on the sports field can take the Sporting PLuS Award which fosters employer-friendly sports accomplishments. The experience does not have to be __77__ organised. "We're not just interested in easily identifiable skills," says Goodman. " __78__ , one student took the lead in dealing with a difficult landlord and so __79__ negotiation skills. We try to make the experience relevant to individual lives." Goodman hopes the __80__ will enable active students to fill in any gaps in their experience and encourage their less-active __81__ to take up activities outside their academic area of work. 62. A) advisors B) specialists C) critics D) employers 63. A) which B) but C) unless D) since 64. A) divide B) devote C) deliver D) donate 65. A) harmonious B) competitive C) resourceful D) prosperous 66. A) artistic B) technical C) academic D) interactive 67. A) dominantly B) earnestly C) necessarily D) gracefully 68. A) outside B) along C) over D) through 69. A) generous B) considerate C) enlightening D) demanding 70. A) origin B) initial C) popularity D) potential 71. A) relevant B) responsive C) reluctant D) respective 72. A) out B) off C) away D) up 73. A) casual B) elective C) domestic D) voluntary 74. A) or B) thus C) so D) and 75. A) Occasional B) Exceptional C) Informative D) Relative 76. A) perform B) convey C) circulate D) formulate 77. A) roughly B) randomly C) formally D) fortunately 78. A) For instance B) In essence C) In contrast D) Of course 79. A) demonstrated B) determined C) operated D) involved 80. A) device B) section C) scheme D) distraction 81. A) attendants B) agents C) members D) peers 查看参考答案 参考答案

62.D) employers63.B) but 64.B) devote 65.B) competitive 66.C) academic 67.C) necessarily68.A) outside69.D)demanding70.D) potential71.A) relevant 72.D) up73.D) voluntary74.D) and75.B) Exceptional 76.A) perform 77.C) formally78.A) For instance9.A) demonstrated80C) scheme 81. D) peers

2010 年 12 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D] on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 America’s most popular newspaper website today announced that the era of free online journalism is drawing to a close. The New York Times has become the biggest publisher yet to 62 plans for a paywall around its digital offering, 63 the accepted practice that internet users will not pay for news. Struggling 64 an evaporation of advertising and a downward drift in street corner sales, The New York Times 65 to introduce a “metered” model at the beginning of 2011. Readers will be required to pay when they have 66 a set number of its online articles per month. The decision puts the 159-year-old newspaper 67 the charging side of an increasingly wide chasm (鸿沟) in the media industry. But others, including the Guardian, have said they will not 68 internet readers, and certain papers, 69 London’s Evening Standard, have gone further in abandoning readership revenue by making their print editions 70 . The New York Times’s publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, 71 that the move is a gamble: “This is a 72 , to a certain degree, in where we think the web is going.” Boasting a print 73 of 995,000 on weekdays and 1.4 million on Sundays, The New York Times is the third bestselling American newspaper, 74 the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. 75 most US papers focus on a single city, The New York Times is among the few that can 76 national scope—as well as 16 bureaus in the New York area, it has 11 offices around the US and 77 26 bureaus elsewhere in the world. But 78 many in the publishing industry, the paper is in the grip of a 79 financial crisis. Its parent company, the New York Times Company, has 15 papers, but 80 a loss of $70 million in the nine months to September and recently accepted a $250 million 81 from a Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, to strengthen its balance sheet. 62. [A] set in 63. [A] abusing 64. [A] with 65. [A] engages 66. [A] exceeded [B] set out [C] carry over[D] carry away [B] deducting[C] developing [D] abandoning [B] beside [C] along[D] by [B] intends [C] deliberates[D] signifies [B] multiplied [C] assumed[D] revealed

67. [A] on 68. [A] cost 69. [A] as for

[B] of [C] over[D] up [B] consume [C] expend[D] charge [B] far from [C] such as[D] by far [B] free [C] applicable[D] easy [B] certified[C] acknowledged [D] appealed [B] kit [C] bet[D] pit [B] expansion [C] circulation [D] within [D] dimension

70. [A] reliable 71. [A] resisted 72. [A] net

73. [A] evaluation 74. [A] behind 75. [A] If

[B] against [C] before

[B] While [C] Hence[D] Because [B] announce [C] lengthen [D] claim [D] encounters

76. [A] ascend

77. [A] contributes 78. [A] like 79. [A] heavy 80. [A] targeted 81. [A] asset 查看参考答案 参考答案 62-66 BCBAC 67-71 CBBBD 72-76 CAACD 77-81 CDADC

[B] disposes [C] maintains

[B] beyond [C] from [D] through [B] crude [C] rough [D] serious [B] suspended [C] suffered [B] bill [C] account [D] loan [D] tolerated

2010 年 6 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 A new study found that inner-city kids living in neighborhoods with more green space gained about 13% less weight over a two-year period than kids living amid more concrete and fewer trees. Such __62__ tell a powerful story. The obesity epidemic began in the 1980s, and many people __63__ it to increased portion sizes and inactivity, but that can't be everything. Fast foods and TVs have been __64__ us for a long time. "Most experts agree that the changes were __65__ to something in the environment," says social epidemiologist Thomas Glass of The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. That something could be a __66__ of the green.

The new research, __67__ in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, isn't the first to associate greenery with better health, but it does get us closer __68__ identifying what works and why. At its most straightforward, a green neighborhood __69__ means more places for kids to play – which is __70__ since time spent outdoors is one of the strongest correlates of children's activity levels. But green space is good for the mind __71__: research by environmental psychologists has shown that it has cognitive __72__ for children with attention-deficit disorder. In one study, just reading __73__ in a green setting improved kids' symptoms. __74__ to grassy areas has also been linked to __75__ stress and a lower body mass index ( 体重指数) among adults. And an __76__ of 3,000 Tokyo residents associated walkable green spaces with greater longevity ( 长寿) among senior citizens. Glass cautions that most studies don't __77__ prove a causal link between greenness and health, but they're nonetheless helping spur action. In September the U. S. House of Representatives __78__ the delightfully named No Child Left Inside Act to encourage public initiatives aimed at exposing kids to the outdoors. Finding green space is not __79__ easy, and you may have to work a bit to get your family a little grass and trees. If you live in a suburb or a city with good parks, take __80__ of what's there. Your children in particular will love it – and their bodies and minds will be __81__ to you. 62. A) findings B) theses C) hypotheses D) abstracts 63. A) adapt B) attribute C) allocate D) alternate 64. A) amongst B) along C) beside D) with 65. A) glued B) related C) tracked D) appointed 66. A) scraping B) denying C) depressing D) shrinking 67. A) published B) simulated C) illuminated D) circulated 68. A) at B) to C) for D) over 69. A) fully B) simply C) seriously D) uniquely 70. A) vital B) casual C) fatal D) subtle 71. A) still B) already C) too D) yet 72. A) benefits B) profits C) revenues D) awards 73. A) outward B) apart C) aside D) outside 74. A) Immunity B) Reaction C) Exposure D) Addiction 75. A) much B) less C) more D) little 76. A) installment B) expedition C) analysis D) option 77. A) curiously B) negatively C) necessarily D) comfortably 78. A) relieved B) delegated C) approved D) performed 79. A) merely B) always C) mainly D) almost 80. A) advantage B) exception C) measure D) charge 81. A) elevated B) merciful C) contented D) grateful 查看参考答案 参考答案 62.A findings

63.B attribute 64.D with 65.B related 66.D shrinking 67.A published 68.B to 69.B simply 70.A vital 71.C too 72.A benefits 73.D outside 74.C Exposure 75.B less 76.C analysis 77.C necessarily 78.C approved 79.B always 80.A advantage 81.D grateful

2009 年 12 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part Ⅴ Cloze(15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 McDonald’s, Greggs, KFC and Subway are today named as the most littered brands in England as Keep Britain Tidy called on fast-food companies to do more to tackle customers who drop their wrappers and drinks cartons(盒子) in the streets. 62 its new Dirty Pig campaign, said it was the first time

Phil Barton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, it had investigated which “We 64 63

made up “littered England” and the same names appeared again and again. 65 the first place but also believe the results have

litterers for dropping this fast food litter 66

pertinent(相关的) messages for the fast food 67 littering by their customers.”

. McDonald’s, Greggs, KFC and Subway need to do more to

He recognized efforts made by McDonald’s,


lacing litter bins and increasing litter patrols, but its 69 packaging, he added. Companies

litter remained “all too prevalent”. All fast food chains should reduce could also reduce prices or other 71 70

those who stayed to eat food on their premises, offer money-off vouchers (代金券) 72 points in local streets, not just

for those who returned packaging and put more bins at 73

outside their premises. A

for McDonald’s said: “We do our best. Obviously we ask all our customers to 74 in Manchester and

dispose of litter responsibly.” Trials of more extensive, all-day litter patrols were Birmingham. KFC said it took its programme to reduce packaging litter on communities, 78 75 76

for litter management “very seriously”, and would introduce a many products. Subway said that it worked hard to 79 77 the impact of

it was “still down to the

customer to dispose of their litter responsibly”. 80 having already taken measures to help

Greggs said it recognized the “continuing challenge for us all”, 81 the issue. 62 A) elevating 63 A) signals 64 A) disregard 65 A) in B) launching B) commercials B) condemn C) off C) convening C) signs C) uncover D) around C) industry C) retreat D) vocation D) suppress

D) projecting D) brands D) refute

B) toward

66 A) profession 67 A) discourage 68 A) containing 69 A) unreliable 70 A) with 71 A) dividends 72 A) curious 73 A) spokesman 74 A) off hand 75 A) commission 76 A) around 77 A) suspend 78 A) but

B) career B) exclude

B) incorporating B) unrelated B) about C) to

C) comprising

D) including

C) unnecessary D) unimportant D) for C) merits C) strategic C) mediator C) in season D) accessories D) strange D) narrator D) under way D) liability

B) incentives B) mysterious B) broker B) at risk

B) responsibility B) on

C) administration

C) above D) by C) minimise D) if C) individual D) without D) tackle D) unique D) divert

B) degrade B) whether C) so

79 A) respective 80 A) despite 81 A) cope 查看参考答案 参考答案 62. B launching 63. D brands 64. B 65. A condemn in

B) concrete B) via

C) except C) deal

B) dispose

66. C industry

67. A 68. D

discourage including

69. C. unnecessary 70. D 71. B 72. C for incentives strategic

73. A spokesman 74. D. 75. B 76. B 77. C 78. C 79. C 80. A under way responsibility on minimize so individual despite

81. D tackle

2009 年 6 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Some historian say that the most important contribution of Dwight Eisenhower ’s presidency (总统任期) in the 1950s was the U.S. interstate highway system.It was a __62__ project, easily surpassing the scale of such previous human __63__ as the Panama Canal. Eisenhower’s interstate highways __64__ the nation together in new ways and __65__ major economic growth by making commerce less __66__. Today, an information superhighway has been built—an electronic network that __67__ libraries, corporations, government agencies and __68__. This electronic superhighway is called the Internet, __69__ it is the backbone ( 主干) of the World Wide Web. The Internet had its __70__ in a 1969 U.S. Defense Department computer network called ARPAnet, which __71__ Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The Pentagon built the network for military contractors and universities doing military research to __72__ information. In 1983 the National Science Foundation (NSF), __73__ mission is to promote science, took over. This new NSF network __74__ more and more institutional users, may of __75__ had their owm internal networks. For example, most universities that __76__ the NSF network had intracampus computer networks. The NSF network __77__ became a connector for thousands of other networks. __78__ a backbone system that interconnects networks, internet was a name that fit. So we can see that the Internet is the wired infrastructure (基础设施) on which web __79__ move. It began as a military communication system, which expanded into a government-funded __80__ research network. Today, the Internet is a user-financed system tying intuitions of many sorts together __81__ an “information superhighway.”

62. A.concise B.radicalC.massive D.trivial 63. A.behaviors B.endeavorsC.inventions D.elements 64. A.packed B.stuck C.suppressedD.bound 65. A.facilitated B.modifiedC.mobilized D.terminated 66. A.competitive B.comparative C.exclusive D.expensive 67. A.merges B.connects C.relays D.unifies 68. A.figures B.personalities C.individualsD.humans 69. A.and B.yet C.or D.while 70. A.samples B.sources C.origins D.precedents 71. A.stood by B.stood for C.stood againstD.stood over 72. A.exchange B.bypass C.switch D.interact 73. A.their B.that C.when D.whose 74. A.expanded B.contractedC.attracted D.extended 75. A.what B.which C.theseD.them 76. A.joined B.attached C.participatedD.involved 77. A.moreover B.however C.likewiseD.then 78. A.With B.ByC.In D.As 79. A.contexts B.signs C.messages D.leaflets 80. A.citizenB.civilian C.amateur D.resident 81. A.into B.amidC.over D.toward 查看参考答案 参考答案 62 C massive 63 B endeavors 64 D bound 65 A facilitated 66 C exclusive 67 B connects 68 C individuals 69 A and 70 C origins 71 B stood for 72 A exchange 73 D whose 74 C attracted 75 B which 76 A joined 77 D then

78 D As 79 C messages 80 B civilian 81 A into

2008 年 12 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C]and [D] on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. Individuals and businesses have legal protection for intellectual property they create and own. Intellectual proper__62__from creative thinking and may include products, __63__, processes, and ideas. Intellectual property is protected__64__ misappropriation(盗用).Misappropriation is taking the Intellectual property of others with

our__65__ compensation and using it for monetary gain. Legal protection is provided for the __66__of intellectual property. The three common types of legal protection are patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Patents provide exclusive use of inventions. If the US patent office __67__ a patent, it is confirming that the intellectual property is __68__. The patent prevents others from making, using, or selling the invention without the owner’s__69__ for a period of 20 years. Copyrights are similar to patents __70__that they are applied to artistic works. A copyright protects the creator of an __72__artisitic or intellectual work, such as a song or a novel. A copyright gives the owner exclusive rights to copy, __72__ display, or perform the work.. The copyright prevents others from using and selling the work, the __73__ of a copyright is typically the lifetime of the author__74__an additional 70 years. Trademarks are words, names, or symbols that identify the manufacturer of a product and__75__it similar goods of others. from

A service mark is similar to a trademark__76__is used to identify services. A trademark the__77__or a similar word, name, or symbol to take advantage of the recognition

prevents others from using and__78__of the

brand or to create confusion in the market place._79__registration, a trademark is usually additional ten-year periods indefinitely as__81__as the

granted for a period of ten years. It can be__80__for mark’s use continues. 62. [A]retrieves 63.[A]services 64. [A]for 65. [A] sound 66. [A] users 67. [A] affords [B]deviates [B]reserves [B] with [B] partial [B] owners [B] affiliates [C]by [C] due [C]results


[C]assumptions [D]motions [D]from [D] random [D] executives [D] grants

[C] masters [C] funds

68. [A] solemn 69. [A] perspective 70. [A] except 71. [A] absolute 72. [A] presume 73. [A] range 74. [A] plus 75. [A] distract 76. [A] or

[B] sober

[C] unique

[D] universal [D] consensus

[B] permission

[C] conformity [D] despite

[B] besides [B] alternative

[C] beyond

[C] original [C] nominate [C] scale [C] via

[D] orthodox [D] distribute [D] extent

[B] stimulate [B] length [B] versus [B] differ

[D] until [D] disconnect

[C] distinguish [D] whereas [C] literal

[B] but

[C] so

77. [A] identical 78. [A] ambiguity 79. [A] from 80. [A] recurred 81. [A] long 查看参考答案 参考答案 62 C results 63 A services 64 D from 65 C due 66 B owners 67 D grants 68 C unique 69 B permission 70 A except 71 C original 72 D distribute 73 B length 74 A plus 75 C distinguish 76 B but 77 A identical 78 C popularity 79 D Upon 80 B renewed 81 A long

[B] analogical [B] utility [B] over

[D] parallel [D] proximity

[C] popularity [D] upon

[C] before

[B] renewed [B] soon [C] far

[C] recalled [D] well

[D] recovered

2008 年 6 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze Seven years ago, when I was visiting Germany, I met with an official who explained to me that the country had a perfect solution to its economic problems. Watching the U.S. economy 62 during the’ 90s, the Germans had

decided that they, too, needed to go the high-technology _63_. But how? In the late’ 90s, the answer schemed obvious: Indians. _64_ all, Indian entrepreneurs accounted for one of every three Silicon Valley start-ups. So the German government decided that it would _65_ Indians to Germany just as America does: by _66_ green cards. Officials created something called the German Green Card and _67_ that they would issue 20,000 in the first year. _68_, the Germans expected that tens of thousands more Indians would soon be begging to come, and perhaps the _69_ would have to be increased. But the program was a failure. A year later _70_ half of the 20,000 cards had been issued. After a few extensions, the program was _71_. I told the German official at the time that I was sure the _72_ would fail. It ’s not that I had any particular expertise in immigration policy, _73_ I understood something about green cards, because I had one (the American _74_). The German Green Card was misnamed, I argued, _75_ it never, under any circumstances, translated into German citizenship. The U.S. green card, by contrast, is an almost _76_ path to becoming American (after five years and a clean record). The official _77_ my objection, saying that there was no way Germany was going to offer these people citizenship. “We need young tech workers,” he said. “That’s what this program is all _78_.” So Germany was asking bright young _79_ to leave their country, culture and families, move thousands of miles away, learn a new language and work in a strange land—but without any _80_ of ever being part of their new home. Germany was sending a signal, one that was _81_ received in India and other countries, and also by Germany ’s own immigrant community. 62. A) soar 63. A) circuit 64. A) Of 65. A) import 66. A) offering 67. A) conferred 68. A) Specially 69. A) quotas 70. A) invariably 71. A) repelled 72. A) adventure 73. A) and 74. A) heritage B) hover B) strategy B) After B) kidnap B) installing B) inferred B) Naturally B) digits C) amplify C) trait C) In C) convey C) evacuating C) announced D) route D) At D) lure D) formulating D) verified D) Consistently D) intensify

C) Particularly D) scales

C) measures C) barely C) combated

B) literally B) deleted B) response B) but B) revision

D) solely D) abolished D) impulse D) or D) version

C) initiative C) so

C) notion

75. A) because 76. A) aggressive 77. A) overtook 78. A) towards 79. A) dwellers 80. A) prospect 81. A) partially 查看参考答案 参考答案 62. A 72.C 63.D 73.B 64.B 74.D

B) unless B) automatic B) fascinated B) round B) citizens B) suspicion B) clearly

C) if

D) while D) voluntary

C) vulnerable C) submitted C) about

D) dismissed D) over D) amateurs D) destination D) vividly

C) professionals C) outcome C) brightly

65.D 75.A

66.A 76.B

67.C 77.D

68.B 78.C

69.A 79.C

70.C 80.A

71.D 81.B

2007 年 12 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) In 1915 Einstein made a trip to Gattingen to give some lectures at the invitation of the mathematical physicist David Hilbert. He was particularly eager—too eager, it would turn 62 --to explain all the intricacies of relativity to him. The visit was a triumph, and he said to a friend excitedly. “I was able to 63 Hilbert of the general theory of relativity.” 64 all of Einstein’s personal turmoil (焦躁) at the time, a new scientific anxiety was about to 65 . He was struggling to find the right equations that would 66 his new concept of gravity, 67 that would define how objects move 68 space and how space is curved by objects. By the end of the summer, he 69 the mathematical approach he had been 70 for almost three years was flawed. And now there was a 71 pressure. Einstein discovered to his 72 that Hilbert had taken what he had lectures and was racing to come up 73 the correct equations first. It was an enormously complex task. Although Einstein was the better physicist. Hilbert was the better mathematician. So in October 1915 Einstein 74 himself into a month-long-frantic endeavor in 75 he returned to an earlier mathematical strategy and wrestled with equations, proofs, corrections and updates that he 76 to give as lectures to Berlin’s Prussian Academy of Sciences on four 77 Thursdays. His first lecture was delivered on Nov.4.1915, and it explained his new approach, 78 he admitted he did not yet have the precise mathematical formulation of it. Einstein also took time off from 79 revising his equations to engage in an awkward fandango (方丹戈双人舞) with his competitor Hilbert. Worried 80 being scooped (抢先), he sent Hilbert a copy of his Nov.4 lecture. “I am 81 to know whether you will take kindly to this new solution,” Einstein noted with a touch of defensiveness. 62. A) up B) over C) out D) off 63. A) convince B) counsel C) persuade D) preach

64. A) Above B) Around C) Amid D) Along 65. A) emit B) emerge C) submit D) submerge 66. A) imitate B) ignite C) describe D) ascribe 67. A) ones B) those C) all D) none 68. A) into B) beyond C) among D) through 69. A) resolved B) realized C) accepted D) assured 70. A) pursuing B) protecting C) contesting D) contending 71. A) complex B) compatible C) comparative D) competitive 72. A) humor B) horror C) excitement D) extinction 73. A) to B) for C) with D) against 74. A) threw B) thrust C) huddled D) hopped 75. A) how B) that C) what D) which 76. A) dashed B) darted C) rushed D) reeled 77. A) successive B) progressive C) extensive D) repetitive 78. A) so B) since C) though D) because 79. A) casually B) coarsely C) violently D) furiously 80. A) after B) about C) on D) in 81. A) curious B) conscious C) ambitious D) ambiguous 查看参考答案 参考答案 62. C 63.A 64.C 65.B 66.D 67.A 68.D 69.B 70.A 71.D 72.B 73.C 74.A 75.D 76.C 77.A 78.C 79.D 80.B 81.A

2007 年 6 月英语六级完形填空及翻译真题 与答案
完形填空翻译 Part V Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 Historically, humans get serious about avoiding disasters only after one has just struck them. __62__ that logic, 2006 should have been a breakthrough year for rational behavior. With the memory of 9/11 still __63__ in their minds, Americans watched hurricane Katrina, the most expensive disaster in U.S. history, on __64__ TV. Anyone who didn’t know it before should have learned that bad things can happen. And they are made __65__ worse by our willful blindness to risk as much as our __66__ to work together before everything goes to hell.

Granted, some amount of delusion (错觉) is probably part of the __67__ condition. In A.D. 63, Pompeii was seriously damaged by an earthquake, and the locals immediately went to work __68__, in the same spot —until they were buried altogether by a volcano eruption 16 years later. But a __69__ of the past year in disaster history suggests that modern Americans are particularly bad at __70__ themselves from guaranteed threats. We know more than we __71__ did about the dangers we face. But it turns __72__ that in times of crisis, our greatest enemy is __73__ the storm, the quake or the __74__ itself. More often, it is ourselves. So what has happened in the year that __75__ the disaster on the Gulf Coast? In New Orleans, the Army Corps of Engineers has worked day and night to rebuild the flood walls. They have got the walls to __76__ they were before Katrina, more or less. That’s not __77__, we can now say with confidence. But it may be all __78__ can be expected from one year of hustle (忙碌). Meanwhile, New Orleans officials have crafted a plan to use buses and trains to __79__ the sick and the disabled. The city estimates that 15,000 people will need a __80__ out. However, state officials have not yet determined where these people will be taken. The __81__ with neighboring communities are ongoing and difficult. 62. A) To 63. A) fresh 64. A) visual 65. A) little B) By C) On D) For D) evident

B) obvious B) vivid B) less

C) apparent C) live C) more

D) lively D) much C) denial D) decline

66. A) reluctance 67. A) natural 68. A) revising 69. A) review 70. A) preparing 71. A) never 72. A) up 73. A) merely 74. A) surge 75. A) ensued 76. A) which 77. A) enough 78. A) but 79. A) exile 80. A) ride

B) rejection B) world B) refining B) reminder B) protesting B) ever C) then C) over

C) social

D) human D) retrieving D) prospect D) prevailing

C) rebuilding C) concept

C) protecting D) before D) out

B) down B) rarely B) spur B) traced B) where

C) incidentally C) surf D) splash

D) accidentally

C) followed C) what

D) occurred D) when D) final

B) certain B) as C) that

C) conclusive D) those C) dismiss D) track

B) evacuate B) trail

D) displace

C) path B) notifications

81. A) conventions 查看参考答案 参考答案 62. B) By 63. A) fresh 64. C) live

C) communications

D) negotiations

65. D) much 66. A) reluctance 67. D) human 68. C) rebuilding 69. A) review 70. C) protecting 71. B) ever 72. D) out 73. B) rarely 74. A) surge 75. C) followed 76. B) where 77. A) enough 78. C) that 79. B) evacuate 80. A) ride 81. D) negotiations

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